Season 5 Episode 5

Fallen Idols

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 08, 2009 on The CW

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  • Some good old Winchester bros fun, Abe Lincoln and Gandhi going Charles Manson, and Paris Hilton decapitated. I'm not complaining...

    Paris Hilton decapitated, isn't that something everyone would love to see! I must say, the Apocalypse is much more fun than I expected! The writers are kind of fulfilling wishful thinking in this episode with the Paris Hilton storyline. Kudos to Paris however for accepting to participate, and for doing her part rather well, although not a very difficult task, but still, it's Paris Hilton... She acts better than I expected.

    The episode was well done, a needed break from the heavily loaded previous ones, where all the conflict and emotional drama and agony over the future surfaced all at once. Abe Lincoln, James Dean and Gandhi on a killing spree, and Dean delivering some of his most hilarious lines so far. The teaser for the future episodes preoccupies for some more mindless, sacrilegious fun. Can't say no to that! Supernatural's impeccable sense of humor is one of its major strongpoints, and ridiculing the Apocalypse was a challenge I was more or less certain the writers weren't going to pass on. Nothing wrong with some fun, after all Dean and Sam's disrespect on established genre savoir-vivre is what made them likeable in the first place. So we're in for some major craziness, such as sitcoms from hell, Sam and Dean turned MIB and poker games with life years as bargaining chips... We'll get a few of those and then we'll probably get down to serious business again, Lucifer, Cas, the Apocalypse, the angel war and the search for God.

    On a more sober note, the conversation between Sam and Dean was long overdue, Sam has felt restrained and confined by Dean's parental supervision since they started hunting together, and it's about time these two got on the same page and evened things out between them. After all, as Dean said at the end of the episode, Sam couldn't possibly have guessed that killing Lilith would turn out to be a bad thing. I loved the part where Dean offered the Impala's keys to Sam... Let's see how their relationship develops in the future.