Season 6 Episode 7

Family Matters

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 05, 2010 on The CW

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  • This used to be a very good show, but this season's just disapointing.

    Finally, we know the name of the all-mighty that pull Sam from the cage. This guy is ....... wait for it ...... Crowley! I'm speechless! How lame is this!! Now he is not only king of hell, but also capable, just of everything.

    No one cares about Samuel and his pathetic gang of so called hunters. The only family Dean and Sam has ever got is John and nobody else. Each time the so called family members pop out, I want to switch channel. This is just stupid.

    Now I am almost certain that they should never have made the current season ......
  • He's a Soul(less) Man!

    Family Matters-Despite his suspicions, Dean accompanies Sam with his cousins and Samuel on a hunting trip. However, deep in the woods, things go wrong.

    Well, this episode was full of surprises wasn't it? This season's arc is quickly gaining my interesting again and the developments here are promising for one HELL of a season. The episode begins just moments after last episode with Sam tied up after Dean almost beat him to death. Castiel's diagnosis was an intense scene and I loved how it was played out by my favorite trio. The only thing hurts the big reveal is that it was spoiled in the trailer, so when Castiel delcares Sam has no soul, there's shock or twist, even if it a chilling development for the brothers. It does make sense given Sam's emtionless behavior as if he doesn't care about anything. It's certainly the most troubling situation the brothers have ever been in...emotionally anyway. This brings up a lot of philosophical questions: Is Sam really still Sam without his soul or is he just a walking piece of flesh? While a thought-provoking plot point, it means the more fun aspects of the brothers' relationship is no longer present. Without Sam's soul, Sam just has an obligation to feel as a brother, not actually feeling compelled to do for the brother he loves and they essentially can't have a relationship without his soul which is one of the series' strongest attributes.

    This week we get to meet the Alpha Vamp that was teased two episodes ago. Rick Worthy gives a tremendously menancing performance as first of his kind. His cool and collected performance was a sound choice and the revelations he brings to the table propells the story in intriguing way. The idea of Purgatory and it's whereabouts puts some new life into the season's arc. We finally find out where all the monsters that gets killed go and the fact that it's location poses a game changer for both Hevaen and Hell is pretty exciting. Even more exciting was Crowley's appearence. Now we know it was he who freed Sam and his grandfather. The fact that Samuel was hidding it and Crowley's plan was no surprise considering he's been shaddy from the start. But At least it explains why the cousins have been d!icks, especially when one of them was possessed all along! Too bad Dean couldn't get the satisfaction to kill Christiain himself! lol But this epsiode brings a new outlook and dynamic that it's needed since the beginning. Dean, Sam and the rest of the hunters are forced to work for the Devil....literally. Sure, Sam tells Dean they will find another way while they play along, but Sam's soullessness leaves his trust in question with his brother, while Samuel and Gwen also having trust issues. It will be interesting to see how the brothers get out of this one, gets Sam's soul back and Dean handling all of this while trying to all hell from breaking loose again! Soild episode, feeling that familiar Supernatural groove again!
  • Samuel returns and the group goes after the Alpha Vampire

    I love that this season of Supernatural is focusing more on the story and less on the individual stand-alone episodes. It gives the season a sense of urgency, and while I do wish they would've done this for seasons with plots that were much larger than this one, I'm completely surprised at the turn that the season has taken. I thought this was going to be a huge let-down after the first episode, but I shouldn't judge a book by its cover I suppose.

    This episode finds Sam and Dean teaming up once again with Samuel, their grandfather, in order to help him track down the Alpha Vampire. As we know, Dean foresaw many of the events in this episode while he was a vampire, and the idea of going after the Alpha's because of their plans makes everything very interesting. Things become twice as interesting after Crowley appears and we finally learn the truth: he's the one who pulled Samuel and Sam from Heaven and Hell, respectively, and he's the one who has Sam's soul. Thats right, we learn Sam has no soul thanks to Castiel (it's so nice to see him return every now and then. I've always thought he was the best supporting character of the show, along with Bobby). We also learn that Crowley is looking for purgatory for reasons that remain unknown. He claims if they help him find purgatory and the Alpha's of each creature, he'll give Sam his soul back.

    Now the real question is this: how does this match up with other seasons? For me, I would've said it's disappointing, but it has the potential to be right up there as one of the best. So far, it's solid as hell, and I can't really find anything wrong with it. The show now has a direction to move in, and it's just a matter of time before things keep getting more and more intense. Fingers crossed that the writers keep the show moving in a good direction.
  • Lost souls and revelations

    After "Live Free and Twi-Hard", I was wondering if we would get much follow-up on the Alpha Vampire and Dean's visions of a recruitment drive. As it turns out, this episode provides the answer, but it turns out to be a minor consideration compared to the rest of the revelations. This was definitely the end of the introductory portion of the season, and we are rushing knee-deep into the complication phase.

    The episode starts with what the promos already told us: Sam was pulled out of Lucifer's cage without his soul. As expected, this was not the thrust of the entire episode, but just the starting point for exploration of the much larger context. And the writers go to the most obvious next step: if Sam came back incomplete and wrong, what about Samuel? Did he come back whole, and who is pulling his strings?

    Given the tight continuity of the series, there were only going to be a couple of potential answers: Raphael or Crowley. I was leaning towards Raphael, because I could believe that he would be willing to use the various monsters and such as cannon fodder against the demonic horde. But it makes sense that Crowley would be looking to cement control over Hell and find a new realm to rule, especially now that they have put Purgatory in play.

    I'm still not sure what to think about that little twist, though I suppose it was an obvious enough direction to take. With Heaven in the midst of a civil war, the usual checks and balances are no longer in place. The borders are ripe for shifting. And what I would suspect is that Crowley is leaving out the obvious point: if Purgatory is metaphysically adjacent to Hell, then logically, it is also in a similar relationship to Heaven.

    In "Weekend at Bobby's", Crowley made it clear that taking control of Hell is one thing; maintaining that control is another. So what is the easiest way to unite the various factions and keep them from gunning for the big chair? Give them a common goal. Somehow, I doubt taking control of Purgatory is the endgame. Getting (or forcing) the cooperation of the Alphas feels like another step to a much larger goal. And with the angelic civil war raging on, are they prepared to withstand an invasion out of Purgatory?

    Of course, that seems like a story on the scale of the Apocalypse, so the writers have to be careful to keep the scope manageable. Hinging the plan on the careful manipulation of key individuals makes it workable. Keeping it within the family amps up the usual drama to another level. Frankly, this is exactly the kind of construction of an arc that the end of the Apocalypse needed. And the cast has been doing a brilliant job of selling it from the start.

    I've said all along that this is a great return to form for the series, easily matching the fourth season for sheer complexity, character exploration, and plot progression, and this episode is just more proof. If this is where the story has begun, I can't wait to see where the writers take us as things get really complicated!
  • Best of the season

    This episode is the best of this season so far. It had a lot of action from second one. First, we finally find out what's wrong with Sam. He has no soul. yes, he still can dance, but he can't make conscious decisions. Literally. He feels no emotion, needs no sleep, and is basically an animal with apposable thumbs. He can, no matter how hard he tries to behave differently, only think of what's best for himself and the mission that he feels he needs to accomplish at the time. Basically, he'd sell his own mom at the auction if he needed to buy a pair of panties for his girlfriend. Second, we find out why Sammuel wants to capture monsters so badly. He works for Crowley. The demon has some sort of hold on Sammuel and that involves capturing Alpha creatures. This part of the episode left me wanting more. You're talking about the king of a SPECIES. The most powerful vampire ther is, and it took 5minutes of OFFSCREEN action to capture him. That's stupid. It was an issue that I had with the fourth and fifth seasons as well. They just REPORTED action and didn't show it. Season 4, most of the seals got broken and you didn't even get to SEE the angel fights. Fifth season, you hear that a war is going on, but it was next to NEVER played up. Anyways, moving on. We also get to find out WHY Crowley wants Alphas so badly. He wants to find the third option for dead creatures- Purgatory. Humans can go to heaven or hell and monsters go to Purgatory (this was a question that I never really had but that makes a lot of sense when you think about it- where do monsters go when they die). Also, it seems that even Alphas have a 'mother' and that there is a creature created every single monster species that hunters are currently fighting. It's a sobering (and scary) thought. Sammuel must have been TICKED to find out that a demon has been in his son for all of this time (though it was kind of left ambiguous as to what happened to the Alpha Vampire that Christian kept at bay). Dean forces Sam into the pact that, seeing as sam has no instinct anymore, Dean will now wear the pants and make the decisions in his relationship with Sam and Sam will tell Dean every little detail about what he does and how he does it. We now know that Crowley got the two Sammys out of the afterlife and now Sam and Dean are basically working as bounty hunters for Crowley. Let's see where that interesting plot line takes us next week.
  • Not one of my favorites.

    *************Spoiler Alert*************************

    I remember when I used to look forward to the next SPN episode. Now I am starting to dread it. I have only liked one episode so far and the season is almost at the midway point. Maybe I am missing something but to me this season is just as off as Sam and this episode is no exception. The beginning of this episode was really slow. I did like the scene with Sam, Dean and Castiel. Since it had been revealed in the preview that Sam had no soul, there was no big shocker there. The only things that were shockers were that there is a purgatory where all the creatures killed by hunters go, Crowley is Samuel's puppet master, Crowley was the one that raised Sam from Hell and Samuel from heaven and one of the Campbells was a spy for Crowley. Even those revelations didn't help me like this episode even a little more than I did. I hate to even be bashing SPN because I have been a fan since the beginning but I am just not feeling it this season. I hope that changes before the series ends next year but no matter what happens I will watch SPN until the bitter end.
  • wow another episode feel bad for sammy no soul still but dean and sam will get it back from the demon king crowly i have faith they will and hopefully soon can't believe what christian was a demon and dean and sam found out the truth about samual awesome!

    wow can I say wow another great installment of supernatural the twist and turns of this season is amazing but i do miss our sammy hopefully will have him back soon with his soul in tact feel bad for sam right now no soul can't feel know right from wrong Dean will keep him together i know he will dispite everything Dean loves his little brother and will look out for him no matter what because he's family as for the demon king he will get it whats coming to him and sam will have his soul back and once he does will have a deeply disturb sam upset sam emotional sam that dean will have to deal with and hopefully not alone and where is bobby in all of this i miss him i think dean should ask castial to go look for sam's soul and retrieve it like he did for dean and once sam is back to normal i hope dean won't have to deal with sammy alone that bobby will be there to help as dean helps his brother get through the trama hell has done to him and once sam is back he will be exhausted but definently will have trouble sleeping because he will have nightmares for along time to come but dean and bobby will be there to help him and hopefully sam will let them that he won't have to deal with it alone can't wait for more hoping for sam to get his soul back and really soon
  • I was so much on the edge of my seat I nearly fell off my chair!

    I was hanging on every word, wondering what they would throw at me next. There were many surprises in this episode (at least, there were for a spoilerphobe like me.)

    I am so impressed with the storylines of season 6: not only did they find ways of seamlessly weaving them out of the fabric of the 5-season arc, but they are incredibly rich with twists and layers.

    And this was very evident in this episode. After several weeks of wondering what was wrong with Sam after he was pulled from Lucifer's cage, we find out not only that he is missing his soul, but that none other than Crowley is holding it hostage. And after several weeks of wondering what Grampa Samuel was up to, we find out that not only was he monsternapping instead of killing the beasts, but he was handing them over to none other than Crowley. And since we've been through heaven and hell, they have now thrown in purgatory, as we find out that Crowley is the new high villain with the big evil plan. I am so happy they made Crowley the new bad guy: I LOVE Crowley. Mark Sheppard is so brilliant at playing a demon. And because they never for a moment let us forget he was a demon even when he was helping them can the apocalypse, I totally accept him as an evil opportunist who did for his own gain so that he could then fill the void and become the King of Hell.

    I also love the way they have kept Cas in the game. By drawing another storyline straight out of the apolcalypse, they have staged a civil war in which Heaven's nukes have gotten loose. This not only gives them reason to bring Cas back into the story, but also to whisk him back out again so he doesn't smite everything in their path, leaving the boys with nothing to fight. And finally, though I had my doubts when I heard about the Campbell clan, I think they have added a new interesting dynamic. They're morally questionable hunters, but they're family. What do you do with a grandfather who is working for a demon?

    I am very curious to see how the boys are going to fight this whole Soul-Stealing, Grandfather-Corrupting Purgatory Plan of Crowley's.
  • damn.. now that was LEGENNNNNNNNNN... and i hope you're not lactose intolerenat because the second half of that word is... DDAAAAAAAAAAAAARY!

    MAN! Sam has no luck at all! he wanted a normal life but he got pulled out of college, his girlfriend killed, he had to shoot his new girlfriend because she became a werewolf, demon blood runs through his veins, he's the vessel of Lucifer, and now his Soul his being held captive by crowley. did i miss something? yeesh! Good thing he has no soul right now or else he might just shoot himself in the face! one thing i don't get though, if Sam doesn't feel anything (meaning no conscience), why doesn't he drink demon blood and just become almighty powerful? ooooooh! awesome episode, questions answered and there's alot more that we can go through. I guess Alpha monsters are the main thing during this season plus Sam's soul ofcourse! i feel like after season 6, season 7 will be a wrap up and good bye Supernatural. noooo! somebody create a super-zombie-nazi-vampire-demon-monster for Sam and Dean to vanquish!
  • Well that's more like it. (spoilers)

    This episode definitely appealed to me more than last week's, in more ways than one. I'm not giving it a perfect ten, because I want to see where the show goes with this episode's success.

    I did have a theory about the Djinn they captured (near the start of the season), which formulated around 6x05; maybe they wanted to torture her for information about the Djinn Alpha?

    This episode kind of reinforced my theory! I had no idea purgatory came into the equation, but now that I know, I've got another theory. That's in a second.

    Cas's appearance was longer than the other brief moments throughout the season, so I was glad for that. His "your problems come first" I felt was a little artificial, he could have been humouring the boys? Heaven IS in the middle of a war, it feels like the writers are forgetting this at random times and then make it pop up again. YES, there is a war. YES, Cas will be featured more in the second half of the season (according to the rumours). We get it.

    Or maybe Cas has forgotten how to reassure the boys, due to his "spen[ding] the last year as a multidimensional wavelength of celestial intent"? Gosh, I love that line. :D

    Crowley's involvement, I shouldn't have been so surprised. And Samuel working for him? I have another theory, which I reckon is fairly out there, about Samuel's motivations. Since Mary isn't found in heaven, maybe Samuel wants to find purgatory and see if Mary's there? Plan a rescue mission? Bring her back somehow?

    Looking forward to next week's.
  • 607

    Woohoo for this show getting back on track. We got a great cliffhanger in the last episode, and this episode definitely owned up to that cliffhanger after we learn that Sam has no soul. A very eventful fast paced beginning that got you intrigued with the episode from the get go, Misha Collins performance was great here too.

    After the dust settled though, it seemed like I was watching an episode of Scooby Doo. Maybe that's a little too harsh but Sam & Dean don't need four extra hunters helping them, if anything, it wears them down. And the writing continues to be lacking in some places, but I'll take what I can get. For the first time this season, I saw a shred of brotherly bond at the end, which is what we've been waiting for since the season started. At least Sam's behavior this season is excusable with him having no soul. Hunting vampires? "Live Free or Twihard" was one of the weaker ones this season, and I'm not sure if I'm liking this become a story arc this season.

    So Dean's vision actually means something for the future? Not that interested to be honest, the thing that saved this episode was the eventful beginning, Misha Collins, and the eventful ending in which we find out Sammuel has been working for Crowley, nice tie in. Interested to see what's to come this season.
  • Through the assitance of Castiel(Misha Collins) we discover Sam(Jared Padlecki) is missing his soul.When Dean(Jensen Ackles) discovers Samuel (Mitch Pileggi) is holding the Alpha vampire captive becomes curious. However what he finds out will shock you.

    Tonights episode answered many questions including why Sam(Jared Padlecki) hasn't been acting like Sam's normal likeable self. It also answered the questions such as howcome Grandpa Campbell(Mitch Pileggi) and the other Campbells have been acting so strange and hush hush about things. However when Crowley (Sam Shepherd) showed up in the last 15 minutes of the show my jaw dropped to the floor along with the rest of me! In my opinion Dean (Jensen Ackles) line "What did Crowley offer you women, long life, hair?" was perfect. However Crowley's line "location, location, location." was a pretty close second place. Another interesting plot twist was using the alpha vampire to find purgatory. Of course nothing could have prepared me for King of the Crossroads getting promoted to King of Hell since Lucifer and Michael are still in the cage along with Sam's soul. I predict that things are going to get alot more heated (pun intended) before this Season is through with. I wonder what kind of comission Century 21 would give Crowley?
  • The mysteries thicken as the boys discover the trouble with Sam... and a few more things that just leave a bad taste in the mouth as they join the hunt for the Alpha vamp.

    *** Spoilers Abounding *** Beware ***

    Honestly I'm not sure what I feel or IF I feel anything about this ep. Sad to say I was totally stoked last week when we found out through the previews that Sam's problem is that when he was yanked from hell his soul was left behind. Like Castiel said... interesting philosophical conundrum here... is Sam still Sam even without his soul? Personal point of view, yes. Just unburdened by emotions or passions which as he said, doesn't make him psycho just more thoroughly filtered. It also as the alpha acknowledged, makes him unpredictable. Guided by mission objective rather than any internal compass. That's okay, Dean will be his moral compass, he's excellent at that. So while I'd love to get into discussions about what'll happen to Sam when he gets his soul back, will he remember every torment Michael and Lucifer lavished on him or won't he? Will he be able to hunt? Will he sit in a corner rocking helplessly maddened by the memory of the torment? I think they're good questions... but here's a few more. First off, there was something wrong with this ep, the story, the writing... Something sticky and brittle and prickly like a melted Butterfinger. The brother banter was alright in spite of the fact that Dean was doing most of the bantering since, let's face it if you're pretty much sans emotions how can you be bothered to banter properly? So, since Dear Samuel is the only lead they have to Sam's miraculous resurrection the boys go infiltrate. Join a mission to take down the alpha vamp that Dean felt scratching about in his brain a couple eps ago, only to be lied to about Alpha's end result. He's not on the pyre as Gramps suggests but has been taken prisoner which Dean already knew. What Dean didn't know was that Sam knew that was the plan. (There's an ultimatum and for a moment we think Dean kicked Sam out, though we moments later find out he was testing the waters with Gramps to see if he'd bring Sam in on the interrogation of the alphas... but alas no. When Sam returns to Dean after turning on gramps' gps Dean is fairly surprised, he gave the odds 60/40. Are we supposed to think now that Sam just returned to Dean out of habit? Cause y'know... without a soul what would his real desire be? Or would he have any? Then there's a lot of blah de blah and yakkety schmakety-ing going on till we get to the real crux of things. (btw I hope Dean gets a chance to Exorcise Christian... or that Sam reaches down and kills the demon inside him cause y'know he's had the power all along... Dumbo never needed the feather to fly). The Crux of things turns out to be Crowley, now the self proclaimed 'king of hell' he's looking to expand his kingdom by overtaking purgatory, where all the 'dark' creatures go, neither up nor down. And somehow he's responsible for Gramps getting yanked out of heaven? And Sam's hot bod jerked from hell? Just so he can have a couple dogs to fetch him a few alphas? We're missing something, a lot of somethings. 1) If gramps was in heaven why would he 'agree' to be crowley's lap dog? (i.e. Who is it that he loves that's languishing in purgatory? Mary? Deanna?) 2) I'm thinking crowley would need some help to yank someone out of 'heaven'. So which renegade angel is working with him and why? Still trying to put the apocalypse back on track? 3) Crowley?!? Please. Is he going to be this season's "big bad"? Cause... he's going to have to work a lot harder to be fearsome. Holding Sam's soul hostage is bad sure but...

    4) Something in this ep smacks of not the best planning, and more plotholes than a Chicago City street has potholes and that's a loohhht.

    I like Mitch Pileggi in almost every role, but I'm sorry to say, I don't like him as Samuel. And it's not cause I'm with Dean and don't trust Samuel which of course Is also the case but... The last few eps without Samuel, Christian or Gwen were awesome. These three are anchors dragging along a sand-bar and are hopefully going to be yanked free so the stories can flow better. Hopefully now that Samuel's obligation to Crowley has been exposed and the boys are in for both penny and pound the stories can flow. OOoh side note... I love, love love! the lighting they're using on Jared's eyes. It's perfect for Sam's situation!

    As for the boys, Jensen and Jared, always special love and gratitude! Kast and Krew, thank you as well for all your hard work. I hope the footing's better in the next ep. It looks like it will be.
  • Mystery solved!

    Amazindg eps, our grandpa Samuel has much to reveal. For him to have the souls of buiness grandchildren something very valuable that picture has its price, maybe Mary, the wife who knows. But the fact is that this crolwy better than expected surely Azazel litte near him "king of hell." So was he who took our sam cage! not to mention that Dean and Sam have lost trust one another nun, but I still bet on sam. But the best part that dean rellys came back hes so funny like old dean in another season, I hope the directors keep the charater.

    next esp promises!

    kiss cau!
  • Half a point more than last week due to Jared.

    Last week I mentioned Jared wasn't as good with the stoicism (acting) as Misha. This week I found him a lot more believable. Dean called him 'Robo-Sam' and I think Jared should keep that name in mind when playing souless-Sam. But that's just my opinion, and I'm not an actor.

    Other than that, I liked the episode. But not at first. It wasn't until the second half that I started to see the good stuff. Throughout the first part, I just wanted Dean to kill them all! Kill the cousins, half cousins, the whatevers and even Samuel himself. The issue I have with all of them stems from the first ep of the season. From the moment Deam met them all, he was completely disrespected and treated like a child. That felt wrong to me, and I'll admitt, I blamed it on the writing. I felt they all should have bowed down before Dean, and actually expected them to. But instead, they acted as if they were all better than him. This attitude from the 'family' did not bode well with me, afterall, the last 5 seasons have proved that he's not just Dean, he's THE DEAN. The Dean Winchester other hunters feared (Dark Side of the Moon). Having the 'family' treat Dean that way was like gangsters treating Al Capone like a nobody. Again, I just thought this was bad writing and I wanted it to stop and just have Dean kill them all and get rid of the storyline. But, now knowing they are all demons... It makes sense. Please forgive me, writers of the show, for all the nasty thoughts I had about you. Well played! I did not see that coming! Nor did I see Crowley coming. Any excuse to have Mark Sheppard quest star is all right in my books. And I enjoy the surprises SN throws at us- they keep the show alive, interesting and make me want to watch every minute of an ep cause I never know when, what, how or who is going to surprise me.

    One of my favorite moments was Castiel's answer to Dean's question (after verifying Sam had no soul): Is it still Sam? And Cas answered that that was a very philosophical question. I thought it was a clever, funny way of saying... we're (SN excecs) not touching that with a ten foot pole! Why I can't give this ep a higher score: because it just didn't have that special oumph I'm used to getting from SN. The ep actually had some dry spells, and it actually lost my attention for a bit (but only a bit). Let's see what next week brings us. Cudos to: Jared for acting and the writers for putting some sense behind the 'family'.
  • One hell of a storyline is unfolding this episode, and a definite must to watch.

    The opening scene was fantastic - the hard interrogation, Dean and Castiel against Sam while Sam was nonetheless working with them and I heard shouting again. I love shouting on Supernatural. I love it when the brothers are honest with each other and Sam and Dean figuring out if Sam can be trusted. Before when Sam was doing wrong things, he was grovelling. The fact that he isn't now, is so good to watch. Him just standing up from the chair and telling Dean that he is "stuck with the soulless guy" and he just has to deal with it, is a great opener for this episode and a great platform for expansion for the rest of the season. Also in matters of filming it is dark and nasty again and that is what I love about Supernatural.

    Storyline-wise there is finally some grand scheme visible. The vampires came back, Castiel keeps dropping hints about civil war in Heaven like crazy, and Sam's soul needs finding. I'm glad they are once again using these stand-alone storylines to fill the greater design they are working on. Having true standalone episodes in which the brothers go back to basics just didn't fit right this season (although I'm not saying this was not the plan all along, the first episodes it felt to me as if they were trying to do standalones and work from there. So I don't know, but that's how I felt. Now that it comes together in another big story arc, I find I am following this path happy as can be).
    The vision/flashforward Dean had doesn't take a whole lot of time unfolding, and I like the speed of things. I find that whenever I'm asking something of Supernatural in a review, they deliver in the next episode. That is a tempo I can very well live with. The vampire alfa was fantastic, he had some great lines to deliver. Especially the one about even him having a mother. I can't wait to find out what he means. And purgatory is a welcome addition to the story. Now that we have had Heaven and Hell, indeed, what else is left? A very nice way to show some continuity. And will heaven use purgatory in its civil war?
    When Sam and Dean go to interrogate the vampire alfa, it shows nicely that the brothers are doing it the right way, and Samuel is going about it wrong. Dean taking over lead from Samuel was priceless. And Crowley appearing to be behind it all tying Sam's soul to the rest of the story, is just a wonderful way to end a great episode. Samuel is exposed to be unreliable, which we already knew but love to see nonetheless. Crowley being king of hell is sorely proven by his janking Dean and Samuel back on earth and it raises the stakes for the season. Not only heaven has a civil war, hell is probably planning to march on them as well, definitely with use of purgatory. I'd love to see where this is going!

    The brother's relationship in a way is what it has always been; Sam trusts without thinking about it, and Dean calls him out on it. Dean has not lost a bit of his morals, and I thought that was nicely implied that despite himself knowing very well how to torture, they wouldn't let him in on it. The emphasis both Sam and Dean place on family but in very different ways, is interesting. What I would like to see more of, is an expansion on the beating Dean gave Sam, since he could have just knocked him unconscious instead of beating him to a pulp. Was this out of frustration, pay back for the beating Lucifer gave Dean in the previous season's finale? I'd love to know, but then again, Dean *is* known for dragging these things out for a few episodes. The only difference is; Sam isn't asking about it this time, so what incentive would Dean have to talk?

    In conclusion; the storyline was much better, the brothers' relationship much better expanded upon and this is what it means to use other family members in a good way; a little distrustful and with not too much screentime. Dean telling everyone what is morally right in his own badass way, is something I have sorely missed. The storyline, to get back to it one more time, is raising the stakes in a very good way and I like it.
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  • Great episode!

    After I had been a little bored with the whole "is Sam really Sam or just somehting evil wearing his 'meat suit'" thing all over again first, I think that the explanation for how he is behaving right now is pretty interesting after all. It was a bit sad to see how Dean would be treated by the other hunters while -- for now -- he actually seems to be only one there who isn't totally reckless and irresponsible. I was a bit worried about my reaction when I thought that cousin Christian had been killed by the Alpha. I'm a usually very much of a pacifist, but I was cheering when it happened because I can't stand the others hunters, least of all Samuel and Christian.

    There's one silver lining to the whole "Crowley's the boss" thing and that's always brilliant Mark Sheppard. He's such an amazing actor and while this might not be the most pleasant storline, as long as it brings him along, I can live with it just fine.
  • Family Matters

    Family Matters was a superb episode of Supernatural. This episode was very interesting and fun to watch. There were lots of twists and unexpected turns in the story line. We learned more about what is happening in this season, and more about Samuel and the reason Sam seems different. The first vampire revealed some information, and it was cool to learn about him, though some mystery remains about his own origins. Crowely was of course behind some of the schemes in order to find pergatory, a realm close to Hell and full of supernatural's souls. This episode shapes the future of the season and I can't wait to see what happens!!!!!!
  • did anyone else notice that if crowley had christian possessed ages ago, during the angel cavity search, shouldn't have castiel noticed it when he barged in? well, i probably heard the line wrong.

    "So what's so important that you're the king of Hell's cabana boy, huh? What'd he offer you? Girls, money, hair?" i actually laughed so hard i fell from my seat. i just love supernatural.. in fact i have loved it so much that i actually named my daughter Castielle. (If i had a boy, he'd definitely be a Dean..) I was really worried at the start of the season, but i hang on still as misha and jensen made it all worthwhile. now that a lot has unfolded, i think the writers are not going to mess up this show so much after all. i do have a question though... did anyone else notice that if crowley had christian possessed ages ago, during the angel cavity search, shouldn't have castiel noticed it when he barged in? well, i probably heard the line wrong.

    Overall, very good episode as it has answered a lot of questions for us. can't wait for next week. =)
  • Sins of the Grandfather: A Winchester Brothers Hunting Brigade (Spoiler Alert)

    Castiel searches Sam to find out what's wrong with him and he discovers that he has no soul. They pay Samuel a visit and find his soul still intact and then they all go to hunt the Alpha Vampire that Dean saw a few episodes ago. Samuel traps the Alpha in a cage and asks him where Purgatory is to no avail, the Alpha breaks free and is then taken down by demons who have taken over hunters. It is revealed that Crowley is now in control and wants to use all of the Alphas to find Purgatory and take it over so in order to get Sam's soul back from the Cage, they have to do his bidding from here on out. Good episode, finally got to the bottom of Samuel but still no idea what he gets out of it from Crowley to come back in the first place. But hey that's what the rest of the season is for.
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