Season 4 Episode 11

Family Remains

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Jan 15, 2009 on The CW

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  • Very dark

    A very good episode: very dark however and shows just what kind of depravity, evil and monstrous actions humanity is capable of. I wouldn't watch if you have a weak stomach or are easily scared or offended. This episode is like I said: very dark. I however really enjoyed this episode, I found it very well done, and the acting in it was brilliant from all those involved.
  • haunting or not?

    Ok this one offended me. I've gotten used to the fact that Supernatural can be quite insensitive sometimes, but this episode was too much for me. I'm from Austria and incest-children-in-the-basement is a subject we only touch with velvet gloves around here (look up Fritzl on Wikipedia, if you don't know what I mean). My point is, there are children like those two, real children who have suffered more than anyone can imagine. And they are no feral, killing, zombie-like monsters. I can see the writers idea behind it, that humans are always more terrible, but didn't like it that this happened over the head of some innocent poor souls… Dean's speech in the end saved a little (subject and story-wise) but still I had this shallow feeling that this wasn't right.
  • A good stand alone with only a couple of fairly minor quibbles.

    'Family Remains' has the unenviable task of following show creator Eric Kripke's epic pre-New Year plot fest 'Heaven and Hell' and being the first new episode of Supernatural in around a month... the weight of expectation, as you may be able to guess, is almost unmanageable. The fact that the production crew chose to place a stand-alone 'supernatural element of the week' instalment in the episode eleven slot certainly doesn't help matters; after all that to-ing and fro-ing with the forces of Heaven and Hell, and the gravitas of the hoo-hah with Lillith and the 66 seals, we get a story about a family being terrorised by Joseph Fritzl's long-lost relatives? This could arguably seem a little lightweight and is bound to disappoint, especially given that, apart from a few comedy episodes and perhaps 'Metamorphosis', season four hasn't really given us this scenario so far. All the 'cases' that Sam and Dean have investigated, bar the ones listed above, have been tied to the over-arching mythology. Still, there's no reason why we can't enjoy a break from all the monumental madness and explore what made Supernatural a hit in the first place. Jeremy Carver's script is well paced and keeps the viewer on his or her toes: removing the supernatural element a third of the way through is a deft touch as it both unsettles the viewing experience and makes the entire narrative about ten times more disturbing... and then there's the inclusion of the brother which comes completely out of nowhere and is all the more enjoyable for it. Phil Sgriccia's direction is superb too, wonderfully methodical and meaning, and as is the score and cinematography which just delight in scaring the bejesus out of you with misplaced dissonant sounds and scatter shod lighting. The decision to film the kidnapped son's encounter with the somewhat psychopathic daughter in night vision is just sublime and the direction of this sequence in particular just knocks your socks off. The only drawback, unfortunately, is some of the casting. The father and daughter in particular are somewhat patchy in their performances - their delivery of certain lines of dialogue comes across a little clunky. The son's damn good though. In all, a good stand alone with only a couple of fairly minor quibbles.
  • Definitely scary!

    This episode scared the crap out of me. I watched half of it hiding behind a book! The young girl is ridiculously creepy in and of herself, and then I didn't see her brother coming AT ALL!!! I about peed my pants when he showed up. The eating of the live rats was so nasty too! That said, scary doesn't always equal awesome. I thought it was a pretty solid episode, one that made the viewer consider what it is to be human and how monsters become monsters, but one that was also a distraction from the season's overarching mythology.

    I might watch it again, just because I think I missed quite a bit while hiding!
  • Sam and Dean investigate a popssible haunting at a Nebraska farmhouse. There are complications when they find out that a new family has moved in.

    A bit off the beaten path for Supernatural. When all is said and done, the Winchester boys are dealing with a human, not the usual spirit.

    It all begins as Dean finds a new case to investigate. A man was murdered in a locked room and he figures there's a ghost to exorcise. They head off to the farmhouse in Nebraska and find evidence of spiritual activity. There's a complication, however, the house has been recently sold and the new family is moving in.

    Sam and Dean tell the new family that they are inspectors and head off to investigate further. They soon find out that the murdered man had a daughter who hanged herself years ago. They are puzzled to also find out that the remains were cremated. Meanwhile, the Carters are trying to adjust to their new home. They have had some tough times to endure and are ready for a fresh start. The boy finds a mysterious new friend to play with in his closet. Later that night, more strange things happen. The daughter also encounters the mysterious girl in the wall and rushes to tell her parents. Sam and Dean come back to the house and try to convince the family to leave. They agree, however, the car is incapacitated and they are stuck. They all retreat back into the house and Sam and Dean lay salt lines all over. Sam heads up to the attic where the dead girl committed suicide. She appears and walks right over the salt line Sam laid and attacks him. Sam realizes it's a human girl they are dealing with. She is driven away back into the walls by his flashlight.

    The boys have the mom and daughter board up in the shed outside while the men split up to look for the boy, Danny, who has gone missing. Dean and the uncle find their way into the walls where they find the girl's lair. The girl suddenly reappears and kills the uncle. Sam, Dean and Brain go back to the shed. Sam reads the diary he found in the attic and realizes the mysterious girl is the daughter of the woman who hanged herself in the attic and that they have the same father, the man who was killed in the locked room. Ick.

    Danny wakes up in the basement and the girl is eating a rat. Dean breaks through the dumbwaiter and finds his way to the basement. Danny says that "he" is coming back. There is also a brother. Meanwhile the girl attacks the shed. Dean blinds the brother with flashlight, retrieves his gun and kills the boy. Outside, the girl busts into the shed and then is promptly yanked out and stabbed.

    The next day, as the family packs up, they thank Sam and Dean for their help. They admit they still have problems but will work them out eventually. Afterwards, Dean confesses that he sympathizes with the boy and girl. Sam says that they were barely human and Dean was not like them when he was in Hell. Dean says he was worse because he wasn't defending himself, he actually enjoyed torturing all those poor souls. And no matter how many people he saved here on Earth he can never turn back the clock and save them.

    The final scene was the most pivotal of the episode. It showed how much Dean is haunted by his actions when he was in Hell as Alastair's apprentice.
  • Wow suprisingly scary.

    Sam and Dean investigate a house occupied by a female ghost, but when a new family moves in things take a turn for the worse. Normally I dont really find the scaryier episodes that scary but I must say that this was a very good episode that made me jump a few times. the episodes had its creepy moments too like how disturbing was iit when she ate the rat. It felt like I was watching some great quality horror fil;m, it was awesome. This episode was one of my favorites so far it had everything in it. 10 out of 10.
  • Not one of my favorites.

    its intersting that we all wanted that girl to be a ghost, but when she turned out to be human and fereal was intersting its good to see the characters can handle the human aspect of their gave them depth. I would have to say that I'm torn in this show...It gave Dean more points as a caring individual, but it just lacked something in the whole way it was carried out. While its not one for my favorites....(I have so many) I would have to give this episode a 6 out of then...sorry guys but thats just the way I feel about it.
  • More information into Dean's experience... my favourite part.

    I have to say right out that this episode was not one of my favourites. It had a great idea with it, people again coming after people, and I LOVED Dean's confessional at the end, but there was just something about it that wasn't so great. I honestly can't put my finger on it, but there's something... But still, finding out Dean enjoyed him time in Hell, besides the pain, that part broke my heart. But unlike a lot of people, I never think less of him how. I think it just makes him seem more human. This was still a great addition to the show over all though.
  • Dean and Sam get yet another case when a "ghost" is killing people who live in their house.

    Can you say CREEPY!? I can't believe that they ended up not being ghosts but instead they were actual humans! If I ever met a human like that I have no idea what I would do.

    I can't believe that Dean actually enjoyed ripping souls apart and then he felt like saving that jackass would save him from the pit again somehow. Or that's what I thought at least.

    A great episode and it had a great plot so everyone should be proud. Great job to the writers, Kripke, and of course Jensen and Jared for all of their hard work. Keep it up!
  • This epoisode was absolutely terrible and full of holes. Completely unnecessary.

    I found this episode to be absolutely terrible. The plot with the family in the house was so full of holes. With those kids living under the house there are so many problems! For starters why would the dad be feeding them for all those years and they suddenly decided to kill him? Second if those kids had been under the house their whole lives, then how did they know to take all of the brothers' weapons and slash all the tires? Also the crazy brother seemed to be older than the girl...

    I am a huge fan of the show and was anxiously awaiting the new episode for those long wintery months and this is what we were given?! Highly disappointing.
  • There were some great one-liners.

    This one was mainly focused on Dean's character development as far as the overall season was concerned, and I'm glad the show is taking time to work out his personal issues instead of having him get over it in one 46-minute episode. I loved the return to the villan-of-the-week type story lines and the "family business", and this one was scary in a way we haven't seen since Season 1, especially since it was "ripped from the Austrian headlines". There's something so much more disturbing about humans killing humans, rather than supernatural things killing humans. There were some great one-liners too.
  • Even if out of the main plot line we discovered something new. I like this episode, very creepy and very supernatural style cause these isn't a show that you watch just because the main story.

    Supernatural is back and I'm very happy about it and I bet all of the fans of these series share with me this feeling. So, as to show off this happiness I decided to write my 1st review in this lovely site. Family Remains, is the first episode of the New Year and let me tell you that I found it very creepy; I think I share the idea of the humans with Dean…
    The episode kick off show us a man being killed by what we thing to be a ghost of a young girl, than we travel somewhere else to see Sam and Dean in the Impala, the later looking frenetically for a new job while Sammy is trying to sleep. We than find out Dean is being somewhat obsessed with getting jobs not even stopping to sleep and as usual he keeps the true reason from is younger brother. Anyway they get a job about a strange death, the one we see at the beginning. The place is a house where it happened and as soon as they get there they discover that a new family was about to move in and despite their efforts the family moved in.
    In my opinion we can divide this episode in 3 sub-plots, all of them connected somehow with the title, let's see: 1. Dean and his obsessed behaviour in trying to save this family at all cost, I know they always do this but the way he spoke we could see that there was a darker reason for it. We can see that Sammy knows that something is wrong with is brother but can't do nothing about it. Later in the episode we discover, as Dean tells Sam that during his stay in Hell he started torturing souls after being tortured for 30 years (I still admire him for this as I think most of us couldn't endure one week of it) and, this is the new part, he enjoyed it. This is what's making him behave like he as to make up for what he did.
    2. The central plot of the episode, the ghost of the girl who killed that man. Well and after we know the entire story we are glad she did it. It is very disturbing when we find out that the ghost it's actually a living human being and that she's daughter and granddaughter of the assassinated man. This horrible man abused his own daughter, that later kills herself, although before that she gets pregnant and gives birth to 2 babies. So this ghost like human beings are trapped inside the walls and basement of this house by the man and now after killing him they are protecting what they thing is theirs. Even when this means killing whoever tries to leave in the house, in this case the newcomer family. They both died in the end, ending with them the suffering caused by the man to his family.
    3. Last but not the least we have the family that moves to the house and they came here for a fresh start, to find a way to heal the wounds between them caused by a tragic event, the death of the elder son. Even when they loose 2 of their members, the uncle and brother of he mother and their dog, they manage to survive, to prevail so they remain in the house at the end somewhat victorious, even if in a troubled way.
    In the end, when Dean talks with Sam, I feel very sad not for Dean but for Sammy cause I can only imagine what he must feel. He is so frustrated, angry and sad for not being able to ease the pain of his brother even if just a little bit. But Dean is strong and if someone could overcome this, that person is Dean. And I hope he does and as he's happy ending as well as Sam.
  • Nice episode :)

    I don't want to write too much as most of the reviews are already in.

    Nice episode with nice suspense and mystery and a little horror with the usual I-cant-be-bothered-if-kids-are-watching blood and gore.

    What i really wanna know is why the show is only ranked 17th? What the hell is happening in the US?? Surely the show should still be in the top 10 or something? Cumon... guys. I live in Singapore and i won't have a say in this, but i know how the system works man. No ratings mean no show, damn, i'll pretty much go watch a busker in orchard road if this show gets canned... :(
  • The Family That Inbreeds

    Family Remains-Sam and Dean investigate a house occupied by a female ghost, but when a new family moves in things take a turn for the worse.

    After a long break, Supernatural returns and takes break from its mythology heavy arc involving the war between the Angels and Demons for a more traditional episode for the series. "Family Remains" is a standalone episode that has a back to basics feel with Dean and Sam investigating a house which seems to be haunted by a ghost girl. While it's not Supernatural's most original or gripping storyline, i really like how the episode plays out.

    I like how we actually get personal with the Carter family. The actors, among them Helen Slater (Supergirl: The Movie), portray the family well; including their unresolved tragedy that still haunts them. The ghost starts off like any other ghost story like in past episodes, but then it's revealed that the ghost girl isn't even a ghost at all. The twist of the ghost girl being a result of inbreeding was quite shocking, not to mention disgusting. Although, I did love Dean's little side jokes like, daddy/granddaddy". I think it just adds depth to the episode showing something not so supernatural on Supernatural. It makes the horror that much more real and convincing. That girl was quite creepy looking and that scene of her in dark vision eating that rat made me sick, I'd say that was the msot disgusting scene since Sam got his nail pulled off!

    Other great scenes are Dean searching the walls and desperately chanting, "Please don't let something grab my leg", and the uncle getting brutally stabbed by inbreed girl and the other twist with there being a brother who attacks Dean. I'd say the only part of the episode that didn't thrill me was the ending between Dean and Sam. While I look watching Dean being so conflicted and guilty about what he did in hell by wanting to save so many lives at once in this episode, the ending scene didn't really move me. The end scene between Sam and Dean in "Heaven and Hell" packed more of an emotional punch while during this scene it seemed Jensen and Jared were just rehashing what they did. I think in the coming episodes the writers should handle this development more internally, instead of randomly confessing his sins to Sam. I mean Dean already told Sam there's nothing he can do about it, so why does he keep telling him? lol "Family Remains" isn't the best that Supernatural has to offer, but there are enough creepy and quite scary moments that make this one very entertaining.
  • ...

    Oh, I feel so embarrassed for putting this low mark to one of my top favorite TV shows, but it wasn't as tasteful as I would like. After being in hell Dean is so odd, I'd even like to say outlandish. One moment he's kinda sentimental, other moment he has no emotions at all. and I can't get it. I miss these Dean - Sam jokes, which very really funny and gave an extra pleasure watching Supernatural. I felt kinda disappointed watching this one, esp. with Dean's line - I killed souls and kinda like it, now I don't feel excitement doing my job. At least this how I understand his idea reading between the lines. Where are the funny Winchester brothers, who made me watch SPN?
  • A cross between a ghost story and 'Benders'.

    First thing we find out is that after Dean's revelation, one month ago, Dean has been doing case after case with no breaks. Sam rightly accuses Dean of running and from his expression, Dean is well aware of that. But turns out he was running not just from what he told Sam, but also from what he hadn't. He admits enjoying torturing people. That's is no surprise. Given all that Dean is, he has always been capable of being a psychopath, so much pain and rage with no outlet? His capacity for intense violence with no emotional reaction? That's why he's such an exceptional hunter, he's always channeled it into hunting, but now he's tasted what it's like to share the pain he feels and like a serial killer killing for the first time, there's no going back now. Hunting will just not be enough. I always said he'd be an incredible demon, I guess I was right.

    Naturally he feels guilty and that's why he's overcompensating with the non-stop hunting but like he said, there's a hole inside him and nothing can fill it. Sam has always been Dean's moral compass and he's the only thing stopping Dean from going dark side. No wonder Alistair's such a fan of Dean's. And we thought we had to worry about Sam. We always thought of Dean as the hero, the one who would be the shining light that would save the world (especially given Sam's dark destiny), but with recent revelations, Dean's on a slippery slope and Sam better keep a very close eye on him. Dean wants to be good, will try to be good but there's just too much darkness inside him. John has a lot to answer for.

    The focus of the story was far more on Dean and the other family with too little emphasis on the 'ghost' story but the episode was obviously intended to get across Dean's frame of mind and it did that. The 'ghost' story was pretty freaky but nothing original. Good casting on the parents and kids, believable for a family. Barely recognized Helen Slater, time has not been kind. Good episode though, very solid acting.

    First of all it was good episode,exciting episode....and more exciting in this episode was that there was nothing Supernatural)))....everyone can go crazy....they have lived there for a long time they were eating rats(it's creepy)and they were killing people to eat I think....Dean was great in this episode,i want Castiel in every know it was good that there wasn't anything supernatural,it is something new here and it makes TVshow better....well that is my opinion only....I liked that moment when they heard screaming and ran into house.....that was a little bit funny....and yes I'd lik eto see more funny things in this TVshow that would make this TVshow better to watch
  • Sam And Dean help a family who has just moved into a home that appears to have a spirit in it. However, they quickly discover that it is not a run-of-the-mill spirit...

    Sam and Dean investigate a house that contains what they think is a spirit. However, things get complicated when a family moves into the house. While trying to protect the family, the Winchesters discover that what they are dealing with is not a spirit, but something much worse.

    This episode reminded me of "The Benders" from Season 1. I was suprised to discover that the enemy was not a spirit, as we were led to believe, but just a regular person. However, after the whole story was revealed, chills went down my spine. For me, this episode showed the level of evil that human beings can sink to, and that is something that is always going to be in the back of my mind. I was also intersted to hear more of Dean's account of what he went through in Hell. I wonder if this new zeal to save people will come into play further on down the road? Anyhoo, I am glad that Supernatural is back. Bringin' in the new year in style! Can't wait for next week.
  • So scary!

    This was a great jump back from the 2 month break. This was more than I expected. Seriously. I love this episode! The elements were perfect. A very shocking twist. it turns out this episode had nothing supernatural about it, just a feral baby that never saw the light of day, the girl eating the rat was cringe-worthy. The actress that played the daughter was exceptionally well. The scene at the end, when Dean is basically repeating everything he said in the last episode was a bit filling. I like how at least one person died in the process of the episode. And I have to tell you, I cannot wait for the next episode!
  • The essence of Hell

    Well, we're back once again from what seems to be the longest winter hiatus yet. At least this year we're getting a full season. But what a way to come back from the holidays! This episode was scary.

    And not just from the whole spook story, but mostly from the stuff surrounding Dean. When last we left the bros, Dean had finally opened up about his time in Hell. And sure enough, it wasn't pretty. It was an experience that will undoubtedly burn inside him for probably the rest of his life. (I hesitate to say "for all eternity" because I doubt that will ever be the case, especially for him). But anyway, this week's ep was more or less a sort of reflection on his soul of what happened to him in Hell - and the feelings and emotions he felt about the things he did while he was there. Meaning, his ordeal in Hell can be related to what he and Sam dealt with here. To start with, our ghosties this week were - for the 3rd time in the series - NOT ghosts at all. They were simply human. Yes, "they" - for the twist this week was that the "ghost" girl wasn't alone; her equally deranged, inbred brother was added to the fold. And what a pitiful background these characters had! Forced to live in secret due to what their father did to their own mother, which was said father's own daughter, which just gets an enormous EWW in the first place. And due to this shut-in life, they are forced to fend for themselves, living on rats and dogs (possibly the biggest "Eww" in the whole series for me thus far!) and closed off to any kind of light, living in darkness and growing up feral and murderous. I think I'd rather take a ghost.

    But the overall gist is, they were innocents, and this was their Hell. Deep down, they were basically tortured souls from the moment of birth due to their horrible family history. And this is where Dean could relate, sans the "horrible family history" aspect. About his time in Hell, Dean told Sam that he began to torture souls when he was offered the chance - simply because he was spent from having his own soul tortured what seemed to be endlessly. Growing up in such horrid conditions, the "ghost" girl and boy most likely felt they had no chance of anything else and were so closed off from the world that they felt they had to defend themselves, though they more than likely didn't know better anyway, and took to murdering and kidnapping. Dean's sitch in Hell was really not much different, although where the poor psychotic kids really had no choice, Dean was at least given one. Being tortured mercilessly and constantly had taken its proverbial toll on him to the point that he felt there was no other way than to defend himself by taking the offer from Alastair to torture other souls. While this may have been somewhat of a "relief" for him there as he was given a reprieve from torture to do some of his own, it still yielded the worst repercussion for him when he resurrected. For now he carries those feelings around with him, something that will scar his soul for the rest of his life, a hole inside him as he described to Sam at ep's end. Which, of course, explains why he is really starting to jump into his work, chasing case after case, seemingly to the point of exhaustion. Sam was right: Dean is running away, trying to forget it. But no matter what Dean does, it will always be with him. How could an experience like that not? It's simply too horrible. Perhaps he really hasn't left Hell after all....(metaphorically speaking). And one more thing we learn: Dean grew to actually enjoy torturing other souls. This isn't really all that surprising, though. After everything we've learned from Ruby and certain others about Hell, this is what the place does - basically destroys your humanity. So it makes sense that Dean started enjoying and getting off on torturing other souls because that is pretty much what was happening: his starting on the road to the loss of his humanity. Still, it doesn't make that last scene in this ep where we learn this little tidbit any less disturbing. I mean, come on! Any scene where Dean turns down food is a SURE sign of not goodness.

    Bits and Pieces:
    - How cute did Sam look sleeping in the backseat of the Impala?
    - It was a welcome treat to see Ms. Helen Slater on the tube once again. I love the actress, and her presence made the secondary family in this week's ep not-so-boring to watch.
    - It was still very clever how they intro'd the week's spookies. It was a wee bit predictable when the girl stepped over the line of salt, but it still kept you guessing just exactly what they were dealing with before they actually figured it out. I, personally, thought they were gonna throw something new at us once again, but it was still pretty exciting and unexpected.
    - I loved the little boy's reaction to the brothers' "profession", relating it to Scooby-Doo. Cute.

    I'm rating this a 10 for the sheer disturbing and scary atmosphere of the whole episode, especially the Dean factor. Next week looks as if the bros encounter a stage magician. That looks like it will be a little different, but fun....
  • Several months have pasted since the events of "Heaven and Hell" and we find that the brothers have been busy. Dean finds another job, this one a haunting. It turns out that it's a crazy basement lady and her brother. The brothers are forced to kill them.

    A good filler episode. This harks back to the days when the two brothers would go from town to town hunting down "baddies". This episode also provides a break from the main storyline, and gives the brothers - particularly Dean - an opportunity to start to deal with the awful secret that Dean shared with Sam reguarding Dean's activities in Hell. At the top of the episode Sam mentions the they running themselves ragged if all the large number of hunts that they have been doing. At the end of the show we sort of see that Dean has been marathon hunting because of the guilt he feels about what he did in Hell, and also about the fact he enjoyed it. Overall a good installment in the Supernatural series, with a mix of creature of the week and a nice job in character development in the over-arcing main story.
  • Family matters

    After a massive two-part mythology epic that threatened to tear the fandom apart, it's good to see a more typical episode come down the pipeline. Oddly enough, the advance comments from the mainstream press were largely negative. Entertainment Weekly, for instance, bemoaned how boring these "monster of the week" installments were becoming.

    It doesn't seem to matter that these stories have been part of the show's DNA since the pilot. I'm not sure this particular episode adheres to any specific urban legend, but most of the first season was about the Brothers Winchester hunting down the truth behind the grisly and horrifying myth. It's funny how the mainstream critics, the ones who ignored the show in its early glories, are now seemingly invested in each and every writing choice, now that it's regaining its ratings momentum.

    What those critics have missed, time and again, is the purpose of these supposedly stand-alone episodes. The story is never really about the monster or the legend; it's about the Brothers Winchester and their psychological issues. In particular, this one is all about Dean. Now that we know the truth about his time in Hell, his actions and decisions since the season premiere make a lot more sense. And Dean's emotional and psychological scars can be explored, which is always a nice touch.

    Dean is seriously messed up. There's just no other way to put it. He's put on the brave and stoic face regarding his time in Hell for a good long time, but that mask is starting to crack and shatter and it's all he can do to hold it together. Hunting evil and saving people did the trick for a while, but it's just not enough anymore. And poor Sam is at a loss, because what could he possibly do for his brother at this point?

    Worse, Dean's issues are leading to mistakes. It was not smart to split up the family. Never mind the sexist decision to toss the women in the shed and let the men hunt the monster. That creepy little flower in the attic was running around and getting into places they couldn't predict. It stands to reason that she could find a way into the supposedly impregnable shed. The smart move would have been keeping the entire family in the shed to play prevent defense, letting the experienced hunters take the offense. But Dean wasn't thinking clearly at all, between intense guilt, self-loathing, and lack of sleep, and Sam hasn't gotten to the point where he's willing to take the reins.

    As usual, those character dynamics made the episode work. The family's personal troubles seemed extraneous for the longest time, until the parallels emerged. The father kept insisting that everything would be all right, that it would all work out, no matter how the circumstances changed, but clearly it was self-delusion. Meanwhile, Dean was doing exactly the same thing. It was not the most subtle writing in the show's history, but it worked.

    If there was a weakness in the episode, it was the monster itself (or themselves, to be accurate). How exactly would they have managed to learn how to read, write, or speak is a complete mystery. And why would the diary only refer to the daughter, if there was also a son of roughly the same age? By the end, it doesn't quite add up. Thankfully, the monster was just another means to an end, and the core of the episode was more than strong enough to take up the slack.
  • This is exactly the kind of episode that 1st time watchers need to see to get hooked. One of the great ones based off the classic horror story about the pyshco killer who licks hands.

    I my self has been a die hard supernatural fan since episode one. I pride myself on being one of the very few people to never miss an episode but lately the series has being going down hill same plot for the past 4 episodes. This is exactly what the series needs. It had me on the edge of my seat the whole time. I didnt think from the preview that it would be any good. It mad me fall in love with Sam Winchester all over again. It was thrill after thrill. In a thousand years you would have never guess the ending. There was two? Holy cow!
  • After a little break, Supernatural is back, and I couldn't be more happy to see it again.

    After a little break, Supernatural is back, and I couldn't be more happy to see it again. Just to warn people, some spoilers follow below. This episode starts out like any other ghost story, but then the brother's luck turns on them. The hunters become the hunted, which to me was pretty awesome to watch. What really surprised me was when we find out that this is not just another ghost story, as the girl terrorizing the house can walk past salt. Well I will be damned, the little girl who was hunting the brothers, turns out to be a real little girl and not anything supernatural. I will have to admit though; she sure knows how to travel around the house. Well it was an awesome episode, even though there was nothing really supernatural about it, but I would like to see some more things being cleared up about our heaven and hell main story. But as for this episode, it was a pretty solid episode overall.
  • its nice to see that this show still has some class while other tv-shows are dipping in quality.

    have to say, dean is awesome after the way he dissed uriel in the last episode and it is good to have supernatural back.
    i thought that deans revelation about his time in hell in the last episode was well timed with this episode. this show amongst others still maintains high quality material unlike other shows that we shall not mention (e.g. smallville, clark is really starting to bore me and we were so close to getting rid of chloe this week).
    anyways im not moaning when it comes to this episode, a nice return for supernatural after the xmas break and definitely looking forward to next weeks episode.
  • The brothers investigate a not so run of the mill haunting. The aftermath makes Dean reveal a painful secret from his years in hell.

    Ok, I will admit this episode did scare me more than others, but only because it was more creepy/perverted than scary and I watched it at like midnight.

    There was something about it that had me completely thinking this is not a typical episode. Once revealed that it was not ghost haunting the house, but a shut in, with a creepy revenge scenario, I was more grossed out than anything. So the original owner of the house had two children with his own daughter, who later hung herself over the fact I'm guessing, that dad/granddad wanted to keep them locked in the basement shut out from the world. The children grew up to be completely crazy and deranged, and in need of baths. There were three great moments in this episode. When the girl crossed the ring of salt. When the kid revealed that there were two kids. When Dean told Sam that after 30 years of being tortured and then becoming the torturer he began to enjoy it, and that scared him.

    One theme this episode shed light on was Dean's belief that humans were sicker than the demons and ghosts that they regularly face. I have always appreciated this factor, a little social consciousness. The thing with this episode was that Dean was once again torn, he wants to be a hero but he carries around the lifetime he spent in hell. Despite saving Danny he still is carrying the pain of what he has done. I think this is becoming the set up for the rest of this season, can Dean's actions on Earth redeem him from his actions in hell.
  • Welcome to the happy thrusday!

    one word: really creepy!

    When I saw the girl I was thougth another horror epsisode, but the girl across he circule of sal, so I'm starting remind in the seasson 1 when the guys fight not the supernaural things but a real human beens! The story it's not too scarey me, but the creepy gilr my god remind me horro movie that saw!

    I fell dean for deep in side! I think he really need a more help, because his revleacion in the end make me feel worry about him like mean what happen to dean if castiel not save him in the hell? Would he be become a deimond? Mabye he's dream to be true,like the epsisode seasson 3 " a dream a lillte dream for me" . Because he said he enjoiment the kill the psyches. That's worry me

    I can't wait for the next!

    kiss guys! I'm missing to write here!

  • A return to Season One Creepiness!

    I loved this episode.It had the scares,creepiness and all around dark atmosphere of Season one.I thought the non-ghost girl did a great job being spooky and i feel at one point Dean is going to go crazy trying to "fix" himself while helping other people without looking like he's selfish and just trying to save himself.Poor Sam, i feel, doesn't know how to help Dean with his time in Hell or for that matter with the new revelation that Dean enjoyed torturing other souls. I'm not one of those so called fans who pick apart how much screen time either actor gets, though i do enjoy getting into the story and discussing it with other fans, but i really like forgetting everything else that's going on in my life for an hour and this episode did it for me!
  • Sam and Dean set off to hunt a ghost that turns out to be human.

    Overall "Family Remains" was another good episode It was good to be able to snuggle in on a cold winter's night and enjoy a good old fashion "scary" episode. It's always an interesting episode when they throw humans in the mix! Sam and Dean start off thinking they are hunting a ghost but soon realize that they are dealing with a human. A human that was a result of incest, locked away her entire life and forced to live and survive in the walls of her house. The other shocker, she had a brother. Needless to say because of this they were dehumanized and vengeful towards adults. This was a good throwback to the season one "monster of the week" episode with not a lot of demon/angel arc. Dean is suffering because of the time he spent in hell and admitted that while he was in the pit not only did he torture souls he actually enjoyed it. I can't wait to see more of Dean's self loathing! As he said it doesn't matter how many souls he saves, that feeling is always there. It will be interesting to see if he continues on the path of saving souls or if he won't be able to handle it any more, shut down and not care. Will he fight or give up?
  • Nothing to do with this seasons angels/demons storyline. Yet it was a unique take on the usual ghost story wherein it turned out not to be ghosts at all. As usual, its supernatural so its enjoyable. But not the best.

    The biggest qualm I have with this episode is the fact that they could write GO! and Too Late, in crayon and blood, neatly and legibly, and at all. The two "animal"-like people who are living in the walls bear no resemblance to a normal human being because of they way that they have been treated since the day they were born. They don't speak, or act human at all. They are just animals guarding their turf & seeking out food etc. So how exactly did they write out cliche phrases neatly in blood.

    Other then that, It was Supernatural. Without, well, anything Supernatural going on at all. But that was a neat enough twist in and of itself. Deans guilt however, at being tortured for 30 years non-stop and then giving in to Alastair's demands is getting tired fast. Let it go Dean, you held out longer then anyone else would have. Not to mention the people you were torturing were probably in Hell for a good reason.
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