Season 2 Episode 19

Folsom Prison Blues

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Apr 26, 2007 on The CW

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  • Yet another jail episode.

    Okay, don't get me wrong. I love Supernatural. But these crime episodes are really starting to annoy me. They seem to be caught in another mishap again. This renminds me so much of "The Usual Suspects" it isn't even funny. The only thing different is that a spirit is in the jail. Deacon was pretty cool. I'm glad he didn't die. I wish Agent Henrickson just died to end this ongoing plot that is taking forever! Their lawyer & the Deacon was like the detective which practically set them free, and again end the episode with their so screwed I need to see a new plot Supernatural!
  • I liked this episode.

    In this episode Sam and Dean allow themselves to get arrested so that they can investicate a ghost in a prison. This starts to go wrong when Agent Henriksen shows up and tries to get the boys transfered to another facility.

    Sam and Dean figure out who the ghost is and Dean ends up being attacked by it. Then another guy does in a locked cage next to him, Tiny, who Dean had picked a fight with.

    It turns out that it is a evil woman ghost that worked in the prison. Then in another twist it turns out that Sam and Dean went inside the prison on purpose to get the ghost. They knew a guard there who had a plan to break them out. Agent Henriksen isn't so happy that they boys got away again.
  • The fugitive episodes always get a thumbs up from me

    Any episode where Dean's mishap in Milwaukee from Season 1 comes back to screw both him and Sam over ends up being endlessly entertaining, whether it's the humor or the intensity. This time, both of them exist and it ends up being one of the better episodes this season.

    It never fails to bring a smile to my face when I see Dean grinning in the face of physical threat and/or danger. Watching him strut his way through prison, even when evil men are staring him in the face, was a highlight. The twist with Deacon was nice too, as was the Monster of the Week. It's not until near the end where you find out what exactly is going on, which Supernatural pulls off pretty good.

    Not a lot happens in the episode in terms of plot, but this is just an all around enjoyable episode. I hope they refer back to the fugitive plot in the future. The writers continue to leave the storyline open-ended, so hopefully we can see something come of it.
  • Great writing as always, funny, and clever!

    Like what Sam said, in a career full of stupid and crazy, this plan beats all of the stupidest and craziness plans they've ever had. Though with all their stupid and crazy plans invites room for lots of hit or miss moments, and fortunately there was a lot more hit. For one for an episode with a single jail episode, jail life was captured pretty nicely. Characters are also nicely developed, most notably Tiny who had to unfortunately had to die, poor tiny! The writing is funny, some great characters, brilliant acting, though why does the score warrant only an 8.5? The case isn't very compelling. As crazy as it is to purposely get yourself in jail to kill a ghost, the case wasn't very compelling and the ghost of the story is also very lacking. The highlights of this episode of a horror show are its comedy moments and the jail life atmosphere.
  • A good filler episode, enlightened by the awesome Charles Malik Whitfield!

    Even if I undoubtedly prefer "The Usual Suspects" (2x07), "Folsom Prinson Blues" is a very good jail episode, a filler before the grand finale, for sure, but a very good episode nonetheless, thanks to: 1) Charles Malik Whitfield is really awesome as Special Agent Henricksen and he's one of my favorite recurring characters on the show, 2) Cliff Kosterman was a spectacular Tiny, and I was really sorry for his death, 3) Mike Rohl directed some scenes that were really scary (like the one in the hospital wing, or the first apparition of the ghost), 4) the double twist at the end of the episode was really unexpected and effective.

    As I said, a good filler episode, enjoyable and really entertaining, with some good scares as the perfect icing on the cake.
  • Entertaining, funny, not that great of a plot, but definitely enjoyable.

    Uh, it wasn't that great of a plot, but hell … who's complaining? We got to see Agent Henriksen again, he's such a charismatic character, the other guest stars were wonderful, a great ensemble.

    The idea behind the episode was interesting, although to tell you the truth I would've loved some more background on Deacon and his relationship with John, I think maybe they should explore it in an upcoming episode, where maybe Deacon can return the favor (didn't happen yet).

    I have to agree with Sam, this was a crazy idea, but then again Dean was right too, they can't let these people die. Our boys were fugitives since Nightshifter but this takes the cake, they better be watching out for law enforcement every step of the way.

    All-in-all a great episode, tons of fun, and it WAS freaky how much Dean fits in prison!!
  • Love it!

    This is a great episode, Sam and Dean get caught on purpose to get into this jail where different people have been killed. But when Hendrickson shows up, yeah it's a different story for them. Anyway, this episode is hilarious and is so funny! Just the things Dean says and especially one of my favorite songs Green Onions, it's a classic. This episode is a mix of funny and lots of info. And with the huge guy named Tiny, hilariuos!"Don't worry Sam, I won't trade you for smokes." I just, oh those two are funny :o) And I especially love their jail shoes!
  • Sam and Dean go to prison.

    The Winchester boys let the law catch them in an order to check out what has been going on in a prison for an old friend of their dads.

    Dean fits into the prison scene right away. He finds away to survive by amassing prison currency: cigarettes.

    I like it when he picks a fight with the huge guy. I wonder if he thought he had any chance of winning that fight. Dean ends up in the infirmary with the guy. They make peace only to have the big guy killed.

    It was nice that the boys had a way out of the prison. I think if they had been stuck there they wouldn't have had that many demons to hunt.
  • Another outstanding episode of Supernatural!!

    I love this episode. It was fantastic. And very well written. I loved the part where Dean asked Sam if he was from Texas. I thought that was a great and funny part. There were so many wonderful parts. This episode was very well done. I loved every minute of it. And I can't wait to see what happens next time. When I was watching this I kept thinking this episode was Supernatural meets Prison Break. That's just something that I felt when watching. Those are my 2 favorite shows. I'm "really pretty sure" this is one of my favorite episodes. I liked it when Dean kept say, "I'm really pretty sure." That was great.
  • Sam and Dean investigate a prison, as prisoners, to repay a debt of their father's.

    This is another storyline that I am not really fond of. I don't like prison movies and I don't like stories set in prison, however, I love this episode. The way they handle Sam and Dean in prison is great, and more than a little hilarious.

    Dean's mug shot scene "I call this one the Blue Steel" and "Hey, who looks better? Me or Nick Nolte?" are just classic scenes. I also like the interview with Agent Henrickson – Dean's smile and smug attitude never falters. Awesome. Henrickson isn't bad either, and he is on to Dean's game – getting tripped up by a motion detector? Yeah, right. Henrickson is smart enough that I am hoping he figures out what is really going on. It would be nice for the brothers to have a source in the FBI. However, I don't think that will be the case with Henrickson, I think he is going to be more Javert to their Jean ValJean. Henrickson's smile at the very end of the episode really makes me think that he is going to enjoy hunting the boys down.

    Sam is really not thrilled with the plan of going to jail to hunt the ghost. His assertion is that "This is, without a doubt, the dumbest, craziest thing we've ever done. And that's in a long, storied career of dumb and crazy." However, Dean sums up why they are doing pretty nicely. "We may not be saints, but we are loyal and we pay our debts. Now that means something to me and it ought to you." Dean really blends in well in prison. From playing poker to win cigarettes ("You don't even smoke!" "It's the currency of the realm."), to his interaction with the other prisoners, he fits into prison life amazingly well. (This makes me think he wouldn't be miserable if he were to go to jail at some point. With their life, it might even be a vacation of sorts.) Part of this is his adaptive nature, the other part is his sympathy for the prisoners. After all, Dean is a criminal, so he is going to be more sympathetic to other criminals because of that.

    I love the conversation Dean has with Tiny after he baited him. Dean so rarely says that he is sorry, and I like that he apologizes to Tiny and tries to make friends. The part where Sam asks Dean if it bothers him at all how easily he fits in at prison and Dean says, "No, not really," is very funny. Dean's interaction with the lawyer was also particularly well done. Henrickson really shouldn't have pissed her off.

    This episode had me on the edge of my seat at the end. Great episode of a great show.
  • Sam and Dean find themselves inside a Prison doing a job.

    This particular episode was very fun to watch. I had in mind that they were doing a job and that they went into prison purposely. But, I had no idea that the one guy who kept beating up Dean was working with them. That shocked me at the end. And then the bruise that was left on him! :D That was a good punch! I liked it when Dean was yelling when they were infirmary after he got attacked. I liked that whole scence. BUT, my favorite scene of all time was the cafeteria scene when Dean took all those people on just for Sammy! That was really great. Good job you guys! Keep up the good work!
  • You know the Mel Brooks line, "You changed Latrine?" Likewise, "You broke...into a prison?"

    I completely forgot that I had yet to write a response to "Folsom Prison Blues" because I had skipped it to write about "What Is and What Should Never Be," I was too excited to get my thoughts down on paper (the proverbial kind) to go in order.

    That really sums up my feelings on the episode. "Folsom Prison Blues" – and "Hollywood Babylon," to an extent, are both the quintessential standalone, which is fine, but has the feeling of being overwhelmingly average when the viewer's mind automatically compares it to grand slams like "Roadkill" and "Heart." (If only we had known Madison for more than one episode, then I would have called "Heart" an in-the-park home run, like Ichiro's at the All-Star game...priceless...)

    Heh. I just thought about the scene in which the Boys are outside the prison walls in their orange finery – the state prison is in the next town over, and possibly the best signs in the world are posted on the street right outside it. "State Penitentiary – Do Not Stop for Hitchhikers." Funny, but in a way rather scary, too...

    Of course it wouldn't be scary in the Supernatural universe, where apparently there is no truly hardened criminal, only corrupt officials. Well, with the exception of the Benders and of the demented ghosts, who can also be of serial killers. But you agree, right? In "Asylum," it's not the ghosts of the scary psycho killers who are in any way evil, but the doctor; here, there is intraprison tension but one of the major antagonists easily reveals that he has self-confidence issues, and el que no es humano turns out to be a nurse. Now, I'm as big of a fan of One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest as the rest, but there's usually a reason people are in jail. In the Boys' case, of course, the reason is that they wanted to be caught – but that's not true for many others.

    I did enjoy the special effects of the nurse's ghost. Overall, this episode wasn't terrifying, but the treatment of the ghost was spooky enough. And why? I know! It's what I've been carping on about – Lovecraftian horror. We see none of the ghost in the first attack, only its eyes in the second, and it's only in the third that we finally see its form – which is freaky enough in and of itself. A part of that, of course, has to do with the dramatic tension of revealing that the Boys were wrong (because obviously serial killers can die peacefully and go to whatever afterlife Supernatural's tPtB have up their sleeves), but it also has to do with the structural mechanics of a good horror flick. You can't play your cards too early.

    You know ghost logic, while it can get convoluted or twisted, is at least based in actual crimes. By "convoluted or twisted" I'm referring to cases like the nurse thinking Dean is guilty for hunting el que no es humano, or that the guard is guilty for letting the Boys go, or from season one, Constance attempting to murder Sam even though he hasn't been unfaithful (well, according to him...) Even though ghosts vaguely bend the rules, as the Boys have stated, they have patterns (as opposed to demons). And the actual crimes and guilt are something you can understand – it's not something existential. *cough*Kafka*cough* ...I just finished "The Trial," he's fresh in my mind.

    Surprisingly enough, too, I didn't have a problem with this episode breaking my perception of the fourth wall. That was nice.
  • Another great stand alone ep. Not that scary but had some classy, spooky special effects.

    Always love to watch Deans self-confidence and fearlessness as he immerses himself in the fight against evil. And Sam is always right there alongside him, even when he is not quite sure whether getting themselves locked up is the right course of action.

    It is a little disturbing how well Dean fits into the prison community, but I guess not that surprising considering his feelings towards the police and authority!

    I love the fact that no matter who they are or what they may have done Dean takes his role of protector/hunter very seriously, even when it puts himself at risk. I know they had all their bases covered, including that final “fight”, as far as their escape was concerned, but you could tell that if they had of had to leave without having the info to be able to destroy the spirit Dean would have been seriously pissed!

    This episode was well written and suspenseful and the fact that Dean and Sam were restricted by their surroundings really added to the drama and tension.
    The way they got around these restrictions was inspired. Love the way they are always a step ahead. Only Agent Hendrickson threatened to spoil the party!
    Love to hate that guy, his interrogation of Dean was a highlight and yes Dean you are adorable!! You and Sam even make those orange jumpsuits look hot!!

    Love Deans scenes with Tiny and his Blue Steel mug shot!

    Hope the lawyer Mara resurfaces next season she could be a big help to the brothers legally & could also be an interesting match for Dean.

    The main thing I got from this episode was Dean and Sams enduring love and respect for their Dad and their determination to honour his debt to his marine buddy Deacon, no matter what! They would have to be the most honourable, loyal prisoners ever!

    I really enjoyed this episode, especially Jensens performance, and am totally excited about next weeks ep. “What is and What Should Never Be” seen a short clip and I know I am going to love it!! Can’t wait!
  • Sam and Dean purposefully get arrested in order to investigate a series of murders in a county detention center. Unfortunately for them, Agent Henrickson shows up.

    I enjoy episodes of Supernatural that involve the police, because it makes the show seem more realistic. This episode was no exception. There was a lot of humor involved to, both between Sam and Dean and when Dean was insulting "Tiny." Haha. It had a good message behind it too, and it showed how loyal the Winchester brothers were to one of their fellow hunters. It was exciting as well, because of the fact that you never really know if they're going to escape the cops or not. It's going to be interesting to see if, in the next few episodes, they can further elude the authorities. Although, since they escaped prison now, I'm sure it's going to be much more difficult. Only one more until season finale!
  • Bring it on again! I loved this ep! My second favourite in the second season.

    Really grabbed my fancy. They get arrested on purpose to investigate a whole lot of killings in a prison. After a while they figure out an evil nurse's spirit is behind the killings who died a few years earlier. Then they break out and burn the nurses bones. Good rap up to the episode. I loved the ending to this one. Really interesting. My favourite quotes were:
    Dean: Are you sure about this?
    Sam: Pretty sure.
    Dean: Yeah, well, considering the circumstances I'd like a little better then pretty sure.
    Sam: Okay, really pretty sure.

    And other of my favourite was when Sam asked Dean if he minded how well he managed to fit in there and Dean just said he didnt mind at all. Funniest episode of the season!
  • Sam and Dean do prison break the supernatural way...

    Yep this episode is break in and break out Supernatual style and the boys do it in style. So Sam and Dean get arrested so they can investigate a series of deaths in side a prison. After some times the boys realise that the ghost responisble is an evil nurse who died in the prison serveral years before. So eventually the boys break out and burn the body so the nurse's spirit cannot come back. But the FBI man is close on their tail and it appears that where ever they go they will be tracked down. Overall another fantastic episode and i hope to see more episodes like this.
  • Sam and Dean allow themselves to get arrested-and is definitely very revealing of the characters.

    An episode that definitely leaves it's mark on the series. In the season finale of season 4-where it all ends, it will definitely be well remembered. From a psychological point of view, it is very revealing towards the true nature of the characters including one other reccuring character-Agent Hendrickson. Although the spirits kill pattern doesn't make much sense, it still manages to make it as a medium medium on the Jake scare-o-metre. Being lazy, I forget to read the recap-so who Deacon really was(head guard) really came as a surprise to me. What else? Well, their was Deans quiet, but very odd lawyer, and agent Hendrickson's also quiet assistant-whats his face. Is that really part of a review?

    Well, till next time,see ya
  • Sam and Dean allow themselves to be arrested by the police to investigate a haunting in a local prison. Not everything goes to plan though, special agent Victor Hendrickson gets involved and things get a little more complicated than Dean had hoped.

    Folsom Prison Blues is definitely one of my favourite episodes for the season. It has humour and life to it. Although the earlier episodes in the season are good, I definitely like the second half of the season better. Episodes like Folsom Prison Blues are the ones i love to see. I hope in the third season that there are episodes that run along the lines of this one. I particularly like hauntings and the "salting and burning" of bones to get rid of the evil spirit. These are my personal favourite types of episodes. Top episode boys! Loved every moment of it. excellent job!
  • The stupidest plan Dean's ever come up with!

    At first I thought it was too coincidental that Sam and Dean were sent to the same prison where the ghost was and it made a lot more sense when they planned to be locked up, though still an incredibly stupid move, which added humour to the episode. The fact that Deacon was one of the guards at the prison was also a good touch and added tension in the last scene.

    The ending is great, with the lawyer trusting the Winchesters and giving the agent a red herring, and the whole subplot of running from the law is put to great use throughout the season, and will probably climax in the third season, or maybe sooner.

    Overall, this episode is great but compared to the rest of the terrific season, isn't superb.
  • Ooh, prison - Exciting!!

    I liked this episode a lot, I think it might be my favourite behind 'Provenance' it was that good. It had humour, horror, the whole sha-bang! Sam and Dean allow themselves to be arrested in order to investigate a series of murders inside a penitentiary. The ghost was scary! Very good special effects were added to make it look authentic, which it did and I liked when Dean was provoking Tiny: "They're just doughnuts, not love". So funny. However things get complicated when FBI agent Henricksen shows up to take over their case. Yes, Henricksen is back - and with a vengeance, but his face when the brothers escape is priceless.
  • Genuinely scary and extremely well written.

    I really enjoyed this episode it was well written because I was a little skeptical about how they were gonig to pull off a prison break, but it was done seemlessly. I really enjoyed the interactions of the brothers with the other inmates and the ghost was genuinely scary. Bringing back Spec. Agent Henderson added another level suspense, thinking about how they'll handle him on their trail. Basically, I thought this episode was a step up from Hollywood Babylon. The humor was there, the storyline intact, and for a filler type episode it was not a complete deviation from the rest of the season. Bravo.
  • For me a mix of the the two best shows on TV (Prison Break and Supernatural)

    For me a mix of the the two best shows on TV (Prison Break and Supernatural. Very well written and it was Supernatural at its best. Really great episode, I would say to anyone trying to get into this show would best to start of with this episode (Just my Opinion though)...
  • "...i do believe this is the stupidess thing we have ever done!"

    Hendrickson: I’d say for you two screwed to hell is a major understatement.

    Dean: Well where there is life there is hope.

    Hendrickson: See, that’s what I kept thinking as I was searching for your asses all over hell and gone.

    Trust me, he sure as "hell" didn't search for them "...all over hell and gone..." or else he would have meet up with the yellow-eyed freak[oh sorry---i meant demon]!!!

    Love the fact that dean seemed to fit in so well in prison! He sure does make a jump-suit look good!!!
  • This was a really good episode! Loves it

    I liked this episdoe because a) they havn't done anything like this before b) it was funny and c) Sam and Dean are so hott which I've said many many times before but whatever. It was also really good because it picks up after Nightshifter so that was good. I'm soo freakin excited to see the next episode cuz it look so good!! And then there's the 2 part episode which is the finale!!!! I'm so excited but also really really upset because then I won't see another new Supernatural till September or whenever Season 3 comes. And that is in like 4 months!! I'll have to watch reruns of Season 1 to satisfy my Supernatural obsession. Oh well.... SUPERNATURAL LOVER 4 LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Average plot, but the brotherly love/banter/dynamics more than make up for it!

    Despite not finding the plot particuarly incredible, I really enjoyed this episode! I think that the main reason is that we got plenty of brotherly love/banter/dynamics - and isn't that why we watch the show? (except for their hotness of course ;) ) The involvement of the Henrikson ( I apologise for incorrect spelling) added an extra element to FPB as it showed just how close the boys are to getting screwed even deeper than Yemmin.

    Another great touch was Dean and Sam's conversation in the line, where you see Dean's compassion for people - even convicts, which was much needed after the cold attitude he'd been showing in previous episodes. Lastly, it was good to hear the lawyer ( who I really liked as a character) put forward the strange information revolving around the boys, as it would be unrealistic of the police force not to notice any of the weird occurrances, and also plants the seeds of maybe Hendrikson finding out the 'truth' about the Winchesters' lives. Just an idea. :)
  • Guest star made this episode work really well!

    This episode of Supernatural was excellent in content as always,but was made even more so with Jeff Kober as one of the guest stars! Kober,as the inmate Randall,had a small,but pivitol role and added a real touch of "the enigmatic old con routine" to an already grippingly dark show! Kober's chemistry with our boys Sam and Dean was just so fun to watch. They all played so well off one another in an episode filled with one-liners and the cyrptic references to other prison generated media. Jeff Kober,is often called "the episodist star" and with good reason as he has guested on nearly every top rated show on the small screen today. It was a real treat to see Kober finally turn up on Supernatural!
  • Out of all the police-related episodes so far in the series, this one was definitely my favorite. Oh, boys. The things you do to save people's lives.

    I gotta admit, episodes where Sam and Dean are being villified by the police always makes my blood boil, but "Folsom Prison Blues" was somehow less angsty for me and more hilarious.

    There's a ghost in a prison. So, what's the first thing that pops into Dean's head? "Hey, Sam, I know! Let's get ourselves arrested!"

    Smooooth, boys. Real smooth. Seeing their interactions with a few of the inmates is a riot, and Dean's quick adaptation to prison life was amusing. The ghost was quite well-done--very scary--though I think there was a lot of info missing about it that would have explained some of its actions better. Of course, things take a turn for the worse when Special Agent Henrickson (or is it Hendrickson?) makes his grand entrance. As usual, the boys pull through, and in the end, things work out.

    Sort of.

    It'll be interesting to see where the show takes us next when it comes to the Winchester's law trouble.
  • Sam and Dean's luck runs out and they get caught by the cops...But of course they have a trick up their sleeves. It wouldn't be Supernatural if they didn't!

    Sam and Dean purposefully set a trap up for themselves to get caught by police, much to Sam's dismay and outright protest against the idea. Dean goes as a favor to a family friend, Deacon, to investigate a haunting. The boys have an inside contact at the prison that remains unidentified right until their escape. I honestly did not see that one coming. I knew they had had an inside contact to get them out from spoilers that I had read, but as for who it was, I was completely shocked. They did a really good job at keeping the identity a secret. The episode itself was really good. It moved a little slow at some points, but everything was put together so well that you hardly realized that it moved slow until you give it a second go. The plot was so good. It was a classic episode--it had the good old-fashion humor in it and I was so pleased to see it back, full force. One thing that is confusing is Hendrickson's obssession with these guys. I personally think there is something missing there and we will find out about why Hendrickson won't listen to reason. Their lawyer, Mara, tried to tell him that there were many accounts given where people said that the boys have saved their lives, but Hendrickson wasn't hearing any of it. Most public defenders are given a bad wrap, but Mara broke down the stero-types. She appeared as though she actually cared about what happened to her clients and was invested in them like a lawyer should be. It was refreshing to see them gain another person to have on their side. Of course, the acting was brilliant, as always. These people really lucked out when they cast Padalecki and Ackles. Another great installment to the show!
  • This was just exciting to watch! I was fooled in the begining of course cause i didnt think they would get caught and then turns out they did it on purpose.

    I have to say this show is just getting better everytime i watch it. Its so addicting! Jensen and Jared really now how to act! The whole dean fitting in the whole prison scene was just amusing and awesome! Poor sam had to bunk with the prison mate who wasnt taught that staring is bad. But then the good stuff happens. That FBI agent finally catches up with them. Oh and where did their lawyer come from? When she came in i was like thank God! :D But the evil nurse spirit, wow, what a freaky looking spirit! She scared me when i first saw her. She was a nasty little ghost! I mean even when she was alive she was deranged. I really just sat there the entire time biting my nails and laughing. This episode was great. All their episodes are great. I love this show and i have to say thank you supernatural for having different styles in you. Youre hilarious one minute and then scary the next, even sexy and just plain fun!
  • This one is a good episode. Really creepy. Its one of the reason why I love this show. I love Dean's wacky sense of humour.

    Its right back on track.... The thing abour Dean I like the most is that he not afraid of anything, ghost or person, while Sam is to carefull at times. I was like in the end oh my! come on quick when the ghost was trying to kill Deacon coz he sent them to get rid of her, she knew that.
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