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Did any one else expect something more for Dean?Are these details even relevant?

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    And before you jump to any conclusions, no this isn't one of those Sam vs Dean things; i hate those threads, they get annoying and fans get violent and preachy. So none of that, please..

    It's just recently I have been watching some reruns of Supernatural that got me thinking so if anyone can bear with me, I'd like to hear someone else's thoughts on this.

    So on the episode of season five called "99 Problems," there is that part at the end where they learn that they're dealing with the Whore of Babylon and she can only be killed by a true servant of heaven. Of course they go to the pastor but in the end in all the fighting Dean is the one who ends up killing the whore with the stake, proving that he his a true servant. Sam assumes it's because Dean is ready to say yes to Michael, but still we're left wondering without a real and definite answer.

    Later, in the next episode, "Point of No Return" Dean feels there's no way out but to say yes. Then he learns they're going to use Adam so he is really determined to do whatever it take to prevent that but instead of saying yes to Michael, he ends up killingZachariah. What got me about this episode was the fact that he doesn't look away or closes his eyes or anything. There is actually a shot showing him looking at Zachariah's true form while he kills him.To my understanding, this should have really burned his eyes off but didn't, unless I'm remembering that wrong or mixing up the SPN mythology, which I don't think because we do see a close up of Dean's eyes, which I take to mean this moment is significant. However, it never gets addressed in the show, no one ever mentions it and we get no explanation. If I am wrong about this, someone be kind enough to point it out and explain what the hell that was about if not that?

    Then in season 8 in "Goodbye Stranger," Dean and Castiel are fighting over the tablet and stuff happens and then Castiel says he has to keep the tablet safe and when Dean asks him from what, Castiel replies, "from you," or something like that. Now this could have meant either from Dean and Sam, or just from Dean. I personally thought it was the latter, and I also thought there was something to it because really why would Castiel suddenly be reluctant to trust Dean? He was free of Naomi, and I don't think it was about protecting Sam and Dean, because of the conversation they later have in "Clip Show". But again we don't really get an explanation, just a really pissed off Dean.

    What I'm getting at is that, yes, maybe in season 5 it was all just to show us that Dean really was Michael's true vessel. And I get that the series was initially meant to end with that season but didn't so maybe it doesn't have all that much to do with what's happening now. I just think it's a lot of build up to show us how much of a vessel he was when he didn't even end up giving in to Michael, so he was never actually possessed. And it's a waste of really great storyline if they're not going to build on to the first main story arc just because it ended with season 5.

    Looking at all of this put together, though, I sincerely thought they were going to give Dean a bigger storyline, a bigger destiny to fulfill. I guess I kind of always felt that they were showing us there was something special about that character even if he wasn't center stage. I mean, not just those details but also his relationship with death and the reaper, and with Castiel, the fact that he was Bobby's favorite, which may have nothing to do with this but whatever; it's like being constantly told how significant he is, and I just wish there was a reason behind it. Like maybe it was all leading up to something huge. Or maybe it's just wishful thinking and I'm just reading too much into this.

    Whatever it was, to this moment I am still expecting a great story arc for him some time in the future because it would make so much sense and I honestly don't see how/why it hasn't happened yet. I don't even mind if they do that for their last season whenever it comes just to send them off with a bang, but I would really like to see a storyline that connects all those threads before and after season 5, which seems to sort of be a dividing line in the show.

    Sorry for all the ranting, if you read the whole thing it's much appreciated. And no, I don't spend all my time obsessing over Supernatural. I just like to rewatch the episodes I like and these details were just hard to overlook.

    I've heard all the complaining about Sam being given more importance than Dean. I don't really think that's the case but like i said, I would love to see something more for him. And I would love to know if any of you see it from my perspective.

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    Couple of corrections right off the top: (1) When Dean killed Zak he didn't see his true form just the same white light we always see when angels die and I don't recall anything being said about that being dangerous so yeah it's no big deal. I haven't seen that episode in awhile but I thin the eye shot was a show of his regaining his determination NOT to give in and say yes. (2) The whole five year limit has, long ago, been debunked as a lie. Kripke admitted some time ago that he made that lie up at a time when the show was in danger of being cancelled before he was done. The whole thing was a lie that apparently just won't die.

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    Well his jacket, It looks good i think I've seen this somewhere

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