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Forum Guidelines - Newcomers Please Read (Updated 3/26/09)

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    To newcomers: welcome. We're trying to keep things simple, and really this is for everyone, not just newcomers. We just want to make sure we catch you when you arrive.

    The forum is here for the discussion of the Supernatural TV series. Post stuff that's of interest to the community at large and can be discussed by everyone. If you have basic questions you might be best off PMing someone, or you might check an existing thread first. We've had a member or two volunteer to create a stable FAQ, but nothing yet.

    We respect the intellectual property and rights of the cast and crew, as well as the studio and our fellow fans at other sites. As per Terms of Use, folks agree to post only their own content. Links presented for the basis of general discussion are fine, per tv.com policy. Limited cut-n-paste of other information is permissible under fair use - wholesale stealing/copying is not.


    Just a few simple forum rules to keep things running smooth in general and over the summer:

    1 ) As far as I can tell from TV.com, this is a discussion board, for the Supernatural TV show. Games, polls, surveys, lists, photos, etc., don't involve discussion. Trivia is marginal. There's a Games Forum I'd recommend for anyone wanting to run games. Any games posted here will probably be moved there, so if you can't find your thread, check your posting history or look there. Also don't post advertisements for games. If they're that important, put them in your sig line (following other TV.com rules for signature lines).

    2 ) The best way to assure discussion is to explain why you think what you think. "What's your favorite episode?" = not so good. "What's your favorite episode and why?" = good.

    3 ) There are personal blogs and sig lines for personal stuff, including technical discussions of fan material and fan fiction - please use those. This includes advertising and feedback on your personal stuff, games, voting contests, etc. If you have forum or submission questions, PM me, don't post on the forum.

    4 ) General rules about flaming, trolling, advertising, etc., apply. If someone violates these rules, report them and don't argue with or engage them or tell them "I'm reporting you." That'll just get you moderated for being off-topic too.

    5 ) Again, forums are discussion boards. Responses like "Yeah" and "I agree" aren't really productive or involve discussions, and are often considered disruptive.

    6 ) Try to avoid excessive quoting of previous posts, as it becomes disruptive. Folks can read the threads directly above you. Usually more quoting then your actual response can be distracting and disruptive. Qutoing three or more previous responses is rarely necessary or readable.

    7 ) Obviously we don't have to worry about it until new episodes air, but because some folks on other show forums like to compete and race to create them, I'll create all official pinned episode threads about a week before air time. Please post anything relevant in those threads or your thread will be closed.

    8 ) No need to post a "Hi, I'm new" thread. Just jump right in and start posting.

    9) Reviews go in the review section, for the episode or the show.

    10 ) Finally, yes, during slow times when the show's only on in repeats, etc. That's not an excuse to get bored and try to find new off-topic stuff to post here.

    Other then that, not much. Enjoy!
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    Updated 3/26/09

    Hmmm, let's try again.

    1) Stick to the topic of the thread name. If you start to wander, I'll assume the thread has run its course and will close. A little bit of wandering, fine. If a page goes by and almost none of the posts have anything to do with the topic, I'll assume the topic has run it's course.

    2) This forum, like all tv.com forums, is a shared resource. If you want to have personal chat with your friends, then AIM, personal PMs, personal blogs, etc., are all available. Everyone that comes here is interested in the show. Not everyone who comes here is interested in you.

    3) Post about the show. If people are interested in you, your personal projects, etc., they'll check out the link to your personal page. Thus using individual threads as personal profiles is kind of redundant.

    4) For ease of use and topicality, it's better IMO to have short specific threads, then one thread 60+ pages long with various sub-topics that no one can find without a lot of page-by-page searching. If a topic has run its course, move on to something else.

    5) As always, the TV Fun & Games thread is the best place to post games.

    6) If someone wanders off-topic or otherwise violates forum policy, don't argue with them. Report them, then ignore them and post something relating to the topic.

    7) Bumping is not allowed - "Bump" is not a meaningful comment on any topic. If your thread drops on the page because it isn't popular, take a hint rather then pushing it back to the top or starting it again.

    8) Again, this is a discussion forum. "LOL," "I agree" etc., are not discussion, or particularly useful statements. We all want to hear what you have to say..."but "I agree" doesn't say much.

    9) Other users, specifically a user's experience with the show and the forum, are never on-topic here, and derogatory remarks about them are typically considered flaming. If you want to join a clique, take it to junior high.

    10) Forum polls are okay if they're used to supplement discussion about the show. Don't use them in lieu of discussion.

    11) Because of the copyright issues involved, tv.com tells me posting photos is...iffy at best. That's why users can't post photos to a show. Given fair use standards, it's the same as for polls: use them to supplement discussion about the show--that adds what is considered under fair use as "additional content." Don't use them in lieu of discussion. (TV.com's policy on photos is something you'd have to take it up with them.)

    12) Since we all respect copyright law and the creative rights of musicians, directors, etc., posting of links to videos that violate copyright law (music and/or episode clips) are not allowed. If you miss an episode, use Google if you need to to find legal download sites. Given the information is widely available on the Internet, doesn't involve discussion on this discussion forum, and inevitably generates a number of illegal site listings, any posts/requests for "episodes" here will be considered a violation of forum policy and treated appropriately.

    13) If you want to create a topic to discuss something, create a topic thread and discuss it. "Talk about whatever you feel like" threads aren't necessary, when we have an entire forum where you can create a thread about a topic you want to discuss.

    14) Best overall guideline for posting in general: this is a discussion forum, about the TV show Supernatural. Meta-discussion about other topics = not a good thing. Votes, poll, surveys, petitions, etc., on this site or another, not much to discuss. Personal blogs are the best place for personal conversations.

    15) Info, news, upcoming projects, etc., on actors should go to the actors forums unless it relates directly to Supernatural. Hundreds of actors have appeared on the show: it's not necessary to create a thread every time one of them has a non-Supernatural project.

    Thank you for your time.
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