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    [1]Feb 26, 2014
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    Something have been bugging me for a while now, well from the beginning of the serie acually, and since i didnt find another thread about it i guess ill have to start one.

    So why in the world are the hunter's using fake id's instead of going to the local authority and show them one or two monsters, this way they could (even if they didnt go public with it) get payed for the job, not to mention organized. Their Job would be so much easier. all the combined information the hunters have at one place, and probably backed up at another safe location, backup for dangerous jobs, and a steady flow of profesional hunters trained before they are allowed to go out in the field. And it probably wouldnt be hard to convince the government to work with them. so what do you think? would it make the serie boring if we had to watch two government employee's hunting down, monsters?

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    [2]Mar 7, 2014
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    You have valid questions but they wouldn't work for a variety of reasons.

    There wouldn't be a show about two brothers and their issues if it involved a boatload of cast members. The storylines would be boring if everything was tied up neatly because of vast available resources.

    Mankind denies what they don't understand, even if proof is staring them in the face.

    It's so much easier for the Winchesters just to cut through the red tape (I.D.'s, etc.) and get the job done. Just imagine different agencies diddling around trying to make decisions about procedures and what to do. It would be pure chaos.

    The biggie would be all consuming panic. The general population wouldn't be able to handle the reality of demons, monsters, etc.

    I could go on, but I've said enough.

    BTW, welcome aboard the forum. How long have you been watching the show?

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