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Official Discussion Thread: The Third Man (possible spoilers)

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    libra113 wrote:
    Roz7 wrote:

    It could work as a one-off tv movie spin-off, maybe.

    "Castiel and the Halo Patrol"

    No gotta call it "God Squad".

    With the subtitle: "What I did on my year off, while Dean was being a soccer mom and Sam was kicking demon ass and shagging implausibly generous hookers"

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    Did anyone else notice the reference to the Abbott and Costello baseball sketch when Dean was talking to Castiel (after the fight with the other angel and the fall through the window and onto the car? Naturally I'm assuming it was intentional! Smile

    and I quote.....

    Cass: I can explain later, right now we...

    Dean to Cass;NO! not later, now, stop, all right? .......too many angels........ I dont know whose on first, whats on second.....

    Cass: What is second?

    Dean: Dont start that..........

    For those who are too young to know about this classic piece of comedy it can be read here......... any chance to actiually see it would be far more illuminating so here is the youtube clip! enjoy


    I just love these writers, Laughingmakes me wonder what else I have missed during the series so far! hahahaha

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    Yeah, I reconised it and thought it was pretty funny.

    Also, saw "Jonah Hex" today on PPV. There's a suprise cameo by JDM. Won't say as who or give away the details but he's totally uncredited and it was a nice suprise.
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