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Supernatural's Biggest Plot Hole

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    Supernatural has had a lot of plot holes in it's time, but, looking back on the first 5 seasons, there is one major plot hole I can't seem to shake off... What was Yellow Eyes original plan? Yes, in season 4 it was revealed that he was tasked with freeing Lilith and finding a child that could kill her, but Lucifer and Michael stated that Sam and Dean were destined to be their vessels due to their ancestry dating back to Kaine and Abel, but everyone seems to forget that JAKE KILLED SAM AT THE NEAR END OF SEASON 2! What if, by some weird chance, Dean didn't make the deal with the Crossroads Demon to resurrect Sam? Yellow Eyes told Dean that he was genuinely surprised that Dean pulled this stunt, though it worked in his favor. John Winchester refused to submit to Alistaire's torture, so he needed Dean to make the deal so he could go to Hell and break the first seal, and Sam (apparently) was the only one destined to kill Lilith, so if Dean never made the deal and Yellow Eyes was stuck with Jake, what was Yellow Eyes going to do since Dean's inaction would've essentially cause Azazel to fail in his grand mission? And on the matter of Lilith herself, would there even be a fight between her and Jake, since Jake agreed to becoming Azazel's puppet? I need answers, man!

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    You can look at it one of two ways (or maybe different versions of the same way): 1 It was destiny. There was no way Dean wouldn't make that deal and thus it was always going to happen or 2 since Dean went back to the past and met the Yellow Eyed demon he DID know it would all work out his way even if he was unsure how. He just knew the end and not the details.

    The one that really got me rewatching season one on TNT is Baby Rose. It's hinted she psychic already long before the demon visited her. It's also hinted that all the people John tried to save had house fires when we learn later that only happens if the demon is interrupted. Perhaps John interrupted than thus causing the fires tobe necessary without even realizing it.

    In any case Baby Rose doesn't really make sense when you watch that episode knowing the whole story.

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