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    [1]Sep 13, 2013
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    I've often wondered if John Winchester knew that his sons were and what they would mean to the world? I mean if you follow everything that happens he seems to be leading them or hinting to them the future of things.


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    [2]Sep 16, 2013
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    It was obvious that John knew something about Sam as he warned Dean he may have to kill Sam if he could not save Sam but as to exactly how much and what the implications for Dean were is harder to say. It has been suggested that possession by YED may have worked two ways, i.e. John learned what YED was up to while being possessed by him. And now an opportunity to find out has become available. Magic City Jeffrey Dean Morgan TV show has been cancelled. Which means JDM who has expressed an interest in returning to Supernatural now has the time. Whether Supernatural is smart enough to take advantage of a golden opportunity remains to be seen.
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    Well, he did tell Yellow Eyes that he knew what was going on and had known for some time. Still, some time is a bit vague and could mean he knew from pretty much the start or just within a few years.

    Still, don't think he knew about the vessel thing exactly and certainly not about Dead as Michael's vessel (unless Michael missed a spot while scrubbing his memory clean). It's really up in the air and I wouldn't be surprised if they came in now and said he knew everything pretty much from the start or if they didn't. Probably never know for sure.
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