Season 8 Episode 18

Freaks and Geeks

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Mar 27, 2013 on The CW

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  • Supernatural: The Next Generation

    This episode was a decent monster of the week offering I'll admit but the villain reveal was way too obvious. To start off, if you don't remember, in Season 7's "Adventures in Babysitting" there was a sixteen year old girl, Krissy, who had a hunter father and swore she would give up "the Flash forward to now and her and another guy are making out in the front seat of a car when they hear a ruckus. It turns out to be a vamp but they're both hunters and the young lad, Aidan, decapitates the vamp and they're joined by a third. This, while the previously on gave it away and I wouldn't have remembered who she was otherwise, was a nice mix-up of unexpected turning tables on my expectations on the horror-ish Supernatural cold open formula. This "we don't know who's going to die" is much like Six Feet Under's cold opens where you never knew who would be offed. But anyway, Krissy and her friends are all orphaned children whose parents were killed by vampires. It's always nice to see Supernatural's not lame account of vamps and all of their fangy gruesome-ness. Sam and Dean track them down to a motel where a vamp has a woman tied to a bed. They chase down the newborn vamp and behead it and when one of Krissy's friends says that the newborn has killed her family he says that he didn't. Dean doesn't like this since none other than baby-vamps beg for their lives since those that have fed for long enough just attack. Krissy says that she and her cohorts have been taken in by Victor, a hunter Sam and Dean are acquainted with, and how he's making the kids have "normal lives" and doing hunting extra-cirricularly. Victor is almost too good to be true although his outsider perspective on Martin being insane (the hunter Benny killed), Garth being dropped on his head as a baby, and Bobby being a "barely functional alcoholic" make him a key part of their universe. His goal to put the next generation of hunters, or "the cream of the crop" they'd be able to be better than any of Sam and Dean's generation had been. But the blue van that had been at the scene of the newborn's death site appears on their street and Sam and Victor go off to follow it. Krissy and her pals go to find the vampire Victor found that he says, "killed her father" but the intelligence doesn't seem right on it from Sam's perspective. Dean finds the vamp first, who has only been newly made and hasn't fed yet. Her not having fed means that she can be cured with blood from her maker. Dean tells Krissy something's not right but since her father had been murdered months ago this newborn couldn't have done it and he convinces her to help people rather than just killing, something that the brothers have truly taken to heart throughout the years. When Sam and Victor are on the trail Victor KOs Sam and ties him up revealing that he killed all of the parents of the recruits with the help of the vampire. I wish that the vampire head had been more developed there and Victor hadn't done all of the talking. Clearly he made an alliance against his better judgment with the vamp but hearing the vamp say more may have made the relationship much less one-sided than it felt. Dean and the gang come back to find Sam tied up. Victor is outed as the bad guy who having lost his family sought another one to save the lives of more families. It's very Machievellian in that "the ends justify the means" but that's what made it so interesting even though it was somewhat poorly executed. The whole clich "the bad guy speaks until the hero arrives to rescue the hostage" trope was eye-role worthy. The vamp gets shot with a new toy, darts filled with dead man's blood (could dead woman's blood work too? Just asking) and they drain him and heal the young newborn girl vamp. Victor isn't killed but let to live by himself but he obviously follows the clich of can't live with himself and kills himself instead. Krissy and the others decide to stay making Dean admit that she's not a kid although he had wanted to take her to an Aunt in Illinois or something. Now to Aidan, quit a douche who just won't take no for an answer. I know plenty of other guys like this so let me tell you that I hope he gets killed and we never have to suffer his presence again. Either that or if they ever team up again he grows up, either in a relationship with Krissy or dying horribly, I will only accept one of those two options. His scenes were unbearably misogynistic him not being able to separate making out in a car on a job with actual affection. His mere presence made me almost not want to watch the rest of the episode. But despite that, Dean's thing about Krissy killing him if he ever hurt her was much better than the more standard clich "I'll hurt you if you hurt my sister" crap that we see so often. By far not the best episode but it gave an eye into the legacy that the hunting lifestyle brings to the table and how there is no division, at least for Sam and Dean, to have a normal life while doing it. Next time you're going to go for a thrill, at least make it less obvious writers I've seen you do better twists and had me fooled this just felt lazy. And somebody kill off Aidan. That's all I've got to say.