Season 5 Episode 3

Free to Be You and Me

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Sep 24, 2009 on The CW
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Sam decides to stop hunting but has a hard time after he receives a surprise visit. Dean and Castiel try to find the Archangel Raphael in their bid to stop the Apocalypse.

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  • Such a solid start to Season 5. And they chose to have scenes in a town I live forty minutes from!

    While Supernatural's first few seasons will always be the most powerful in my mind, the start of Season 5 is pretty strong. I don't feel like it has the same impact as it was did, but I'm still enthralled and excited to see where it goes.

    Sam and Dean are split up again, this time, seemingly for good.. however, that doesn't mean that they both don't find something interesting to do. Sam is visited by Jessica, his girlfriend from the Pilot episode and attempts to adjust to his new life as a bartender in a small town far away from Dean, while Dean spends time with Castiel, attempting to find the archangel Raphael, since he may know where God is.

    The episode wasn't as consistant as I thought it might be, and it had some moments that, while hilarious (imagine an angel trying to get laid for the first time.. priceless), didn't fit the dark theme of the episode. The episode was at its best when it was building up the tension, such as when Bobby's old friends attempt to force feed Sam demon blood in order and Sam spits it out. If that doesn't show you that Sam is over it, then I don't know what does.

    This season is going in all the right directions and is finding ways to mix the overall mythology of the show with individual plotlines.. and the ending? Well, let's just say it's a Hell of an ending..moreless
  • Loved it!

    This was a great episode..I especially found it funny when Dean blames Cas for summoning the Angel

    What I did find weird was when the Angel Raphael says that God is dead.... =P What was that all about? God, dead?? really? =P =P =P weird

    And I any episode where Sam and Dead are separated or go their own way, I find frustrating..! Don't even get me started on that chick from the bar where Sam takes up a job...I mean talk about nosy and annoying! Sam was real patient to tolerate her.

    Cas was real amusing in this episode, too.moreless
  • The end of the world, that's not even the worst of it

    You have your yin and your yang, only it's amped up on the strongest drugs out there.

    Got to love Dean and Cas in this episode, they play off each other really well. It's too bad about Dean and Sam, they really seem distant. Can't blame Dean though, after what Sam did, he really messed things up, and not just with the world. Not trusting in his brother and all his friends, just doing things his own way, that doesn't really make those who care about him feel too good. Throw in the end of the world and you have a really tough pickle to get over. I really do hope things between Sam and Dean can smooth over, I would love to see Sam get better. I won't spoil things in case those reading have not seen the episode, but from what happened in this episode, what we learn, I fear Sam and Dean will never have the same relationship again. I knew things with Sam were bad, but this episode just made them bad on a whole other level.moreless
  • A truly superlative episode that takes a fresh conceit and runs about seventy miles with it.

    A truly superlative episode that takes a fresh conceit and runs about seventy miles with it. Separating Sam and Dean is one of the bravest decisions that the writing staff have ever made it pays dividends. The juxtapositionary nature of the plot is rarely overstated and makes for some highly potent comparative drama. Counterpointing Dean's search for Raphael (and hence, God) with Sam's desperate desire to remain hidden away lends a sort of tragedy to the whole thing; if 'Free to Be You and Me' had a posture, it would be shoulders haunched, gaze down cast. The respective denouements are fantastic too. Castiel and Dean's confrontation with Raph is a genius piece of writing, utterly bombastic, revelling in its own grandiosity. The actor is wonderfully spooky and the production values lend the sequence the gravitas it requires - this Armageddon, baby! We're talking about the big guns here. The only slightly regrettable element is the music, which feels just a tad too OTT but given the brilliance of just about everything else, I think we can forgive it.

    Sam's moment is much more understated but it works all the better for it. While the angry hunters come across a little cliched (why isn't anyone reasonable apart from Ellen?), Jared saves the whole thing with a truly impassioned performance that really demonstrates how far both he and his character have come. And then, just to exacerbate its own stupendousness, Jeremy Carver throws a phenomenal encore at us in the final act, juxtaposing a heartbreakingly quiet, honest, reflective moment between Dean and Cas where he confesses that he feels 'free' in Sam's absence with a tour de force between the stellar Marc Pellegrino and Mr. Padalecki that strikes just the right level of understatement to be truly sinister. The revelation that Sam is Lucifer's host is completely logical and thankfully, isn't played with overt dramatics. Pellegrino's Lucifer looks set to be just about the best villain Supernatural has ever thrown at us, precisely because he doesn't play him as one. All of this helps to make Carver's script an absolute beauty. Really, they don't come much better than this.moreless
  • It's the Dean and Cas show while Sam takes up sleeping time.

    Sam and Dean are now in different places, I liked the opening montage showing Sam burning all of his fake IDs while Dean is still using his; Sam slices a lemon and Dean slices through a vampire; Sam washes down the bar at work while Dean washes the blood off his car. Dean helps Castiel in his search for God by trapping Raphael in order to get information from him.

    It was the Dean and Castiel show, it was hilarious seeing Dean trying to teach Castiel how to impersonate an FBI agent and trying to get him layed with a prostitute. Sam on the other hand was having nightmares with Jessica showing up, and then the vision of her is revealed to be Lucifer trying to tempt Sam into becoming his vessel. Lucifer obviously thinks that Sam will let him in.moreless
Demore Barnes

Demore Barnes

Raphael/Donny Finnerman

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Emma Bell

Emma Bell


Guest Star

Scott Michael Campbell

Scott Michael Campbell


Guest Star

Mark Pellegrino

Mark Pellegrino


Recurring Role

Jim Beaver

Jim Beaver

Bobby Singer

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  • QUOTES (15)

    • Castiel: I need your help.
      Dean: For what? God hunt? Not interested.
      Castiel: It's not God. It's someone else.
      Dean: Who?
      Castiel: It's an Archangel. The one who killed me.
      Dean: Excuse me?
      Castiel: His name is Raphael.
      Dean: You were wasted by a Teenage Mutant Ninja Angel?

    • Dean: All right, fine. Where is he?
      Castiel: Maine. Let's go.
      Dean: Whoa whoa!
      Castiel: What?
      Dean: Last time you zapped me some place, I didn't poop for a week! We're driving!

    • Lindsay: You blow into town last week, you don't talk to anybody, you're obviously educated. You're like...
      Sam: A riddle wrapped inside an enigma wrapped inside a taco?

    • Dean: I take it that's not Raphael anymore?
      Castiel: Just an empty vessel.
      Dean: So, is this what I'm looking at when Michael jumps my bones?
      Castiel: No, not at all. Michael is far more powerful. It would be much worse for you.

    • Dean: We're humans. And when humans want something really, really bad... we lie!
      Castiel: Why?
      Dean: Because... that's how you become president.

    • Sam: I found a town up the road showing some revelation omens.
      Bobby: What omens?
      Sam: All right, listen to this. "And upon his rising, there shall be hail and fire mixed with blood."
      Bobby: Well, ain't that delightful?

    • Dean: Where have you been?
      Castiel: Jerusalem.
      Dean: Oh, how was it?
      Castiel: Arid.

    • Dean: Tell me something, you keep saying we're going to trap this guy. But isn't that kind of like trapping a hurricane with a butterfly net?
      Castiel: No, it's harder.

    • Dean: So, odds are you're a dead man tomorrow?
      Castiel: Yes.
      Dean: Oh. Well, last night on Earth. What, uh...? What are your plans?
      Castiel: I just thought I'd sit here quietly.
      Dean: Dude, come on. Anything? Hmm? Booze, women. You have been with a woman before, right? Or an angel, at least? You mean to tell me you've never been up there doing a little cloud-seeding?

    • Dean: (to Castiel) Let me tell you something, there are two things I know for certain. One, Bert and Ernie are gay. Two, you are not going to die a virgin. Not on my watch. Let's go.

    • Dean: (sends Castiel with a stripper) Take this. If she asks for a credit card, no. Now just stick to the basics, okay, do not order off the menu. Go get her, Tiger. (Castiel hesitates) Don't make me push you.

    • Dean: Hey, relax.
      Castiel: This is a den of iniquity. I should not be here.
      Dean: Dude, you full-on rebelled against Heaven. Iniquity is one of the perks.

    • Dean: What the hell did you do?
      Castiel: I don't know. I just looked at her in the eyes and told her that it wasn't her fault that her father Gene ran off... it was because he hated his job at the Post Office.
      Dean: Oh no, man!
      Castiel: What?
      Dean: This whole industry runs on absent fathers. It's, it's the natural order!

    • Dean: Just out of curiosity, what is the average customer wait time to speak to an archangel?

    • Raphael: Castiel. I'm warning you, do not leave me here. I will find you.
      Castiel: Maybe one day. But today you're my little bitch.
      Dean: What he said.

  • NOTES (2)

    • Music: Simple Man (Lynyrd Skynyrd)

    • International Airdates:
      Sweden: November 29, 2009 on Kanal 5
      Australia: December 7, 2009 on Channel 10
      UK: February 17, 2010 on LIVING
      Portugal: April 19, 2010 on AXN
      Spain: September 6, 2010 on AXN
      Germany: January 10, 2011 on Sky Cinema Hits
      Czech Republic: July 22, 2011 on Prima COOL
      Finland: March 20, 2012 on Sub
      Slovakia: April 17, 2013 on Markiza


    • Agent Bill Buckner:
      Dean uses this alias at the hospital, borrowing the name of career first baseman Bill Buckner. Buckner is best known for his play in the 1986 World Series when, as a member of the Boston Red Sox leading 3-to-2 going into the sixth game, he missed an easy grounder. The Mets won the sixth game and went on to take the seventh and the series.

    • Dean: So what, I'm Thelma and you're Louise and we're just going to hold hands and sail off this cliff together?
      Referencing the 1991 movie Thelma & Louise (1991), starring Geena Davis and Susan Sarandon as the title characters, respectively. A waitress and a housewife shoot a rapist and end up going on the run in a '66 Thunderbird. The movie ends pretty much as Dean describes it.

    • Deputy: No, Kolchak, he's down at St. Pete's.
      Referencing the fictional Carl Kolchak, a reporter played by Darren McGavin who was featured in the '72 TV movie The Night Stalker, its sequel The Night Strangler, and the short-lived 1974-75 TV series Kolchak: The Night Stalker. Kolchak inevitably stumbled into news stories involving the supernatural, aliens, and the fantastical. A remake was produced in 2005, the same time that Supernatural premiered, and many comparisons were made between the two at the time as competing "monster hunter" shows.

    • Lindsay: Enough with the kung fu wandering the Earth thing.
      Referencing the TV series Kung Fu (1972-1975), starring David Carradine as Kwai Chang Caine, a Shaolin priest who wandered America in the 19th century.

    • Dean: You were wasted by Teenage Mutant Ninja Angel?
      Referencing the 1984 American comic books created by Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird, which were spun off into three different television incarnations starting in 1987. They have also featured in movies and action figures. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are four turtles mutated into giant human- ninja turtle warriors: Leonardo, Donatello, Raphael, and Michaelangelo.

    • Special Agents Alonso Mosely and Eddie Moscone:
      Dean uses the aliases taken from the characters from the movie Midnight Run, played by Yaphet Kotto and Joe Pantoliano respectively.

    • Dean: Eat it, Twilight!
      Referencing the Twilight novels written by Stephenie Meyer, chronicling the adventures of Bella Swan and her romance with Edward Cullen, a 104-year-old vampire. The series was first published in 2005 and a movie adaptation of the first novel, Twilight, premiered in 2008.

    • Title:
      The title of the episode alludes to the 1970s cult classic Free to Be... You and me, an album and illustrated songbook aimed at children. Released in November 1972, it featured songs and stories from celebrities such as Marlo Thomas, Diana Ross, the New Seekers and Roberta Flack. In 1974 it was made into a television special and featured Michael Jackson, Rita Coolidge and Marlo Thomas.