Season 5 Episode 3

Free to Be You and Me

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Sep 24, 2009 on The CW

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  • Such a solid start to Season 5. And they chose to have scenes in a town I live forty minutes from!

    While Supernatural's first few seasons will always be the most powerful in my mind, the start of Season 5 is pretty strong. I don't feel like it has the same impact as it was did, but I'm still enthralled and excited to see where it goes.

    Sam and Dean are split up again, this time, seemingly for good.. however, that doesn't mean that they both don't find something interesting to do. Sam is visited by Jessica, his girlfriend from the Pilot episode and attempts to adjust to his new life as a bartender in a small town far away from Dean, while Dean spends time with Castiel, attempting to find the archangel Raphael, since he may know where God is.

    The episode wasn't as consistant as I thought it might be, and it had some moments that, while hilarious (imagine an angel trying to get laid for the first time.. priceless), didn't fit the dark theme of the episode. The episode was at its best when it was building up the tension, such as when Bobby's old friends attempt to force feed Sam demon blood in order and Sam spits it out. If that doesn't show you that Sam is over it, then I don't know what does.

    This season is going in all the right directions and is finding ways to mix the overall mythology of the show with individual plotlines.. and the ending? Well, let's just say it's a Hell of an ending..
  • Loved it!

    This was a great episode..I especially found it funny when Dean blames Cas for summoning the Angel
    What I did find weird was when the Angel Raphael says that God is dead.... =P What was that all about? God, dead?? really? =P =P =P weird
    And I any episode where Sam and Dead are separated or go their own way, I find frustrating..! Don't even get me started on that chick from the bar where Sam takes up a job...I mean talk about nosy and annoying! Sam was real patient to tolerate her.
    Cas was real amusing in this episode, too.
  • The end of the world, that's not even the worst of it

    You have your yin and your yang, only it's amped up on the strongest drugs out there.

    Got to love Dean and Cas in this episode, they play off each other really well. It's too bad about Dean and Sam, they really seem distant. Can't blame Dean though, after what Sam did, he really messed things up, and not just with the world. Not trusting in his brother and all his friends, just doing things his own way, that doesn't really make those who care about him feel too good. Throw in the end of the world and you have a really tough pickle to get over. I really do hope things between Sam and Dean can smooth over, I would love to see Sam get better. I won't spoil things in case those reading have not seen the episode, but from what happened in this episode, what we learn, I fear Sam and Dean will never have the same relationship again. I knew things with Sam were bad, but this episode just made them bad on a whole other level.
  • A truly superlative episode that takes a fresh conceit and runs about seventy miles with it.

    A truly superlative episode that takes a fresh conceit and runs about seventy miles with it. Separating Sam and Dean is one of the bravest decisions that the writing staff have ever made it pays dividends. The juxtapositionary nature of the plot is rarely overstated and makes for some highly potent comparative drama. Counterpointing Dean's search for Raphael (and hence, God) with Sam's desperate desire to remain hidden away lends a sort of tragedy to the whole thing; if 'Free to Be You and Me' had a posture, it would be shoulders haunched, gaze down cast. The respective denouements are fantastic too. Castiel and Dean's confrontation with Raph is a genius piece of writing, utterly bombastic, revelling in its own grandiosity. The actor is wonderfully spooky and the production values lend the sequence the gravitas it requires - this Armageddon, baby! We're talking about the big guns here. The only slightly regrettable element is the music, which feels just a tad too OTT but given the brilliance of just about everything else, I think we can forgive it.

    Sam's moment is much more understated but it works all the better for it. While the angry hunters come across a little cliched (why isn't anyone reasonable apart from Ellen?), Jared saves the whole thing with a truly impassioned performance that really demonstrates how far both he and his character have come. And then, just to exacerbate its own stupendousness, Jeremy Carver throws a phenomenal encore at us in the final act, juxtaposing a heartbreakingly quiet, honest, reflective moment between Dean and Cas where he confesses that he feels 'free' in Sam's absence with a tour de force between the stellar Marc Pellegrino and Mr. Padalecki that strikes just the right level of understatement to be truly sinister. The revelation that Sam is Lucifer's host is completely logical and thankfully, isn't played with overt dramatics. Pellegrino's Lucifer looks set to be just about the best villain Supernatural has ever thrown at us, precisely because he doesn't play him as one. All of this helps to make Carver's script an absolute beauty. Really, they don't come much better than this.
  • It's the Dean and Cas show while Sam takes up sleeping time.

    Sam and Dean are now in different places, I liked the opening montage showing Sam burning all of his fake IDs while Dean is still using his; Sam slices a lemon and Dean slices through a vampire; Sam washes down the bar at work while Dean washes the blood off his car. Dean helps Castiel in his search for God by trapping Raphael in order to get information from him.

    It was the Dean and Castiel show, it was hilarious seeing Dean trying to teach Castiel how to impersonate an FBI agent and trying to get him layed with a prostitute. Sam on the other hand was having nightmares with Jessica showing up, and then the vision of her is revealed to be Lucifer trying to tempt Sam into becoming his vessel. Lucifer obviously thinks that Sam will let him in.
  • Though it doesn't work completely as a whole, the individual parts more than make up for it.

    Not a perfect episode, a case of the parts being greater than the whole. It is something we've been waiting for though – Dean and Cas alone together, a chance to bond and explore their friendship. It also highlights the flaw in Dean's character – his lack of reverence for something as amazing as an angel means he doesn't treat Cas with the respect he deserves. Then there's the appalling poor judgment about taking an angel to a brothel – really, Dean?! Dean treats Cas like a normal person most of the time, and personally I think it's Dean's way of dealing with his destiny and his own personal shoulder angel who gave up Heaven for Dean. Break it down into manageable pieces so he doesn't have a breakdown at the enormity of it, but there are times I want to weep and this is one of those times.

    So Sammy thinks he's going to be normal, didn't he learn from the last time he tried this?! He's definitely committed to the plan – burns all his fake id's. Dean is doing just fine on his own – last season Sam said Dean was holding him back but the reverse is true, Dean's a better Hunter when he doesn't have a little brother to worry about constantly. Though he kills a vampire on the Impala?!

    Sam being gone leaves a vacuum and I am more than happy to let Cas fill it. I was always a little worried that because the show has always focused on Dean/Sam, that the writers might neglect the incredible potential for Dean/Cas but those fears prove unfounded as the writers are working hard on strengthening the bond. With the addition of Misha to the 'star' list, we are obviously going to see a lot more of our favorite angel. All of the Dean/Cas scenes in the episode are great but I have a real fondness for the opening scene. I am always impressed how in touch with the fans the writers are and this is no exception – the 'personal space' thing Cas does is finally addressed… a year later. Am I reading too much into it (or possibly, *want* to) that Dean never complained before?

    I am worried that Bobby is the only person who knows where Dean is – given that Bobby's now in a wheelchair and more vulnerable, and Dean's superstar status, it all puts Bobby in a very dangerous position. Cas somehow had Sam's cellphone number last week, doesn't he have Dean's? We finally find out who killed Cas – Archangel Raphael. I was disturbed when Michael was implicated in the conspiracy by Zachariah, now Raphael's dirty too? I suppose it does make sense that all the seniors are involved, it's not something that can be hidden. Zachariah said the 'grunts on the ground' were being lied to, is that still the case? It must be – Cas is still the only renegade angel and surely some of the others would have rebelled too if they knew the truth? Love Dean's Thelma & Louise comment – very appropriate even if I am a little concerned that Dean knows how a chick flick ends! Loved Cas' appeal to Dean even if it's unnecessary, it's not like Dean can say no.

    It's been a long time since we were reminded how smart Sam is, it's easy to forget sometimes. It was funny when Lindsay challenges Sam at darts – seriously? He's only been hustling half his life. Dean's new partner is just too cute for words – Dean fixing Cas' tie?! Was that one of Sam's FBI badges? Cas holding it upside down, "He's new.", there are just not words for how much I love Castiel/Misha! Jensen and Misha are just adorable together, Dean the comic to Cas' straight-man. Makes you wonder how much of this is Dean trying to deal with Sam being gone by making Cas play the partner? It's very interesting to find out what the angels and demons are up to when they're not hunting Dean – skirmishes world-wide. This is a first – an archangel possessing a vessel, presumably to break up the fight. I realize we're hearing this from a human who didn't know what he was really seeing, but his descriptions of the bodies after the 'explosion' worries me – surely an archangel's power wouldn't harm other angels? I'm going to assume they walked away from it, at least I hope so.

    The lightning strikes were cool but I find it disturbing that it's so close to Sam, is that really just a coincidence? Another first: this is the first time *ever* in the series someone has called Sam 'Samuel' – we know it's his full name, 'The Benders', but it's always really bothered me that it's never once been used. Not even Dean calls him that and I would have expected it, especially given how much they bicker. I do like Lindsay though, for once a woman is not blatantly trying to get in Sam's pants and instead tries to get to know the mysterious stranger, obviously intrigued. That right there is why she doesn't set off the usual fangirl venom – as long as she's not trying to have sex with him, we're happy. Very astute of her to figure out Sam's a junkie.

    It's no surprise they find out the truth, if I was a demon, I'd taunt them about one of their own starting the apocalypse and raising Lucifer. Sam did prove that he can resist the need for the demon blood, even in the middle of a fight – the down side is that they will tell *everyone*. Sam's going to have a bullseye on his back, only this one is from other Hunters.

    It's been noticeable for a long time that Cas is unconsciously mimicking Dean, picking up his traits and personality but it's never been more obvious than here. I wonder if it's increasing because he's around humans only now, not spending time with any angels? Dean does rub off on people and that includes an impressionable, incredibly innocent and naïve angel. Swearing, drinking and sex – as hilarious as the brothel is, I really, really want to smack Dean upside the head with a rolled up newspaper until he begs for forgiveness!!! I know he's not deliberately trying to corrupt Cas, if he realized I'm sure he would be horrified and wounded at the implication, but it's that lack of thinking that makes me want to kick Dean sometimes! He's really just trying to do something nice (or at least, nice by Dean standards) for Cas but seriously? A brothel?! I half suspect that Cas deliberately upset the girl just to get out of there without hurting Dean's feelings, he was way too calm given his terror of minutes before. So angels can have sex? I would have thought that would be forbidden but apparently not, I'm faintly disturbed by that. The embarrassing trip did have a delightful result though, it made Cas give that irresistible little half smile. A rare thing indeed and a treat for all us Castiel fans. It is a bitter-sweet moment though – Dean's comment about not laughing so hard in years: a very sad comment on how much his relationship with Sam has deteriorated over the years.

    This episode is full of juicy angel titbits and one of the most interesting is Cas' 'open phone line between a vessel and his angel'. Explains a lot – how Cas heard Jimmy call for help in 'Rapture', why Zach keeps saying all Dean has to say is yes – Michael would hear him. It is very worrying that Cas says Dean would end up in far worse shape than Raphael's vessel – suddenly I'm really glad that Dean said no, sounds like Dean wouldn't even survive it.

    The face-off with Raphael is riveting. I just know there's going to be accusations of racism with the casting of the two 'bad' angels both being black actors but seriously, it's obvious this guy was cast because of his sheer presence, just like Uriel was. Raphael's wings are even cooler than Cas' though I still prefer feathers to lightning, okay – maybe I'm a little prejudiced. It looks like just his presence alters the weather, suddenly a huge storm appearing out of nowhere. I am baffled why the angels keep threatening Dean with torture – Hello? Do you remember rescuing him from Hell where he withstood *30* years of torture at the hands of a master?

    The most interesting thing to come out of the interrogation is not that God is apparently dead, or at least the angels are assuming as much – but that Raphael thinks that Lucifer is the one that raised Cas. The biggest clue that this theory has weight is the way Cas reacts – Raphael's 'you know it adds up' – and Cas just walks away, seemingly abandoning the God quest. It does make sense – we have no idea what the relationship is between Lucifer and Castiel (I personally can't wait for that confrontation!), maybe they were even friends. We know they knew each other, Uriel mentioned it in 'Pin'. Also, as Raphael pointed out, Castiel has gone rogue, and even though he did it to stop Lucifer, he still rebelled against Heaven (or rather, the current corrupt 'senior management'), maybe Lucifer thinks he can turn him. I was proud of Dean though, even though he was obviously terrified, he deliberately provoked Raphael, drawing his attention away from Cas – who after the initial greeting, seemed freaked out to be in the presence of the angel who killed him. It definitely felt like Dean was shielding Cas from that.

    Dean's final scene with Cas is really sweet, sympathizing over Cas' 'missing father'. Dean does know a little about that. While I don't buy Dean's 'happy' speech, I do think there is some truth there. For the first time, Dean's got no familial responsibilities, he's free.

    I was surprised that I was pleased to see Jessica again. I liked her in the pilot but really didn't in 'What Is', but I figured it wasn't really Jess' fault, who wouldn't be obnoxious dealing with that version of Sam? Anyway, she's back to being the sweet girl we first met and maybe the biggest thing that surprised me is Sam's reaction. I know he loved her but given their entire relationship was based on lies and Sam was never really himself around her, I never pegged her as the 'love of his life'. It's four years later and he still says how much he misses and loves her. Honestly did surprise me. Even though it wasn't really her, she still was very eloquent and it was impossible not to agree with what she said. With Lucifer's revelations, her words are even more true – Sam can't run from what he is, he truly is the Antichrist.

    I'm not religious so automatically think of Lucifer as a demon. The writers have taken the opposite route and it surprises me every time – even Lucifer refers to himself as an angel. The angel rules apply to him – he needs a vessel and can appear in people's dreams, even if he doesn't know where they are. He takes the same approach he did with Nick (right down to appearing as a loved one) - seduction. It is great to have it confirmed, 'Sympathy' turns out to be a red herring – Sam is Lucifer's true vessel, which is what we've believed for years. It fit perfectly into the storyline and it was disorienting when Lucifer possessed Nick instead. With the revelations about Dean, it shows just how bad things are – it's going to be literally brother-vs-brother: Michael vs Lucifer, Sam vs Dean. It's gotten to the point where there's no denying it anymore – Fate has chosen the Winchester family (including the Campbells) to be the linchpins of the apocalypse. Everything that has happened since 1973 has led us here. It's no coincidence that both brothers are arch-angel vessels, it's in the bloodline like Jimmy said.

    Favorite quotes:
    - "You were wasted by a Teenage Mutant Ninja Angel?"
    - "So what? I'm Thelma and you're Louise and we're just going to hold hands and sail off this cliff together?"

    A bit of a strange episode, doesn't mesh overall but there's so much juicy stuff in the separate scenes that it is still an extremely enjoyable episode, plus interesting and informative. Throw in some fantastic Dean/Cas scenes and I'm a happy camper.
  • I have to admit Supernatural has gotten better with time. It is now officially a decent show.

    I've never liked the premise or the execution of Supernatural. For most of its run the series has felt like yet another dumbed down folklore series, closer to Ghost Whisperer than to X-Files. Worse even, it was Constantine lite coming from the one company that could have done a proper Constantine and failed in the attempt.

    So yeah, I have unresolved issues with the show, I won't deny that. Some are honest criticism, others are personal feelings about it.

    That said, I will admit the show has only improved in the last couple of seasons. It outgrew its "hunting fairy tales using an instruction manual" roots and actually got itself a proper mythos. Yes, it is still derivative and formulaic, but it's a big step forward nonetheless. It is also embracing self referential humour in a very welcome way as it goes from Constantine to Preacher in the Garth Ennis ripoff book of style. This season alone we've had homosexual fanfic, the line "This is not X-Files" and, in this episode, a very funny acknowledgement that Dean's constant protective big brother attitude is a major bore.

    So there you go, I admit it, I am now officially watching this, if only to reinforce it as the anti-Smallville. Where the capeless Kent jumped the shark and turned progressively campier (in a bad, unfunny way), Supernatural has become self-aware and more mature than its fanbase to the point of becoming almost embarrassed of it. That is a trend worth supporting.
  • A strange, unique episode where the brothers are, for the very first time, completely divided.

    There is only one thing that I didn't like about 'Free to be you and me' and I want to clear this point right away: even if Dean's segment and Sam's arch were equally strong from an emotional perspective, the fact that they weren't related from a thematic point of view somehow diminished the impact of both. Aside from this minor quibble, though, the episode was solid and the last five minutes, gifted by a top-notch performance by Mark Pellegrino, were absolutely outstanding.

    There is no doubt that I strongly preferred Dean's arch. I found it more cohesive and poignant: the theme of the absent father figure is so akin to the very core of the show that this concept - embodied first hilariously by the hooker and then, dramatically, by Raphael - resonated profoundly with the Winchester family history and thus with the heart of Supernatural. The writing here is very brilliant, and extremely deep, almost Freudian in its approach to the subject: Raphael outstandingly represents the type of the spoiled child that, deprived of a father/role model, chose to remain a whiny kid instead of grow up and mature. This childish attitude is alarmingly similar to Lucifer's, who rebelled against God once he thought that his father loved another sibling the most. In this metaphor-feast, Castiel and Dean embody another type: a child that, although desperate for the loss of the Father, decided to man up and become a better person, the person their father was not. The fact that this richness is conveyed by a clever script, full of pop-culture references, deadpan humor and biting one-lines is a testament to Jeremy Carver's writing skill. And the scene with the raising of Raphael was genuinely scary, thanks to the atmospheric hand of J. Miller Tobin, who may not comfortable with the epic tone the show sometimes endorses (see 'Heaven and Hell', 4x10) but who's really talented when it comes to suspense, ambiance and melancholic attitude (see 'A Very Supernatural Christmas', 3x08).

    Melancholy is what dominates Sam's segment of the episode. I found this arch less poignant than Dean's, but thanks to Jared Padalecki's acting and to those last five minutes it nonetheless shone as one of the most emotional, heart-throbbing moments in Sam's myth-arc so far. The struggling with his addiction, the trust problem between him and Dean, his relationship with Jessica (I was really glad to see Adrianne Palicki back on the show), which, for good or worse, informed his attitude toward Hunting, his longing for hope and redemption, and, finally, his fear in front of Lucifer were strikingly portrayed. I must also mention that Mark Pellegrino was absolutely fantastic and so freaking scary that I was really shivering when he delivered the lines "I will never lie to you, I will never trick you. But you will say yes".

    All in all, this episode is both an interesting bridge towards 'The End' and a fascinating piece of Supernatural mythology in its own right.
  • The unthinkable happened - oh wait, that was the previous episode! And now, the unthinkable happens once more! (ATTENTION: HUGE SPOILERS IN REVIEW)

    So not only are Sam and Dean pursuing the matter separately, but they are put in a situation where they will actually have to battle eachother! Dean is Michael's vessel, and Sam is Lucifer's.... I somehow knew that Lucifer's residence in Nick was only temporary, but I truthfully, honestly never imagined it was Sam he was really aiming for... No time for games now, Sam will seriously have to face his dark side, he will have to track down all his doubts, all his rage, confusion and feelings of guilt and of not fitting in, down to their actual source: his demonic blood, the unbridled evil side lurking within him. The way the plot has evolved so far there is really no telling which way he's going to turn... On the other hand Dean is so hurt by what he sees as his brother's betrayal, that he reacts with rage against him, creating a (I believe only superficial) sense of relief for having gotten rid of Sam. It's so difficult for these two to connect right now, and for the one to understand where the other is coming from, that the future is highly uncertain. Bobby seems to know Sam's separation from Dean will only mean trouble, that's why he's pissed at Sam for not staying with his brother. On the other hand, Sam bravely and with great determination manages to resist the other hunters' attempt to hook him on demon blood again. But just as it seems he has freed himself, Lucifer comes and gives him the bitter truth he had been trying to ignore: his rebellion doesn't come as a necessity, but is based somewhere deep within his own psyche. "I won't trick you, yet you will say yes". Sam doesn't answer Lucifer's assertion, feeling unsure himself of whether he will be able to resist - or whether he really wants to.

    We get to see Lucifer in his darker aspect here, ruthless and assured of his victory, exhibiting his deep understanding of human nature. It is this understanding that gives him the advantage over God and his angels, who in so far appear as something remote and ambiguous. After all, Lucifer takes the form of a loved one to appeal to his vessels, and love is something rejected by the angels as a sin. It will be agonizing to see if Sam and Dean will end up being brothers again, or mortal enemies...
  • The apocalypse keeps getting better and better.

    It's been a while since we'd seen Jess (way back in season 2 was her last appearance if I remember right) and it was great to see her again. Supernatural is great with continuity and it helps that the core mythology still applies four years on. The scene was great to watch by being very well acted and written, as is usual for Supernatural. Also had a bit of eye candy for both the guys and the girls with Sam shirtless and Adrianne Palicki simply being very hot which never hurts.

    The little montage comparing Sam and Dean's day was done very well, complete with a vampire, a creature not seen since season 3. It's great that the show's so good and the creatures are so well designed that a quick shot of a monster and a joke from Dean allows what would've been a whole episode worth of hunt to now work in a montage. It helped to really highlight the fact that this is pretty much the first time Sam and Dean have really been apart like this, I'm almost certain it's the first episode where they didn't share a single scene!

    So while Dean was trying to have a normal life Sam was working with Castiel to find the Archangel Raphael. As usual their scenes together were great with both actors working terrifically together. Castiel's mannerisms and dialogue could easily fall into the realms of utter cheesiness on a lesser show, but here it all works brilliantly. Now that Misha Collins is a regular it's great to see Cass in very different situation to last season. Dean trying to get him laid was priceless and the whole scene was very funny. A major worry for me this season was that the end of the world would mean less standalone episodes and less humour, but thankfully that's clearly not the case.

    Complementing the funny stuff nicely was the dramatic parts, the main one for Dean and Cass being their showdown with Raphael. The Archangel looked pretty cool, with his wings being cool lightning rather than Castiel's shadow effect, which worked nicely to visually show that he's more powerful. This was unfortunately where my one issue with this episode was. The way they trapped Raphael seemed a bit easy. I was hoping it'd be a bit better than just him not seeing the ring of oil on the floor, but it did still work and made sense. Again their conversation was brilliantly done with the apparent reveal that God is in fact dead. Raphael's logic seemed sound, but somehow I doubt the creator isn't going to show up at some point.

    While Sam was trying to stay out of trouble unfortunately it found him in the form of three other hunters. They've never had much luck with other hunters on the show but the lead hunter was sympathetic enough as he had just seen his friend killed. That they did get the blood into Sam's mouth was a major thing as it meant he really had to fight his temptation not to drink it, as he could literally taste it! His fight scene against the two hunters was very cool and at this show's usual high standards.

    The final scene was the real big one though, with Lucifer revealing himself to Sam. While it was obvious that Jessica was actually the devil I was very impressed with the way they showed the reveal. More often that not Supernatural cuts around shifts like that (like the Angels teleporting) which makes sense for the show both artistically and budget-wise, but I was really glad they showed the morph here. It was a great visual way of confirming that Lucifer is far more powerful than anything they've faced before and Mark Pellegrino was fantastic here. He delivered his lines in a very matter of fact way that made it more terrifying than if he'd just been yelling.

    So while Dean doesn't seem to need Sam anymore it looks like Sam is in more trouble than ever. That the two main characters are the intended vessels for the leaders of Heaven and Hell's armies makes you think we'll have another Sam vs Dean showdown at the end of the season, but judging by this episode whatever they do will be fantastic!

    I loved this episode. The paring with Dean and Cas was greate and det part when Dean finds out that Cas is virgen. I loved that konversation. I was litle worid when I found out that Dean and Sam were to go seperate ways, but this can be the best solution for a wile. The end, I can´t exactly describe how I felt. I was chooked. I thought that Lusifer alredy had his vessle and thought that Sam would not have the main part enimore. As I sead erlier I LOVED this episode. I can´t wait for the next episode.
  • No escapes...

    Last week I commented that since Sam and Dean have gone their separate ways now that it would provide some very interesting character studies for each. This week we start to see that, and it already shows signs of a terrific payoff. And bonus, we get some great stuff on Castiel's character as well. And to top it all off, we get a shocking revelation (no pun intended here) at the end of the ep. To start with, I gotta comment on the clever opening montage that appeared after the opening title card. You know, where it shows the bros actually doing their own things while apart: Dean continuing the hunt while Sam, well, doesn't. While I would normally put something like this in my retarded 'Bits and Pieces' section that I put in almost all my reviews, this is simply much more significant than something like that. It's the element to showing how serious and determined each brother is to escaping their current miseries - which, unfortunately, are each other. And in light of recent events, last week it seemed plausible for them to split apart. And so far, each appears to be coping - not very well, but more than enough to warrant staying apart than finding their way back to each other. But the something that happened at the end of this ep gave their sitch a whole new level of badness. But I'll touch more on this later....

    Castiel was absolutely brilliant in this episode. Dean's influence is really rubbing off on him. And it's so friggin' hilarious and touching. The one scene that really brought this home for me in its importance was the end scene where Cas and Dean are driving down the road, talking about "finding fathers". Though this was really more of a Dean moment than it was for Cas, it's still important on Cas' part because it shows how influenced by Dean Cas' level of humanity has grown in him. Cas seems to be embracing his growing humanity with considerable - if not very subtle - ease, but certainly not without its fair share of flaws. The two biggest examples being A) the scene where he and Dean pose as FBI agents and interview that policeman. That was just kick ass hilarity alone, especially when Cas almost spilled the beans about angels and demons in front of the officer! And B) yep, you guessed it - the scene in the "den of iniquity", where Dean vows he won't let Cas die a virgin. THAT one was BEYOND hilarity. And if you haven't seen the ep yet, I won't even explain this one - you just have to see it for yourself to enjoy the sheer funniness of this particular scene. But trust a sister on this, it's priceless! I mean, the look on Cas' face alone here - just....awesome. We also get yet another intro to another Major Player in the apocalypse - the angel Raphael - who seems to have it in for Cas for being such a rebel. And this gives us some insight into what happened in Cas' resurrection: Raphael more or less pitches the idea that Lucifer was the one responsible for Cas coming back to life, with the stipulation that Lucifer is looking for all angelic rebels he can find to join his ranks. This is one experience he shares with Dean - both have been resurrected by angels, but Dean by a good one while poor (already-angel) Cas possibly brought back by a bad one. That is just neat, and maybe something they will use to expand the dynamic between these two characters.

    Rewinding back to what I said above about the "finding fathers" scene between Dean and Cas, I said it was more a moment for Dean, and I still believe that. For one thing, during that particular scene we saw Dean give Cas his sage advice on not believing that "Dad" is dead, but instead just missing, meaning he was merely sharing his past experiences regarding John with Cas over the fact that Cas is trying to find God, whom Raphael tells them is dead in this ep. But more than that, we see the first effects of Dean's part in his and Sam's separation. This may sound a bit off or even silly, but seriously, Dean's reaction to Sam's departure really kinda disturbed me here. And there were two profound instances in the ep that brought this feeling to me. First, after that one extremely hilarious scene with he and Cas in the ho house, Dean commented that he hadn't laughed that hard in years. This immediately brought sadness to me as not only does it mean he's finally starting to show signs of coping with his own personal tragedies of recent, but he is clearly very cool with being away from Sam. He even admits as much to Cas near the end of the ep when he remarks that he's had more fun than he ever had with Sam. To make matters worse, he adds that he feels happy now that he's alone after having to deal with all of his family's past drama. On the one hand this is totally understandable. He needs his space away from Sam while he deals with his own stuff right now, which is pretty much a big plateful given his part in the apocalypse. And having Sam and his problems around right now could compound Dean's advancement into the heavenly army's ranks. Hearing Dean talk about Sam so harshly to Cas really bothered me. But not as bad as I'm making it out to be. There was one particular moment where it was obvious Dean really misses Sam, if even on just a basic level. The one scene where he was driving and looked over at the empty passenger's seat beside him near the ep's beginning. Despite his rogue attitude, Dean really isn't the loner type. And while he may actually be happy without Sam, he's not happy that he's alone, not really. And after all his time spent with Cas this ep, I believe a part of him was trying to use Cas as a kind of substitute for Sam's company, hence his attempts to get Cas to partake in some human tactics such as the lying to the policeman and posing as FBI and trying to get Cas to, uh, be "deflowered". And while Cas is indeed a nice pair-up with Dean, he's not Sam. They say absence makes the heart grow fonder, so it will most certainly be interesting to see how the bros will react to each other when they eventually meet up again.

    Sam just simply can't seem to get any peace whatsoever. Every mistake, every decision, every intention he deems as good - it always seems to be the wrong one, or at least gets him into hotter water every time somehow. He attempts to escape the hunter's lifestyle this round, even going so far as to toss his weapons and burn all his fake ID badges. He even gets a job (yes, an actual JOB job) working in a bar, and even changes his name. Worse, he's really taking his guilt over his part in starting the apocalypse really hard. Yet, for his part he also shows a small sign of missing Dean when he looks at Dean's name on his cell phone before dialing Bobby instead. Although reluctant, he even manages through a date with his coworker, Lindsey, although he pulls the same trick on her as he did with Sarah back in season 1 about people dying when he's around. Back then that seemed he was being a little harsh on himself, but given everything that's happened between then and now.... Still, for all his trying, instinct just doesn't go away overnight. Take for example his phone call to Bobby about the local crud going on and his telling Bobby to put somebody else on it after Sam refuses. But really, this wasn't just a random case. Destiny is playing a really cruel hand with Sam. It gets pretty nasty when the other hunters try to get him to drink demon blood so they can use him to exact revenge on one of their own, and according to dialogue, Sam's rep in the demon world has spread like the biblical fire that's happening now, further angering other hunters against him. Apparently, however, he won't go down without a fight. He spits the blood back out and bests the hunters out of his bar. But as determined as he is to fight it, it's hardly far from over for him. It's the Battle after all, and it's simply not going to be easy for Sam to escape. Especially when he's unwillingly got a part to play in it. In fact, it appears to only be getting worse for him....

    ...And worse it gets. We get a very nice visit from Jessica in this ep, but it turns out to be just a ruse used by Lucifer to get to Sam - and the big shock to end the ep. It seems that even though the body of the cute guy Lucifer is inhabiting is only yay sustainable for the meanie, turns out our very own Sam Winchester is the true vessel for the devil. This is by far Sam's rock bottom. And I really don't know how I feel about this at this point as it seems a bit too much for him. This is def something he'll fight to the death to keep from happening, but given Sam's past penchant to be influenced from demons - and now he's up against the influence of the Master Manipulator to end all master manipulators - well, let's just see how this will play, and I'm sure I don't need to comment on Dean's reaction to this when he finds out. But it'll happen, I'm sure. What would be the dramatic fun if it didn't?

    Bits and Pieces: - I'm getting really sad still seeing Bobby out of commission. Hope he gets well soon.
    - Cas made the brief comment that when Michael uses Dean's body as his vessel that it will be far worse for Dean than for the guy (who was wheelchair bound and in a seemingly bad psychological state) that Raphael inhabited. More foreshadowing perhaps?

    This ep is a 10 all the way. Cas alone influenced my rating, let alone the brother stuff, which was amazing as always. Next week looks like all Hell is breaking loose somehow, Dean and Sam run into each other - and if I saw the preview correctly, it looks as if Cas is high as a kite! That is one ep I will dare not miss for that last reason alone!
  • This episode followed the adventures of Sam and Dean after they split up at the end of the last episode. We got to see Cas and Dean act as a team and it was quite enjoyable. We also watched as Sam continued down his path towards the dark side.

    Free To Be You and Me was like the Supernatural episodes of old and I loved it!
    OK I have one word for this episode of SUPERNATURAL!!! AWESOME!!!!!! :) I LOVED IT!!!!!! I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it!!Exciting, hilarious, suspenseful. OK I lied that is more than 1 word but what do you expect I'm human and as Dean said we lie!! lol :)
    I really enjoyed the entire episode from start to finish!!! After last week I was a little worried especially with the Sam and Dean split, but my faith in Kripke has once again been renewed!! lol Why does he love to torture us fans so much!! I have come to the conclusion that since the departure of Raelle Tucker Jeremy Carver has definitely become my favorite writer on the show!!! Sera Gamble is probably my least favorite. Hmm maybe that is why I did not care to much for last week's episode!
    This episode reminded me so much of season one! It had all the suspense and action plus a whole lot of humor. I have always loved smart ass Dean, and let me tell you the one liners were flying tonight!! Dean is so charming when he is the cocky SOB that he was in this episode!! What can I say I love a tough "bad boy" smart ass, and Dean was just that tonight!! lol Sam was also just flat our awesome tonight as the tortured soul that he is right now!! Jared's acting just blew me away!! He has progressed sooooo much since the beginning of the show.He has always been a good actor, but now his acting is just flat out awesome! It was great to see Jess back!! I was surprised when she misted away and Lucifer appeared!
    The supporting characters did an awesome job as well. The actors who played the hunters who taunted Sam did a great job. I really liked the character Lindsay. I have my own personal theory that maybe she is God. After all she does say to Sam that no one has never done anything so bad that they can't be forgiven that they can't change! Now to me that sounds like God's way of thinking. Not that I know him personally! lol
    I was not too thrilled to hear that Sam is Lucifer's vessel especially knowing that Dean is supposed to be Michael's vessel. That so totally looks like Kripke is setting us up for an all out Sam versus Dean fireworks of a finale!! Something us fans have feared from the get go! At least something that this fan has feared!!
    All and all this episode was top drawer all the way!!
    Also, I would like to say snaps to the film editors for an outstanding job!! I really loved how they edited the scenes in the beginning while Simple Kind of Man was playing where we saw what was happening in Sam's life, and then they just segued into what was happening in Dean's life.
    Favorite lines from the episode:
    Dean to vampire-Eat it twilight!! lol
    Dean to Cas-So you were wasted by a teenage mutant ninja angel!!
    Dean to Cas-Last time you zapped me someplace I didn't poop for a week!! lmao I almost spit my drink out when I heard that one!! I was like did he just say what I think he said!! hehe!!
    When humans want something really really bad we lie, Cas -why? Dean because, that's how you become president!! lol so true!! Great so we're gonna trap Raphael with a nice vinegarette Dean to Cas-There are 2 things I am sure of, 1, Bert and Ernie are gay and 2 you are not going to die a virgin ,not on my watch!!
    Cas to Dean-this is a den of iniquity lol Misha so totally nailed that little boy lost look right down to fidgeting in his chair!! I loved it!! :)
    Cas when he is calling Raphael, I'm here come and get me you little bastard!
    Dean to Raphael after Raphael realizes he is trapped-don't look at me it was his idea and then he points to Cas!! lol
    Cas to Raphael-Maybe one day but today you're my little **** and then even better Dean then looks at Raphael and says-what he said!! LOL just like a kid who follows the tough guy !! Dean to Raphael-Oh yeah then who invented the Chinese basket trick?
    Dean to Raphael-So Daddy ran away and disappeared? He didn't happen to work for the post office did he?
    Dean to Raphael-What you and the other kids just decide to throw an apocalypse while he's gone(he being God)
    Nick here is just an improvisation, plan B, can barely contain me without spontaneously combusting!
  • An episode apart...some spoilers!

    So...Sam and Dean, no longer together, fighting their own demons, memories and such. I have to say the episode was interesting, though some moments were forced. Castiel's actions however, well after the whole :"No, he isn't on any flatbread" last week weren't all that unexpected.
    There were some moments when I was thinking the show might go downhill with the brothers apart- something tells me that won't last, anyway-but they kept it reasonably good. I like the part where Dean said that a weight was lifted of his shoulders, or something along the lines, not having to make sure Sam is ok every minute. A little revelation about Dean, in my view, not that it came as a surprise, it's something everyone pretty much expected. Well, Sam and the hunters, a little odd, the whole thing, my best friend is dead at demon hands, you are the bringer of the apocalypse let's feed you demon blood....Really? I mean come on, the guy started the end of the world, why would you assume that demon blood will tame him for you? Stupid hunters! Too little bobby! I love bobby, more than John, so I want to see more of his character, he has this way of keeping both sam and dean in line it's just amazing to watch, the characters of this show, well the actors have wonderful chemistry, they, bobby is a great part of the show, i would love to see some more. The revelation about God, the thing with Castiel, well...I will just have to wait and see about that. Can't wait for next weeks episode, until then top grades, despite some of my "protests" about this episode.
  • Playing the angel

    The writers for "Supernatural" have always been pretty good at dealing with consequences, so this episode was not unexpected. There had to be some fallout from the arrival of the apocalypse and Sam's role in it. What could have been a rather predictable set of circumstances, however, takes a delicious turn.

    A number of people predicted that Sam was supposed to be the vessel for Lucifer, and had the Brothers Winchester not been removed from the spot where Lucifer rose from the pit, he might well have been. Instead, Lucifer is tracking Sam down so he can manipulate Sam into consenting to possession. That is unlikely to end well.

    After all, if Dean is fated to be Michael's vessel, and Sam is fated to be Lucifer's vessel, then the story is rushing towards the kind of brother vs. brother conflict that has been in the cards since the second season. I doubt it will play out quite that way, since the writers have successfully taken the story in other directions before, but it does seem to suggest that Sam and Dean will be separated for a while longer.

    That, in and of itself, is a good indication of how well the writers have thought things through. As the Antichrist Superstar, it makes perfect sense that Sam would be the vessel for Lucifer. That's pretty much the way the Book of Revelation has it going down. Sam has even been killed and brought back to life. A lot of the details are different, but it all hangs together pretty well.

    I also like the fact that Lucifer does not carry himself as an evil villain. This is very much a portrayal in the John Milton tradition. Lucifer sees himself as someone willing to do what must be done, so that things can be the way they should be. It would be easy to assume that this implies that Lucifer is somehow good, but only those not paying attention could assume that. Lucifer is simply rationalizing his actions and putting a pleasant face on cold and calculated manipulation.

    What is intentional, and even more obvious in this episode, is the portrayal of the angels as just as deluded. Raphael boldly declares that God is dead, but soon enough reveals that this is simply what the angels have come to assume after being left to their own devices for more than a century. The clear implication is that God always knew that this is how the apocalypse would have to play out. What Raphael believes is not necessarily true, and both Castiel and Dean admit, in the end, that they still believe God is out there.

    Pairing up Dean and Castiel was a stroke of genius, especially since it has been in the cards for a while. There is a lot of fan service going on in the episode for the Dean/Castiel crowd, but it is well done and doesn't fell forced. Misha Collins knocks it out of the park as the angel in a strange land. His expression in the brothel was priceless!

    For all that it was mostly about Dean's desire to forget about missing Sam and struggling with his solitude (his little speech at the end was total self-deception), the trip to the brothel also brought up another important point. While Castiel did "rebel", it wasn't necessarily against God. It was against the corrupted command structure of the angels, who themselves have all fallen into the Lucifer trap. If anything, Castiel may be the only truly loyal angel left in the bunch.

    What makes all of this such a powerful story is the character development over the course of the entire series. Sam began the series as the one connected to humanity, positive and spiritually strong. Now he is the one isolating himself more and more, falling into the darkness. Dean, on the other hand, began as the atheist with little time for the spiritual side of the war. Now he's running around with an angel looking for God. Yet, through it all, they are completely recognizable as the Sam and Dean we've always known.

    As I said in the review for the premiere, the only drawback right now is the show's own success. The show has managed to survive this long by a surprising surge in the ratings, and that might force the show to continue past its intended end date. Just that possibility means that the fate of the Brothers Winchester is almost certainly known: they would have to live for the series to continue. Considering that the most potent aspect of the story is the possibility that one or both of the brothers might die to save the world, that steals a lot of thunder from the story. Hopefully, the competition will be just strong enough to depress the ratings enough to make this the final season. Sure, it's an odd thing to hope, but why would anything pertaining to "Supernatural" be typical?
  • Sam vs Dean, Lucifer vs Michael : I knew it!

    I promised myself not to write this but : I knew it! I knew it! I knew it!
    Some people may not have agreed with me on this point, but thanks to this episode, I can be self congratulatory again about this : Dean vs Sam is going to happen in this season. As Krippe told us that this season would be the end of this particular arc/mythology, it's only logical that this face off would happen. So, I'm going to say one more time for my own benefit, I knew it!
    During the last season, the writers built a huge gap between the brothers, there was bond to be a fall out. Now that they are apart, we also see that they're headed toward totally different directions. I really loved the dynamic they created between Cass and Dean, and I almost pissed myself, I was laughing so hard. I like the fact that we're starting more and more to see a Dean, more light hearted. I mean the guilt driven, self loathing, the weight of the world on his shoulder Dean is really good, and was good for the chemistry between Dean and Sam for those first seasons, but I like this one better. And the fact that Cass is now the one ridding shotgun for Dean, even if it was just one episode, it was really great.
    But I just can't help myself and think that at one point or another, Dean is, again, going to try to save Sam. It's in his nature. Anyway, back to the episode.
    We now know that either it be for Dean or for Sam, in the eventuality that they give their consent, it's going to be a hard ride for the both them as vessels and as opponents. And we also know that it's definetely God who raised Cass and put Dean and Sam out of Lucifer's way. I mean, Gabriel's theory would have been good, if Sam wasn't Lucifer's vessel. So the search continues, and I'm wondering, how they're going to cope as they're caught between a hard place and a rock: On one hand, they have to deal with the demons, and on the other, they have the angels to worry about. At least now we know why they did it. I was glad to see that Sam could still kick some ass, but that kid, has two more things to worry about : not get found by you know who (thank you Cass for that) and stay out of the hunters way, because, those are really gossips, and by next episode, they'll all know what Sammy did.
    I don't know how the brothers are going to survive for spn to have another season but, this season is really really great!!!! And even if they stop at this one, I think they can congratulate themselves with all the work they've done. So I'll keep watching, I hope you will too.
  • Brothers Apart

    Free To Be You and Me-Sam decides to stop hunting but has a hard time after he receives a surprise visit. Dean and Castiel try to find the Archangel Raphael in their bid to stop the Apocalypse.

    Unlike the other episodes of Supernatural, "Free To Be You and Me" sees the both Dean and Sam seperate for an entire episode. While a move like this could have ruined the usual dynamic of the series, it actually makes for a refreshing episode that explores new dynamics and reveals more frightening developments that will eventually lead the brothers back together. I love how the episode opens with Sam and Dean's daily routines mimiking each other. It's a clever way of showing how while Dean and Sam are physically apart, they still are some what together...even connected. Not to mention, Dean's "Eat It Twilight" line has to be my favorite line from this series ever! Another one of my favorite aspects of this episode was the interaction between Dean and Castiel. Both Jensen Ackles and Misha Collins work so well together and their dynamic is beyond hilarious. There were scenes between them that left my sides hurting like when Dean brings Castiel to a strip club with the look of terror on Castiel's face being comedic genius! Then you have Dean and Castiel teaming up to trap an archangel for information which leads to an intense scene with stunning special effects. It's the first time we ever meet an archangel in person and what a first impression! The casting was brillant as the actor chosen portrayed one of the most sinister looking villains the series ever had. But to tell you the truth, Raphael really isn't a villain. He's seemly an angel so overwhelemed from the (supposed) death of God that he doesn't know what to do besides takes matters into his own hands like the rest of the angels. Hopefully, we see more of Raphael as he's the most thought-provoking angel besides Castiel we've met so far.

    Poor Sam, that's all I keep saying throughout this episode. Jared Padalecki really carried Sam's storyline so beautifully throughout this episode. You can tell how much it hurts Sam not being in the fight as he watches the world end from the side lines, especially when he was talking to Bobby on the phone. My only grudge with Sam's story this episode was when the hunters turned against him. It seemed out of left field, considering all the hunters in the past had a special bond with the boys and for them to turn on Sam like that seemed a bit forced. But it did lead to an awesome moment where Sam is feed demon blood, spits it out and kicks those hunters' a$$es old school. Shows much progression Sam's part as he doesn't need the power anymore. I'm so glad they brought Jessica back as Adrianne Palicki has such amazing presence, but I wasn't expecting her to be Lucifer in disguise. What a chilling scene with Mark Pellegrino doing incredible work as the Devil. I had predicted since last season that Sam would be the Devil's "true" vessel, but still, poor Sam, he seemed so destoryed after that revelation. Not to mention when Dean tells Castiel how happy he is Sam's out of the picture...OUCH! In the end, "Free to Be You and Me" is another solid episode packed with tons of thrills, hilarious dialogue, great acting and exciting revelations. Next week, we get a glimpse of the ACTUAL apocalypse, Lucifer in Sam's body and...Castiel as a Hippie!? Is it Thursday yet? lol
  • Dude! the season it's such amazing!

    Guys another great time!

    First; I love it the beging! sam a and dean live the separates live now! Sam tries to forget the past old hunter and dean go on hunting. I'm laugtht about the referencer twlitht kkkkkk I love it eric for this

    Second: Oh baby supernatrual goes back a pure rock rool! everey eps I love this music excelent choise!

    third: Cas and dean like a paterner? dont's get me wrong, I love cas but sam it's better than cas like a paterner. So hilarius cas like a Fbi agent Four: the arcangel rafel it's awesome he and cas have pay back! but I belive god it's alive.

    Five: My dean is back! he does joke and smille!

    Six: Lucifer will be a probleman, dude! he wants a sam like vassel! you be kidd me! I belive in sam he trys to figth tha eveil desttiny!

    seven:dean breaks my heart, but I think sam needs a second chances! come on dean he needs you! eithg:The first time for cas so hilarius make me freak me out ! kkkkkkk

    so gusy I can't wait for teh next!

    kiss cau!
  • Dean and Cas try and trap an archangel, amazing! Sam tries to stay away Awesome!!!

    funniest episode on Castiel to date. trying to get Cas laid - funniest moment on him yet, especially when he's in the club and hes really scared with the girl. unfortunately the realisation that Sam is the devils true vessel has some symmetry with Dean being Michael's. The writers are absolutely loving the brotherly rivalry. It also could confirm that lucifer was not the one to zap dean and sam away from lucifers arrival and bringing back Castiel - i mean, why send away your true vessel? The door is still open for God to still be alive.
    As for Raphael, how cool is he? alot of people complain about how complex it is bringing in angels to the show, but i mean they are awesomely scary. I'm just waiting for Michael to show off his powers when he takes over Dean and maybe Gabriel and the others getting an appearance.
    It would be interesting to see in future episodes whether Sam and/or Dean accept to be vessels for Lucifer and Michael respectively. I could see Sam becoming a vessel first and Dean agreeing later to save his brother. Cue the titanic clash between them with hopefully Castiel, Raphael etc. getting involved as well.
  • And Supernatural just keeps rocking my world! This episode was great! I was worried at first with how they'd handle the two storylines in one hour but as usual, I need not have worried. There aren't that many shows that bring THIS.

    The episode's dual storylines, while rare on Supernatural, really brought out the boys' different paths since the beginning. Dean's playing big brother with the angel with the added benefit of Castiel leaving wehn Dean needs his alone time. He's still hunting and striking out on his own, away from his family. In essence growing up. He's still got the threat of being Michael's vessel hanging over his head but mostly, the buck's been passed. He kicked off the Apocalypse but Sam made it happen.

    Sam on the other hand is Lucifer's vessel. Well, that sucks! You really saw in this ep how much he's lost: Jessica, his parents, Dean, faith in himself and now the demon hunter community and possibly the whole world. Jared did a great job this week and that single tear at the end of the episode just broke my heart. We'll have to wait and see all the little ways Lucifer will try to convince Sam to let him in, if he finds him.

    Also, I'm hopefully seeing hints for the future: two vessels in one family, Sam giving Dean an amulet that glows in the presence of God (!): any chance there's some family history missing here? I hope so cause so far the family flashbacks have been amazing! And it also looks more and more like its headed to a showdown between Lucifer and God (Michael if I'm too ambitious) while in Sam and Dean's bodies. I would LOVE to see that but only if they find a way to bring the brothers back together. Cause really, that's what we all want, right?
  • How the mighty have fallen

    Well another week has passed and here we are with a new bastard episode . As my summary goes , it is indeed how the mighty have fallen into heresy as this new season is truly heretical to the other seasons , through sheer low quality .This show has definetely chosen the bad path , simply because it tries to take purchase of a high and lofty plot when it has such a low budget . This is the exact same mistake that other shows/movies make . Instead of choosing simple , intelligent plot that fits the plot , where special effects aren't necesarily needed . For example why were there no footage from Dean's hell experience ? Why is there no visuals portraying the spiritual forms of demons and angels ? It is quite simple . They just don't have the necesary visual effects and they know how bad it would look on screen to have half assed rendered images . The episode starts fairly well and shows the viewer the conclusion of last's episode schism of the two brothers , Sam and Dean . Fairly good up 'till now right? Well , from here on it starts to deteriorate :( . Bad humour is ever so present in this show . A very good example is Dean taking Castiel to the red light district to have some fun with the women . Totally inappropriate with the real atmosphere that the protagonists should experience in a world soon to be engulfed by the bloody apocalypse . Talking about bad humour there is one line that actually creased my face with a smile and that is : Dean: You're serious? You're going to walk in there and tell them the truth? Castiel : Why not? Dean: Because , we're humans . And when humans want something , really , really bad ... We lie ! Castiel : Why ? Dean : Because ... that's how you become president. It brings a political aroma to the scene and it is very funny indeed , something i did not expect from so many rudimentary , funny wanna be lines (and they sure are not ) The episode tried to have a dark sensation onto it , but it definetely did not succeed. The especially pathetic scene is when Castiel and Dean trap the so called powerfull archangell . Excuse me WHAT?! Trap an angel through occult by a mere angel and a mortal ?! Not to mention the fake bitterness of the Raphael when he announces his father's death . I don't want to sound too religious , but how can a perfect being that very well represents materia DIE ?! Another bloody question : WHY ARE THERE SO MANY ISSUES COME CONCERNING " WHY DOESN'T GOD CARE ABOUT US AND SAVE US FROM THE BOOGY MAN :@ ? " . Does anyone think that God think like a mortal? I don't think so . As a conclusion this show is starting to burn my nerves every week I watch a new episode like a psychic disease . It definetely does no favour to the rest of the show . One more thing how can any of you guys grade this season as perfect or superb . In my experience , though very limited , 9, 9.5 , should be given to an excellent show , with good acting , an original and exciting , cunning and surprising plot and of course good CG . As yourselves this before you give this show such collosal marks , DID I REALLY LIKE THIS EPISODE SO MUCH THAT I HAVE TO GIVE IT A MAXIMUM MARK ?
  • wow what an episode jared and Jensen another great episode for them cant wait for more and finding about what lucifer intends want for sam hope he does have a fighting chance lucifer can't take over sam unless he says yes hope sam is strong enough !!!!!!!

    wow another great episode for supernatural great performances from Jared and Jensen and finding out Sam's is lucifers true vessel shocking hope sam is strong enough to say no and stick to it he needs dean more then ever temptation is strong and he is fighting it what will happen this season were in for shocking discoveries can't wait for more want more and to see the rest of the season jared and jensen fantastic job keep it up your fans are behind you one hundred percent next weeks episode looks awesome can't wait for it go supernatural you rule
  • So far, this was the best episode this season!

    This episode had so many things that I've been waiting for. Ever since season two's "Houses for the Holy" I've been just *waiting* for Dean to be Michael or his vessel. Of course, it would only make sense that Sam would be Lucifer's. The only thing is, we predicted this since SEASON TWO!!! Come on, guys. Could you be a little more creative, please?

    Lucifer was amazing at the end of the episode. This was one of my favorite scenes. I love how they're portraying Lu. He's honest and sincere, and that goes against what most believe he's like. I know Kripke wanted to make him the most-liked character in the episodes he's in. Well, you've succeeded! *applauds*

    The whole Sam in the bar thing sort of dragged on, hence why I skipped most of those scenes in my rewatches (yes, plural. Heehee!). Now, onto the real gem of this episode:

    DEAN AND CAS!!!! Why Kripke and Co, if I didn't know any better I'd think you're actually pushing for people to ship Dean/Castiel just to get them away from the Wincest. You sneaky bastard! But either way, it makes for one hilarious episode! Top five parts (in no particular order):

    1) The first scene Castiel was in. With the, "Dude, we've talked about this. Personal space?" and the, "Whoa whoa! Hold on! Last time you zapped me somewhere I didn't poop for a week!" Those had me rolling! And then I aww'd when Castiel said, "You're the only one who will help me." I was expecting him to say Dean was the only one who could. So by him saying, 'will', and by saying please, it's clear that Castiel is utterly alone in his mission, and he really wanted Dean's help (Note the similarities between this and Dean going to Sam for help to find John." Poor Angel man.

    2) The FBI thing. Oh lord. Castiel really needs to get with the program! HAHA!! With the upside-down badge and the, "Demons and Angels" bit, it was really well done. 3) Of course, the whole "House of inequity" was HILARIOUS! The look on his face as he sat horrified at his surroundings; the jumping when Dean said his name and the chugging of his beer (Cas drank BEER!!!) All that on top of freaking a poor ho out and making Dean's day/night/years. That whole scene outside with Dean laughing, putting his arm around Cas, and Castiel SMILING was one of their best scenes ever. They acted like true best friends. I hope it stays this way (make Cas evil Kripke and we're DONE!!!)

    4) When Castiel was speaking in that language (Latin, Aramaic, or Enochian? Hmmm...) I got chills. And when he angrily said, "I'm here, Raphael. Come and get me you little bastard." I squealed embarrassingly loud. Castiel's first CUSS WORD!!!! The delivery was everything I'd hoped it would be when it finally happened (come on, him being chummy with Dean? It was inevitable). It's mind-boggling to think of how far our little Angel has come from when he walked into the barn!

    5) And of course, his last scene in the Impala. Very heartwarming in a bittersweet sense. I loved the fact that even if Dean doesn't necessarily believe in God, he knows how important it is to have faith in something/someone, and like he said, he also knows what it's like to feel his father is out there somewhere despite all odds being against it. I'm glad Castiel hasn't lost faith, and I hope he eventually finds his dad. He deserves it. Also, I sort of loved Dean saying he had more fun with Cas than he did with Sam. I don't hate Sam, but this co-dependence needs to stop. It looks like it's finally getting to that point, and I love it. So all in all, great episode. I can't wait to see next week! (What's this with hippie!Cas (who totally looks like Misha more than Castiel) and him being stoned and getting washed up for an orgy? That's certainly going to be interesting!)
  • Sam and Dean go there seperate ways. Great episode.

    This episode was different from a lot of them for the fact that the brothers were not together at all in the episode. Although near the end it definately looks like Sam will try to find Dean in the next episode.

    Sam is off by himself and is on a journey to find out his "destiny" which I have to say I thought was cool, how he realized that he was never going to get away from hunting no matter what he did. I liked that Lucifer used Sam's dead girlfriend, Jessica, to try to convince him to be his vessel. To me it only makes sense that if Dean is Michael's vessel than Sam should be Lucifer's.

    On the other side of the episode hilarity insues when Dean works with Cas to try to trap an arc-angel, Raphel. Cas is extremely funny for the fact that he just does not really understand humans even though he himself is becoming more like one everyday. I also liked that Dean was having fun again hunting, something he himself said he had not had in a long time. I think that the arc-angel Raphel will be fun to see again because he is definately not happy with Cas.

    This was a great episode and shows that good things are still happening on my favorite current show.
  • Sam and Dean have gone their separate ways. Dean is visited by Castiel who is still looking for God and has an idea how to find him. Sam has stopped hunting and has a visitor himself. It seems no one is going to let him stay on the sidelines.

    Wow, what a really powerful episode. I am not going to put any spoilers into this review. I might normally write some, but in this case there are some story arcs you need to see yourself.

    Let's start with Dean. Dean and Cas together on the road. Looking to hunt something. Something similar to a demon but not quite the same. Dean becomes really outrageous with Castiel and you have to see it to believe it. I had to see this to believe it!?!

    Meanwhile Sam is having visions of someone very close to him. She is warning him about staying on the sidelines. He is somewhere in Oklahoma. Working as a busboy in a bar. The Apocalypse all around him. He's doing his darnedest to stay out of trouble, but trouble finds him in more ways than one.

    Let's just say that Dean and Sam may be looking at a finish that could be of truly epic proportions. You have to see this episode to believe it in so many ways.

    Great production values, fine acting by the regulars and guest stars, and a storyline to die for. This series is really hitting the high marks so far and looks like it is going to go up each week. I'm looking forward to next week. Thanks for reading...
  • In this episode Dean and Sam have gone their separate ways. Sam struggles with his past while Dean and Castiel struggle for the future. A shocking secrete about Sam is revealed and we're left to wonder... What comes next?

    An episode like tonight is the exact reason why I LOVE THIS SHOW! If only Smallville could follow in its footsteps! The humor and acting was great as I watched Cas get adjusted to non-angelic living and Dean messing with him the whole way.

    The sad twist in the end was gut wrenching but I'm truly on the edge wondering what will become of the doomsday announcement! This show has always done a good job with the characters, the sad twist, and development!

    The interesting plot of this season is unfolding very well and has me very intrigued. The different sides in this battle, where is god, the angel's agenda, lucifer...good god it can't get better than this.

    Keep it coming Supernatural my number one show this season! Poor Sammy; I hope there's a fighting chance for him.
  • The boys have gone their separate ways, each moving headlong toward their own destiny. This is gonna be so awesome!

    HOLY S***... I'm so frikkin On The Floor!

    Krip... can I tell you I love you? Please? Please? Please? *falls to knees and bows with gratitude!* SPLEEEe!

    Oh my Friggin God!

    Up until the last 3 mins... I was thinking, "This is a really solid ep! I can handle this level of quality for the majority of the season... yeah I want some high notes...."

    Little did I DREAM of the HIGH NOTE you'd give us at the end of this ep! (Will it be insulting if I said my heart knew it all along?... Even so... knowing it could be no other way... Krip... tonight you are KING of the Tube!)

    I'm gonna hafta come back later after watching this again!

    I am still a little unnerved by the split, and though I'm glad Dean enjoyed himself hanging with Cas, And for as good as he is, and as well as he's doing ... Jensen's face says it all. Dean misses Sam, and he'd trade it all to have his brother back like it used to be.

    I'm completely filled up by the emotional content of this ep and all the character subtext!

    Beautifully done... I'll be back to gush some more later, right now I have to go watch it again! Boys... *thuds with bliss*

    love you both so much!
  • This episode was just okay for me.

    ***************Spoiler Alert****************************** I just wasn't feeling this episode. The revelation at the end about Sam wasn't a big shocker. It has been speculated about by numerous SPN fanfiction writers. The title of the episode was Free To Be You and Me but that seemed like a strange title given what Lucifer told Sam. According to Lucifer, it's Sam's destiny to become his vessel. If that's truly the case, then that puts him on a crash course to face Dean. I would rather the Winchesters defeat Lucifer together than to have to faceoff against one another. Hopefully that will change as this season progresses. Something was off with this episode and this season so far. I just don't know what it is.
  • In this episode Dean and Sam have gone their separate ways. Sam struggles with his past while Dean and Castiel struggle for the future. A shocking secrete about Sam is revealed and we're left to wonder... What comes next?

    Oh my god! This is offically one of my favorite episodes of supernatural ever! Warning: Major spoliers ahead. OK, lets start at the beginning. We can clearly see Dean and Castiel's relationship moving in the direction of friendship here. I loved the line "We've talked about this, Cas. Personal space." "My apologies." LOL! I was on the ground, laughing. Castiel does have a nasty habit of doing that and I found that hysterical.

    Soon after we see Sam waking up to Jessica who's basically telling him to give up on life. I had a sneaking suspicion that something was off with her, but I brushed it off at first.

    My next favorite moment of this episode was when Dean insisted that he and Castiel drive. LOL It's obvious here that Dean is trying to put Castiel in place of Sam, which is actually very sad. I wish that Sam and Dean would hug and make up already :P Anywho, Sam meets up with some hunter friends and, even though they beg him to help, he refuses. Good for you Sam! Its the fact that his will is growing stronger that makes me ok with him being able to hunt again; whenever that happens that is. Or if it ever happens. My FAVORITE part of this episode is the look on Castiel's face when Dean dragged him into that weird hooker bar. OMG!!! I was dying of laughter, tears of mirth were running down my face, I was scaring my family. (You get the picture.) He looked positively anxious and horrified and I loved every delicious second of it!

    Sam being forced to swallow the demon blood was, lets face it, disturbed. I was terrified for him. Sam, I was sure, would be unable to resist the pull and would fall back down into his dark hole of distruction. However, I was thrilled when he proved me wrong. Thank God Sam had enough will power to spit it back out in that dudes face. GO SAMMY!!

    Lastly, Dean's pronouncement about being happier without Sam was also incredibly disturbing. I miss the relationship they used to have and I mourn it greatly. I wish Sam and Dean would love each other again, but at this point I'm not so sure thats going to happen. *sobbs hysterically*

    Oh, and the Devil going to visit Sam... that was... intense. I was horrified with Sam. I kinda wasn't too surprised, but at the same time I was so that was an excellent twist. I feel so bad for Dean and Sam because every bad thing imaginable happens to them, but- let's admit it- that's why we love them so much! :) All in all this was the best episode yet and it looks as though the next one might be even better.