Season 3 Episode 7

Fresh Blood

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Nov 15, 2007 on The CW
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The brothers capture a female vampire named Lucy who has no idea how she became one, which leads them to Dixon, a male vampire who is a little too giving. Gordon returns with a vengeance leaving Sam in danger.

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  • Eric Kripke loves poetic justice. But who doesn't.

    Gordon got exactly what he deserved, especially after torturing Lenore and killing his sister. And hunting Sam. Hunted and killed by Sam, after being turned into a vampire and killing the closest thing he had to a friend in the world. No pity for that psychopath.

    I found the pairing of Gordon and Kubrick interesting. Gordon is a cold atheist while Kubrick is driven by faith. It was a fitting end for Kubrick as well.

    But of course it's the main storyline that makes this episode so good. It was gratifying to see Sam finally call Dean out. But on the other hand, it is so irritating/heartbreaking watching Dean hurt Sam like that. It leaves him so weak and vulnerable. Which is just what you know who wants.moreless
  • Ahhhhhh, I just watched this episode and I know I'm (just alittle) late but I wanted to write a review anyway! It was really really sad, especially now since I already saw the rest of the episodes and I know how the saving Dean plan worked out.moreless

    This episode was full of great moments with the boys. It was very out of character for both of them and it seemed a little ackward but Jensen and Jared did a great job acting the parts (as always). I think that because I already saw the finale and I know what happens in the end of this season this episode was a lot sadder than it would have been otherwise. Sam and Dean had a lot of moments, well actually the whole episode was Sam and Dean having sappy yet funny moments with eachother. Also, what the vampire said, "When you are so reckless because you feel like you've already lost everything, it's like already being dead." it really struck home with Dean. I had forgotten how reckless Dean was in the first half of this season. Ya he's still reckless in the second half, he takes all the risks and stuff, beacuse he knows he's going to die, but it's not as insane and in the beginning of season 3. The saddest moment of the episode was at the end, when Dean taught Sam how to fix the Impala. They both knew it was becasue Dean wasn't going to be around for much longer, and there was stuff Sam was going to have to know how to do. Also when Sam told Dean that he has looked up to him since he was 4 years old, and he always tried to be like him and everything! That was so out of character, but it was awesome!!!

    I like the brothers better when they are all gung ho, nothing can touch me, kinda thing, but I am glad that they did this episode. It wasn't my favorite storyline but it needed to be in season 3 and the writers and Jensen and Jared did a very good job with this episode.moreless
  • A beautiful and sad episode. One of the highlight of Season Three.

    This episode, "Fresh Blood", is the perfect example of why a love Sera Gamble's scripts. They are so rich and deep that one could really talk about them, their moral implications and their nuances, for hours. The episodes Sera writes not only delve into the show mythology, deepening its pivotal characters, Sam and Dean, but also usually question the watcher's very own system of beliefs, his ethic and his vision of the world.

    In "Fresh Blood" we face a composite situation: Sam and Dean are working a case involving a possible nest of vampires. This seems like a rather simple blueprint, but quickly the plot thickens: Dixon, the Vampire Lord, is turning young blondettes in a desperate try to reenact the family he once had, before Hunters ripped it apart. Of course, Dixon is doing a bad thing, because these women aren't conscious of what he wants to do with them, but his bleeding heart and his desperation is so sincere that one can't help but sympathize with him. And then there is Gordon Walker, the fanatic Hunter who treats vampires with a racist hatred. He is responsible for the end of Dixon's family and he's now hunting Sam Winchester, believing that he is the Antichrist. So he must be the bad guy, right? But if so, why can't the viewer hate him when Dixon turns him into his worst nightmare, a vampire, for punishment? Did Gordon deserved this cruelty? And just one you are thinking that Dixon is really the bad guy, here he is, crying over the dead corpses of his two daughters, distraught and broken and feeling guilty because it was his desire of revenge that caused their death. He asks Dean and Sam to be killed, because he can't bear his loneliness anymore. In the end, when he see Sam killing Gordon, we can't help but wonder: the silent wrath in Sam's eyes is a bad sign? Or is it a relief, because Gordon won't be a problem anymore? Is Sam turning evil or is just adjusting to a world where the old say homo homini lupus" is true? And then, seeing the tender scene between the two brothers - with the awareness that Sam is going to loose Dean, and be alone like Dixon was - is just heart-wrenching.

    We don't know, when the episode ends, if Sam and Dean killed Dixon or not. And, in the end, this unanswered question is the true meaning of the episode: hope.moreless
  • Gordon's back, and he's bloodthirsty...

    It's a pleasure to see Gordon return to the show and get the crap beaten out of him by Sam and Dean. However, watching his downfall was a little more gruesome. It was almost poetic the way that the vampires that Gordon spent his entire life hunting ended up turning him into what he hated most: one of them. It also showed that no matter how much he claimed he was doing the right things, he's still a bloodthirsty killer in the end.

    This was definitely the first episode since the first three of the season that I could see being a classic. The season started off so strong and than hit a couple of down notes in the last few weeks, but man, this episode really redeemed it.

    It was also nice to see not as much focus on Dean's deal with the Crossroads demon. It's been driven into our heads so many times that Dean doesn't care about dying (or at least doesn't seem to care) that it was refreshing to see things from Sam's perspective. Obviously, he'll have to end up changing the way he does certain things if he's going to keep hunting after Dean dies.

    Definitely one of the best of Season 3. Let's hope they can keep it up.moreless
  • Gordon is out of jail.

    I knew this plot was going to happen someday. Gordon turning in to one of the things he hates most, a vampire. Which was not surprising when it happened. Dean & Sam have a heart to heart with being his brother again. Loved that speech by the way. Bela returns with a couple of scenes. Plus she gets the cold opening, it was her fault Gordon found the Winchesters. I'm glad Dean forgave her when she helped getting Gordon. I like how more than one plot was going. Like that lunatic which was turning people in to vampires. Crazy stuff. What are the writers going to come up next. Where's Ruby?moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Gordon says that Bela was in Massachusetts, and with the Winchesters. In the last episode she was with the Winchesters and this episode clearly follows directly after it. However, in that episode local resident Steve Warren had Rhode Island license plates.

  • QUOTES (19)

    • Sam: Nice move you pulled back there, Dean. Running right at the weapons!
      Dean: Well, what can I say? I'm a bad ass.

    • Dean: (to Sam) You just charged a super-vamped-out Gordon with no weapon. That's a little reckless, don't you think?

    • Gordon: (to Sam) You got a lot of people fooled, but see, I know the truth. I know what it's like. We're the same now, you and me. I know how it is walking around with something evil inside you. It's just too bad you won't do the right thing and kill yourself. I'm gonna... as soon as I'm done with you. Two last good deeds. Killing you and killing myself.

    • Dean: When you called me yesterday, it wasn't to thank me for saving your ass was it?
      Bela: No, Gordon Walker paid me to tell him where you were.
      Dean: Excuse me?
      Bela: Well, he had a gun on me. What else was I supposed to do?
      Dean: I don't know, maybe pick up the phone and tell us that a raging psychopath was dropping by?
      Bela: I did fully intend to call. I just got a bit sidetracked.
      Dean: He tried to kill us!
      Bela: I'm sorry. I didn't realize it was such a big deal. After all, there are two of you and one of him.
      Dean: There were two of 'em.
      Bela: Oh...
      Dean: Bela, if we make it outta here alive, the first thing I'm gonna do is kill you.
      Bela: You're not serious.
      Dean: Listen to the sound of my voice and tell me if I'm serious.

    • Sam: Vampire's still out there, Dean.
      Dean: First things first.
      Sam: Gordon.
      Dean: About that, when we find him or if he finds us...
      Sam: Yeah?
      Dean: Well I'm just saying he's not giving us a whole lot of options.
      Sam: Yeah I know...we gotta kill him.
      Dean: Really? Just like that? I thought you would have been like; "No we can't, he's a human, it's wrong."
      Sam: No I'm done. I mean Gordon's not gonna stop until we're dead... or until he is.

    • Gordon: Sam Winchester's the antichrist.
      Bela: Ooh. I'd heard something about that…
      Gordon: It's true.
      Bela: …from the Easter Bunny. Who heard it from the Tooth Fairy.

    • Gordon: I can wrangle up three grand.
      Bela: I don't get out of bed for three grand.

    • Gordon: Daughters? Try "fang whores."

    • Dean: It's just another day at the office. It's a massively dangerous day at the office.

    • Dean: What do you want me to do, Sam, huh? Sit around all day writing sad poems about how I'm going to die? You know what, I've got one. Let's see, what rhymes with "Shut up, Sam"?

    • Sam: Drop the attitude, Dean. Quit turning everything into a punchline. And you know something else? Stop trying to act like you're not afraid.
      Dean: I'm not!
      Sam: You're lying! And you may as well drop it cause I can see right through you.
      Dean: You got no idea what you're talking about.
      Sam: Yeah, I do. You're scared Dean. You're scared because your year is running out and you're still going to hell, and you're freaked.
      Dean: And how do you know that?
      Sam: Because I know you!
      Dean: Really?
      Sam: Yeah because I've been following you around my entire life! I mean I've been looking up to you since I was four, Dean. Studying you, trying to be just like my big brother. So yeah, I know you. Better than anyone else in the entire world. And this.. Is exactly how you act when you're terrified. And I mean I can't blame you. It's just...
      Dean: What?
      Sam: It's just I wish you would drop the show and be my brother again. 'Cause.. just 'cause.

    • Dixon: You're a big part of why my people are nearly extinct, Gordon.
      Gordon: Your "people" are going extinct because you're a bunch of mindless, bloodthirsty animals.

    • Sam: You know what, man? I'm sick and tired of your old stupid kamikaze trick.
      Dean: Whoa, whoa. Kamikaze? I'm more like a ninja.
      Sam: That's not funny.
      Dean: It's a little funny.
      Sam: No, it's not.

    • Sam: What's with the auto shop?
      (Dean hands a socket wrench to Sam to fix the Impala)
      Sam: You don't mean, you want...?
      Dean: Yeah, I do. You fix it.
      Sam: Dean, you barely let me drive this thing.
      Dean: Well, it's time. You should know how to fix it. You're going to need to know these things for the future. And besides, it's my job, right. Show my little brother the ropes.

    • Gordon: (to Sam, in the dark) You have no idea what I've faced to get here. I lost everything.. my life. But it's worth it. I'm hunting the most dangerous thing I've ever hunted. You're not human, Sam.

    • Gordon: They turned me.
      Kubrick: You know what this means.
      Gordon: It means you have to kill me. But not yet.
      Kubrick: What do you mean?
      Gordon: You have to let me do one last thing first.
      Kubrick: What?
      Gordon: Kill Sam Winchester.
      Kubrick: Gordon.
      Gordon: It's the only... it is the one good thing to come out of this nightmare. I'm strong, I'm faster. I can finish him.

    • Bela: You make me an offer and you'll find me highly cooperative.
      Gordon: Hmm. How about you tell me where they are, or I shoot you?

    • Dean: It's like a giant haystack and Gordon's a deadly needle.

    • Dixon: Can you think of a worse hell?
      Dean: Well, there's Hell.

  • NOTES (3)

    • International Airdates:
      Australia: November 26, 2007 on Network 10
      Brazil: December 19, 2007 on Warner Channel
      Denmark: February 3, 2008 on TV3
      UK: March 9, 2008 on ITV2
      Norway: July 20, 2008 on TVNorge
      Spain: October 7, 2008 on AXN
      Sweden: October 19, 2008 on Kanal 5
      Portugal: December 18, 2008 on RTP 2
      Germany: February 23, 2009 on Premiere Film
      Finland: June 4, 2009 on Sub
      Czech Republic: March 5, 2010 on Prima COOL
      The Netherlands: March 14, 2010 on Net5
      Slovakia: September 22, 2010 on Markiza

    • The structure in the background of Bela and Gordon's meeting place is the same as the one from 9 Mile Rd in "Hook Man."

    • Music: Crazy Circles by Bad Company, Seven Minutes in Heaven by Dave Feldstein