Season 3 Episode 7

Fresh Blood

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 15, 2007 on The CW

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  • Eric Kripke loves poetic justice. But who doesn't.

    Gordon got exactly what he deserved, especially after torturing Lenore and killing his sister. And hunting Sam. Hunted and killed by Sam, after being turned into a vampire and killing the closest thing he had to a friend in the world. No pity for that psychopath.

    I found the pairing of Gordon and Kubrick interesting. Gordon is a cold atheist while Kubrick is driven by faith. It was a fitting end for Kubrick as well.

    But of course it's the main storyline that makes this episode so good. It was gratifying to see Sam finally call Dean out. But on the other hand, it is so irritating/heartbreaking watching Dean hurt Sam like that. It leaves him so weak and vulnerable. Which is just what you know who wants.
  • Ahhhhhh, I just watched this episode and I know I'm (just alittle) late but I wanted to write a review anyway! It was really really sad, especially now since I already saw the rest of the episodes and I know how the saving Dean plan worked out.

    This episode was full of great moments with the boys. It was very out of character for both of them and it seemed a little ackward but Jensen and Jared did a great job acting the parts (as always). I think that because I already saw the finale and I know what happens in the end of this season this episode was a lot sadder than it would have been otherwise. Sam and Dean had a lot of moments, well actually the whole episode was Sam and Dean having sappy yet funny moments with eachother. Also, what the vampire said, "When you are so reckless because you feel like you've already lost everything, it's like already being dead." it really struck home with Dean. I had forgotten how reckless Dean was in the first half of this season. Ya he's still reckless in the second half, he takes all the risks and stuff, beacuse he knows he's going to die, but it's not as insane and in the beginning of season 3. The saddest moment of the episode was at the end, when Dean taught Sam how to fix the Impala. They both knew it was becasue Dean wasn't going to be around for much longer, and there was stuff Sam was going to have to know how to do. Also when Sam told Dean that he has looked up to him since he was 4 years old, and he always tried to be like him and everything! That was so out of character, but it was awesome!!!

    I like the brothers better when they are all gung ho, nothing can touch me, kinda thing, but I am glad that they did this episode. It wasn't my favorite storyline but it needed to be in season 3 and the writers and Jensen and Jared did a very good job with this episode.
  • A beautiful and sad episode. One of the highlight of Season Three.

    This episode, "Fresh Blood", is the perfect example of why a love Sera Gamble's scripts. They are so rich and deep that one could really talk about them, their moral implications and their nuances, for hours. The episodes Sera writes not only delve into the show mythology, deepening its pivotal characters, Sam and Dean, but also usually question the watcher's very own system of beliefs, his ethic and his vision of the world.

    In "Fresh Blood" we face a composite situation: Sam and Dean are working a case involving a possible nest of vampires. This seems like a rather simple blueprint, but quickly the plot thickens: Dixon, the Vampire Lord, is turning young blondettes in a desperate try to reenact the family he once had, before Hunters ripped it apart. Of course, Dixon is doing a bad thing, because these women aren't conscious of what he wants to do with them, but his bleeding heart and his desperation is so sincere that one can't help but sympathize with him. And then there is Gordon Walker, the fanatic Hunter who treats vampires with a racist hatred. He is responsible for the end of Dixon's family and he's now hunting Sam Winchester, believing that he is the Antichrist. So he must be the bad guy, right? But if so, why can't the viewer hate him when Dixon turns him into his worst nightmare, a vampire, for punishment? Did Gordon deserved this cruelty? And just one you are thinking that Dixon is really the bad guy, here he is, crying over the dead corpses of his two daughters, distraught and broken and feeling guilty because it was his desire of revenge that caused their death. He asks Dean and Sam to be killed, because he can't bear his loneliness anymore. In the end, when he see Sam killing Gordon, we can't help but wonder: the silent wrath in Sam's eyes is a bad sign? Or is it a relief, because Gordon won't be a problem anymore? Is Sam turning evil or is just adjusting to a world where the old say homo homini lupus" is true? And then, seeing the tender scene between the two brothers - with the awareness that Sam is going to loose Dean, and be alone like Dixon was - is just heart-wrenching.

    We don't know, when the episode ends, if Sam and Dean killed Dixon or not. And, in the end, this unanswered question is the true meaning of the episode: hope.
  • Gordon's back, and he's bloodthirsty...

    It's a pleasure to see Gordon return to the show and get the crap beaten out of him by Sam and Dean. However, watching his downfall was a little more gruesome. It was almost poetic the way that the vampires that Gordon spent his entire life hunting ended up turning him into what he hated most: one of them. It also showed that no matter how much he claimed he was doing the right things, he's still a bloodthirsty killer in the end.

    This was definitely the first episode since the first three of the season that I could see being a classic. The season started off so strong and than hit a couple of down notes in the last few weeks, but man, this episode really redeemed it.

    It was also nice to see not as much focus on Dean's deal with the Crossroads demon. It's been driven into our heads so many times that Dean doesn't care about dying (or at least doesn't seem to care) that it was refreshing to see things from Sam's perspective. Obviously, he'll have to end up changing the way he does certain things if he's going to keep hunting after Dean dies.

    Definitely one of the best of Season 3. Let's hope they can keep it up.
  • Gordon is out of jail.

    I knew this plot was going to happen someday. Gordon turning in to one of the things he hates most, a vampire. Which was not surprising when it happened. Dean & Sam have a heart to heart with being his brother again. Loved that speech by the way. Bela returns with a couple of scenes. Plus she gets the cold opening, it was her fault Gordon found the Winchesters. I'm glad Dean forgave her when she helped getting Gordon. I like how more than one plot was going. Like that lunatic which was turning people in to vampires. Crazy stuff. What are the writers going to come up next. Where's Ruby?
  • Gordon returns to find and kill Sam.

    This is exactly why I watch the show, the few times they truly have a classic and well written episode. So far only this episode qualifies, and probably a total of 8 or nine in the series 2.5 seasons so far. I was disapointed by the unexpected death at the end, I felt this character had a lot of life left in him/her. Writers please take more time in writing outlines before penning the episode, I truly believe that you spent more time on the development of this episode then perhaps any episode in 2 years. The usual fight between Dean and Sam was even believable this time, a rare occurance in the show.
  • Gordan's back and he's here for blood.

    Some Spoilers.
    You'd think that after he got his butt handed to him in Blood Lust and then arrested in Hunted he'd realize that Sam and Dean are just way!!! better than he is. I watch this episode over and over again. This episode is EXACTLY why I watch this series. They can bring back characters that keep trying to get rid of them and it doesn't get old. Though in this one I was worried that Dean would really start to believe that he brought something other than his brother back from the dead. But it still didn't affect their relationship. Love it. Wonderful episode.
  • A fantastic episode with one of the greatest twists of all time.

    From the moment this episode started, I knew it was going to be a winner. Personally, I really enjoy the episodes associated with vampire lore because I always think that they are well written and well executed - Fresh Blood being no exception to this. The different approach in this episode (Sam and Dean dealing with a vampire that was turning others without them knowing it) was really gripping and it was refreshing to see this approach as opposed to usual "Oh no I've been bitten" view which has been overdone. Even if Gordon hadn't featured in this episode, I'm sure it would have been a success but as soon as I saw Gordon was back in the hunting game then I knew for certain something spectacualr was going to happen. And boy was I right! The twist involving Gordon and Dixon (the vampire responsible for turning the girls) was amazing. I'm at a loss on how to describe it, it was so good. Adding to that, the final fight scene between the guys and Gordon was amazing, Jared Padalecki really came into his own in that scene.

    Overall I thought this was an amazing episode, great dialogue as usual plus a twist that blew everything else out of the water. Amazing.
  • When ever an episode as the word BLOOD in the title you can pretty much tell it's gonna contain something to do with vampires. This is no exception and beleive me there is a lot of blood! major spoilers!

    Sam and dean capture a female vampire who claims she has no idea how she became one. It turns out a desperate fang is running around bars and clubs giving young girls shots of vampire blood, telling them its some new wonder drug, to turn them and give him some companions to play with. Since most hunters are wiping out there entire race and there are very few left, they are now reduced to creating there own vertual famalies out of innocent strangers. Gordon breaks out of prison and has turned to magic! by this i mean he magically hunts down Bella and mysteriously tracks down Deans phone when he's just brought a brand new one. He's good you can't deny that! As always he's after Sam and tracks them down after Bella tells them where they are to save her own skin. This makes a good scene where Dean and sam have a shoot out with Gordon, and his partner in crime. The action in this episode is actually quite suspensful and well filmed and is always exciting. The plot is also quite ironic as Gordon is turned into the things he's hunted all his life basically making him ten times more dangerous than he already was. After killing his partner he goes after Dean and Sam for the best show down and climax to an episode in a long time. It certainly is jammed packed with impressive action and edge of your seat sequences. The only critisism is that it is very vilont. Probably the most blood spilt in an episode so far and when the blood does spill it is suprisingly graphic and realistic. It raps up with some brotherly bonding from Sam and Dean which is gives us a nice moment to recover from all the gore we've just witnessed. Overall its a very satisfying episode.
  • Bye Bye Gordon

    Vampires are like Daleks aren't they? They're supposed to be extinct and yet they keep on turning up.

    So, Gordon's out of jail and he wants Sam dead but ends up being turned into a Vampire. That's rather poetic. I'm sad that Gordon died, although Sam killing him was awesome if a little gory. I liked him.

    I also liked sam addressing Dean being terrified of going to Hell. He's spent the season acting like he's okay with it but Sam could see right through it. There were some nice brother moments in this episode; which have been kind of lacking so far. I especially enjoyed the end where Dean showed sam how to fix the car.

    And now onto Bela. The more I see the less I like. I was perfectly fine with her until she opened her mouth and started speaking. That accent is really, really grating on me. As well as that, I really can't see a point to her character. All she has done so far is annoyed Sam and Dean. I used to wonder why some fans hated her so much but now I'm coming around to their point of view.

    All in all an excellent epsiode; apart from Bela.
  • Loved it.

    This has to be the sexiest television show that exists. I absolutely love Supernatural in particular this episode. I like that Sam slightly got Dean to admit that he is scared about the whole dying thing. I like how Dean and Bela still manage to slightly flirt with each other when they are not even together. Well Gordon is back and doing what he has always done ... trying to kill Sam. Of course we know that that ain't going to happen. I liked watching Sam Kill Gordon. The look on his face was priceless. I also loved Dean when he was so scared when Sam and Gordon were trapped in a dark room together. I love that he deeply cares.
  • The brothers capture a female vampire named Lucy who has no idea how she became one, which leads them to Dixon, a male vampire who has a personal grudge and longs for a companion. Gordon returns with a vengeance leaving Sam in danger.

    There were a couple of things that captured my attention during this epi. First, i loved the idea of Gordon becoming the thing he hated the most that which he hunted. I think it was poetic justice. Dean's edgy approach to the job seems very real considering what he must be going through. Sam's strength is shocking but understandable. I love how he is trying to embrace his inner Dean. But what totally made me enjoy this episode was the heartbreaking brother talk Sam and Dean had and the beautiful ending. Big brother teaching little brother how to take care of his car which will pass down to him was amazing. I'm a lil sis and i can say i love working in a car with y big bro so that was perfect.
  • Gordon sneaks up on Bela and questions her about Sam and Dean.

    He tells her that he needs to find Sam because Sam is the anti-Christ. She gives him their location for the bag of hoodoo on Gordon's hip.

    Sam and Dean are hunting a girl demon that loves fresh blood. It happens to be Playboy centerfold and ex-Buffy-ite, Harmony. Her name is Lucy and she says she "took something" and she can't come down from it. A guy is going around doping people with vampire blood; a virus. Oh lord, she's a vampire; typecast much? She's decapitated by Sam before she can do anymore damage.

    Gordon and his Jesus- crazed friend is posing as FBI agents. They are pumping the latest victim for information. Gosh you dress up in a suit; go to Kinko's to make a fake badge and anyone can be an FBI agent these days. Dean and Sam hit the club that is the hunting ground of the vampire virus dealer. They kick the dealer's arse but run into Gordon and a face full of gun. Dean realizes that Bela is behind it and threatens to kill her. Vampire dealer, Dixon punches Gordon and takes him back to his lair. Dixon has two vampire girls bound and shackled. He intends to feed Gordon to them. He takes pride in capturing the greatest vampire hunter that ever lived. (bah) He wants to punish Gordon for killing his real daughter. Dixon calls the girls his new daughters. Gordon calls them Fang Whores. Dixon decides to make Gordon a vampire. Sweet irony.

    Gordon gets free but starts to feel the side effects of his new life. His hearing and sight is all heightened. He can even hear heart beats from afar. His first kill is a guy changing his tire.

    Sam and Dean walk in on Vamp Daddy. His daughters were slaughtered by Gordon. When I say slaughtered, I mean he ripped their heads off with his bare hands. Gordon goes back to Sidekick Jesus and tells him what happens. He begs Sidekick Jesus to let him kill Sam. Sidekick Jesus makes the mistake of trying to kill Gordon and gets a hand through his chest for his trouble.

    Sam yells at Dean because he wants Dean to stop the tough guy routine. Sam tells Dean that he knows he's terrified of dying in a year. Dean drops it and prepare for the coming of Gordon. Gordon gives them a call to let them know that he has a girl hostage. It's a trap for Sam. Gordon blabs on and on and toys with Sam. There's a fight; walls are fallen through and faces are punched. Sam gets hardcore and wraps barbed wire around Gordon's neck until Gordon's head pops off. That, my friends, masterpiece quality TV.
  • Sam finally telling Dean how he is feeling, and Gordon Walker coming back to kill Sam.

    This was a turning point for Sam to tell Dean how he feels, and for Dean to be his brother again and stop with the show. Having Gordon becoming something he hates the most a vampire, and dealing with it by going to his friend for help then ends up killing him. Setting a trap for Sam and Dean then separating to get Sam alone, then Sam ends up killing Gordon by beheading him with the wire. The best part I like of the show was at the end when Dean allowed Sam to work on the car, and being the big brother showing his little brother the ropes.
  • An episode with a twist so great, you almost saw it coming.

    Wow, is all I can say after watching this extremely excellent episode. I mean, it was so good, but in the same way it was very disturbing. So Gordon is back again this episode, and will stop at nothing to kill Sam, but we know this already. No, what really made me shake was when Gordon was turning into a vampire, this was the most insane Gordon you could ever imagine. I mean, he was crazy and strong enough as just his normal self, but when he was turned, he gained super strength, and a great ability to hunt for humans. These two things basically made him perfect for killing Sam, and since it was his one biggest goal before he killed himself, we got the message that he was really dangerous and could not be spared this time. Now the thing that got me was the reason he became this way, I mean sure Bela didn't actually turn him, but she lead him to Sam and Dean which in turn caused the events to take place which turned him. I was really quite pissed at Bela and I know she was saving her own skin and money is a big deal for her, but what she did really crossed the line. At least she has a heart enough to actually tell Dean and Sam some information about where Gordon was so they could eventually have a heads up on what had happened to him, but I still don't forgive Bela entirely. She has good intentions when she has what she wants, but she really does make herself seem like a horrid person by her actions. None the less, a great episode, but there are some scenes in this episode that really make you quiver, especially if you have a suspicion that Sam might actually have something different about him since the whole Yellow Eyed Demon incident. I can't wait for the rest of the show to come back, it seems like it will soon, but I really do wish to see the rest of the season, I know it will be fantastic.
  • Fresh Blood had everything I love about Supernatural and more! Love the darkness! (bring back the night!)

    OMG!!! Woohoo! Doing a happy dance (Buffy fans see: Snoopy dance!) What an amazing episode! I always look forward to the Vampire eps and Fresh Blood definitely did not disappoint. Loved the dark, violent, bloody tone of the episode, so worthy of Gordons farewell.

    We know Gordon is totally dark and messed up. Consumed with rage and vengeance. Ironic how his obsession with killing Sam was one of the only shreds of humanity he could cling on to after he had been turned. I guess that twisted, obsessive violence fit in well with the nature of the monster he had become.

    Loved the effects used when Gordon woke up after being turned. The heightened senses bombarding him, no wonder Lucy was able to fool herself into believing she had been drugged, it was almost psychodelic and definitely frightening.

    What a tragic, albeit perfect, way for Gordon to go! I actually felt sorry for him (for a second) when he realised what Dixon planned to do. The fear and horror in his voice as he begged Dixon to stop was so real and probably the first (and last) time he has let his guard down and shown some vulnerability since the trauma which started him on the road to being a hunter in the first place. I also felt a little sorry for him when he went to see Kubrick. It was like he was desperately trying to hold on to the last shred of his humanity. Visiting the only friend he has, someone so like him, someone he was ready to trust with the truth about what he had become. He thought Kubrick would understand that he needed to kill Sam before he could let Kubrick kill him. Kubricks sympathy for Gordon seemed genuine as well. He would have hated to see someone he obviously admired turned into a monster, the thing he knew Gordon hated the most. The same kind of monster that had ripped Gordons life apart and put him on the road to horror and vengeance in the first place. Kubrick would have been especially sad, because he knew that he had no choice now but to kill Gordon. He couldn't let Gordon leave, who knows if he would ever have come back, he is a hunter and, even though he is as misguided as Gordon about Sam, he does take his job of protecting innocents and killing evil seriously.

    Kubricks single minded attitude towards killing evil is so similar to Gordons attitude that I think Gordon actually meant it when he said he was sorry after killing him with his bare hands (gross! Loved it!). After all Gordon would have done the same thing if their positions were reversed. However the way he sniffed after he said it, taking in the smell of Kubricks blood, was very disturbing! The whole scene had a very Shakespearean tragedy feel to it, loved it! I was very sorry to see Kubrick die though, I was hoping for a return to his crazy obsessive self we saw in BDABR. But the whole scene was very effective , huge kudos to the writers!

    It was good to see Mercedes McNab (Lucy) although I prefer her ditsy, sweet, b@*#chy & sometimes whiny Harmony (Buffy) to her predominantly whiny Lucy. I guess that's pretty harsh though, she really did have a lot to whinge about! Just say no to drugs kids, especially the thick, red bloodlike ones! Loved the story of Dixon, what we heard of it anyway. You could see Dean frowning, thinking about the parallels between how Dixon felt about his 'life' and what was going on with his own. But I liked how Dean answered Dixon when he asked 'can you imagine a worse hell' and Dean said 'well there's hell' so straight to the point, knowing that hell is exactly where he is heading and his time is running out. He said it with such bravery, it put a lump in my throat. As his time is running out there is a part of him that is grudgingly accepting his fate, but I think there is still yet another part hoping for a way out of the deal. But he knows that as long as breaking the deal also means Sam will die he has no choice but to go through with it.

    As far as Dixon goes, I guess the fact that Vampires were once human and have to live alongside humans (to be close to their food source!) means they still have some human characteristics. John once said that they mate for life, which would suggest they still have true emotions although these feelings and needs are twisted and corrupted by their bloodthirsty appetite and lack of soul! It was very surprising and moving, then, to see Dixons tears. Obviously, the sorrow that Dixon felt was real, an eternity is a long time to be alone. Luckily Dean and Sam were there to end his suffering or else he surely would have eventually gone out and kidnapped more unsuspecting women, devastating their families, and turning them into monsters so that he wouldn't be alone.

    Dixon was a tragic vampire, almost gentle, at least with prospective family, a direct contrast to the vampire Gordon became. He was a ruthless, violent human, irrevocably altered and torn apart with rage over what happened to his sister and he became an even more ruthless, bloodthirsty vampire.

    Ripping those girls heads off with his bare hands, was a horrific way to show mercy. And he didn't exactly fight against the vampire urges, (except perhaps for his initial contact with Kubrick), killing that poor guy in his car almost straight after being turned. He went with it, horrified by what he had become, but also enjoying the feeling of power. He saw his new found power as an opportunity to gain the advantage over the Winchesters. Taking his revenge on Dean, they always seem to have some pretty violent encounters, and of course killing Sam. In his twisted way I believe Gordon is 'sort of' right about Sam, he is not 100% 'our Sammy' and has the potential to be evil, that is why the demons wanted him to lead the demon army. However Gordon does not understand that Sam also has an equal amount of good potential, and that is where John and Deans influence comes in. Dean, especially, has served as Sams mentor and guide, throughout his entire life (Sam in FB,"I've looked up to you since I was 4 trying to be just like my big brother!"). Sams innate goodness, fairness, sense of responsibility and strong sense of family love and loyalty may be the very things which can eventually help him realise his 'true' destiny (not the one that the YED (Azazel) was trying to corrupt him with, but the one God has in store for him) Thank God Dean and Sam were able to stop Gordon. I loved the red tint effect when Gordon was going after Sam in the dark. Gordons final speech about how he has lost everything because of the life he was so savagely drawn into and more recently because of his obsession with killing Sam, was very sad, but still emphasised his twisted point of view. Even after everything that has happened, he still only see what he wants to see, everything is black and white to him, which I guess is the only way he can live with the horrible things he has done over the years. Gordon is a very tragic figure, from the beginning of his hunter life, having to kill his own 'sister' and then being consumed with hate, immersing himself totally in this violent, bloodthirsty world alone. If he wasn't such a stubborn, obsessive freak you definitely would feel sorry for him. I do feel sorry for the 18 year old Gordon whose life was irrevocably shattered. Even so, I was glad Sam found the strength to kill him. But that in itself is worrying, how much strength would be needed to decapitate someone like that? Is this another example of how Sam has changed, coupled with his previous ruthlessness? I know seeing Gordon biting Dean, drinking his blood, would have enraged him and his adrenalin would have been pumping but there was something superhuman about what he did. The look of tired astonishment on Sams face leads me to believe that he was surprised at what he was able to do as well. Dean bounced back pretty well after the attack, as per usual, (it's almost like he has an angel on his shoulder sometimes, or maybe around his neck in the shape of an amulet!) and I liked his wry observation of Sams apparent recklessness this time. I also enjoyed the way they walked away together, brothers, hunters, bruised and battered after just another 'horrific, deadly' day at the office!

    Despite his determination to stop Gordon at any cost (and who can blame him when he knows Gordon is a real danger to both himself and his brother!) Sam seemed a lot like his old sensitive self in most of this episode, which was really nice to see. His sympathy for Lucy was pure Sammy, and then his heart to heart with Dean was beautiful to watch. It was also wonderful to see Dean and Sam together for the majority of the episode. Except when Sam was waiting for Dean to return after Gordons initial attack. That was a great device to allow Sam time to worry about Dean and figure out a way to break through Deans wall of denial, when, and if he returned.

    At last Sam realised the most effective way to reach Dean is not to attack him, trying to wear down his defences, Dean is too stubborn for that. And Sam is just as stubborn, so they would have kept going round and round with neither making any headway, as shown in previous Season 3 eps! Instead Sam appealed to Deans love for him, knowing that being his big brother is Deans No. 1 priority. He loves his little brother so much that Sams heartfelt plea to Dean to be his big brother again, broke through Deans defences easily. That scene brought tears to my eyes. When Sam said he wanted Dean to drop the show and just be his brother again 'cause…just cause, it broke my heart. It was like, 'I want my brother back because we don't have a long time left together, If I can't save you, I don't want to waste these last months arguing with you'. That is why the final (interrupted! Grrrr!) scene was so very important and touching. Dean reaching out, trying to give Sam what he needs and what Dean needs as well. The fact that the car repair lesson was also a way of getting Sam ready for a time when Dean would no longer be there was heartbreaking! (OMG I have tears in my eyes even now recalling that scene, and you should have seen me writing the first draft of this review on the train….I am such a sook!) I love Deans oneliners and bravado but even more I love these moments when you get truth and love shining through!

    I haven't spoken about Bela yet but I have to say that I enjoyed her part in this episode. She is one very cool customer, probably scared witless when she realised who it was that had ambushed her. She would have known Gordon by reputation, but she hardly showed it, except for going for her gun. The way she talked him around was very smart. But she is also so self absorbed and thoughtless. The first thing she should have done after Gordon left was get on the phone and warn Dean and Sam. She has a long way to go to become a well rounded character, someone that we can actually care about! I did like the telling chink in her armour that we saw though. She just had to ring Dean back and try and make amends. She obviously took his threat seriously (just shows how little she understands him, Dean would never kill her or any other 'innocent' human) even though he was furious that she had put his life and more importantly Sams life in danger. For Bela, finding out where Gordon was and telling the brothers was purely a fair exchange for them not killing her, but the fact that she also cared enough to pass on the spirits warning, when there was nothing extra in it for her (except maybe brownie points) is a step in the right direction for her character, she actually seemed genuinely concerned, even human! Fresh Blood is exactly what I love about Supernatural and I would like to thank the writers, director, etc, etc for a brilliant episode. I went on to to check out who the actual writer and director for this episode were and no wonder it was brilliant! Sera Gamble, writer, love all her eps, (Faith, Salvation, AHBL1 and more) and Kim Manners, director, GENIUS! Love his work on Shadow, Devils Trap, In My Time of Dying and many more!

    Of course the actors were also amazing. Sterling K Brown totally rocked as Gordon! Great way to exit man, congratulations!

    Special thanks as always to Jensen and Jared who continue to excel. Bringing a potent mix of subtlety, vulnerability as well as power to their performances. Loved the drama of Fresh Blood, the tragedy, the heartwarming love of the Winchesters. If this is actually the final episode for 2007, it is a fitting way to end the year. However, I am greedy, sorry, and if there is any chance at all of getting the Christmas episode aired on Channel 10 before next year I am all for it! Had no idea that the Christmas ep. hasn't even been shown in the US yet (airing date December 13th) at least now I don't feel so bad. I was pretty upset when I checked next weeks TV guide and Supernatural wasn't listed, that'll teach me for not keeping up to date with info!hehe! This episode promises so much in the way of Winchester family drama, with flashbacks to Dean and Sams Christmas 16 years ago, that I don't know if I will be able to resist the download demon, the darkside is calling me….can't resist..eeeee! (Don't worry Fraggle, and Channel 10, even if I'm not strong enough to resist the darkside I watch each Supernatural episode many, many times over and will definitely be watching Supernatural on Channel 10 when it returns - ASAP pretty please!!)
  • Gordon's back!

    This episode is fantastic, with Gordon being turned into what he hates most, because the vampire spited him, and using this transformation to try to kill Dean. It was a great way to end the Gordon arc and not have either of the brothers technically murder a human.

    The Dean dying argument was getting repetitive and with everything in the open and Dean becoming a responsible brother, the plot is getting quite real.

    Gordon was a great conflict in a few episodes, and with Sam killing him, there's no telling what might happen. This is an entertaining episode, ith both funny and shocking moments.
  • Gory!! So gory! But I guess the gorier the better! I loved it!

    Gordon! He is out of jail and after Sam Winchester! Wow. Just wow. This episode is probably my favourite episode of the season. it had EVERYTHING and I mean EVERYTHING going for it! A really bad guy, brotherly moments, angst, vampires, gore and a great ending!! Yep, thats right, I loved the vampires. Vampires are like my favourite mythical creature. They are so interesting and creepy. Although I just dont like it when one of the boys gets attacked by one... What else was good was the fact that Sam told Dean how he really felt, and how he knew that Dean not being scared was all an act. He knew that Dean was terrified about going to Hell. Aw that was such a great scene!!
    This episode definitely gets a ten from me!
  • No mini-plot, but they expanded the big picture, and I think they're going to move on after this episode.

    So it was a pretty great episode, but it didn't have the creative "Seven Deadly Sins" or any of the "Bedtime Stories." The episode just mostly focused on Gordon, and yes, they wrapped up his story for the season, and it was pretty good, and he kept us wondering about Sam.

    Blood. Blood. Blood. Scrumptious drink if you ask me or Gordon, it really is quite fascinating how a simple drop of blood can turn the most innocent, no-brained blond into a blood-hungry, no-brained vampire. Luckily, Sam and Dean are there to save the day, but they find more than one enemy on numerous opposing teams, and Dean shows how worthless his life is even more.

    Episode Quote (courtesy of Gordon): You got a lot of people fooled, but see, I know the truth. I know what it's like. We're the same now, you and me. I know how it is walking around with something evil inside you. It's just too bad you won't do the right thing and kill yourself. I'm gonna... as soon as I'm done with you. Two last good deeds. Killing you and killing myself.
  • great episode love gordon and great to see mecedes aka harmony from buffy back as a vamp

    well this was a great episope it was great to see gordon i love him on this show and on army wives and this episode had mercedes aka harmony from buffy and angel back playing a vamp she is so great I miss seeing her on a regular basis I just love how the show is going this season i can not wait to see where the show goes from here will dean live is sam evil oh my so much to see i hope we get to see it what with the writers stike this is one of the best shows
  • Dean finally understands how much Sam really needs him.

    Though this was an extremely dark episode it was also and extremely emotional one. Dean begins to understand the ramifications of his deal with the demon, and sees how it will negatively effect Sam after he's gone. In this episode, you will be frightened, disgusted, touched and uplifted. Amazing writing Sera Gamble!!!! When one delves into the dark side of existence, not only our own, but the things that go bump in the night, it is important to feel connected to something solid. The writers of Supernatural have a knack for making you care about the characters, and their outcomes.
  • Great:)

    It reminded me of the episodes in season 1 and 2, it was so sweet:) I like the convo Dean and Sammy had about Dean dying, I really love it when they have thoes sweet conversations,,,And Sammy let it out, basically telling Dean how much he loved him and they he dont know what he'd do without him, this is definitly my favorite episode of this season, it was very well written, I'm really hoping that they do more episodes like this one, it actually almost made me cry when Sam was telling Dean all of that:)..
    I loved this episode!
  • Woah man... Out of the blues...

    Whew. So I admit I'm a spoiler junkie, but I didn't expect THIS to happen. But somehow thanks to Eric Kripke and gang, it did. Haha. Okay. First of all, Gordon. A vampire? Gosh. I really didn't expect that. I mean, he's a vampire hunter, for crap's sake! But I guess that's a huge reason why he was 'turned'. Dixon obviously was naive enough to believe that what he did to Gordon was revenge. Not that I'm siding Gordon or anything. Don't get me wrong.

    And SAM. Wow. So now I guess the question going around is that how in the world did Sam get so strong. Strong enough to behead a 'newborn' vampire with his bare hands and a wire-thingy. Aren't 'newborn' vampires supposed to be especially tough?


    Lawl. Guess that's all for now... I've exceeded a hundred words already, though it's min. Ha.

    Cheers! To Sam and Dean. My gorgeous boys. Sigh.

  • Harmony, yeah I still call her that.

    Harmony from Buffy and Angel is playing yet another vampire in this episode of Supernatural. I really loved this episode because of the vampires. That is something about vamps that I just like, therefore this was a great episode to watch for me.

    Even Gordon, the famous hunter, gets turned into a real monster vamp and goes after the brothers. Sam still in a mysterious way manage to kill him. Can begin to wonder if he really is anti-Christ or not, there something alright! Can't wait until the next episode, Christmas and all, maybe this episode can be topped? I'll just wait and see;)
  • The Gordon Walker episode

    10 God. Now THIS is what I'm talkin' about, baby! A brilliantly special episode from start to finish with one hell of a twist in the middle involving what I believe is our featured weekly character, Mr. Gordon Walker himself. Not to mention some more very important scenes with our best bros, Sam and Dean.

    First, to start off with a minor rant. And that would be Bela. Last week I was somewhat interested in her story and she moved up a teensy notch (but not by very much) in my book, but this week she lowers herself again when she ratted out the bros' location to Gordon. And yes, I can even admit that her interaction with Gordon was interesting, thus giving us an insight into the expansion of this supernatural world of hunters (Gordon, Bobby, etc.) and treasure seekers (Bela) without direct involvement with Sam and Dean. But ultimately I saw absolutely no use for her here. Gordon doesn't need her to find Sam. Hello? Last year's 'Hunted' he seemed to do just fine on his own, although it was stated back then that he had found Sam's whereabouts via his "own roadhouse connections", so some help had to have been there for him. Still, he's a very resourceful hunter and could've done just fine tracking down the Winchesters without Bela. Possibly ANYbody else could've done this since the brothers are pretty much known throughout the hunter circle. However, painfully giving credit here, Bela did to some degree redeem herself once again when whatever passes for a conscience for her shown through and she did have the heart to alert Dean of Gordon's whereabouts so the bros could find him before he got to Sam. I'll just say she at least did good on that part and leave it be for now. But I really hope angry Dean does get a hold of her....

    Gordon's story just oozed with horrifying, delicious irony all around. He returns with a vengeance, hellbent on killing Sam, whom he believes to be the anti-Christ, as well as tangle with some more vampires, which is Gordie's specialty anyway. Whew! Dude definitely had his work cut out for him this time, and then some. After watching this ep in its entirety, one could safely say that Gordon Walker is one very tragic character. I have always loved his character, be it villain or good guy, either way didn't matter to me. I had kinda hoped he would eventually be an ally for the boys, but the way he ended up here is just so much better on an emotional scale. The man had two big obsessions he juggled desperately with and which he saw were bad things for the world, only to have them both ultimately consume him. His first obsession, vampires, is what brings out the biggest twist for his character. Since first meeting him last year, we learn and even feel his hatred for the vamp race, and in this ep Dixon decides to use a very cruel, torturous "punishment" for Gordon by turning the vamp hunter into one himself, thus becoming the one thing in the world he hated the most and wanted to wipe out of existence. Watching the horror on his face as he "becomes" a vampire (hearing sounds and hearts beating at an amped-up volume, being blinded by bright lights, the growth of his fangs reflected in the glass, the very pitiful look on his face as he stalked his first victim as a vamp) was almost too unbearable to watch given the overwhelming amount of irony and twisted justice in this. And to add insult to injury, he decides that, because of his new empowered form, he will use it to kill Sam, which of course is his second obsession, yet in the end Sam kills him in a graphic climactic scene I will not forget anytime soon. Poor Gordon, so misguided, so full of rage, so consumed by his obsessions and in the end to have him taken out like that. THAT is what's so wonderfully tragic about his whole story. Now, from his standpoint on hating the vamps, anyone could understand. With Sam, there's light conflict. Yes, it's wrong for him to go after Sam at all, no matter what the status with Sam. But only in fairness to Gordon's perspective, Sam was believed (or, more appropriately, feared) by all involved to be turning evil, especially by the bros themselves. Thus, Gordon saw this as a bad thing but was so blinded by his obsession to destroy anything he saw as evil that he couldn't be - or even refused to be - talked out of it when Dean was desperate to keep Sam alive last year. Had Gordon learned to listen to even a fraction of what Dean tried so hard to get him to see the light on things last year may have spared him the horrible fate he suffered here in the end. And a final note here, even though Gordon still is misguided and overly-obsessed in his hatred for Sam, should Sam by chance happen to actually become the evil Gordon so strongly believed him to be, then Gordon would have seemed justified in his hatred, only now he'll never know. And that's just tragic in itself, not saying I would EVER want anything bad happening to Sam, just showing how really deep a character I believe Gordon Walker turned out to be. A very sad, emotionally-charged but extremely powerful and ironic ending for a terrific recurring villain. R.I.P., Gordon. REALLY gonna miss you, babe. Once again, Sam's the man! He has really grown on this show, more so this season, I believe, than previously. I'm so falling in love with this character more and more. The biggest pivotal point for him this time was when he showed to have finally embraced the "kill or be killed" clause of the hunting biz, which, naturally, is Gordon in this case. Sam tells Dean flat out that he's done with the running, that Gordon has to be put down once and for all. And yes, it did cross my mind that maybe this is that dark side of him that we've been hearing about - and even seen on a couple occasions (hello, Jake and a few choice others) - that may have contributed to his decision to end Gordon, but I don't think it is. At the time of his telling Dean that Gordon has to be dealt with permanently, he seemed rather sane and himself. And as I've speculated before, the times he did show the dark side seemed to surface only when Dean (or even himself) was in danger. And he's right: Gordon wouldn't have stopped until Sam (or himself) was dead. However, it doesn't mean that there's something still not right about Sam there, perhaps hidden deep inside waiting for some kind of trigger to unleash it. Sam's sitch could easily be mirrored with Gordon's this week. If there were a "We Think Sam Winchester is a Monster" club, Gordon would be the spokesperson, or more appropriately the founder. Gordie wasted all his energy into labeling Sam as evil personified and a monster, yada yada, yet ended up a monster himself and was going to end his own life after he did away with Sam. In a way, Sam is not that different. When Sam first learned of his fearful destiny, he focused all his own energy in trying to "save" himself, but most of the time it failed and all that energy ended up being a waste for him. But since his resurrection, there is indeed a marked change in him as he's grown a determination and ferocity about him that is uncharacteristic, still unclear as to which way it's headed. Either case, both men have undergone significant powerful changes: Sam's through resurrection, Gordon's through vampirism, both supernatural, both against their will, both resulting in some type of bloodlust to kill in one form or another (Sam's mentally/spiritually, Gordon's literally). The difference between them, however, is while Gordon still utilizes and believes in his black and white philosophy, Sam at least exercises some control and hope. For instance, despite the monster facet, Gordon wants nothing more than to annihilate what he sees is the purest evil (Sam) no matter what the cost, even if that means a few choice others get caught along the way (Dean, Gordie's chum, a few victims here and there, etc.). Sam, even though he knows Gordon should be killed once and for all because he is now a very big threat to him, still tries to sway Gordon to some type of redemption in the 11th hour. The climactic scene in the warehouse demonstrates this as when Gordo closes in on Sam, Sammy still tells Gordon that he has a choice and that he didn't have to do anything rash, even knowing how far gone Gordon is especially now since he's a vamp. Didn't stop him from trying, though. Heck, for what it was worth, Dean even tried to dissuade Gordon still earlier when he phoned the boys for the final showdown.

    And as for Dean, his story was a bit unusual this week. Dean gets his own "mirror" moment here as well as a big slap in the reality-ridden face by Sam. The "mirror" moment first, this is easily recognized in the scene where he and Sam face off with Dixon. Listening to Dixon's woes and grief about "already dead" and "staring down into Hell alone" and the general fear he emitted simply seemed to sting Dean like a bee. Sorry, but this is just too true for Dean. Hearing all of this from Dixon - not to mention the oh-so-obvious frozen look resembling a deer caught in the headlights on his face while listening - was a wake up call for Dean if I ever heard one. Especially shortly afterward when Sam finally blasts him for being afraid of dying (the slap in the face mo here) and wanting him to be his big brother again. Now THAT was a powerful scene! The first of which was when Sam pointed out how reckless Dean has been lately. I know I've said this before, and I'll say it again anyway: Dean's scaring me. And that disturbing scene at the beginning where he cuts his own arm to draw out that girl vampire and then letting her get way too close for comfort just confirms my fears. Dean has done things like this in the past (the Wendigo, for example) because that's what he does best at defeating the nasties, but this really is cutting it deep (no pun intended). He really does think he has nothing to lose because he feels he's already dead, so what's the point, right? Wrong! Uh, Dean, honey, you've got a brother that is, oh, say, the biggest part of your life right now!! And who needs you around!! The pain Dean saw in Sam's eyes as he desperately tried to get Dean to open up about his fear of dying and how his year is almost up (giving US a real heart-stopping eye-opening reminder there for a second, too!) was just terrible (in the good way, mind) to watch. Which brings me to the second part of this Sam-blasts-Dean scene, and that is when Sam hits him with a very important revelation: that Sam had always idolized Dean since he was a little boy, watching him and learning from him, thereby making him the one person in the world who knows Dean best. Dean, for all his tough guy act, was so incredibly adorable when he melted at hearing Sam's innocence and getting the realization that Sam had always looked up to him since childhood, practically his hero. There just isn't enough "aww" in the world, folks! Even more adorable is when he is almost always defeated by this, backing off because he knows Sam is ultimately right but Dean would never admit this on the surface. And what culminates here is a very emotional last scene where Dean finally starts to take Sam's advice and open up and be the big brother Sam really wants. Seriously, if one doesn't have any heartstrings left after watching that very sad (the dreadful reminder of Dean's deal looming) and very innocent (the way Dean teaches Sam about the car and Sam's reaction and slight excitement to it like that of a child) last scene of a big brother teaching his little brother something as typical of such as fixing a car, then one doesn't have a heart to begin with. Hopefully this alone marks an important stepping stone for Dean and he'll finally be able to open up....and perhaps let out what I fear will be a very explosive emotional reaction to his fear in the future.

    Bits and Pieces:
    - Poor Mercedes McNab. Every time she plays a vampire, the girl just can't get a break. I know she wasn't our old beloved Harmony here, but I just gotta say it for simple stupidity's sake: she managed to avoid being staked by Angel, only to be slaughtered by Dean Winchester. Whew! Between the two, I guess either would've been the way to go! *wink* Still, loved seeing her again.
    - Okay, this could be nothing, but I'm still slightly intrigued nonetheless. What's with Gordon's little mojo bag that Bela was so interested in that she took as "payment" for giving up the bros to Gord? Kinda curious, don't ya think? Eh, we may never see of it again, but you never know with this show....
    - Though I said before that I loved Michael Massee, I don't care too much for the character he plays here. But it was nice to see him return and he actually pulled it off since his character was obviously important to the Gordon story and he had quite the emotional death scene happenin' there. - For the first (and, sadly, last) time, we got to see hunter Gordon in alias action while he and Michael Massee interrogated the vamp victim in the hospital. Cool! Umm, what else? A straight up, hands down, no holds barred 10. This was one incredibly excellent episode. Well, it looks like we've hit our first hiatus. The next ep doesn't hit the tube until Dec. 13th, but judging from what I've read about it, it'll be so worth the wait as it seems to be our first holiday-themed ep of the series! A Christmas one, at that, and those are always warm and fuzzy. And especially for this show? Gonna be super, I can feel it already!
  • Just when you think this season is as great as it could get, we get an episode like this, and it blows all other eps out of the water :):):). Plus the twist the make with Gordon, awsome!!!

    Okay, so we have Gordon forcing Bela at gunpoint to tell him where the brothers are. At first you think she's kind of a good person cause she refuses, but then she is back to form when she trades the info for a charm bag he is carrying.

    The brothers are on the trail of a vampire, oddly enough played by an actress who is very familiar with that type of role. When they catch up to her, Dean offers himself up as bait, and injects her with dead-man's blood. They discover she doesn't know she is a vamp, just thinks she can't stop trippin' on some drug a guy gave her, actually vamp blood. They kill her and make their way to where the sire vamp might be, a bar, where he is putting the moves on another lady. But before they can kill him, Mr. Badass himself, Gordon, shows up and starts taking shots, gun shots that is, at the brothers.

    Well the brothers make it out ok, but Gordon is caught. Just when you think the sire vamp, Dixon, is going to kill him already, Gordon wises off one too many times, and Dixon turns him. Best twist in the history of the show!!!!! Try as he might Gordon finally lets into his new dark side and kills an incent man and his hunting partner, the guy he had sent after Sam before.

    When the brothers discover what has happened Dean decides to act as bait again, to help Sammy escape, but Sam won't let him, gives his GREAT "I want my big brother back" speech. OMG that got the tears rolling. Thankfully the speech gets through to Dean, who decides they should just hide out.

    Well one thing leads to another and the boys go off to a warehouse to rescue a lady, whom they don't know Gordon has turned. They get separated and Dean is stuck with the vamp, and Sam with Gordon. Sammy ends up decapitating Gordon with razor wire, it was a great fight and death scene. And at the end of the episode Dean shows Sam how to fix the car, cause "that's what a big brother is supposed to do, show his kid brother how to fix it" And again the tears start to go. Glad to see that they are going to bring the old Dean back.

    This season just keeps getting better and better!!!! Looking forward to the new episodes.
  • One of the best episodes to date and one of the most powerful.

    This season hasn't really gotten my blood pumping… till now. This episode was a true return to season 2 style. Exciting, traumatic, unpredictable, taut, edge-of-your seat action!

    Not only is Gordon out but he's contacted Bela? Liked the fact that Bela scoffed at Gordon's antichrist rant – after all, Sam just saved her life. The moment I saw these two together, my heart sank. Bela will do anything if the price is right and though Gordon doesn't have money, he's got access to the artefacts that she can sell. Gordon's protest about the mojo bag being a century old confirms what she said last week about all the talismans hunters have and their value. She didn't even hesitate but immediately calls up Dean… which is disturbing enough, why does she have Dean's number? There are several names I could call her right now, I was actually swearing at the screen – they just saved her life!! This was despicable! Took Dean two seconds to figure out it was her – she better watch out, Dean gets very Old Testament when people shoot at Sam! This is back to our old Dean – it's been bugging me that Dean didn't kick Bela's ass after she shot Sam, *here* is the reaction I was expecting from him. Bela just made herself a very dangerous enemy.

    Our vampire – first off, having Mercedes as the vampire was just so cliché! Supernatural has garnered serious credibility and with her being the vampire Harmony in Buffy and Angel, seeing her in the photos just irritated me. But having watched the episode, I have to admit that her acting surprised me but then, I've never seen her in anything else. She did a very good job, I was impressed.

    It's a rare thing to see Dean edgy when hunting something, usually he's ice cold. Surely there was a better way to find her than cutting yourself open, Dean?! She actually bit him! Her story certainly is a novel one – why would a vampire create another vampire by putting blood in her drink? Astonishingly, you feel so sorry for her – she never asked to be turned, doesn't want to believe what she is yet she has killed two people. This is one of those rare cases where the thing they're hunting isn't really evil. Just hungry. You can feel how conflicted Sam and Dean are – sometimes theirs is an ugly job. Credit to Sam though - there was a time he couldn't have watched that, he didn't look away.

    Sam and Dean are tracking the master vampire while Gordon and Kubrick are tracking them. There's not even any discussion anymore! Gordon and Kubrick just start shooting! As for Dean trying to lead them away, that was just stupid! Kubrick might go after him but Gordon is totally obsessed and will continue after Sam – Dean should have stayed to protect Sam! Gordon won't stop till he or Sam is dead!

    This is the strangest vampire we've ever met – turning girls (and I note he only turns pretty blondes, where's Jo when we need her?) without their consent just to stop vampires going extinct? And isn't it odd that we have this vampire to thank for distracting Gordon? This is the first time in about a year that Gordon hasn't been raving about Sam. We knew Gordon hunts vampires in particular but turns out he's got an impressive rep for that. This is a turnabout – instead of all the hunters we've met who've an axe to grind, here we meet a vampire with his own score to settle. This vampire is old – the photo of his daughter looked turn of the century. Gordon's little speech about how vampires spread their 'disease' annoyed me – listen to this vampire, look at him – this is no animal, he's eloquent, obviously educated and dignified. There's no doubt that Gordon never sees things from the other guy's POV – not a vampire, not Sam or Dean. Completely blindly obsessed. I cheered when the vamp turned Gordon! Deals with two problems at once – 1/ gets rid of his prejudices and 2/ he's now evil *and* supernatural so we can now legitimately kill him!

    Dean finally admits there's no choice but to kill Gordon and is more than a little surprised when Sam immediately agrees. This is one of those 'Sam's giving me the creeps' moments that's becoming worryingly familiar. Remember season 1? Sam used to be the sweet, sensitive one who would talk while Dean would fight. Though this violent streak runs in all the Winchester men, this season is the first time we've seen it in Sam. It's unclear yet whether this is just Sam reacting to events or whether he really isn't '100% pure Sam'.

    I was really disappointed when Bela (realising her mortal danger) came through with Gordon's location. As an ally, she's annoying me – it would be more fun if she was more on the enemy side of things. Despite her snide comment last week that Dean doesn't live up to his rep, she obviously thinks he does because she took his threat very seriously and immediately took action to appease him. Should have raised alarm bells when Bela added the spirits' message not to go after Gordon, and were so emphatic about it. He's now not just psychotic – he's a vampire. I'm now seeing the down side to Gordon being turned. Brings to mind what the Reaper said to Dean in 'Time of Dying' – to 'become the very thing you hunt'. And not just any evil supernatural thing but here's the irony: the vampire hunter has become a vampire.

    If I were in Dean and Sam's position, I would have left town but not our boys: they take the fight to Gordon, actually finding the nest. Lucy said she thought his name was Deacon or Dixon – Sam starts calling him Dixon? Who'd have thought it? I'm close to tears for a vampire! To have his daughter killed then his new 'daughters' – he was actually crying! Poor guy didn't understand Dean's "There's Hell." comment. Dixon was really hitting close to home for Dean to the point where Dean was hesitating to kill him. I underestimated Gordon and Kubrick's friendship. Most people would have grabbed the nearest gun but Kubrick instead is gently sympathetic. I had hoped that Gordon would be distracted by his new situation but nothing has actually changed (except that he's now a more efficient killer) and Sam is still his only agenda. Did Kubrick think Gordon was just going to stand there and let him kill him? Gordon's a murderer whether he's a human or vampire.

    "Kamikaze? I'm more like a ninja." Very funny. So Sam was paying attention to the conversation with Dixon. I absolutely loved what Sam said about looking up to Dean his whole life, knowing him better than anyone. "And *this* is exactly how you act when you're *terrified*." (Pass the tissues!) Dean actually backs down. Sam's dead on - how does Dean act when he feels threatened, upset, scared or angry? He goes on the offensive, he attacks, putting up this fearless bravado front. We've seen him do it so many times I've lost count, but this is the first time Sam's called him on it. The boys have really got a grip on these heart-to-heart talks.

    Gordon actually uses an innocent girl as bait?! Funny how fast he accepted that he's a monster. He's either got awesome vampire senses or he's been all over the city – wanna bet he killed the clerk at the cellphone store? Brilliant move – separating Dean from Sam. Dean has always gotten in the way and this way, Sam is alone. In the dark and Gordon has night vision! What is wrong with him?! It's not enough he's going to kill Sam but he turns the girl with Dean so Dean will die too?! Oh, I forgot Dean has the Colt. Does Gordon not know about it? He bit Dean! This is Sam's most violent killing to date – having to cut off his head like that. This was an impressive display of strength by Sam but then he is 6'4" and very well muscled. Good riddance. This could be a bigger problem - Gordon's not the only hunter who thinks Sam's evil and though there are no witnesses, if it gets out that Sam killed him, who knows how bad those rumours can get? From a story point of view, Gordon's death leaves a gap, hope the writers have a plan.

    Dean finally does the 'big brother' thing and starts teaching Sam about cars. Awwww! "Dean, you barely let me drive this thing!" I thought it was adorable… until I realised why. The Impala goes to Sam when Dean dies. Dean is scared but really is coming to terms with this and he's trying to get Sam to accept it too. Dean has to understand that Sam's going to fight this to the end and Sam actually got through to Dean which led to the car stuff, but Sam wants Dean to fight and Dean just isn't. It's like he's already accepted his fate and is just going along for the ride because he's 'tired'. Don't you know how much Sam needs you?

    It's an insight into how the brothers were raised that this has never occurred to Dean before. John owned a garage which is where Dean gets the talent from but I find it interesting that John only showed Dean but not Sam. I love how Dean just lets Sam work on the car, absolute trust, not even checking what he's doing (and from the clueless expression on Sam's face, I'd be a bit worried!). But what does it for me is that Dean stares into space as if mentally double-checking the decision and nods, satisfied, walking away. For a while now, I have loved both boys equally. But right then, I remembered completely why Dean always made my heart ache.

    Was Sam still in shock or had he already had a few beers in that scene because he fumbles the beers out of the cooler? I actually thought he offered Dean a second beer but realised he was offering something from a red packet in the toolbox but no idea what it was.

    Last thoughts:
    - Dean and Sam are squatting for the second week in a row, they must really be worried about being tracked, and given how easily Gordon found them, they're right to be.
    - This didn't actually have any conversations about Dean's deal but the writers deal with it indirectly, talking about it while not directly referring to it. Which is good because the constant mention of demons and the deal can get a little annoying. Here they deal with the underlying issues which are far more interesting anyway.
    - Fun facts: The vampires in Supernatural have reflections! Vamps have night vision!
    - If Bela could find Gordon so effortlessly with the spirit board, what's to stop anyone else using it to find them?!
    - Quick thinking of Sam's about the cellphone tracking. Gordon is good enough to think of that. He had Bela's info to find them the first time, now he needs a new tactic. Sure enough, Sam was right, though not as he'd intended.

    This is the first episode of season 3 I've been completely satisfied with – season 3 has been lacking an essential something (my reviews have been so short because I've had nothing to say) but this episode was pure Supernatural! It's not often I give an episode mid-season a 10 but this earned it! I haven't enjoyed this season so much since end of season 2! Outstanding!!
  • One of the darkest, most sinister episodes of Supernatural this season, and probably in the history of the series. Gordon finally meets an ironic and untimely demise as the Brothers Winchester face off in their most gruesome vampire battle yet.

    Wow. This episode certainly came out of left field. I didn't expect Gordon to escape jail and come after the Winchester brothers this early. Nevertheless, Gordon's death played right into the hands of the writers, and allowed for a superb episode of Supernatural.

    The first thing that any fan will notice is the almost complete lack of comedy in this episode. Almost all the other emotions are there. Pain, fear, lust, anger, hatred, etc....but there is never really any light-hearted, comedic relief moment. Usually, Supernatural benefits from all of the comedy and it is one of the show's best characteristics. However, given the grim plot that governs this episode, the lack of the funny is actually a positive thing.

    I read another review that I wholeheartedly agreed with. Supernatural is a show where all the characters are wholly human. Although the Winchester brothers are painted as the heroes of the show, even they have their weaknesses and their questionable motivations. On the flip side, all of Supernatural's villains (well, the human ones anyway) have motivations that they believe to be correct for one reason or another. I agree that most of the time, all villains believe that they are in the right, but it seems to be manifested in a much more obvious way in Supernatural.

    It was none the more evident than in this episode. From Bela only being in it for the money, selling out the brothers at the drop of a hat, to Gordon carrying out the "kill-Sam-because-he's-the-Anti-Christ" mission, to the vampire simply trying to survive and having a grudge against hunters because they slaughtered his family...motivations were there.

    When you throw all of these plot elements in a blender, the episode of Supernatural that is produced is a gory, bloody frightfest that sees the rise (and subsequent fall) of a freshly vamped, super-strong Gordon, and the slow hardening of Sam's heart, as evidenced by the killing of the girl and the open willingness to kill Gordon. Nobody is sure as of now whether Sam is actually any different than the Sammy we all know and love, but there is definitely something...darker looming behind those eyes.

    I love the direction in which season three is headed, and this episode has definitely set the bar high. Hopefully the writers' strike won't have much of an effect on the quality of the few remaining Supernatural episodes we have left.
  • Gordon dies :)

    First off, I'm pretty excited about Gordon kicking the can. And he became a vampire and still didn't manage to get rid of Sam. Amazing, Gordon. The best part was Sam just twisted his head off and Dean had nothing to do with it. And that nice Dean and Sam bonding time over the car... I had to "awww" at that. That was just sweet. And the whole "I know you're terrified, Dean" well, that was deep and I was just ...yes! As much as I love the action, I love my Dean and Sam bonding. But I still can't stand Bela. Grr.
  • YES! This episode was amazing- it had all the right ingredients: action, scary moments, brotherly awww-moments, and suspense. Supernatural at its best!!

    I'm giving this epiosde a 9.8 although I at the moment feel it deserves a 10. But I figure we've got to leave some room for the episodes to get even better when the season draws to an end:) Gordon was put to rest - good riddance! He was getting a bit annoying with his Sam-must-die crusade in my opinion. I think I have to go back and rewatch season 2 because I can't really remember when he and how he came to this conclusion and why he believes it so strongly.

    Bela - I love to hate her:) I have a feeling we'll see another side to her soon. She puts on a very cocky front but is quick to turn around and help Dean and Sam when Dean threatens to kill her. She's afraid of them and what they can do and she does want to stay in their good books even if she can't bring herself to come out and say it to their faces.

    The brotherly awww-moments! I nearly cried when Sam confronted Dean about how terrified he really was about going to hell and how he's looked up to him his whole life. And the Impala-scene in the end - so sad, yet so cute:) Sam - oh my, what can I say? To me what stood out was:
    - Sam telling Dean they had to kill Gordon! So very un-Sam!
    - Sam actually admitting with his "look who's talking"-comment that he's not 100 % human when confronted by Gordon
    - The beheading of Gordon! Dear me, so cold and so sexy! Dean is right to be worried - the sensitive Sam is swiftly disappearing...

    So sad that we have to wait a whole month for the next installment. Oh and I want to see more of Ruby - I'm curious about her agenda I must admit and we haven't seen her for a couple of episodes.
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