Season 6 Episode 18


Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Apr 22, 2011 on The CW

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  • pretty good, just not what i expected.

    I thought they were going to tell something about the building up of the devil's gate and tell us more about Samuel. Instead, most of the episode was about Dean fighting a monster. It was still awesome though. They did have a Supernatural-style Phoenix, which was cool, but they should have given it more characteristics like what we saw with the Dragons and the Genie.

    Aside from what I expected, this episode was awesome. The western style was amazing, they emphasized it a lot, which was awesome. Like Dean going shopping for clothes, the horses, the execution, the crazy lady that was into Dean, and all of that stuff. The interpretation of Samuel was also pretty shocking because you wouldn't expect the guy who build a huge Devil's trap and who created a gun that kills monsters to give up on hunting.

    One thing I didn't like, but it adds to the show, is that Sam and Dean are always so reliant on Castiel. I feel like the writers use the fact that angels can do anything as an excuse for everything. Whenever there is a different dimension or something weird like that happening they always shove the answer to "The angels did this." They could try being a little more creative. However since they mentioned this on the episode, I assume they are aware of it.

    I love how they are introducing more and more about the civil war upstairs in each episode without telling us too much about it. A couple of weeks ago I was afraid that Supernatural was not going to have enough time to introduce this topic in this season, but they are doing a pretty good job at it.
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