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Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Apr 24, 2008 on The CW

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  • why bad reviews?

    I can only assume that the negative reviews are because if you're new to the Supernatural series then this episode might seem to come out of nowhere and stray from the style to which you've grown the Winchester's perspective determining what is it/how do we kill it and not

    while in a different method of presentation, this episode still holds creep factor as well as a moment or 2 to tug at the heartstrings. all in the midst of parodying the ghost hunting television shows that had been at the height of their popularity at the time this episode was released. don't worry. The supernatural that you've grown to love is not going anywhere. the stray from the norm has a purpose, but it's to be enjoyed as part of what makes this episode a rare gem of its own.
  • Worst Episode so far.

    i also have been watching the show season by season for the 1st time as well. and i HATE reality tv with a passion. i am not a fan of ghost shows that are on Syfy or any other channel. they just aren't my taste. it's just a matter of ones taste. for people who enjoy shows like that you may enjoy this one, but as for me i hated it. i also hate shaky cam as well. and i get dizzy watching stuff like this. i never know what's going on and i suffer from ADD as well so that doesn't help.

    a bad thing that shows do nowadays is they do at least 1 episode where it's like this, reality tv of some sorts. and it takes me out of the show 100% and it's always the worst episode they EVER did and ever will do. i've never seen one show do it well. X-files just to name a few have done it and with . since there are shows like that on tv. it may fit a bit better doing that on a show like that. but on Supernatural i just could not tell what the hell was going on. and i don't like that. movies do this nowadays as well. and i don't like it than either. the only funny parts in it, is the guys getting bleeped

    and the end when well you will just have to see for yourself. you will at least get one or two good laughs from that.
  • Crappy Reality TV on a Bad Acid Trip

    I just started watching Supernatural 6 days ago -- I've done nothing but work my way through seasons 1, 2 and 3. I am currently listening to this episode but not watching because the shaking-asred home-video thing is pissing me the hell off. If this show hadn't been 900% kick awesome up until now, I would be done. Cas in season 4 better make up for this terrible episode. I watch to see Sam and Dean kick-butt, not Ed and Harry wave cameras around and high five. >:I
  • Haha a dumb episode, but finally Dean says the F word :P

    Yea this episode was a total let down from the amazing previous 'Just in bello' episode. But dean said the F word, but it was censored with a little cartoon skull on his lips... :)
  • funny + REFRESHING ... worth watching for a laugh

    Every fan I know warned me about this episode beforehand but I actually loved it. The concept was fun on its own and seeing Sam and Dean have to deal with a bunch of silly amateurs had me giggling like a schoolgirl. I can see how some found the shaky camera-work and other "documentary" effects tiresome, but you could tell the writers had a lot of fun with this one and it's a thoroughly enjoyable episode if you open yourself up to it. I thought it was a great little "break" within the season, much like a 'clip show' episode would be for a sitcom - gives us a rest from the main storyline and lets the show poke fun at itself.
  • Really?

    If I wasn't hooked already this would've been the breaking point.
  • Ghostfacers

    I actually like this funny guys...
  • Sam and Dean run into some wannabees who we have seen before, and are trapped with the idiots in a haunted house.

    I have to admit, this was NOT my favorite episode. I considered skipping it because of all the bad reviews; however, i didn't and I'm glad for that.

    While it wasn't the best episode, it had its moments, like the "I love you....I truly love you." part.
  • Sam and Dean run into the ghost hunter-wannabe's from again, and the entire episode is filmed in shakycam.

    There have been some bad episodes. A bunch of boring episodes in season 2, the bug episode in season 1, and a few others that just weren't enjoyable, but this episode... This episode takes the cake. This is not only the worst episode of season 3 but one of the worst so far.

    First off, why in the name of all that is holy did they bring back the two most annoying characters in the show? Who are they appealing to? Well, I guess they're appealing to someone, seeing this episode's rating.

    It's annoying. It's unnecessary. It is not funny. It is not cute. It is not entertaining. After thinking "wow, so much is going on in season 3! It's probably the beast season yet!) Now this? Since when does Dean let some fool stick a camera in his face while he's doing his job? Since it's a novelty episode, that's when.

    The truth is, it was after the writer's strike, it was a way for them to churn out a cheap episode, and it doesn't contribute anything at all. You can skip this episode and you will not be punished for it. You will, in fact, be reward. You will be rewarded by using your time to do something enjoyable instead of suffering through this episode.
  • Dean and Sam work with some wannable ghosthunters creating their own reality tv show.

    This episode could of done a whole lot better if the focus of the episode was focused more on Dean and Sam than the wannable ghost hunters. The ghostfacers episode did not contribute to the over-arching season storyline. The producers could of put something better together by focusing on Deans and Sams relationship. The entire show is about their relationship and the personal conflicts they come across. I like the show describes how the brothers confront the problem, how they work it out, how they get past it, and if the situation pulls them apart or closer. That is the reason why I like the show so much to explain the importance of the bond brothers share.
  • Why is everybody hating on this episode?

    A couple of months ago, I started watching Supernatural. I just finished "Ghostfacers!" and am currently watching "Long-Distance Call." I was was nervous about 'Ghostfacers!" for two reasons. One, because of all of the bad reviews I had read about it on here. And, two, because when a show tries to really switch it up and do something different, it usually ends up going horribly wrong (i.e. Nip/Tuck's "Connor McNamara, 2026" and certain TV episodes where someone falls asleep and all of the characters end up in some 1950s movie that the person was watching before they fell asleep). But this show was different. It was still the same old Supernatural. And I loved it!

    There have only been two episodes of Supernatural that I haven't liked. The first one was the one in the first season where those two Ghostfacer guys first appeared and the second was "Playthings" in the second season. This one will not be added to my list. I thought it was hilarious, spooky/scary, and a fantastic parody of shows such as Ghost Hunters. At parts I was scared, at parts I laughed, and at parts... nope, that's pretty much it. I laughed and I was scared. Yup.

    The Corbett storyline was hilarious, in my opinion. I loved how, even though he was brutally murdered on camera, the Ghostfacers still thought it appropriate to air the television show. Thanks to Sam and Dean, the world will never have to watch it (the first and probably only legit ghost show to ever exist).
  • wow our boys were in a haunted mansion and with dean only having two months left this episode was great even the ending sam and dean took percaution they knew the world isn't ready for supernatural stuff looking forward to more and season four go sam@dean

    wow what an episode and can't wait for next week this episode was awesome sam dean were great in the show as they always are thank jared and Jensen job well done I don't want to give episode away if someone didn't see it wonder what the fans think of this episode I thought is was fantastic and a job well done keep up the hard work boys and looking forward to season four I know season four will be great I know with the writers strike this year we only get sixteen episodes of season three instead of twenty two and that we are six episodes short well now that the writers strike is over we can get back to business thanks again Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki job well done
  • Dean and sam are stock in a haunted house with Ed and harry,who are now "stars" of a new reality show called ghostfacers

    Youhou! that was THE most incredible episode of this season!
    It could easely win a award for the best episode of the entire show!!The ghostfacers were hilarious,there were so neirdy and inexperienced,it was a pleasure to see them interact with the boys.It was a mix between blair witch project and ghost show like the girly ghosthunter!So the first part of the show,I was laughing so loud! But then,Sam disapeared and its wasnt fun anymore..I knew Dean would find him ,even if he had to torn down the entire house but I was nervous and everytime that big sick ghost appeared,I jumped and started screeming at the tv:"behind you,hes there!!"And the end...the boys couldnt let that show aired cause the FBI think they are dead.Too bad,I would have watch that show!!!!!!!HAHAHA!!
    So this episode is a real gift for all the fans who have been waiting for weeks!
  • Sam and Dean run into the Hellhounds (who have now become the "Ghostfacers") when they all arrive at the Morton House, the most haunted place on earth one day every four years.

    Part Blair Witch, part Ghosthunters, this episode had everything we've come to expect from Supernatural and more! This is probably the first episode where we actually see and almost hear cussing, something I'm sure we all suspected was going through Sam and Dean's minds but were never given the proper outlet.
    This pseudo-reality program, The Ghostfacers, reunites Sam and Dean with Harry and Ed, the Texas Hellhounds. The wannabe ghost hunters were hoping to use this investigation into the Morton House as a jump start to their reality TV careers. Sadly, they lost a crew member- and then all the footage- as Sam and Dean decided the world was not ready to witness such monsters.
    It was great to see everyone having so much fun with the different format of the show. And while this was a "stand alone" episode, we were given a guidepost as to the time Dean has left...a mere two months.
    My non-spoiler review will end with two really big thumbs up and a huge smile (with still a few chuckles) for a thoroughly entertaining, enjoyable, and funny episode of my favorite show.
  • Sam and Dean end up on a reality show while trying to hunt spirits in a house.

    This was very...different. I liked the episode, don't get me wrong, it's just that it didn't have alot of Sam and Dean in it that I would've liked it to have. And when they did come on, they were cussing and flipping people off which seems a tad out of character. There was definetely funny scenes! Like the whole gay intern" thing. That was pretty funny. I would've liked to see a little torture with Sam (tee-hee) but I'm glad Dean came to the rescue.

    The acting was brilliant! I liked it, even though at a few parts I questioned a few little scenes.

    My favorite line would be Dean: Go get the salt from my duffel bag, make a circle and get in.

    Guy: The duffel bag!?

    Dean: No you idiot! The salt circle!

    Maybe not EXACTLY how it went, but pretty darn close. Anyway, that was one of the many lines I thought was funny. Another GREAT episode from the Supernatural cast. Thank you for making this episode funny. GREAT JOB!
  • Sam and Dean and Harry and Ed. Original take on a familiar subject. Very well done!

    I really liked this episode a lot. I would have preferred that Sam and Dean be in it a little more, but I really enjoyed the episode. Corbett broke my heart. I wasn't expecting him to die. I loved how Sam was trying to be there for him and keep him calm before he realized what was going to happen. Dean's frantic search for Sammy was great too. Loved the Metallicar and the classic rock! Finally! I liked the glimpse into Sam's desperation by the fact that Dean only has 2 months left. And Spruce asking what it was about and Dean refusing to talk about it. Ed going to Corbett to help him "into the light" was very touching. One of the best scenes of the episode. Loved the electromagnet at the end...see, Dean IS smart....take that Bela...oh that's right. She was nowhere to be found...THANK GOODNESS!!

    My daughter rates this as one of her all time favorites simply because of the way they took a chance and did something "different" and it worked.
  • Sam and Dean catch up with the boys from "" this time making a reality show, to investigate a house that's only haunted every leap year.

    A hilarious episode, although somewhat a ripoff from the X-Files episode "X-Cops". I love how the true characters of Sam and Dean are shown, because I'm sure they say things like "shoot" and "darn" when they are shot or thrown across a room. I laughed my butt of through most of it, and I love it wen shows are confidant enough to make fun of themselves. The sad thing is, most of the reality shows that are like "Ghostfacers" are just like it, which made me laugh even harder. I would recommend any Supernatural fan watch it, if only for a good laugh.
  • Definitely the weakest episode of the whole series so far.

    Sam and Dean encounter the Hellhound boys from episode 17 "Hell House" from season 1. That episode was decent, but dumb. This one is so terribly unfunny, uncool,non-frightening and utterly boring it took me three tries just to sit through the whole thing.

    In this episode the Hellhound boys, now called Ghostfacers, with a group of sub-cronies backing them up, travel to Morton Mansion to investigate a strange haunting. Sam and Dean show up just after they do and soon after ghosts start appearing and live people start disappearing.

    As the first episode to air after the super long break, I can't imagine what the hell the producers were thinking.

    First off, this episode is only watchable because I love the series as a whole. That said, if any fan wants to skip watching this one entirely, they won't be missing out on anything.
  • IT'S BACK...!

    I was going stir crazy waiting for a new episode and I am glad that they came back with this one. They needed to do another one of their comedic episodes and this one totally cracked me up. I liked the juxtaposition of wannabes Harry and Ed versus the real hunters Dean and Sam. It was hilarious how the self proclaimed "professionals" have no real idea what they're doing besides trying to get famous while Dean and Sam who are the real experts have no urge to gain glory from what they do.
    It started off in the typical paranormal "reality" tv show with a lot of equipment and no idea how to use it or what it really means. There was no research done on the property other than hearing that it is famous for being one of the most haunted places in the world every four years. They were running around scaring themselves silly, playing with the completely overused night vision function of their cameras, dead rats and slamming doors open expecting - what - a ghost to be hiding in one of the rooms? And then the main attraction shows up: Sam and Dean at first pretending to be cops getting rid of trespassers until Ed recognizes them. Once again, it's up to the Dynamic Duo to figure out who was haunting the place and why, while dealing with the "Ghostfacers" getting in the way. This time, it's Dean who solves the mystery when Sam and a member of the Ghostfacers team goes missing and sadly dies. The Ghostfacers weren't totally useless in the episode. They provided plenty of laughs while demonstrating all of the don'ts of ghostbusting. The scene where Harry tells Ed that he had to use an emotional link to shock Corbett out of the death echo and the speech that Ed gave was priceless for so many reasons. The episode finished with Dean and Sam viewing the edited version of the show that they're trying to pitch, and leaving the "team" with a little I had to laugh when the big bad Ghostfacers once again downplayed the role that Dean and Sam played in their survival, mocking them as they turned on the electromagnet that the Winchesters left for them thus erasing all their work, any chance for people to panic at the undeniable reality of the supernatural and also making sure that the public doesn't know that Dean and Sam survived the big explosion.
    Overall it was excellent and I can't wait to see what Dean and Sam are up to next.
  • This episode follows Ed and Harry from 1st season and shows the pilot episode of their reality show, "ghostfacers" as the team investigates the haunted Morton House. While investigating, they run into the Winchester Brothers...terror and comedy ensues...

    From beginning to end, this spoof off of Ghostbusters and The Blair Witch Project was pure genius. Ed and Harry from first season's "Hell House" were hilariously dorky, and their crew even grew to include Maggie, Ed's sister, Spruce, and the intern Colbit(sp?). This episode showed the pilot of Ed and Harry's reality show, "Ghostfacers". It was filmed using hand-held cameras, and it basically made fun of reality shows on TV. The characters were funny, and I didn't mind that Sam and Dean didn't even really enter the episode until about 10-15 minutes into it. As said by Spruce, "What up, plaaayyyyyaaassss????" XD

    My favorite part of the "briefing" of the haunting of Morton House is when the garage door opens and Ed yells at the man behind the wheel, "DAD!!!" seems like they couldn't afford to rent a space...:P

    I personally loved the bleeping of the four-letter cuss words used by Sam and Dean, and especially loved that little skulls were placed over their mouths. There was definite drama in the episode, especially when Ed finds his sister and Harry kissing...loved his reaction..."My BEST my BEST sister!?!?!"...XP

    I also love the scene when Dean, Sam, and then Ed and Harry all say "ewwwww..." when they realize a new twist in the case about the ghost they are hunting...freakin hilarious...

    There were just many funny lines...liked it when Spruce asks Dean what Sam was talking about when he says Dean has only "two months left": " it cancer?" and Dean's intelligent response: "shut up." XD

    I think my favorite line of the episode is when Harry says to Ed: "Ed, you have to go gay for the poor intern!"...awkward...:P

    After 2 months of nothing but DVDs and reruns when brought back to the air, I was happy to have anew episode. It was funny and was a little tribute to the sci-fi's out there! I enjoyed it, and I can't wait for the next episode, "Long Distance Caller"!
  • Welcome back...?

    I love Supernatural. I loved Hell House. I love continuity. I didn't love this episode. I liked it, but with a shortened season (thanks to the writer's strike) and such heavy, unresolved story-lines going on this season with the whole "Dean going to Hell" angle, I thought this was simply a filler episode that left a little more to be desired. I thought it was funny, I actually laughed out loud a couple times. But really, I would be lying if I said "Ghostfacers" was one of the better episodes. Even thinking about the funny episodes of the past 'Hell House' 'Tall Tales' 'Mystery Spot' this eppy was the weakest out of those as well.

    I'm glad my favorite show is back after a long hiatus. And like I said, I didn't hate the episode... I just didn't love it either. Cleverly executed, but just ok, in my book.
  • this episode was a major disappointment for the shows return after the writers strike.

    I found myself considering turning the show off at least a dozen times in the first ten minutes, i regrettably did not turn it off due to the vain hope that the episode would improve. The "ghost facer's" were the biggest disappointment considering the actors used. This episode is nearly enough for me to stop watching the show i previously loved. Poor acting and no storyline made for a shocking return after the writers strike. Overall i would say i am severely disappointed with this episode and obviously should not in the future hold the show in too high a standard.
  • Did I really just see that?

    This is one of the worst episodes of Supernatural ever. It was very disgraceful with all the gay jokes. It felt very forced.
    To me it was like everyone got together and was like, 'Alright lets see if we can get outta here by lunch time, my dog has a pedicure at 1:00!'
    It was total bull. A filler episode at best.
    I normally wouldn't be this harsh on one of my favorite shows, but it could have been more.
    In all honesty I seen this episode belonging more to season one. When what they did was paranormal/ghost hunt. It would have been light-hearted and funny. But it would have "fit" more.
    But season 3?!?! When there's so much more going on? It left me feeling totally ripped off and cheap.
  • I want those 41 minutes BACK!

    I've watched and loved Supernatural from the first episode and been a loyal fan ever since. There haven't been many episodes that I didn't like but this one is defenetly one of them. After a long long long wait Supernatural returns with this terrible, awful, disaster episode. The first one I actually regret watching. This reality show version of Supernatural (or any show for that matter) is a total disaster. If this is what is to come I'm afraid Supernatural will loose many audience, me included. Hopefully Ed and Harry will stay away and the writer that wrote this episode will go back on strike and stay there. Do better next time!
  • Sam and Dean stumble upon the idiots from West Texas in the midst of checking out supposedly one of the most haunted houses in america... Yawns ensue.

    WEll, this ep certainly had a few fun moments, a few chuckles... but seriously I've had scarier wet dreams, and even my regular dreams are frankly more entertaining... so very very sub-par for Krip and Krew... Still it was fun to see the boys a little looser, getting bleeped... I think that was actualy my favorite part, the pixilating Dean's birds and the bleeping of the cursing...I will say though that as soon as I saw that electromagnet pulled from the bag I DID laugh my a$$ off. THAT was PRICELESS....

    Thanks for that much Krip and Krew... Boys as always, special love to you, (especially for having to perform your way through this ep... *huggles and comforts the boys* ... hope you got your fair share of Whiskey and home made chili after filming that one.) there was ONE thing that was utterly FANTASTIC about this ep... THere was NO BELA in it. :D Next week's EP looks ROCKIN' though. Can't wait for them to get back up to snuff in the Quality category.

    Y'know it dawns on me that usualy when they put a bad guy in the opening scene (like they did the djinn) in this ep... that entity somehow has something to do with the ep

    This one would have been TEN TONS better IF the whole ep had been Ed and Harry captured by the Djinn, and the whole Ghostfacers thing their "Wish Come True" until Sam and Dean saved them of course... Sigh... alas... it wasn't so... still it COULD have been! and if it had, this ep would have ROCKED out LOUD!
  • For first time ever i did not like SN

    When i heard the concept of the episode and heard the boys from HH were back i was delighted but for me it didnt live up to the hype. Everything was cheesy, lacked the SN mojo and everything. The characters in the episode i found boring, including Sam and Dean. The boys from HH were just a huge annoyance and not like they were in HH, were they were actually funny but just plain annoying. And the three other ones, added nothing to the episode what-so-ever. The concept of the episode was good, the shooting it through a digital camera was good but i just didnt like the episode and i didnt get it either!!
  • Completely pointless episode

    Just no, nothing at all happened, nothing related to the overall storyline, complete waste of time waiting for and watching this one :/
    Why watch some painfully irritating and mildly talentless people prancing around being idiots when the whole success of the show is its basis around Sam and Dean, their interaction combined with the fact that there's normally something new or interesting learnt in every episode, rather than just having something happen for the sake of it so the writers could tick another episode of the remaining few..
    looks like some people got a little rusty over the course of their strike!
  • While investigating a haunted house, Sam and Dean have a run in with Ed and Harry (Hell House) who are now trying to get their own TV show about investigating the paranormal.

    A lot of people seem to have liked it. I've even seen a comment in a forum where someone called this episode: "original and unique, a classic SPN episode". You've got to be kidding me... I never thought I'd say this but this was less than average, not worthy of a fantastic show like Supernatural. We've always been spoiled with fabulous stories and well-paced episodes but this was just crappy. And the hand-held camera style of shooting didn't help either....

    This episode was nothing more than a bad mix of The Blair Witch Project and Ghost Hunters. There were a few good comedic moments and I like the fact that the boys got bleeped because, seriously, I can't believe that they NEVER use the "F" word. Stupid prime time TV forces the writers not to use it but we all know that Sam and Dean would actually do it in real life, at least once in a while... Oh, and the gay angle on Corbett was neat too, probably the culmination of all the gay jokes on the show or maybe a wink to all the slasher fans? Since the writers can't play that angle with Sam and Dean, perhaps they chose to do it with some secondary characters.

    But other than that, I feel like I wasted an hour of my time and it saddens me because this show usually rocks my world. When I saw the "THEN" part at the beginning, I was smiling because "Hell House" is one of my all-time favourite SPN episodes and I was looking forward to see those geeks again. But what could have been a superb episode just completely fell flat....
  • Did not like this one very much, it did not get my attention and the Hell House guys I don't like.

    This one was pointless and it did not get my attention, they only time I watch it was when Sam and Dean was on it. The guys from Hell house I don't care for, and they way they kept mocking Sam and Dean. The only part that I enjoy was at the end, when Sam and Dean ruin all their footage on the computer so know one will know it was them. The only part that I enjoy was the scenes with Sam and Dean, and when Sam was getting mad because he did not want to be there. He wanted to get going to help Dean out of the deal, and when Sam went missing Dean was in big time finding brother mode.
  • What were they thinking!

    First off, that was to me, one of the worst episodes of Supernatural I had ever seen. For the first twelve minutes or so the brothers were no where to be seen and that hurt the episode a lot. Secondly, who cares about those two goofy guys from Hell House!! We come to watch the Winchester Brothers (plus Ruby and Bela for me hehe) not a couple of idiots walking around with a camera doing a Ghost Hunters thing a show that is fair at best. I really couldn't find much good things about this episode at all. I have to admit the magnet thing at the end was pretty clever and had me laughing for awhile. Also the bleeping of the curse words was alright too, it added a comic flair to the episode that we lacked due to the brothers not doing their usual antics to one another. All and all I see light on the horizon and the worst will be behind us!!! I give this episode a 3 because at least Sam and Dean were in there (2 pts right there) and the magnet thing at the end was funny (another pt!)
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