Season 8 Episode 17

Goodbye Stranger

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Mar 20, 2013 on The CW

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  • Amazing episode

    I dont know why people are giving this a low rating, because honestly i think it was an awesome episode and dean`s acting when castiel was beating him to a pulp was just amazing.

    i give this episode a 10!
  • Not the reunion I was expecting

    It would have been an interesting and heartbreaking episode on so many fronts if it weren't for the vomit-inducing interlude of Meg & Castiel.

    I'm not really one to root for villains. Or to even like them. But I like Crowley and I warmed up to Meg. And I get her flriting with Cas. She flirts with everyone. Plus, her snark is pretty amazing and she was in top form in this episode. And it sort of makes sense she would see in Cas a kindred spirit. But the fact that they are trying to convince me that Castiel is flirting back and that they have some doomed romance going on in teh same episode were Dean acts like a love struck Disney princess around Cas and where Dean is the one thing to get through Naomi's brainwashing in a cheap call back to season 5 finale? That is a little too much for me to take.

    The lenght these writers go to, to reinforce Dean's heterosexuality is bordering on laughable - if it wasn't so very sad at the same time. But the fact they felt the need to do the same with Cas? How desperate and scared do you really need to be?

    I liked the talk Sam had with Meg. It was heartbreaking to hear him admit he wants normal in the same breath he proclaims he can never have it. And I may be alone in this, but I like Amelia and I think they could actually work out. Maybe not completly demon-free, but work out never the less.

    And the brothers relationship seemed to stranghten a bit there in the end so we see how that goes.

    And we still don't really know who Noami is and what she wants and what the angel tablet does. And I miss Kevin.

    And I don't understand the last scene with Cas on the bus, beautiful as it was.

    I was looking forward to this episode but the reunion was bittersweet and left a weird taste in my mouth.
  • From Heaven With Love

    This was a pretty cool episode overall. Seeing Cass back in the show was welcome to say the least. Him dispatching the fake Deans and revealing that there are hundreds of them was surprising training from Naomi, whose game we are still uncertain of. When the brothers being to investigate victims whose eyes have been burned out and their organs liquified their trails leads to a bunch of people who have been possessed by demons and someone is smiting them. Turns out to be Castiel, and the demons are Crowley's minions looking for an old orchard that was sunk hundreds of years ago. Cass is told by Naomi not to divulge the secret of the Angel Tablet and to tell them that there is a parchment to read the other half of the Demon Tablet without Crowley's half instead. Cass saves the brothers from an onslaught of demons attacking a historian's house who is trying to figure out where the orchard was, which is actually one of Lucifer's old crypts. I like these little touches, and Crowley has just the person who could give him the locations of the crypts, Meg, whom they find in a hotel bathroom with a demon escort. She was really nice to see again, and Cass keeping them in dark about the Angel Tablet is much like Sam keeping the Demon Tablet a secret from her since she may have very well turned on them. But she does have a point in that she's proved herself to be Team Sam and Dean since after the Apocalypse and her musings about the world changing with Cass and her wanting to be with him as they had set up back in Season 6 was a great call back. But they broke the basic rule of TV which is anytime you begin to talk about a future and you're a secondary character you get iced which is exactly what happens. Castiel and Dean find the crypt and Cass manages to defy Naomi's orders and find out that he's been brainwashed by her. Dean getting through to Cass was very reminiscent of his getting through to Dean back in the Season 5 finale when he got the hell beaten out of him. I dislike the fact that they did away with Meg since she's been such an integral recurring part of the show since Season 1 and was one of the only remaining old timey anti-heroes that the writers hadn't killed off yet although her knife in Crowley's arm was a great way to go out. Her relating to Sam when he told her about Amelia was a great scene to counteract Dean's suspicions of Cass when they entered the crypt. Also when Cass disappeared again I did roll my eyes because this season seems to be so set on having his episodes be spread apart that they have him merely pop in and pop out without even saying goodbye. This makes sense in a way it's just that the execution with him keeping the tablet even from Naomi, who visits Crowley, WHAT?!!! Crowley and her have a good scene although I'm not sure why they're in fact so chummy or what Naomi's true intentions mean for the rest of Heaven now that she's the new management and Cass is on a bus to nowhere. Goodbye Rachel Miner, you will certainly be missed and I loved that she was a little angry that they didn't look for her at all after Dean and Cass went to Purgatory. So I guess now there's only Garth and Kevin which is really depressing when you think about how well rounded the Winchester ally ranks were back at the beginning of Season 5 persay and have slowly dwindled. I get that all they touch dies due to their lifestyle but it felt lazily thrown in, they should at least have had her die in the finale or the penultimate episode of the season or something. It just didn't feel right with the timing. Anyway, this was an all right episode that furthered and expanded the mythology, and Dean of course found out about Sam's keeping his blood cough from him and is pissed. I'm worried by Cass's "your damaged in ways that even I can't repair" and how they only sort of hint at it in the episode. But overall it was a good episode that makes me appreciate that next season Cass will be returned the series regular to my relief.
  • and Crowley is how old now?

    I thought that Crowley was a Scotsman who sold his soul for a bigger penis and after 10 years plus hundreds more rose through the ranks as low level crossroads demon to the King of all Hell. Well now a pointless interlude with Naomi and Crowley ruins that origin tale and a personal fan favorite episode of mine no longer fits into continuity. You see Crowley supposedly was in Mesopotamia with Naomi during their time together, well Mesopotamia was conquered and assimilated into what would become Iraq in the 3rd-4th century a good 1600-1700 years before he was born. So what the hell? Not only does this ruin the beginnings of Crowley the main freaking villain but also takes an important Bobby and Crowley episode of Supernatural out of continuity. This I will not forgive. "Weekend at Bobby's" was my favorite episode out of season 6 and now it's gone gone gone. Unless the writers fix this snafu real quick I find myself quitting this show for good because this hack writer has butchered history just for another Demon/Angel team up arc. Whatever praise I may have had for this episode cannot excuse or make up for this travesty of a revelation.
  • You got me at 'Kill you' *Spoilers*

    While I have noticed a slight drop in quality after the fifth season of Supernatural it still manages to amaze me how great some of the episodes are. I honestly can't think of another series that has these amazingly rewarding episodes in their 8TH season.

    I love a good redemption story. I seriously love them more than anything (probably why Game of Thrones is my favourite series). While the Meg & Castiel's romantic relationship seems very odd, it still felt very Supernatural. I loved the fact that it didn't feel out of character for Meg to sacrifice herself for the boys or to buy them some time (by using her hatred toward Crowley). And while it did break my heart to see Dean & Sam just drive off and leave her behind, they did have to protect Sam as he is the key to shutting the gates of Hell.

    Dean quoting Samwise Gamgee. Can't go wrong there!

  • Simply a great episode (spoilers possible)

    I would agree with everyone previously posting, wow, what a great episode. We have the guys investigating some very grisly deaths obviously related to demons. We also find Dean hoping for Castiel to return and Sam hiding whatever is going on with him, coughing up blood. Then when things look really bleak for the guys Cas does show up and puts down the demons saving the guys. And in the background we find Cas dealing with Naomi who apparently has her own agenda that requires Cas to kill Dean. As they track the demons who have some agenda in the city they are visiting they come across their lair where they are torturing Meg and it is great to have cynical Meg back if only briefly. The big plot concerning the angel tablet and the Cas/Naomi relationship plays out with Crowley's return as well because he is chasing the tablet also. Finally we have Cas confronting Dean and fighting off Naomi's influence just before he would have killed Dean. That really brought out the depth of the relationship and sets things up for future episodes. Along the way is the Cas/Meg discussion as well as lots of information on many other things. A great episode to start the season finales after spring break.
  • Goodbye Stranger *spolier alert*

    That was a really great episode, the plot has been pretty confusing this whole season but this episode brought everything back into line and really brought out the underlying plot. I did not like how they did the scene with Cas and Dean though, I thought that could have been really great but having almost an exact repeat of the scene from Swan Song was annoying. Otherwise superb episode and I know the last few episodes of this season are going to be great!
  • Goodbye Stranger

    Goodbye Stranger was a phenomenal episode of Supernatural. I really enjoyed watching because the story explored Naomi's intenentions further and there was lots of great character development. It was intriguing to see Castiel and Meg again. I liked how events played out. I look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!
  • Sad to see you go, Meg.

    This was one of the most depressing ep's of the entire 8 year run of SPN for me. Just by the title of the ep, I figured a major character was going to be killed off. And where the heck was the theme song for this ep that was being played in all the promos? Very sad that Meg was killed. Last season she helped the brothers defeat Dick Roman. She stayed with and watched over Cas when the brothers barely gave him him a second thought. She helped them again against Crowley in this ep, and what does she get? The brothers don't lift a finger to help her. Gratitude,,,Winchester style! Very disappointed in Sam and Dean. And all the progress made by the the brothers regarding trust? Completely erased. Now we're back to the same old, same old where they don't believe/trust each other as far as they could throw the Impala. And, of course (shocker!) they will never be able to trust Castiel again, even though what happened wasn't his fault. Very depressing ep. And I was so looking forward to seeing it.

  • The return of cass

    Its been a long wait for the break and a worthy one as "Goodbye Stranger" is the show at its best. Cass Returns hunting down demons for the whereabouts of the Angle tablet and in the process have to keep it secret from the boys as instructed by Naomi, With Megs help they were able to track the tablet and Cass most choose between Dean and his controllers (the Angels), it was amazing to see despite being out of control Cass fighting to avoid killing Dean and show the bond is still intact after all the years and what they have been through.

    Enjoyed Megs presence in this episode. Her snide sense of humor " Do i look like google to you" and conversation with Cass over their time when he was out of it . Sad to see the end of her an a trully return to form for the show
  • Yay Cas is back.

    His return has been too long coming, but it appears to have been well worth the wait. But, the trials are killing Sam? Isn't it Dean's turn to die this season? lol
  • Hilarious, entertaining and downright brutal... Cas the Unicorn is back!!!

    A very welcome return by Supernatural this week, just in time for my birthday!!! Season 8 continues to be a massive return to form for the show. With past seasons, even the superb season 5, I have found that episodes through from January to Marc tend to be the weakest. I think it's down to the fact that they've reached the middle of the season, and as such now need filler episodes to bridge the gap. Season 8 has broken that rule. The Men of Letters stuff plus the agent of God storyline made the 7 episodes a treat, and now Supernatural returns to see out this very entertaining season, starting with an absolute cracker.

    This is probably the best written episode of the season. So many quotable lines!!! You can tell the writers do very much pay attention to their fans. Dean's "I need you" to Castiel. Meg and Castiel's weird relationship... hell it seemed for the first time they were actually going to give Cas a love interest! I also loved Meg's reaction to Sam's story... puking in her mouth a little might sum up the less than favourable reaction to the Amelia arc.

    We also discovered what Cas has been doing all this time. Naomi has had him killing hundreds of Deans to prepare him for the real thing. Of course, we all knew he wouldn't actually be able to do it in the end, but the shock of seeing all those dead Deans at the start was very well executed. She's one evil bitch, isn't she? But who actually is she? Her and Crowley seemed to have met in the past. I still think she's Metatron, or acting on his orders. And now Dean has a name. Maybe the Men of Letters can shed some light on her.

    But, of course, Supernatural shows a weakness. I'm not entirely sure why they have killed off Meg. Maybe they figured they had done all they could with her, I don't know. I suppose in a way they have, really. Obviously they couldn't go down an actual romance plot with her and Cas, and the boys would never truly trust her. It is quite shocking, though, to see the original big bad finally struck down by Crowley. She's been around since the beginning, always out for herself, a dangerous foe but a useful ally. I'm sorry to see her go, even though I concede it might have come at the right time.

    So. Sam's very ill. Dean's had enough. Cas is off hiding the Angel tablet. Naomi is pretty desperate. Crowley is trying to make a deal with her, showing he's maybe a little worried himself. Kevin still has the demon tablet, so Sam will be doing more trails soon. Benny is nowhere to be seen, and the Men of Letters stuff is always there in the background to give us some good story telling. That's what's happening up until May, and I'm very entertained.
  • 'My Unicorn"

    Not only Cas is back, there are a whole lot of things I loved about this show, the continuity of the story. about the angel tablet, naomi, sam's dying, dean doesn't have any idea what's going one thing I liked in this episode, is about Meg, come on guys, she loved Cas, it way pretty just slump in my chair half sobbing when Meg said " save your brother, and my omg. I just cas went on rouge ...
  • Meg is dead, long live Meg!!

    I really liked seeing Meg again. Finding out she and Cas were playing pizza deliveryboy when Cas was healing up was not as shocking as I thought it would be. Maybe because the writers have Cas acting like a different person every season, I guess I would expect him to have a season as a demon's little sex toy. Meg with Sam was the best part though. She was shocked to find out they didn't look for her even once in the year she was being tortured. And shocked and insulted that he didn't believe she was playing for Team Sam. I will miss her!! She was funny while being at least a little evil at the same time. fav quote, "Hello, I'm Meg and I'm a And to havie her go down swinging to protect the Winchesters was a great way to go out. She really was on Team Sam at the end.

    Not surprised to see Dean being overly protective of Sam for the long run. When he admitted he would know the price of a first edition Asian flesh mag from the 50s I wasn't surprised he was a porn connissuer, I was surprised he used Ebay. Wasn't it a week ago that the wiccan had to tell them that newage mystics were selling the same ingredients that Sam and Dean always bent over backward to acquire. He is either a fast study, or was already looking for vintage asian porn. too funny.
  • Fantastic - heartwrenching but beautiful

    If the title doesn't give it away already, can I just say that I LOVED this episode?

    I have many reasons, but if I had to choose one, it was the Dean and Cas scene in the crypts. From the very opening scene of the episode, we knew that Cas would try to kill Dean this episode. And when Cas finally attempted to, what Dean said rendered me completely speechless. Not once did Dean try to fight back against Cas - he even tried to comfort him and keep asking what was wrong after a few beatings (if I remember correctly - it's a bit of a whir in my mind!). Yet it was true, true words that shook Cas out... "we're family... I need you"... I just thought it was painfully beautiful. I can't go on enough about that scene!
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    Episode Name: Goodbye Stranger

    Air date: 3/20/2013

    Summary: Castiel (Misha Collins) reappears in Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean's (Jensen Ackles) life and tells them Crowley (guest star Mark Sheppard) has unleashed several demons into a small town. The demons are looking for Lucifer's Crypt, which holds a valuable asset, but Castiel lies to Sam and Dean about what it is. While interrogating a demon, the three discover Crowley has been torturing Meg (guest star Rachel Miner), who knows the exact location of the crypt. Sam and Meg fight to hold Crowley off while Dean and Castiel go in search of the crypt.