Season 8 Episode 17

Goodbye Stranger

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Mar 20, 2013 on The CW

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  • Simply a great episode (spoilers possible)

    I would agree with everyone previously posting, wow, what a great episode. We have the guys investigating some very grisly deaths obviously related to demons. We also find Dean hoping for Castiel to return and Sam hiding whatever is going on with him, coughing up blood. Then when things look really bleak for the guys Cas does show up and puts down the demons saving the guys. And in the background we find Cas dealing with Naomi who apparently has her own agenda that requires Cas to kill Dean. As they track the demons who have some agenda in the city they are visiting they come across their lair where they are torturing Meg and it is great to have cynical Meg back if only briefly. The big plot concerning the angel tablet and the Cas/Naomi relationship plays out with Crowley's return as well because he is chasing the tablet also. Finally we have Cas confronting Dean and fighting off Naomi's influence just before he would have killed Dean. That really brought out the depth of the relationship and sets things up for future episodes. Along the way is the Cas/Meg discussion as well as lots of information on many other things. A great episode to start the season finales after spring break.