Season 8 Episode 17

Goodbye Stranger

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Mar 20, 2013 on The CW

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  • Not the reunion I was expecting

    It would have been an interesting and heartbreaking episode on so many fronts if it weren't for the vomit-inducing interlude of Meg & Castiel.

    I'm not really one to root for villains. Or to even like them. But I like Crowley and I warmed up to Meg. And I get her flriting with Cas. She flirts with everyone. Plus, her snark is pretty amazing and she was in top form in this episode. And it sort of makes sense she would see in Cas a kindred spirit. But the fact that they are trying to convince me that Castiel is flirting back and that they have some doomed romance going on in teh same episode were Dean acts like a love struck Disney princess around Cas and where Dean is the one thing to get through Naomi's brainwashing in a cheap call back to season 5 finale? That is a little too much for me to take.

    The lenght these writers go to, to reinforce Dean's heterosexuality is bordering on laughable - if it wasn't so very sad at the same time. But the fact they felt the need to do the same with Cas? How desperate and scared do you really need to be?

    I liked the talk Sam had with Meg. It was heartbreaking to hear him admit he wants normal in the same breath he proclaims he can never have it. And I may be alone in this, but I like Amelia and I think they could actually work out. Maybe not completly demon-free, but work out never the less.

    And the brothers relationship seemed to stranghten a bit there in the end so we see how that goes.

    And we still don't really know who Noami is and what she wants and what the angel tablet does. And I miss Kevin.

    And I don't understand the last scene with Cas on the bus, beautiful as it was.

    I was looking forward to this episode but the reunion was bittersweet and left a weird taste in my mouth.
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