Season 8 Episode 17

Goodbye Stranger

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Mar 20, 2013 on The CW

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  • and Crowley is how old now?

    I thought that Crowley was a Scotsman who sold his soul for a bigger penis and after 10 years plus hundreds more rose through the ranks as low level crossroads demon to the King of all Hell. Well now a pointless interlude with Naomi and Crowley ruins that origin tale and a personal fan favorite episode of mine no longer fits into continuity. You see Crowley supposedly was in Mesopotamia with Naomi during their time together, well Mesopotamia was conquered and assimilated into what would become Iraq in the 3rd-4th century a good 1600-1700 years before he was born. So what the hell? Not only does this ruin the beginnings of Crowley the main freaking villain but also takes an important Bobby and Crowley episode of Supernatural out of continuity. This I will not forgive. "Weekend at Bobby's" was my favorite episode out of season 6 and now it's gone gone gone. Unless the writers fix this snafu real quick I find myself quitting this show for good because this hack writer has butchered history just for another Demon/Angel team up arc. Whatever praise I may have had for this episode cannot excuse or make up for this travesty of a revelation.