Season 8 Episode 17

Goodbye Stranger

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Mar 20, 2013 on The CW

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  • From Heaven With Love

    This was a pretty cool episode overall. Seeing Cass back in the show was welcome to say the least. Him dispatching the fake Deans and revealing that there are hundreds of them was surprising training from Naomi, whose game we are still uncertain of. When the brothers being to investigate victims whose eyes have been burned out and their organs liquified their trails leads to a bunch of people who have been possessed by demons and someone is smiting them. Turns out to be Castiel, and the demons are Crowley's minions looking for an old orchard that was sunk hundreds of years ago. Cass is told by Naomi not to divulge the secret of the Angel Tablet and to tell them that there is a parchment to read the other half of the Demon Tablet without Crowley's half instead. Cass saves the brothers from an onslaught of demons attacking a historian's house who is trying to figure out where the orchard was, which is actually one of Lucifer's old crypts. I like these little touches, and Crowley has just the person who could give him the locations of the crypts, Meg, whom they find in a hotel bathroom with a demon escort. She was really nice to see again, and Cass keeping them in dark about the Angel Tablet is much like Sam keeping the Demon Tablet a secret from her since she may have very well turned on them. But she does have a point in that she's proved herself to be Team Sam and Dean since after the Apocalypse and her musings about the world changing with Cass and her wanting to be with him as they had set up back in Season 6 was a great call back. But they broke the basic rule of TV which is anytime you begin to talk about a future and you're a secondary character you get iced which is exactly what happens. Castiel and Dean find the crypt and Cass manages to defy Naomi's orders and find out that he's been brainwashed by her. Dean getting through to Cass was very reminiscent of his getting through to Dean back in the Season 5 finale when he got the hell beaten out of him. I dislike the fact that they did away with Meg since she's been such an integral recurring part of the show since Season 1 and was one of the only remaining old timey anti-heroes that the writers hadn't killed off yet although her knife in Crowley's arm was a great way to go out. Her relating to Sam when he told her about Amelia was a great scene to counteract Dean's suspicions of Cass when they entered the crypt. Also when Cass disappeared again I did roll my eyes because this season seems to be so set on having his episodes be spread apart that they have him merely pop in and pop out without even saying goodbye. This makes sense in a way it's just that the execution with him keeping the tablet even from Naomi, who visits Crowley, WHAT?!!! Crowley and her have a good scene although I'm not sure why they're in fact so chummy or what Naomi's true intentions mean for the rest of Heaven now that she's the new management and Cass is on a bus to nowhere. Goodbye Rachel Miner, you will certainly be missed and I loved that she was a little angry that they didn't look for her at all after Dean and Cass went to Purgatory. So I guess now there's only Garth and Kevin which is really depressing when you think about how well rounded the Winchester ally ranks were back at the beginning of Season 5 persay and have slowly dwindled. I get that all they touch dies due to their lifestyle but it felt lazily thrown in, they should at least have had her die in the finale or the penultimate episode of the season or something. It just didn't feel right with the timing. Anyway, this was an all right episode that furthered and expanded the mythology, and Dean of course found out about Sam's keeping his blood cough from him and is pissed. I'm worried by Cass's "your damaged in ways that even I can't repair" and how they only sort of hint at it in the episode. But overall it was a good episode that makes me appreciate that next season Cass will be returned the series regular to my relief.