Season 2 Episode 17


Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Mar 22, 2007 on The CW

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  • Being a hunter doesn't always mean there's going to be a happy ending.

    A tragic story, who would have thought? Not that losses are a new thing to Supernatural, but to do it in a Romeo and Juliet manner involving love makes the tragedy that much greater. The acting Sam displays with his nervous and awkward behaviour around the girl he's protecting, Madison, was what really set the whole short lived love relationship off. Here's Sam's turn to finally get his shot at getting some ass and the awkwardness he displays just makes it that much cuter. Though when we discover Madison is actually the werewolf? Not the biggest twist in the world, it's what happens later that really shows its impact saved for the end. When it grew apparent that Madison wasn't healed of her disease, in your heart you were hoping that somehow, someway, Sam and Dean were going to find a way to cure her, that Bobby or any other superficial method could have saved her. Even in the dying seconds of the episode you were hoping for it, and then BANG! is all you hear. Tragedy executed finely.
  • Very emotional episode, poor Sammy!

    In this episode Sam and Dean are investigating the death of a man and believe it is the work of Maddison's psyco ex boyfriend. But when they go to his house and they find a man behind a dumpster who looks to have been mauled by an animal they decide to re think their plan.

    It turns out that they are dealing with a werewolf. Sam and Maddison get closer and then Sam realises that Maddison is the werewolf they are looking for. Sam convinces Dean to track down the werewolf that bit her in the hopes of reversing what happened.

    That doesn't work...

    So when Maddison goes missing and calls Sam to pick her up because she is all bloody and can't remember what happened Sam realises that they can't save her and so does Maddison.

    Dean says he will do it but Maddison wants Sam to. So he takes Dean's gun that has the silver bullet in it and does what Maddison asks of him.

    Poor Sammy is crying and there is also a tear running down Dean's face too.
  • A Really Emotional Episode! Poor Sam!

    This episode did start out a little slow, but the last 20 minutes really makes up for the earlier lag. As the story unfolds, we learn that a business man was killed in his high-rise office by what seemed to be a wolf (though the coroner, for her career's sake, is planning on pinning the death on a pit-bull). The boys find out there have also been other deaths that could be linked, since the bodies of prostitutes have been found in the river. Sam and Dean suspect that the werewolf is ex-boyfriend of the dead man's sexy secretary Madison, and so Sam stays with her, posing as a detective, while Dean goes and searches for the ex-boyfriend. There ends up being 2 werewolves, not just 1: Madison and her neighbor. Sam hopes that by killing the werewolf that turned Madison into one, she'll be cured. Sam has to tie her up and keep watch over her while Dean goes out and finds this other werewolf. Madison has no idea what she's been doing at night and thinks Sam is crazy, but before Dean can kill the other werewolf, she turns and Sam is forced to lock her in a heavily barricaded closet. Dean shoots the other werewolf (only then discovering it was Madison's nice neighbor), and before the guy dies, he's obviously confused and clearly didn't realize what he'd been doing. When Madison "wakes up" in her human form, she discovers herself naked and inside a closet that is riddled with scratches and obvious claw marks. Sam lets her out, and then Sam and Dean sit outside her apartment, watching her to make sure she doesn't turn again that night. Madison comes out and invites them back into her apartment, because she realizes they were telling the truth and figures they might as well wait it out together. The night passes without her turning and then Dean makes an ungraceful exit so that she and Sam can hook up. Sam and Madison have apparently hours and hours of sex before falling asleep together. Sam wakes up and discovers that Madison has turned into a werewolf again, and she escapes. The next morning she calls, confused and scared, and Sam and Dean go pick her up. Sam insists that there must be a way to cure her, but Dean says he talked to Bobby and that there isn't any known cure. Madison insists that she doesn't want to hurt anyone else and that the only way to save her is to kill her. She asks that Sam be the one to do it. At first, Sam walks away, tears in his eyes, and you think Dean is going to shoot her instead, but when Dean walks over to Sam and offers to do it, Sam says, no, that he'll do it, because that is what she wants. Sam takes the gun, leaves Dean standing there with tears in his eyes, and then we hear the gunshot. By the end, tears were just streaming out of my eyes. It was so so sad. I actually liked Madison, and I thought she and Sam seemed right together. Though it may have just been a fling, you can tell that Sam really cared for her. It was also really sweet to see Dean so affected by the sadness of the situation and by his brother's pain. All in all, one of my favorite episodes of the series so far. I only have two complaints about the episode. 1). They say that they don't know why Madison didn't turn one night but then did turn the next, with Dean speculating that maybe it was because she didn't go to sleep the one night, but what about the night she was tied up in the chair? Was she asleep before turning that time? (I'll have to go back and check on the DVD.) Anyway, if that explanation doesn't work, I'm not sure what could possibly explain it! 2). I thought "Hollywood Babylon" was the wrong episode to follow this one. It's far too light-hearted. Even though Madison and Sam weren't a long-term couple, shooting someone with whom you'd just shared a night of passion, that must leave some lasting scars. After losing Jessica the way he did and then his father, you would think the events of this episode would leave him feeling at least a little depressed.

    All in all, a wonderful, but heart-breaking episode!
  • Supernatural, keep on like this!

    Supernatural's Season 2 most be the best for me. It includes so much drama and action, and so much tension, and this episode proves it. Sam and Dean cross a town with a werwolf problem. Sam falls in love with a girl... who turns out to be the werewolf!
    Ok, I knew it from the beginning, I knew Madison was the werewolf, blah blah blah, but I never thought that it would sbe such a great episode. This might be the only werewolf episode in the series, and that makes it unique. The episode is full of drama and is so amazing. This, with no doubt, is one of my favorite eps.
  • Kind of weak at the beginning, the episode grows and grows and becomes really tantalizing by the end.

    The beginning of "Heart" was rather weak in my opinion: the teaser was good enough to grab my attention, even if slightly cliched, but the first quarter of the episode is a little odd. I mean: Sam and Dean meets the girl and then suddenly they are doing rock-paper-scissor to know who gets to stay with her because she's hot. Sounds like a thing Dean would have done (and he's my favorite character, mind you: I'm not judgmental), but Sam? Not so much, at least to me. Furthermore, the explanation of why Madison killed her boss is a bit far-fetched and contrived, and the visual appearance of the werewolves not so thrilling (they are indeed too similar to vampires, as Sera Gamble admitted in the Season Two Companion).

    The why on earth I gave a perfect score to the episode? Because, when it starts kicking, it *really* starts kicking and it becomes an hell of an episode: the script is both fascinatingly mesmerizing and emotionally intense, the acting wonderful (Jared Padalecki is just perfect in the final scene), the direction top-notch (Kim Manners, we will miss you) as well as the cinematography. And Queensyriche's "Silent Lucidity" is an awesome choice as the closing song. When Dean discovers that the werewolf is Madison, "Heart" becomes completely spellbinding and enthralling, and they way Sera Gamble delved into Sam's fears and desires is touching and mindful.

    As a character-driven episode, "Heart" is a real winner and even my few quibbles aren't enough to overshadow the depth of the script (in the second half) and the great accomplishment of all the cast.
  • I sort of knew that Madison was the werewolf, it has become sort of a cliche that the innocent ones always turn out to be the bad ones!!! i wish that Sam and Dean could have found a cure for her but i suppose there has to be a sad ending in it all.

    I really felt sorry for Sam, I would think that after all he has been through he could find a nice girl to help him move on. I also felt sorry for Dean as he on many occasions has to be the bearer of bad news and in this episode he had to break the news to Sam that there is no cure for Madison, shame, i totally could imagine her being on the road with the boys!!! There is only on thing that I cannot shake and that is what was up with the ex boyfriend!!! is he the bad guy or was he only just keeping an eye out for Madison....
  • Sam finally hooks up in this sad, yet great episode.

    It was only a matter of time before Supernatural covered werewolves. The show has done a good job of covering a number of different supernatural entities and beings, and werewolves are just the next. This episode brought the same level of intensity and sarcasm from Dean that we've come to expect, but with an additional layer of sadness. Whenever the brothers get a glimpse of what their life could be like if they weren't hunters, there's always a catch. Watching Sam as he comes to realize what he has to do at the end of the episode is heartbreaking.

    After a few filler episodes, this episode felt like it was back to form. We got to see Sam actually find a woman who he likes and has a chance to form a relationship with, and in the end, even Dean can see the struggle that Sam has.

    With the season approaching the end, it's become clear that they're going to be ending with a bang. There's a lot of tension being built up, not necessarily between the brothers but within them. This was just another great episode in an awesome season so far.
  • Say it.

    This episode was so sad, just admit it, I know some people don't like the female characters on the show, but Madison should of been kept alive, all that sex for nothing, that is just a shame. Another unexpected ending, Madison is a werewolf, I would of never expected that. But I did expect the werewolf to be the neighbor. That is just obvious. Seeing everything around Sam loves dying is just hurtful & painful to watch. Plus the fact that he had to kill her off. I would of committed suicide by then. Pretty good acting with another unexpected twist.
  • just my take on the episode heart it was well worth watching just to see the biceps and to have a cry

    i thought this one was totally intense and for a change it wasnt dean being the babe magnet even though they both babe magnets you cant help but want someone to make sam even for a little bit be happy .i think the worste me was watching the bond grow the cute and quirky things couples at the start do and then when they're talking and testing the waters you can see it all i thought it was really well written such a tear jerker i cried so hard when he had to kill her and the tears were just streaming down his and his brother offers but he fekt as though he had to do it for her and probably for himself better to hate the devil you know right?.
  • A unique episode in everything. "Painful to watch" in the best way possible.

    The one episode I'm most conflicted about; it's good, but I hate it, I enjoyed it, but I never watched it again, it had one of Jared's best performances, but I didn't like him in it … I don't know why, maybe the story, as good as it was, was too hopeless for my taste, and while I know that certain things in life can't be overcome, and such a plot is inevitable on such I show, still the inborn optimist in me refuses to believe this story, hence I rather avoid it.
    It was "painful to watch" in the best way possible.

    The casting was great, I really like the guest actress (Emmanuelle …)and she did a wonderful job. Kudos to our boys too, especially Jared, this is one of his finest performances. And Jensen was equally brilliant.
  • Jared really gets to do something amazing

    I didn't know how much I was going to enjoy this episode, I was a little werewolf-shy, but oh my god. It took me a while to get used to the main girl actress (and I feel bad cause I can't remember her name), because she was from one of my brothers Need For Speed games. But when I finally realised that it was Sam's turn to hook up with a girl I was like 'Good. It will be nice for him since it's usually Dean who ends up scoring.') So yeah, I was exicted for Sam and I got over the fact that I recognised the girl pretty early and figured I could enjoy the episode...and then things went to hell. The final scene of this episode is all I'm really going to talk about, because quite frankly after I watched it, it's basically all I could remember. I haven't really cried in Supernatural yet, which is unusual for me since I cry at the drop of a hat. So unless something happened and Dean got really upset I was kind of used to Sam looking a little like a lost puppy. Until this episode. Sam's character spends the majority of the time in some sort of emotional crisis (which is fair enough you know, considering), and even Dean gets the occasional 'I'm hurt but won't show it', which I personally find a lot more upsetting then the more obvious emotional distress. But this episode, Sam is just so incredibly heart broken that I cried for the entire final scene. I think what got me the most, and it's not just the incredible acting that Jared does in this episode, was the fact that pretty much the entire speech which Maddie gives to Sam, is a replica of the one Sam gave to Dean in the episode "Born Under a Bad Sign). And the look that Sam gives Dean just before he goes back into the room to do what he has to, is one of the saddest things I have ever seen on this show.

    So, Jared's acting in this episode is beyond anything I had seen on the show, and I have believed from the start that the acting is amazing. And even Jensen is allowed his moment in the final seconds of the episode, without taking away from the intensely painful experience of what Sam goes through.

    Basically, I haven't cried this hard since as long as I could remember and I believe this to be the saddest moment in Supernatural history (except for the idea behind Sams journey in 'The Mystery Spot'). I'm not sure where I am going with this now. It made me wonder whether or not Sam's ability to kill someone he loves, when Dean is unable to do the same means Sam is emotionally stronger than Dean? Or maybe not, since his emotional connection with Maddie can't come close to Dean's with Sam. Should Maddie have asked Sam to do it? Or should she have realised what this would do to him and asked Dean who would not have been effected in the same way? I don't know. All I do know is, this episode was such an emotional milestone in the 'Dean saving/killing Sam' storyline. It was painful to watch Sam go through what he did in this episode, but it was so amazing to see Jared just completely lose it on screen that I am incredibly glad it was made.
  • The warewolf episode.

    It was only a matter of time before they attemped this episode... and i have to say that they pulled it off well. The whole story went together really well and i liked how they finally gave Sam a woman instead of the usual Dean. So the basic story was a young woman is turning into a warewolf at night. The only problem is that she does not know she is and the boys have to inform her...then kill her! It was a real shocked and was made espcially hard for Sam as he had fallen for her. I liked this whole personal touch and maybe more episodes like this should be made in the future.
  • The brothers are excited about coming across a werewolf. They haven't seen once since they were kids! After some investigation they come across an intelligent, pretty girl. And a series of grisly killings somehow linked to her.

    The end of this episode is so moving and revealing. Sam faces the dilema of having to end the life of a good person who is capable of doing horrible things. And he reluctantly does the deed. It is so heartwrenching to see Sam have to make this decision, and to see his older brother Dean not being able to protect Sam from everything. Also, Sam now understands what Dean might have to go thru if Sam ever "turns bad." I like this show for its supernatural storylines, but I love this show for the great characters that have so much depth. I have grown to really care about these characters as they interact with one another in this strange supernatural world they live in.
  • Fantastic episode!

    Just like every other Supernatural episode, I loved this one. I think it was a fantastic episode. I think the ending was extremely sad. I cried when I saw Sam and Dean cry. Sam tries to help this woman, who does not believe she is a werewolf. She thinks Sam and Dean are crazy for saying she is a werewolf. I think that woman was actually good for Sam. I think it was a way for him to move on from Jessica. And that's one thing that I liked about this episode. Very well written and great acting from all. Fantastic episode!!
  • wonderful ending

    A really sad episode, I honestly didn't see the ending coming since the boys always find a way out no matter how tough the situation could've been. The last scene was probably one of the best scenes I've watched in any television series. The acting was spectacular and at the top. I didn't really like Madison's character, to be honest, and i wouldn't have in any way wanted to see her in coming episodes. I enjoyed the fact that Sam was able to connect and interact with another person, especially with his messed up head. What I also liked is how the episode put the ex-boyfriend as a primary focus in terms of who the werewolf was. I honestly didn't expect it to be Madison. Excellent show.
  • The ending was one of the best, surprising and saddest scenes ever.

    I just loved that episode. It was not THE best episdoe ever because it was easy to guest that Madison was the werewolf but the ending was simply wonderful. I think the reason that the episode was so good was not entirely but most because of the ending. The way they did it was simply amazing. Dean crying, the gun shot endind the episode and the good but sad song ("Silent Lucidity" by Queensryche) really make me shed a tear. I really thought they saved her. Just when Sam started to love again and found another girl. I was really sad.
  • Sam and Dean hunt a werewolf. Sam falls for the girl and loses her :(

    Sam and Dean investigate a suspicious murder only to figure out they are looking for a werewolf. The victim was the boss of Madison, the girl who found him dead. The brothers suspect Madison's creepy ex-boyfriend to be the killer. While Dean heads out to investigate, Sam stay with Madison to make sure that she is safe. Sam and Madison bond. Dean find out, after she attacks him, that Madison is the werewolf. Sam is convinced that she doesn't know what she is doing, as she claims she can't remember anything. Dean tries to sever the blood line to try and save Madison. Once they think she is saved Dean leaves and Sam and Madison get it on. When Sam awakes he looks up just in time to see Madison as a werewolf, jumping out the window. Once they find her she begs Sam to kill her as she doesn't want to hurt anyone else. After much argument Sam complies. This is by the best and most tear-jerking episode of Supernatural. And the sex scene between Sam and Madison, just one word: DAMN!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Werewolf in San Francisco - Sam finally finds another woman to love and loses her.

    Dean's had his romance (with sex!) episode and now it's Sam's turn! But where Dean and Cassie parted ways on good terms, Sam's romantic interlude ends in tragedy.

    I must say I liked Madison, she's actually a far better match for Sam than Jessica. Okay, I realize we barely knew Jess but they just never gave off the sparks that Sam and Madison did. She's smart, funny, tough and brave and is one of the rare women who actually notice Sam first, instead of Dean. It really was funny how she kept ignoring Dean (much to his confusion) and staring into Sam's eyes! I totally get it though – Sam's the one you marry, Dean's the one you have the hot affair with… but I must qualify that statement by pointing out that if Dean was in love, he'd make a wonderful husband – see Carmen in 'What Is..'. He'd really be a fantastic father too.

    I really enjoy when the boys pretend to be law enforcement and here, Sam is just adorable as the sexy, charming street cop when he's talking to the coroner and Madison. And we finally see Dean's inner geek and gives Sam a chance to tease Dean for a change! The silver bullets are seriously cool. And what was that comment about seeing a werewolf when they were kids?! John first took Dean hunting when he was 16 (though Dean never did say, or imply, what it was) so how did they see a werewolf?

    What is Madison thinking letting the creepy religious (prostitute-killing werewolf) guy into her apartment?! I noticed something about the way they first met Madison – Sam was standing in front of Dean and took the lead, which is very unusual, Dean's usually the dominant one. It was seriously funny when Madison's describing Nate and Sam looks at Dean, realizing the description fits, then Dean looks at him puzzled! Completely understandable that after the mugging, she ignores Dean completely (who is adorable bad-boy to his bones, though not stalker-bad-boy like her ex) then do the smart thing and go for the bad-boy's gorgeous baby brother. Good choice! You actually get the impression that Madison doesn't exactly like Dean, and from her perspective, who can blame her?

    Dean is thrilled his brother is bonding with Madison which leads to several funny moments, but Dean has acted like this every time Sam meets a nice girl, reinforcing what we already know: Dean wants nothing but Sam's happiness. You can immediately see why Sam empathises with her, seeing himself in her: Dean calls her a monster, when he could say the same thing about Sam. When Sam talks of saving her, he's talking about himself too. They have been going on about Sam's dark destiny for a few weeks now but this was actually done with subtlety. "I don't want to hurt anyone else, I don't want to hurt *you*." Sam's exact words in 'Born Under' to Dean (though I grant you it was technically Meg).

    Little things: didn't Sam think it was odd that Dean didn't check in the entire night? Shouldn't Madison have been more alarmed waking up naked when she has a strange man in her house? And her being wrapped perfectly in the sheet was convenient. Glenn as the werewolf was pretty obvious but Madison being the second werewolf was a surprise.

    Then the good stuff: Loved the scene where Sam has Madison tied up, you can feel her terror, wondering why the warm, fun Sam of the previous night has been replaced by a cold, scary psycho with a gun. Forgetting everything we know about Sam and Dean: imagine this from her point of view, I get chills just thinking about it! Her terror quickly turns to hysteria, "They're not real, you know they're not real!!" The actress plays all of these scenes to perfection!

    Sam locking her in the closet was brilliant, next morning she can see the proof for herself and when she turns around, he's already gone… as he promised. Liked her catching them 'lurking' in the car, she's right, the Impala isn't exactly subtle. But then again, Dean's not exactly a subtle guy – I laughed when he puts the gun on the table and they both stare at him! Madison hugging Sam so warmly then just thanks Dean! This episode has some fantastic little scenes and some of the most genuine funny moments. Dean punching the air when he leaves – it's called 'tact', Dean!

    Then: The Scene. I know I have Sam on a pedestal but I still blush watching the sex scene. This was something I'd expect from Dean, not my sweet, innocent Sam! Guess all that porn paid off! You realize they were at it all night since Dean left at dawn and Madison turned that night! Very, very hot scene. I have to admit I was forced to revise my mental Sam as I would have sworn he wasn't capable of this kind of sex. It's like watching my little brother have sex, except he's really hot and this Sam doesn't inspire anything like sisterly love…

    My heart breaks every time I watch the final scene. How Madison is so brave and knows immediately what Dean is gently trying to say. Dean tries, half-heartedly offering alternatives he would never usually offer, for Sam's sake. When her voice breaks, "You tried, I know you tried…" Sam knows the right thing to do and does it, even when Dean tries to take the burden off him. For once, Sam won't let Dean protect him. He weeps for the innocent Madison and the future they could have had and Dean feels Sam's pain as if it were his own. Sam didn't even cry like this when Jess died. That single tear down Dean's cheek, absolutely beautiful. This is the first time the brothers have cried together. This also marks the first time that Sam kills a person. Sam now has blood on his hands, just like Dean.

    Seems Fate really has it in for the Winchesters, not a single one of them has ever had a genuine break, every time something good happens, they get slapped hard for it. Sam falls for Jessica and Madison and they both die; John marries Mary and has two beautiful sons only to watch Mary die and his sons traumatized; Dean gets his family back only to have John exchange his life for his. This family has a great destiny and it has nothing to do with living happily ever after.

    The one problem I have isn't even with this episode but the aftermath – in 'Babylon' they act like nothing happened, Madison who? Dean tentatively mentions her once then Sam is normal, unlike how he reacted when Jess died. Given that he personally pulled the trigger and how distraught he was at the time, I would have expected continuity in his behaviour. The writers let us down on that. Everything in this episode implies that Sam and Madison were already falling in love.

    Though werewolves is such an obvious topic for a series like this, they still manage to make it enjoyable. They manage to revamp traditional horror legends and make them fresh. The idea that a werewolf is unaware of what they are and that they turn when asleep/unconscious is a clever one, sort of a Jekyl and Hyde thing, the animal subconscious.

    Last thoughts:
    - While in Kurt's apartment, Sam says maybe the missing hearts are behind the ice cream and Dean actually starts to look there!
    - Dean is at another two crime scenes, one of which has a witness getting a good look at his face after he kills Glenn! Is it any wonder the FBI think he's a psycho?
    - Sam and Dean playing Rock/Paper/Scissors about who stays. "Because I'm older." Sam's eager reaction once he won was so sweet. "Dean, always with the scissors!"
    - Sam sitting at the table and Madison dumps her skimpy underwear out in front of him, making him run for the couch and she smiles triumphantly!
    - Madison gets Sam hooked on soaps!
    - Dean phones Sam to say he found Kurt but is in a strip club! And really, Dean, a dollar?!

    It was wonderful to see Sam get a second chance but honestly, much as I like Madison, I'm not sure I would still feel as warmly if she'd lived. Her death was essential – the series can't have regular female romantic interests (look at Jo's brief time, the writers very quickly wrote her back out), what we care about is the boys together. However, this episode serves another purpose, giving Sam some much needed downtime, an illusion of normalcy and everything that happens to this family renews their will to fight. Jared and Jensen really go above and beyond here, this was angst on a whole new level. A really beautiful character episode.
  • Same and Dean investigate a series of grisly murders connect to a werewolf prowling San Francisco. Madison, a woman whose boss was killed by the werewolf, is protected by the brothers as they investigate her ex-boyfriend turned stalker.


    This is another episode where the evil they have to destroy isn't completely evil. Dean's excitement about hunting werewolves in the beginning of the episode is cute to see, but in light of how the episode turns out kind of tragic. You know that he will never again be excited about hunting werewolves.

    Madison, a nice and beautiful girl, finds her boss horribly mutilated. Since she is being stalked by her ex-boyfriend, Sam and Dean assume the boyfriend must be the werewolf. After deciding who will stay with Madison during a hilarious game of rock, paper, scissors – Dean always chooses scissors ("two out of three" and then he chooses scissors again, loses again) is just freaking hilarious. Through staying with Madison it is obvious that Sam is falling for her.

    This episode is really a great one for Sam. I just love him in this episode. He is kind and compassionate, but also a competent hunter. When Dean calls him to tell him Madison is the werewolf and Sam instantly goes into hunter mode even though he liked Madison you can see the taste of betrayal on his face. You feel really bad for him, but you also feel bad for Madison as she clearly has no idea that she is a werewolf. Once Sam realizes that she has no clue that she is a werewolf, he convinces Dean to try to save Madison and promises her that after that she won't see him again. She, of course, turns into a werewolf and he traps her in the closet. In the morning when he lets her out and tells her that she won't have to see him again, it is really sweet and kind of sad. This is where Madison realizes that he was telling the truth as the closet she was trapped in was clawed up and trashed.

    Meanwhile, Dean hunts and kills the werewolf who bit Madison in an attempt to save her. Dean really needs for things to be black and white, but after he shoots the werewolf it turns back into Glen, Madison's neighbor. Now Glen is just a man who has been shot and is dying. He has no idea what happened or what he was doing. Dean, who was so excited about hunting werewolves in the beginning, comforts Glen as he dies. Dean is not just comic relief in this episode but also very much part of the tragedy. He feels horrible for Glen, and it is written all over his face as comforts Glen as Glen dies.

    The boys stake out Madison's house to make sure that killing Glen worked in curing her. To her credit she invites them inside where they wait out the night to make sure that she doesn't change. She doesn't and Dean leaves, in his obvious Dean way, so that Sam can be alone with Madison.

    Sam finally gets laid! This was a good sex scene and Jared Padalecki has some seriously scary muscles on him. Very cut. After they have sex and fall asleep, Madison turns into a werewolf and runs out the window.

    Poor Sam. He is desperate to find a way to save Madison and as he and Dean go over the options, there just don't seem to be any*. Madison calls Dean from a payphone having no clue where she went. They pick her up and take her back to the apartment. The scene in the apartment carries a huge emotional punch. Dean tells her that there is no way to cure her. He also tells her that they could lock her up but she would eventually get out one night and kill someone.

    Madison asks Sam to kill her so she doesn't kill anyone else. She tells him that she doesn't want to die, but she doesn't want to be responsible for the death of anyone else. She grabs the gun and holds it out to him and says she can't do it herself and needs him to kill her. Sam's crying, Madison's crying. Sam looks like a trapped animal as she is holding the gun out to him. Dean comes up behind her – in one of the best directed scenes – and takes the gun from her and Sam leaves the room.

    The two brothers in the kitchen, with Sammy crying and Dean trying to take the burden from him is just so rough. The acting here is just so good and the relationship between these two guys is so well done. Dean wants to protect his brother even from this, but since Madison asked Sam to do it he won't let Dean make things easier on him. Sam just looks at Dean, crying and shakes his head with these tragic eyes, so well acted and so well directed. The close up on Dean at the end, where he cries too because of how much it sucks and how he can't protect Sam from everything is great. The sound of the gun going off and Dean's reaction to it had me crying openly at the end of the episode. The way Dean reacts to the gunshot has put Jensen Ackles at the top of my list of great actors. He jumps but again, in a much more realistic painful way than in a way you jump because of a loud noise.

    This was such a great episode with character growth of both Sam and Dean. Poor Sam is probably going to be celibate after this for a good long time. Again, another episode with brilliant writing and brilliant acting and brilliant directing and brilliant use of music ("Silent Lucidity" was perfect here). This show get better with each and every episode. I can only imagine how great season 3 is going to be as this show just continues to improve on itself.

    *(Although I should point out that my husband is vehement about how they could have found a way to keep her locked up during the time she was likely to wolf out. I don't really agree, but it should be pointed out that he thinks that they should have just stayed with her and built her a really good cell for when she wolfed out)
  • Sam and Dean travel to San Francisco - finally a city people have heard of - to hunt a werewolf. Sam falls for the girl, Sam loses the girl. And Dean is just funny. Chaos and sadness ensue.

    Sam and Dean hear of a werewolf in San Francisco, they become excited about this next mission. When they get there they meet Madison, the woman who found her boss mutilated by the thing. Sam stays with her for the night to make sure she is safe while Dean goes and looks for her stalkerish ex-boyfriend. Sam becomes very nervous around and find her very "impressive", while Dean finds Madisons ex very "dead", by none other than Madison herself who is a werewolf. Sam and Dean after realizing she might not know herself they try to save her by finding the one who bit her to severe the bloodline which might free her. It turns out to be Madisons neighbor. After Sam keeps her tied to chair then threatens her with a gun, and then getting attacked by Madison once she wolfs out. Sam tells her she will never see him again now that she is cured. But just to be safe Sam and Dean hang around to make sure. Once positive that she won't turn Dean leaves in his regular funny fashion to leave Madison and Sam to have there nice long moment together. Madison turns later that night and this is where the tears come. Sam can't bear to kill Madison once she asks him to. But once he realizes that he has to do it, he leaves Dean in the kitchen and goes into the living room to shot Madison. Close up on Dean, a tear running down his face...a shot...and a flinch. Blackout. Best episode i've seen so far.
  • Sam and Dean hunt a werewolf.

    I liked this episode but i didn't give it a ten because of the sad ending. It was nice seeing Sam be with a girl for once, but you know why does he always lose her, I mean, Jessica died, guest star Taylor Cole, I forgot her name in the episode, he left her you know coz of the job, and now he had to shoot Madison. Why o why? Well maybe when the seried ends then he gets to have a happy ending, i hope it's not too soon though. So Sam, suck it up! Ok, the story was great. I mean, hello werewolf. It didn't have the same twist, coz she didn't turn back to normal when the one who bite her died. All in all i'll recommend this episode.
  • Sam and Dean hunt Werewolves.

    WOW! This was an EXCELLENT episode. I think it was time Sam got some love interest. Jared Padalecki did GREAT in this episode. Especially at the end, he totally teared me up! :) Jensen was hilarious as always in this episode. I liked how awkward Dean was when Sam and Madison were talking or when Madison was trying to give the gun to Sam? I loved the way Jensen portrayed Dean at that moment. It was phenomenal. It wasn't anything cheezy or anything like that. It was absolutely awesome! I loved the tear at the end with Dean. The last look Sam gives Dean at the end made me bawl! I liked the bit where Jensen jumped when the gun went off. EXCELLENT job you guys! You did absolutely great! :)
  • Earth! Fire! Wind! Water! [Insert title here]...When your powers combine, I am Captain Werewolf!

    Before I begin, I just need to say that I'm quite happy I'm not a regular viewer of Smallville because I caught the last five minutes of the episode before Heart and saw that Clark waited until right before Lana's wedding to tell her that he loved her (at least it seemed like a Very Important Speech® so I'm assuming that it was when he did so, I don't know anything about the backstory)! Regardless, I'm angry at that character decision, and am determined to stop all of you from doing the same. Public Service Announcement: Children, tell people you love them now! Go! Vaminos!

    That PSA is rather appropriate for "Heart," too, (see the pun Supernatural's Powers that Be did there, huh? didja? huh?) but more on that later. Randomly – I do like when the episodes take place in a major city. It's statistically probable – more people, more likelihood of el que no es humano – and it's a nice change of pace from the country road (even though I do want Supernatural to end on the highway). Plus, an episode in the city allows tPtB to include the scariest part of all of Supernatural – the Boys' uncanny ability to park anywhere downtown AH!

    So let's try to have an intelligent discussion about this episode. I really liked it. Maybe this is just because I've been watching some of my not-so-favorite season one episodes, and everyone involved with Supernatural has really grown, but I think that "Heart" had a great deal of merit by itself.

    One such merit is the nice mixture of twist and straight-shooting that is involved in the writing these days. That is to say – that Madison was the werewolf, which you weren't to have expected, as was that Kurt was just a creepy guy ("People are just crazy"); on the other hand, I think everyone knew as soon as we saw the stereotypical "bake a casserole" guy hanging out in Madison's apartment that he was some type of el que no es humano.

    I took great pleasure in the cinematography of this episode. I'm pretty sure that tPtB have been playing around with the tinting, these last two episodes (or else I need to work on fixing my television set?) The color seemed a little washed out, a little bleak, and it had a nice effect and granted a good tone to the episode. The very brief shot of Madison's scared face (yay red herrings!) in the rearview mirror was also beautiful. I always wonder – do the establishing shots of major city skylines come from stock footage? Do all networks share the same stuff or are there various rolls in every network's vaults? I can't imagine that every production will fork over the money to get a helicopter just for some establishing shots, especially in today's digital age.

    More random notes, but still on the production – was the "Supernatural" title effect more explosive than usual or was it just me? It was quite wonderful, regardless. Another little quirk was briefly in the final shot of the first interrogation, where Dean's in the frame, looking at Madison, who is off-camera to the left, it almost looked like his eyes were cross-eyed. I didn't think he was cross-eyed...I puzzled upon that over the next scene, and decided it was probably just a trick of the shot, which is certainly possible; he was at one angle to the camera and was looking at another angle. Not really all that important, but then again, what do I talk about that is?

    I'm going to go ahead and directly refute that last statement right now. I'm a little conflicted about Madison as a feminist character. On the one hand, as she admitted, she took control of her life after the mugging. As I wrote; "YAY control! Go team!" But she still works as a gatekeeper. And this is the second time in a row that el que no es humano has turned out to be the female who seemed to be the damsel in distress. Also in both cases, said damsel proved herself to be intelligent, compassionate, and a strong character. Is this a continuation of the witch archetype, as exemplified by Meg in the first season? On the other hand, much as I don't really like all...Jo is a strong character, as is Ellen (whom I do like), as are some other weekly-spot guest actors. I guess the point is that I'm not accusing Supernatural as a show of advocating the witch archetype, but just saying that it's present – it's prevalent in society, unfortunately.

    Some thoughts – when I thought Madison was going to be the first victim, I was going to write more about the whole "love your neighbor" thing – I had written, "Also, just love each other kids, then you won't get killed as you're walking to your car by yourself!" Obviously she had nothing to worry about. Keeping in terms of the whole "try to survive the horror movie" theme, I think the boys should have FBI style radio earpieces. "Maintain radio contact!" (spoken in Brock Samson voice, of course) is running through my head. Sam's pick-up line of "You're smart because you have books," while not quite as obtuse as I just made it out to be, reminded me too much of the line from Anchorman, "I have many leather-bound books and my apartment smells of rich mahogany" for me to take it seriously. (By the way, I love books like "Eats, Shoots and Leaves," and habitually frequent sites like "Common Errors in English," but I was just reading about some words used in the wrong context and I had to triple check that I wanted to use "obtuse" because the reading had thrown my brain for a loop.) Finally, I'm counting the white vest the male werewolf's potential victim had on as a White Clothing Article of DOOM™. I haven't been keeping count of them through season two, though, so I don't know the count. for the bad stuff. I have a serious problem with the damsel-in-distress a week. Before I get started on that, the pathos of the final scene was ruined a little bit for me because of Madison's line, "I'm a monster" – which was fine writing and delivered well, but reminded me of Buster from Arrested Development. I couldn't stop laughing, picturing his hand. Anyway. Yes, the scene is filled with pathos. Yes, the Boys can make themselves cry. Yes, Sam's sad that he has to kill this woman that he had sex with.

    But he met her three days ago. You can get to know someone in such a short amount of time, but it's still just a shallow emotional impact. Love at first sight? Maybe. But how many people can be their One True Love at First Sight™? I've spoken before about the flaws of different media. Books allow you a great insight into characters but thrills are by necessity the deep, long-winded kind. On the opposite end of the spectrum are movies, who obviously are at break-neck pace, especially compared to books, but by necessity can't dwell as much on character insight as books are. They rely more on inferences and stereotypes for the audience to understand and identify with characters.

    Television falls somewhere in the middle, and for that reason the guest-star-a-week deal really is the one greatest flaw of the show. Obviously it's necessary to the style of "saving people, hunting things, doing what Dad wants us to do," etc. I get it. But that style limits the amount of character depth that can be explored in everyone except for the Boys, leaving us with variations on the two archetypes: damsel-in-distress, or witch-incognito. Like I've said before, I can't believe that every person they've helped can just go on and live their life as if nothing has happened, at best being like the man from "Phantom Traveler," who calls them up when he thinks he has another el que no es humano. Why not reemploy some actors and actresses and show how they have evolved? Supernatural is a show rich in continuity, rich in mythology, but it cheats because beside the two topmost tiers (the top being the Boys, the second regular guest stars which are countable on one hand: John, Jo, Ellen, Ash, Bobby [well, and Meg. So – countable on Hannibal Lector's hand.]) anyone who is recurring (primarily Yellow-Eyes) can be possessing whomever he wants.

    I want to see Missouri again. Much as I disliked the episode, I want to see the siblings from Wendigo again. And so on. We're supposed to feel like the Boys are changing these peoples' lives. "Don't just say the fat lady sings – bring her on and make her sing," as my absolute favorite Mark Twain quote goes. What if Madison had not been Madison, but had in fact been the girl from "Skin" (whose name escapes me, I've talked about how bad I am with names, and I can't check just now) who was friends with Sam? Then we have the implied background, which we learned from "Skin," plus the relationship that we as viewers had with her. Then it would make more sense to explain why Sam could feel so emotionally broken – he hasn't fallen in love with this random character in the space of three days, but knows her intimately, intellectually, and emotionally. That, little ones, is drama.

    Granted, I also am among those who complain at the attempts to have long-term relationships (e.g. Jo), but I have to argue that that was primarily because of "Isxoda Net," and not because of the fact that there was a relationship (in my defense, I'll cite my adoration of Bobby and Ellen.) I hear that tPtB cast two female Hunters for season three. Good. I hope they're in almost every episode. I hope that they're good actresses, and that the Boys develop healthy relationships with them, and then they die – because it would be good drama!
  • Sam and Dean run into one of the oldest Supernatural creatures in the book, a werewolf.

    First off, I would just like to give a heads up to Jared Padalecki in this episode. He gave one of the best performances in the show's history...which is fitting, because this episode is one of the most powerful ones emotionally that I've watched. Time and time again, the writers of Supernatural take an old storyline and make it new and exciting. I loved virtually all of this episode. It was a tad bit predictable, (I knew at the first mention that her neighbor Glen was the werewolf that bit her) but it was a definite tearjerker. Especially at the end. One thing I was happy about is to see that Sammy finally got some action. Haha. That was a pretty hot werewolf sex scene there. Supernatural is one of the best TV shows out there, and it just keeps proving it time and again. One of my favorites of the series.
  • Great episode, really sad ending though!

    Sam and Dean pose as police, to help out a lady who is being stalked by her ex-boyfriend. At the same time, they are investigating a couple of werewolf cases. Now this isn't just any old werewolf, it is one that turns at night and doesn't even know it! So after a lot of research, they find out that it is the girl they are helping! Her name is Madison, and Sam had formed a really close bond with her. Now with her turning every night, Sam and Dean have nothing else to do but kill her. She even agrees that they should, she doesn't want to hurt anyone else. So with tears in both the brothers' eyes, they end up shooting her in the heart.
    SO SAD! I really liked this episode though, it had a really good storyline.
  • Sammy gets laid... by a werewolf! And then she dies.

    Supernatural never fails to impress me week in and week out with scary and emotionally resonant episodes, but I was disappointed with 'Heart'. I thought it was extremely well acted by Jared and Jenson -- particularly the last scene where Dean is saddened by the realization that Sam is slowly becoming him. That Sam has to kill another human being and this will and should change things for him. So while did I give this a 'fair' rating? Mainly because it's a filler episode and is rather oddly placed within the season, more so than any of the further episodes that are based primarily upon comedy. Heart just falls flat for many reasons; I couldn't understand why Sam was so upset or attached to someone he had known for little under a day or so. He just ended up looking overly emotional and melodramatic. SPN is a show that is based upon a foundation of family and spooky drama, this episode wasn't anything of said genre it was a farcical nonsense mixed with melodrama and a guest actress that had zero chemistry with the lead. Emanuelle is a great actress but she looked a little old for the role here and I found it rather grating at how perfect she was written as. What made her unsympathetic IMO was the total lack of flaws in her character, I would have loved this episode so much if they brought back Sarah from 'Provenance', a girl many fans like and someone who worked well with Sam (I'm still waiting for Kripke to bring her back! Please!). The fact that Sam hardly knew this girl really disjointed the episode, he was acting as though he was killing the love of his life! Which is precisely why it came off melodramatic to me. If it were Sarah dying -- someone with a prior connection for both Sam and the audience I think it would have worked a lot better. The ending would have been beautiful rather than a little over the top. The story in and of itself is a nice one when handled correctly, but it just didn't work for me. What made the episode even more pointless was the fact that we have no payoff come 'Hollywood Babylon'. All we have is a small mention of Madison and then, nada. This kind of episode is deemed useless when the characters act as they once were at the start of the episode, and that is precisely what happened in 'Hollywood Babylon'... the whole Madison debacle may as well have never happened because there are no further consequences for said characters involved. Sure Sam killed a human being and this grey area when it comes to 'not all evil things are evil' is further established from 'Bloodlust'. But to what end? Nothing is ever brought up again and I fail to see the reasoning behind doing an episode of this nature if nothing of consequence is ever related by Sam and Dean again.
  • Is this Supernatural?

    Before I talk about this episode, let me just say that Emmanuelle Vaugier is soooo HOT!!!

    Anyway, 'Heart' didn't start with Previously... which was weird and the beginning wasn't all that great but it was a solid episode where we see Sam bond with a girl even if she was a werewolf - and didnt know it! I liked the end where after trying to find a cure for her, realise they have to kill her and both Dean and Sam are crying and then BANG!!! End credits roll...Love it. Not as good as the others but still enjoyed it.
  • the one with the werewolf

    Aww, poor Sam. Doesn't have much luck does he? First his girlfriend is killed by the demon that killed his mother and now he falls for a werewolf.

    So, as previously mentioned Sam and Dean are hunting a werewolf, who they originally believe to be Madison's ex-boyfriend but it's actually Madison. So they try to sever the bloodline by killing the werewolf that bit her but that doens't work. And Sam is forced to kill her.

    The last scene was sad. You have to feel sorry for Sam, he didn't want to kill her. And for Dean too. And yes, although I do prefer Dean over Sam I was very impressed with Sam's muscles.
  • Very very suspenseful and to some extent weird, while still following an old storyline(werewolves).

    Okay then, call me evil, emotionless or blind to sensitivity for saying this, but the last scene was funny. Yes you are reading the review for Heart and yes this is the episode where Sam has to shoot his girlfriend, but when you think back on everything that Sam and Dean have done, only to have them both cry over the death of a one night relationship-I mean it is kinda funny. Thankfully I live in Australia, so I knew what was going to happen before it happened from the recap. But if I lived in a place were you have opportunities to write recaps I would never have guessed that Madison was the werewolf. Although I've got to say that the original werewolf stuck out like a sore thumb. Not much adrenaline rushes in this episode, but still a little bit scary-especially the scene with Sam and Madison near the end(No not THAT one). Thats all till next episode. See ya.
  • I just saw this episode on monday and it was soooo good....

    I LOVE THIS SHOW.... I wish i was in America so i could be up to the last episode of this season... because it sounds so good...

    SUPERNATURAl is the best... and i hope it goes on for another series and another... I think i got hooked with this show because it is sort of like charmed... I loved that show and i wish it was still on...

    I love American shows... They are always really well done... And I hope they make another one like CHARMED... THat was a coolest show ever... Well supernatural comes close.... Cant wait to see the finale!
    This episode was sooo SADDDDD....
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