Season 8 Episode 3


Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 17, 2012 on The CW

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  • Ahhhh damn it

    You know last week? You know how I loved how it was really using its mythology to create some awesome episodes? Well, this week succeeded in doing one thing: the exact opposite.

    The first filler of the season has arrived, as I (*sigh*) knew it was going to. Once again, the brothers have that conversation where they justify forgetting about the main season's arc for a while, not to each other but to us: the audience. One thing I will say for this episode is that this is probably the only season post 3 where this actually washes.

    Just look at the history

    Season 1 was reliant on filler episodes, and it worked.

    Season 2's reliance on fillers also works because they don't have a clue how to track down Azazel.

    Season 3's... didn't work as well. It felt like everytime the brothers were not focused on saving Dean was just ridiculous.

    Seasons 4 and 5 barley worked at all. The end was nigh. The brothers are the only ones who can stop it. And they go off hunting ghosts.

    Season 6 kind of worked, mainly because that season just has about ten plots going on at once.

    Season 7s didn't. I mean, an army of Leviathans are unleashed upon the world. And the brothers do nothing!!!

    But, I suppose this year there is no massive thing for them to be dealing with. Which probably means that we'll be getting a few of these fillers. I'm cool with this, I suppose, as long as they're good!

    So. Was this episode good?

    It was very well written, I'll give it that. Kudos to them for finding new things to do. I had no blooming idea what was going on 30 minutes in, and it was actually really clever! It might have been a filler episode, but at least they put a lot of effort into it! To be fair to Supernatural though, they always put a lot of effort into their fillers. Some are great, some are okay... only a small few end up being bad. In fact, my original score was 7.5, but after writing this paragraph I'm going to up it to an 8. It really was a good story.... I guess my judgement is a little bit clouded as I just love Supernatural when it sticks to an overriding arc and mythology.

    That is not to say we didn't get a little bit more of the arc. This week, it focused on Sam's story. And I've read several reviews on this that agree with me: it just doesn't make any sense.

    Let's look at Sammy

    He was born into a life he never wanted. A life of a revenge driven father. He finally got old enough to get out, and so got out. Then, his girlfriend is horribly murdered, and he goes on a mad rampage of revenge. He finally sees the demon behind it all die, but at a cost. His father is killed and his brother sells his soul to save him. By season 3, he didn't want that normal life. Too much had happened to him, and he was obsessed with saving Dean. When he eventually failed, there is a sense that he went completely crazy, dedicating himself to killing demons so badly he becomes addicted to demon blood. This eventually leads to him unknowingly setting Lucifer free, and the horrible events of season 5. Until, finally, he sacrifices his soul to save the world, shutting himself in a box with Lucifer and his very pissed brother. He gets out, but without a soul, and goes and does some very bad things with his resurrected grandfather. When he finally gets his soul back, he is driven mad with guilt over the things he's done and cannot remember. When that memory comes back to him, he starts having visions of Lucifer, who drives him to the point of insanity. When he's cured of that, he looses Bobby and Cas, his two closest friends, and finally his brother, trapped in purgatory.

    And after all that.... he's back to season 1 Sam?

    Maybe I can imagine that after all that he just wants out. I could probably understand that. But that doesn't seem to be how the writers are painting it, which is what the problem is. Not once in this episode did Sam say to Dean, "Hey! I was trapped in a box with the Devil for 100 years! I think I've earned myself a retirement!" Instead, this conversation could have taken place in season 1. "Dean, we want different things. I want a normal life." No, Sam, you don't. You gave that up years ago, and no way, after everything, would you just slide back into College.

    I know there is probably more to come here, and Jeremy Carver has said we wouldn't like Sam's attitude at first but it will make sense later... but I hate it when a show backtracks, or deliberately forgets important character development for its plot to make sense. Can I believe Sam has simply had enough? Yes. Can I believe that Sam just wants a normal life? No.

    So, overall. A very good premise, an average episode, and a strange character development. Roll on next week.
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