Season 8 Episode 3


Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 17, 2012 on The CW

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  • Heart of Darkness

    Supernatural's first monster of the week story wasn't the best offering seeing as we got a great start this season so far from the last two installments. Directed by Jensen Ackles in his third romp behind the camera the story followed a string of murders where the hearts are ripped out of the chests of recipients of organs from a football player named Brick (a possible reference to Tennessee William's Cat on the Hot Tin Roof?). Brick is actually one of Sam's sports idols and they go to meet his mother, Eleanor, who says that Brick was merely 100% dedicated to the sport but the brothers can see that she's lying. The brothers look deeper into the murders after searching Brick's house and finding Eleanor's clothes in Brick's bedroom closet permit further investigation. In the mix is a woman named Rana, who visits Eleanor following the Winchester visit to her and she says that she has Brick's heart and that she needs to keep the sacrifices going to keep his legacy alive. The brothers find out that one of the victims they got to, an ex-cop, was mumbling in the dead Mayan language and that even the ritual of sacrifice of tearing the heart out of the chest was a Mayan tradition as well. With more digging after finding multiple old timey sports paraphernalia in Brick's basement including letters to a woman named "Betsy" the brothers find out that Brick was indeed four different athletes throughout the years: a boxer, a baseball player, a track runner, and finally a football player. It turns out that Eleanor was the Betsy from the letters and she tells the brothers that the heart is the key to getting rid of the rest of the corrupted organ donors as Brick always said. The story behind her and Brick and how them being in love changed him and how she eventually had to become his mother to maintain his cover was saddening. Apparently Brick was almost 1,000 years old and had made a deal with a Mayan high priest to stay forever young and warrior-like and offered two hearts a year as a sacrifice to the God of Harvest (CaCau I think is how it's spelled). The brothers go to the strip club where Randa works and are attacked by other organ donors. The dialogue was kind of clunky in this episode, especially when one of them throws Sam across the room and says, "I'm the guy in Phoenix you're looking for." One, how did he know Sam's search history, and even if he did how did he know that he was looking for him in Phoenix when he's in town in Boulder Colorado. The episode was from the writers' of Season One's worst episode, besides Bugs, Route 666 so it's no surprise that this episode was a little lacking. But Dean stabbing Randa in the heart and the red that spills out of her was pretty cool effects-wise anyway. Sam's flashbacks were a nice touch too even if they aren't as enticing and "What happened?" as Dean's are since Cass's fate will be revealed throughout those, but the episode was a way to get the brothers back out on the road and hunting things. The fact that Sam wants to go back to having a normal life after this year really returns him to the Season 1 self that he was completely happy away from the life that Dean now so clings to after having spent a whole year in Purgatory fighting wall to wall with beasts from every corner of Hell. Not nearly as great as Ackles' first turn behind the camera, Season 6's "Weekend at Bobby's" remains one of my overall favorite episodes to this day, as well as Season 7's one with Keely from Firefly were much better. But the quality of the episode was not Ackles' fault he did all he could with a lackluster teleplay and while I always appreciate Supernatural broadening its mythos into older civilizations and older gods the plot was badly handled from a writing perspective but hopefully this isn't a bump in the rest of Season 8 to come.