Season 8 Episode 3


Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 17, 2012 on The CW



  • Trivia

    • Near the start after Sam pays for the produce he picked, you can clearly see the organic apple he was eating is quite severely bruised. In the next shot, he has a different apple that looks much nicer.

  • Quotes

    • Dean: Wow. Guy goes to Purgatory for a year, all hell breaks loose. Check this out. Jogger in Minneapolis gets his heart ripped out.
      Sam: I'm guessing literally.
      Dean: Only way that interests me. And then, there's another article from six months ago. Same thing happens, also in Minneapolis. What's that tell us?
      Sam: Stay out of Minneapolis.

    • Sam: I mean, maybe at you're best hacking and slicing your way through all the world's crap alone, not having to explain yourself to anybody.
      Dean: Yeah, that makes sense, seeing as I have so many other brothers I can talk to this stuff about.

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