Season 9 Episode 6

Heaven Can't Wait

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 12, 2013 on The CW

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  • Could they be any more married?


    It was interesting to see a little bit of a mix up in the typical team of Dean and Sam. Kevin and Sam interogating Crowley, him realizing he is not the big boss, Abaddon. And the ending, I didn't really get teh ending but it's intriguing anyway. And I hope they find something about the spell in the rest of the tablet.

    Cas was just ... the beginning where he tried imitating humans was heartbreaking. And I have to say the interlude witht eh lady pissed me off though kudos for using the proved trope of a misunderstanding. It gave us Misha singing a baby to sleep. Too much heart indeed. I'm glad it was recognize as something positive.

    And Dean, the way he was looking at Cas, how he didn't even question Cas going with him. And then Dean trying to give Cas tips for his date that wasn't. And those looks. They can say all they want they don't write them as romantic but all Cas and Dean do just scream romance.

    It was really lovely to see them work together again. I enjoyed the MoW and how it tied both with the season arc and with Cas and his own struggles.

    Very lovely episode indeed.