Season 9 Episode 6

Heaven Can't Wait

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 12, 2013 on The CW

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  • What do we do with Cas? Please, tell us! We don't know!

    I'm back! After reviewing pretty much every single episode of season 8, I've been a bit busy so far this season, so I'm going to do a quick sum up of my thoughts thus far. Ezekiel: intriguing. Abbadon... not scary because she is Meg mark 10; a bitchy female villain with the same personality, there to look pretty. Crowley: also intriguing, and still hilarious. Kevin: love him. Cas: well, yes.

    Castiel. You must be the name that Supernatural writers fear to speak. Writing episodes for him is, possibly, the hardest thing they have to do. As this episode covered alot of the arc for season 9, I'll use it to admit it; I'm struggling with this season thus far. And one of the main reasons; they've made Cas boring.

    It's like the "Season 6 of Lost" virus has struck over in the writing room. Let's take an exciting, interesting, awesome character and show them doing normal, boring, every day jobs we all suffer, for comedic value or for drama. Because, that makes good TV, right? Wrong. This is EXACTLY what I was worried about when they made Cas human, and so far I'm not surprised at all. Plus, what exactly was the point in making Micha Collins a regular again this season? They clearly have just as little of an idea of what to do with him being human as they did an angel, but at least as an angel he was always entertaining. He's been in 3 out of the 6 episodes, and in each one exactly the same thing has happened to him; he's been attacked by an angel, he's powerless to stop it, somehow he survives, he ponders what to do next. Either give him back his powers or do something else with him, because this storyline is loosing me! Don't go all season 7 on us, again.

    However, it wasn't just Cas that didn't impress this week. In fact, the overall storyline of season 9 is getting very old, very quickly. No, I'm not feeling Abaddon. At all. As stated above, she's no different from your Megs, Lilliths, Eves and Paris Hilton's of the past. She's supposed to be an ultra-demon is she? This has always been such a weakness of Supernatural, and I put it down to them being constantly leaned on by the CW to shove unwanted female characters into the show. Here's an idea: try not killing off the ones with potential, such as Mrs. Tran, or Ellen and Jo! I mean, seriously.

    This episode just highlighted to me that Supernatural has, for the past few weeks now, seemed very tired. Once again, it's all build up, no pay off. Like the Leviathan before them, the Angels could easily take over the world within about 5 seconds, but they don't. They are doing... something. And, no, that Bartholomew bloke is not exactly setting the screen alight either. At least with the Levianthan you had the very charismatic Dick Roman.

    I don't mean to sound so harsh. I mean, it's not terrible. Crowley stole the show yet again (why isn't this guy a series regular already!), giving us a little bombshell that Metatron's spell was irreversible. I hope that doesn't bloody mean we're stuck with a human Cas all series, because I think I've had more than enough of that! It's just, compared to season 8, where they seemed to hit the right note so many times, season 9 does seem to be struggling. Like I said, the Ezekiel plot is very intriguing and I'm looking forward to the fall out... but I do have to admit, I've been struggling with this season, even though last week was hilarious (though completely ridiculous).

    See you next week, I guess.
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