Season 1 Episode 17

Hell House

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Mar 30, 2006 on The CW

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  • One of the funniest episodes of the show

    This episode doesn't have anything to do with the overall storyline of the show. It is a stand alone episode that uses even more comedy than we normally have on the show. The episode starts off with Sam sleeping and Dean placing a spoon into Sam's mouth and taking his picture. Then turning up the radio really loud to startle Sam. This kicks off a series of practical jokes between the brothers and carries on for the entire episode. It even spills over to other characters.

    The main bad guy of the story is created by a mystical symbol. So, this is new territory for the show. The show also touches on amatuer paranormal investigators like would be seen on shows such as Ghost Hunters. The two amatuers in this epeisode offer the best pop culture references. First of all, their last names are Zeddmore and Spengler. Both of which are names of characters from the two Ghostbusters movies. Secondly, they each complete a part of a sentence that when put together says "oh Lord of the Rings". This references the series of books by JRR Tolkien that the popular movies were based apon. And finally, WWBD. What would Buffy do? A reference to the long running WB series Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
  • Who ya gonna call?

    A suitably creepy episode of Supernatural with equal measures of humour sprinkled in to boot. Most of the laughs derive from the show's answer to Buffy's Trio, only it's a duo in this instance, and the homage is played wonderfully with a brilliant knowing reference early on into the episode ('WWBD? What would Buffy do?'). Sam and Dean also start up a prank war that leads to some amusing banter between the brothers. The ghost this week is the first of many, as it unravels as a typical haunting but turns out to be something entirely unexpected – it's a spirit created by everyday people simply because they believed in it strongly enough, no thanks to the internet. The hour, perhaps, is a little too self-aware, and after an effective first kill, the story sort of dwindles till the credits roll (the brothers don't even kill the spirit in the end…). A good episode, but not as funny as some fans would have you believe. (I think all of the adulation towards this one may have something to do with Sam draped in one scene with only a towel covering his glutes...)
  • A "different" episode.

    Although Supernatural still stays true to a lot of its roots, this feels like it came from a completely different series. The supernatural side of the show is still prevalent, but it dug deep into its humour side, and it's a bit refreshing. The little back and forth pranking that Sam and Dean were doing to each other really shows the comical and childish side to their characters, and the inclusion of those bozo twins ghost hunters just made the whole episode feel more like a comedy. What happens at the end, like how Sam and Dean's plan failed when the website crashed, and Sam tricking them into thinking they'll be heading to Hollywood for a movie, just really added the cherry on top.

    At the same time all these elements contributed to the actual main story, and the concept behind the ghost was pretty creative. Almost seemed like a one two punch. The ghost was created because the ghost hunters website that was posted up had people believing it was real, thus the ghost became real. In order to rid the ghost, despite burning the house down to prevent visitors and more fatalities, Sam tricks them into thinking they'll just been hired to do a movie for Hollywood. The writing is cleverly constructed and the humour was great too, but in the end the episode wasn't greater than the sum of its parts, and the reason for that is because although it was different, the change of pace really threw everything off. It couldn't decide if it wanted to be a comedy or a horror, and it's unfortunate; a balance between comedy and horror like this is nothing short of great writing. Nonetheless, a good episode.
  • this wasa good ep

    in this ep of the show supernatural dean and sam are investagating this old farm house out in texas and they think its being haunted by this old farmer who killed his family there and is causing problems and more troulbe but thing is its way more then what they think it is and they dont know if they can handle it . this was a good ep i thought and it had its funny parts in it and its interesting stoy and that is why i gave it a 9 again like every other supernatural ep and i think it was that good
  • Review

    Sam and Dean investigate the case of a maniacal ghost inhabiting a long abandoned Texas farmhouse known as "Hell House." They believe the ghost is the spirit of a deceased Depression-era farmer who killed his family, but they soon realize it is something far more powerful.

    I thought it was a good episode - I just didn't think the conclusion was really all that good or the devolpment of that particular supernatural storyline. The farmer came to life simply because someone believed in it? I thought that was pretty weak. I also thought the fire that they used to burn down the house was pretty weak. Everything else was strong. The humor was prtty strong.
  • Funny, entertaining and scary all together! Awesome!

    Every season of "Supernatural" has one or two lighter episodes, often meta-cinematographic and always brilliantly written. Thus, near the grim, unsettling end of the first season, we get a chance to cheer up our spirits with this little gem of an episode.

    Trey Callaway did a great job on the script: the whole Tulpa myth is not only well-documented and thoroughly researched, but it is also the perfect vehicle for a meditation on singular and group consciousness, on mass culture and on the peculiar birth and spread of urban legends. And director Chris Long masterfully managed to make the episode tense and scary, full of suspense.

    Plus, the "prank war" between Dean and Sam was one of the most amusing brotherly moments of the first season, and great source of laughter and admiration. From time to time, I re-watch the episode because it is incredibly fun (and also extremely detailed). I also have to add that the episode marked the first appearance of two of my favorite supporting characters, Harry Spangler and Ed Zeddmore: genial!
  • Exactly the reason I am hooked on this series. Hell House is the best episode.

    There a alot of words to describe hell house but the smile on Sams face when he glues the beer bottle to Deans hand says it all. I love the prank funny episodes but this one out dos all of them. I think it is important in a serious televison show like supernatural that there has to be some humor. You truly get to see the brothers being brothers in this epsiode and I think that is why Hell House is a series clasic because not many epsiodes show the boys being goofy or illy. I like that it had a level of scaryness to it though. and we not only got to see Sam winchester 1/2 nake but we also got to see his boxer shorts :)
  • Hilarious!

    Well this wasn't a real spirit it was just everyone's thoughts! A very creative episode. It seems in the beginning, that they are dealing with any other vengeful spirit but it turns out to be someone's mind triggering all the madness which of course isn't possible. But I didn't even think that was possible in the Supernatural world. Those two guys were hilarious. Striving to be famous. They look like the dorky version of Sam & Dean it made me laugh so much. And Dean burns them both throughout the episode. And at the very end Dean burned them one last time. A very goofy episode.
  • The first attempt at a comic relief episode, our boys were laughing … definitely worth watching.

    This was the first of a long string of episodes dedicated entirely to comedy, it was good, mainly because it wasn't overdone (like many later comedic installments were). The banter between the brothers was great, the pranks were hilarious, my favorite is the spoon prank at the very beginning. And we got to see and hear our boys laugh, really laugh … that was sweet and well deserved.

    The "caricature" ghost hunters were ok, I didn't mind seeing them again. The MotW was very interesting, a Tulpa, that's a first, and to quote Dean "how do you kill an idea?!". It was original and fun, I loved it. The only reason I gave it an 8 is because I always prefer a dramatic sorrowful setting, what can I say, I'm a sucker for pain.

    Oh, can't forget the shirtless!Sam scene … do I really need to elaborate?
  • What do you get when you add some geeky "paranormal investigators", a tulpa, and the brotherly pranks? An awesome episode!

    Okay, right the first and foremost element of this episode that's totally awesome is Ed and Harry. I LOVE these two geeky ghost hunters! And then you've got the pranks. Oh boy...the pranks. They're evil. Almost makes me wish I had a brother...well, one that's close to my age, anyway.

    We learn that, growing up, Dean got really creative and put Nair in Sam's shampoo (he could have gone blind!! But still funny haha). So this round kicks off with Dean driving through flat-land Texas and finds that Sam's sleeping in the seat beside him. So, naturally, he searches for something to put in his mouth (not as dirty as it sounds!) He found a plastic spoon, put it in his mouth, and snapped a picture with his phone. Then proceeded to bust into Blue Oyster Cult's "Fire Of Unknown Origin", waking Sam up and doesn't find it as funny as everyone else does.

    So how does he retaliate? By messing with the radio and windshield wiper settings of course. In between pranks, they do work a case. They find it's a Tulpa, a Tibetan thought form. It was then that Dean got really creative and, while Sam was in the shower, sprinkled itching powder all over Sam's boxers. They went to lunch, Sam not so comfortably, and figure out why the Tulpa is there: web surfers staring at pictures of the symbols that Ed and Harry put up on their website created it.

    So they give the wannabe hunters a bogus story and hope it changes the legend so they can kill the creature.

    At lunch, Sam finally gets his payback by super gluing Dean's beer bottle to his hand. Nice!

    But unfortunately, after going after the tulpa, they find that the Hellhound's server crashed and the legend didn't take, so Dean improvises and burns the Hell House down.

    The final prank is by both brothers directed at Ed and Harry. Sam called and told them he was a producer in Hollywood wanting to make a book and movie, and a possible RPG about their experience. And Dean put dead fish in their backseat. *Shakes head* Oh boys.

    So they may have called it truce, but it was fun while it lasted! I recommend!

    Now, for some great quotes:

    Ed: Harry, look at me, right here, okay? You are a ghost hunter.
    Harry: I know Ed, but I've never actually seen a real ghost before. Like a real ghost, like an apparition...
    Ed: This stuff right here, this is our ticket to the big time - fame, money, sex...with girls. Remember: WWBD. What would Buffy do.
    Harry: What would Buffy do. I know, Ed, but she's stronger than me.
    Ed: Sweet Lord...
    Harry: of the Rings – run!! ---
    Dean: I barely have any skin left on my palm.
    Sam: I'm not touching that line with a ten foot pole. ---
    Dean: Looks like old man Murdoch was a bit of a tagger during his time.
    Sam: And after his time, too. The reverse cross was used by satanists for centuries, but this sigil of sulphur didn't show up in San Francisco until the '60's.
    Dean: That is exactly why you never get laid.
  • Like i already said series classic.

    The best episode from season 1, has everything. So funny, makes me laugh every time I watch it. Great music in it too! They add in the paranormal investigators, whom are absolutely hilarious, the pranks add to the amusement. A good story line, original, and each of the characters are original in their own way. The teens are extremely typical, and the investigators are complete geeks, it's great! Sam and Dean pulling pranks on each other is a great idea, showing that they are brothers, it helps thicken their relationship. They're pranks are also great, and relate to the characters. (ex. Dean's hand stuck to the bottle, spoon in Sam's mouth)
  • Very funny...

    Hell House is one of the more funnier episodes of Supernatural, with the ghost busters who only "ghost bust" to get girls and probably more popularity, and they havent even seen one ghost in their lives, pure comedy right there. Sam and Dean actually being cool with it, maybe to see what else stupid would come out of their mouth? Hah, all i know is that half of this episode was some pretty hilarious comedy. As for the "hell house" part, I thought it was ok, not the best best episode out of this show, but it was pretty awesome, and how they figured out that the legend changed and stuff, i thought that was a pretty brilliant way to change any normal ghost story.
  • Funniest episode in Season One!!!

    Man I love "Hell House".

    Sam and Dean crack me up in this episode. I love Sam's prank with the glue and the beer bottle.
    "You didn't?" "Oh.... I did"

    And the itchy powder in Sam's pants by Dean! Did anyone see the blooper of that scene? So funny!!

    The weird boys that think their better than Sam and Dean!! "Who you gonna call?" LOL.....

    The fish at the end was funny too (DEAN) and the phone call from a "producer" in Hollywood was classic (GO SAM).

    This is one of my favourite episodes from Season One of Supernatural. Sam and Dean RULE!! Love those boys!!
  • Sam and Dean play pranks on each while investigating a haunted house.

    This is a classic episode and much needed lift after the heavy hitting "Shadow". Dean starts off the practical jokes by putting a spoon in Sam's mouth while he sleeps. Things escalate between the brothers. The one upmanship is pretty funny and makes you wonder what they were like as kids with their dad.

    Also adding to the humor are a couple of ghost hunter wannabe's who are so incredibly, wonderfully geeky that you can't help but laugh along/at with them. Juxtaposed to Sam and Dean these guys are hilarious in their cluelessness and general wussiness.

    One of the things I like about the show is the parallel themes. While Sam and Dean are playing tricks on each other, they find out that the initial ghost sighting was merely a prank. This prank had tragic results. However, when Sam and Dean turn their powers of pranking on a mutual enemy, the hilarity resumes.

    A light hearted episode was just what was needed here. Too many heavy episodes make a show depressing to watch, and while a depressing show can hold your interest, it is better to show a more amusing episode now and then. Not all of life is drudgery, even for ghost hunters. Also, Dean is my hero – when all else fails, use fire!
  • Sam and Dean try their best to evade a couple of amateur ghost hunters and eradicate a Tibetan thought form in Texas.

    Placed as it is between two of the heavier episodes, this episode has attracted some criticism for being 'too frivolous'. Me, I think it's perfect. Without something to laugh over in between, Shadow and Something Wicked would be exhausting in their hurtness. Also, it's brothers! Playing tricks on each other!

    That beginning scene with the spoon is one of the most classic and best-loved scenes from this show you're ever likely to find, and Sam getting to second base with himself in the diner is a thing of beauty. Speaking of which: towel. I will say no more.

    The amateur hunters in this episode are a shameless rip off of the boys from Buffy, but I don't care. They're funny as hell - what WOULD Buffy do?

    And I love that Dean's response when all else fails is just to burninate things. Pyro!Dean is my hero.
  • I think this review has more words in other languages than it does in English. That's awesome. Context clues, people. And please, don't copy words you don't know out of books like The Necronomicon.

    No one can tell you that "Hell House" is not an interesting episode. It has some great elements of satire and of course the whole episode is thematically based upon the Boys' relationship to another. From a production standpoint, "Hell House" is a return to the lighter-hearted, stand-alone episode format of many a television series, something that was obviously calculated to keep the pacing of the season, especially after such heavy-hitters as "Shadow" and "Nightmare."

    Saying this in English doesn't seem to have the same emphasis as when it comes out in Russian…mne pochut' strashno – "to me it is a little strange." I understand, intellectually, the reasons why "Hell House" was constructed and placed in the overall season where it was, but my enjoyment of the Boys' jovial antics was tempered by the fact that I almost felt it was out-of-character. After being bent on finding Johnny, as the season recap so kindly reminds us every episode, I was confused that the only reference to Chicago is Sam's line "…which was a mistake..." I feel a little better about the episode, having discovered the fact that it was originally aired on March 31st, but I hope that such a fact doesn't mean that Supernatural's going to make a habit of having seasonal episodes (I'm just picturing the Xena vampire episode for Halloween and shuddering. Perhaps shuddering even more, admitting that in my misguided years I was weaned off of Power Rangers and onto Xena.)

    If you can get over viewing "Hell House" as it is, juxtaposed against "Nightmare" and "Shadow," it really is an enjoyable episode. I liked the portrayal of the stoner ghost hunters (Eurotrip!) although I'm sure that TAPS (of the Scifi Channel's "Ghost Hunters" series fame) and other serious ghost hunters didn't enjoy the 'shoutout' quite as much.

    As for the idea Sam hinted at briefly, that belief in Things that Go Bump make them real – no. Just no. El que no es humano's modus operandi is in the dark of night, where no one believes in it. Who believes in a Wendigo, even in Supernatural's universe, save for a population of about fifty hardcore hunters? My arguments against the Powers that Be pursuing this idea are at the weakest level of vehemence that the Boys don't need an existential crisis on top of hunting, up to the most vehement that to try to pursue something like that would be to essentially bang on the fourth wall with a gorilla bar. But then, I'm rather a big baby when it comes to breaking the fourth wall. I hate it. I like believing that what is, is – while it sometimes works, most of the time when filmmakers create dream sequences or alternate realities or what have you I take it to be a copout. For that reason, I'm quite glad that Guillermo del Toro has stated that Pan's Labyrinth does not take place in Ofelia's head. Que es, es.
  • Jensenjared4eva and I, visited the website... hilarious! No matter how many times i watch Hell House, i will still love it!

    The prank episode. Hilarious!
    As I said in my ‘Tall Tales’ review, every season has a funny episode. Well ‘Hell House’ is definitely it for season 1. If I start talking about the actual storyline for the episode, I will be here forever (see ‘Nightmare’ review…). So I will just keep it simple and talk about the funny parts. First off, Dean is driving the car, a few miles outside of Richardson, Texas (Jensen’s actual hometown!), and Sam is fast asleep. Dean picks up a plastic spoon, and carefully puts it in Sam’s mouth. Dean quickly takes a picture of the scene on his phone, and then turns up the radio really loud. Sam wakes up with a shock, and spits the spoon out. With a satisfied Dean drumming on the steering wheel, Sam tells him that the war of pranks has just begun…
    Later in the day, Sam and Dean are walking back to the Impala, when Sam allows Dean to get in the car, and start it up. The radio blares! The wipers are on and everything in the car is just switched on! This freaks the hell out of Dean. With Sam laughing his head off, he gets in the car, and a now calm Dean, tells him that that was weak. It was bush-league.
    The next morning, while Sam is in the shower, Dean ducks out to get some itching powder from the shops. He spreads it all around in Sam’s jocks, before he comes out of the shower. Later in the café, Sam just keeps itching and scratching around in that area, and he informs Dean that he must be allergic to their soap or something. Dean just walks away laughing and Sam calls him a ‘frigging jerk”...
    When eating dinner at a roadhouse, Sam is trying to do some research on the laptop, when Dean keeps pulling the string of this thing on the wall that makes this horrible laughing noise. Sam warns Dean that if he pulls the string one my time, that he would ‘kill’ him. So of course Dean pulls it once more, and starts laughing. Dean tells Sam that he needs more laughter in his life, and that he is way too tense. A few moments later, they agree on something and decide to drink to it. They both hold up there beers and take a swig. But when Dean tried to put his back down, he discovers that there was superglue on the beer bottle, and now his hand is stuck to it! Sam just bursts out laughing, and pulls the string of the annoying laughing thing…
    This episode makes me laugh every time I see it! Mind you I have seen it about 20 times but…
    It is so god damn hilarious!
  • Sam and Dean investigate the rumors of a haunted house in Texas. But as evidence mounts the brothers become increasingly convinced the haunting is a hoax. Can the brothers figure out the mystery of the hell house before it claims another victim?

    What can I say? This is one of my favorite episodes. I just love the brother's mini-feud! Sam acts quite well when Dean puts itching powder in his clothing, and the scene in the restaurant with that obnoxious fishing wall plaque is just so well done! I also liked the characters of the rival hunters, they were so goofy and *so* supercillious!

    The house and its 'haunting' was quite an unexpected twist. Despite the beginning which reminded me of your average teen slasher flick, this episode proves you cannot predict the direction supernatural will take. Overall an awesome episode and easily one of my season 1 favorites.
  • An okay episode, definitely not a favorite though.

    It seems that most fans really love "Hell House", but I'm not exactly sure that I see what they see in it. Sure, it's not a bad episode, and it's pretty enjoyable, but overall, I find it a little average. Sam and Dean are in Texas - which, by the way, looks so unlike Texas that it's a bit laughable - to investigate the Hell House, which is supposedly haunted by a ghost that targets young women. They soon discover, however, that it is not a traditional spirit. In fact, the spirit isn't the ghost of a real person at all. Two local kids decided to make the house look haunted and spread a story, which ended up on the Internet, and the ghost came into existence because people believed in it, like a tulpa. (This is all due to a special occult symbol.) The ghost changes as the legend changes, and so Sam and Dean try to change the legend, but it backfires, and they finally just burn down the house to take care of it.

    With this episode "Supernatural" makes an attempt at its first comedic episode. In some respects, in works. The light tone is slightly refreshing and some of the jokes work, but probably half of the "funny" scenes aren't really that funny. I also got quite annoyed by Jensen and Jared as they tried to act silly and goofy. Could Jared be more annoying with his fake, forced laugh? I don't mind seeing the characters goof off, but here it comes off as trying to hard and it's more cheesy than amusing.

    Girls (and some guys) also got a treat with this episode, seeing a shirtless (and wet) Jared. When this episode first aired I could practically hear the preteen girls squeal with delight across the country. (*sigh*)

    "Hell House" is one of those episodes that benefited from repeat viewing. I really didn't like when I first saw it, but the more I have watched it, the more I've liked it, but I don't think it has much more room to grow on me. It's just an overall less-than-awesome episode, but of course should be seen by any "Supernatural" fan.
  • Woah! I loved this ep and my favourite bit was when Dean and Sam saved the two paranormal investigators arses! My friend and I thought it would be fun to see if the website actually exsited and it does!!! Funniest this ever!!!

    I really liked this episode. This episode is when Dean and Sam go to investigate this haunted house. A few months before a group of kids fool around in the house and go down to the basement. They find a girl hung from the rafters. When Dean and Sam investigate they run into some unwelcome company that think their the best. Whent hey meet these two guys (Harry and Ed,) they realise they run the paranormal website that Sam and Dean had found it on. While they are investigating Dean and Sam play heaps of practical jokes on each other like Dean puts itchy powder in Sam's pants while he's in the shower. They end up burning the house down because he cant leave the house and saving the two wannabees arses on the way. Later the two guys, (Harry and Ed,) say they got a call from some Hollywood producers but dont realise it was actually Sam's practical joke!!!
  • Certainly the funniest episode

    This episode was very unusual but very good. Intead of the traditional "figure out what the evil is and kill it" plot, this episode had humor in it too. Sam and Dean are at eachother the whole time, playing pranks. It is hilarious to watch what they do to eachother. Also, they meet two "professional" ghost hunters who they have to put up with. These two ghost hunters do not think that Sam and Dean know what they are doing and always act like they are better, even though they have never actually seen a real ghost. However, this episode was not all fun and games. The spirit was a very good one that proved difficult to defeat. The fact that the spirit could change was a very amusing twist. All in all, this episode was very different from all the others but it was still excellent.
  • The brothers travel to Texas to investigate a Hell House. Between pranks, which Dean starts, they deal with an uncooperative, lying teenager and two wanna-bes.

    There were only two reasons why I was especially interested in this episode (other than the fact that it is Supernatural and I love the show)- guest stars Shane Meier and AJ Buckley. I first saw Shane on the show "Walker, Texas Ranger" and have been a fan since, and then there's AJ's Adam on CSI:NY.

    It was an all-around different episode for Supernatural. Whereas the others were heavy and had a lot of action, this episode felt lighter, although still with its heavy points and lots of action. I liked the comedy and interaction between the brothers and the two wanna-bes, it made the episode for me.
  • lol the funniest episode they have ever done!

    this episode is funny!! like when Sam glues Deans hand to the beer bottle and wwbf oh how bout whoh ya gonna call. then theres the line that Dean says afraid ull get a little nair inyour shampoo again oh bring it on baldy! lol ed and harry are a hoot action figures in there original packaging as they were called by Dean! the evilness that they chase in this episode was made up by all the fans on hellhoundslair oh i almost for got the best prank when deab put itcing puder in Sams pants then in the bloopers he goes i think that midget stripper gave me hearpes lol So Funny!
  • absolutely hilarious!!!its great2c them actin as real brothers wud act!!

    wow super glued hand to the bottle thats jus pure genius!!!!i totally loved the prank war goin on wit sam and dean and i loved how it was lik the oldest tricks in the book that they fell for...i cant believe sam didnt cop on dat it was part of it with the itchin powder!!
    and omg do these boys jus look even hotter than usual wen der smiling!they rele need2bring more humour in jus so we can c that...and of course it goes without sayin that sam looked damn hot in that towel...that boys has got abs to die for...but dean is still way hotter...that checky grin gets me everytime!!
    hilarious ep...i never taught that i wud be smiling n laughin throughout a full ep of SP but i cudnt help myself!
  • I want a brother to annoy!

    Oh my gosh! i loved this episode beyond belief. The tricks the guys play on each other were pefect and although it wasn't totally agnoledged, my favorite line " what? you afraid to get a little nair in your shampoo again baldy?" it just shows that its been going on forever. It really made me was a brother i could annoy. Sister's tend to cry... or hit. Dean! Is my hero. Everything's perfect about him, his car, his looks, his humor! I enjoyed his humor expescially this episode because i thought it brought out the real sarcasm in him. I also really liked how they questioned the things they hunt. How many were only there just because people believed in them? And it's true. If a million people can bring a spirit to life that can chop people to peices imagine was else the internet could do? who knows maybe one day poeple will be wasting they're time writing blogs and reviews... oh wait. Nevermind

    And can i say, Sam messing with the volume... SO CHEAP. Itching powder in the underwear is sooo much better. But yes sam, its the soap. And gluing a hand to a beer bottle... another cheap shot. You could tell that dean definitly had had more practice at the sport.I really hope to see more pranking in the future. This was also a nice break from more worrying about sam. It was nice to just see them find a spirit, try to destroy it, then leave. Although i did LOVE the ghostbuster guys. Such druggies. And the fact that sam and Dean just let them think they were the pros was perfect. I wouldn't have done the same but then i would have wished i had. Great episode. Loved the humor and once again, great acting!
  • Sam and Dean investigate the case of a maniacal ghost inhabiting a long abandoned Texas farmhouse known as "Hell House."

    Sam and Dean investigate the case of a maniacal ghost inhabiting a long abandoned Texas farmhouse known as "Hell House." They believe the ghost is the spirit of a deceased Depression-era farmer who killed his family, but they soon realize it is something far more powerful. the second funiest episode for me! it's amazing how cildish they can be and still mature enough to fight against evil things!!wow this show gets better and way way better!!!
  • normally that silly title is bad but this eppy was literally silly. this is a hilarious eppy and i luved it.

    Omg the first prank from dean was hilarious cause i think it is like the hand in water thing. but my fav prank is the blasting the music one and the gluing the hand to the bottle one both my Sam may I mention. Sry dean but yer bro is just better at the prank thing. specially the producer thing. that was funny and a good way to get them to go away and get a good laugh out of it. but then theres the fact of the spirit. thats very creepy that they had to battle a spirit that couldn't die unless that was how it died when it was alive persay lol. but A spirit that was around just because peeps beleived in it. lol the Santa joke was funny. and the remark by Sam about him beimng a bad person lol. anyway I thought this epy was great and sooo funny!!!
  • ahhhh who could not love this? we get to see Sam without his top on!! yaaay! im all smiles! the boys are just dealing with another bump on the road and ofcourse it all works out well..

    omg i love this episode so much! i love their pranks on eachother! so funny. and when we see sam without his top, well thats just.. haha great indeeeeeed. deans as cute as always! soo hot. i love the line where sam says he could probably B*tch slap both of these guys. I didn't find the "demon" or whatever it's call as scary in this episode but they made up for it with all the pranks on eachother. all in all.. can they make an episode i dont like? the answer... no. love this show always,. . . . .
  • A good example of what this show is about

    I think that what makes this episode exciting are two things: the other brothers (or friends) that believe that they are the supernatural experts on this matter of things, and the fact that the ghost of “Hell House” is not as easy to defeat as previous ghosts. For example he is unaffected by salt and when they thought that they have killed him, they must return again because the ghost returned. I think that what made this episode interesting, was the fact that the antagonists (just to give them a name) are not some sheriffs or an evil father, but actually, two guys that think that they are the best hunters in the world, that they have seen ghosts and demons, however when the ghost finally arrives they are unable to help very much, and the quadruple did not work as well as it did. I like the end with Sam saying “I was the one who call them” to an apparent new TV series based on their lives. It was an awesome episode!

    Now the ghost was also pretty cool. It was creepy and the axe really help a lot to make him look more grotesque, and also the fact that he did not die as easily as the other ghosts, I think that the brothers were kind of scared because he was not affected by salt, and I really like everything in this episode. The plotline was exciting and informative, and it was very cool!
  • Not my favorite storyline, but the brothers always keep me entertain.

    The main storyline was scary, which I found to be awesome, but as soon as they made it a makebelieve ghost, it kinda turned out boring to me. I think that it originally had alot of potential fallowing their first idea of some psycho who killed his daughters. Though the fact that for once, they actually had difficulties getting rid of that ghost made it a hole lot more interesting. Quiet unexpected if you'd ask me. Now burning down the house sucked out loud, but Dean was all RIGHT about that.... Only way to get rid of that thing!

    What I totally love in that episode was all the prank Dean and Sam were doing to one another. Too cute. Made it so funny and enjoyable too watch. I love their onscreen chimestry.

    All in all, it was an average episode. Not too much, not enough... but enjoyable. 9/10!
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