Season 7 Episode 2

Hello, Cruel World

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Sep 30, 2011 on The CW

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    This was awesome episode I can not wait till the next
  • This episode is so awesome, its rating should be in the high 9s. The reviews show how much people loved it; they're almost all rated 10.


    I have so much love for this episode, and for season seven so far, I need to make a list of its awesomeness:

    -I love how it is being stripped down to its heart and soul, back to two brothers on the road, like season one. As Jensen said just yesterday "season one is what made us fall in love with this show."

    -I love how they are keeping it fresh not only by bringing in a completely new (and extremely old) Big Bad, but by throwing Sam and Dean completely outside of their comfort zone, defenseless and powerless as they have never been before.

    -I love both Jared's and Jensen's performances, they were so powerful and believable in showing how they are cracking under the pressure.

    -I love the scene in the warehouse, it is one of the best brotherly moments ever. So intense!

    -I love Mark Pelligrino as Hallucifer. He is so chilling, and I love how he is so nonchalant about mentally torturing Sam, sitting around reading the paper and stuff.

    -I love Sheriff Jody Mills! She is awesome. And I loved it when Bobby, who is also awesome, went to rescue her. "Bobby Singer, my hero." "That's the drugs talking."

    -I love how they drove me at breakneck speed right up to the cliff and then left me hanging there, counting every second until next Friday. It is so thrilling!

    -I love that they continue to give us great lines of dialogue, like "Don't let Satan change my presets."

    -I didn't love that Cas "died" but I have faith Misha will be back. I loved his performance as a Leviathan, all maniacal glee, so I'm hoping they will bring him back as the Leviathan boss.

  • Who Let The Leviathans Out?


    Hello, Cruel World-Dean and Sam both begin to crack as Sam suffers memories of his time in Hell while Dean begins to falter under the combined weight of coping with his brother and Castiel. Meanwhile, Castiel has problems of his own as he tries to cope with his new Godhood.

    Well, it's only episode 2 and the season's Big Bad(s) seem to already be taking form and starting their plans of world domination. After the frightening reveal of the Leviathans taking over Castiel's body. The episode begins with Castiel's body about to explode withblackoozing licking from all over his body as he walks into a near by lake. Even after all the gruesome things we've seen on Supernatural over the years, it's definitely one of the most disturbingsequencesfrom the series. Unfortunately, the brothers and Bobby are unable to stop them and the Leviathans escape through the water pipes in the lake in astunningSFX moment. While a cool looking sequence, it makes you wonder if we've seen the last of Castiel? If this was his final appearance, it's kind of a bittersweet farewell to one of the most beloved characters of the show's last 3 seasons. Hopefully, it wasn't and we'll see Castiel in some form down the line, if not as Misha Collins (God forbid), at least in physical form so we can get some closer between him and the brothers.

    Anyway, the Leviathans spread out and begins possessing other people, like a little girl (what is it with this show and evil little girls?), a mechanic and two high school jocks who end up killing than eating a couple of other jocks. What is interesting about the Leviathans is in one sense, they seem more calculated and welling to form solid plans to survive which makes them different than demons yet in another, they seem moreanimalisticand one track minded on their own than demons are. Taking over the local hospital to use as feeding ground is a pretty sick yet smart plan for them to survive, yet when it comes to dealing with enemies on their own, they're just brainless monsters. Like when Bobby runs into one of the Leviathans impersonating a doctor and they do that strange (and badly CGI-ed)monstrous yell where their jaws get bigger and have multipletongues. But at the same time, the Leviathans seem pretty unstoppable as guns and even at the end, crushing them to death won't kill them. They are definitely setting up the Leviathans to be the most challenging villains for the brothers yet.

    But the Leviathans aren't the only problem at hand for the boys, as Sam's wall continues to break and his hallucinations of Lucifer begin to mess with hisperception of what's real and what's not. I'm glad the writers are finally amping up Sam'smental breakdown with remembering Hell. It seems last season they were stalling with thatstory-lineand even in the finale, we didn't get to really get to see Sam lose it like everyone kept saying he would if he got his soul back. Finally, we get to see Sam holding on to reality for dear life as his world literally crashes before him. Jared Padelacki is truly stunning through this episode as Sam tries todifferentiate between his hallucination and reality.It's great to have also have Mark Pellegrino back as he nearly steals the scenes he's in as Lucifer taunts and mentally tortures Sam. The fake-out with Lucifer as Dean was pretty disturbing, especially when Lucifer manipulating Sam to kill himself soon after. I loved the moment where Dean comes to Sam's rescue, reminding Sam to trust and pushing his wound in to make him feel something real. After all these years, it's great to know that the brotherly bond between Sam and Dean is still solid and strong considering all they've been through. Jared and Jensen were amazing in that seen and it's also heartbreaking to see Dean starting to fall apart too. At the beginning of the episode, Bobby tries to get through to Dean to make him open up about losing Cas and seeing Sam starting to lose his mind, yet Dean as usual says he's fine and toughens up. At the end of the episode, not only is Cas gone and Sam losing it, but Bobby's house has been burned down and he's missing! Dean's phone message to Bobby was truly sad, seeing as how Dean is starting to lose hope with everyone close to him suffering or gone. The episode ends with Sam and Dean being taken to the hospital by the amublance...the same hospital where the Leviathans have taken offer. It's truly one the darkest and depressing endings of the series as the brothers' friends are gone and they are at their most vulnerable. Whatever happens next with probably be the hardest challenge they've ever faced. All and All, "Hello. Cruel World" is a strong second episode that builds on both the Leviathans and Sam'sstory-lines, leaving the brothers at a crosswords.

  • Supernatural continues to rock my world and the best part is, it just keeps getting better and better

    This season by far may i add is AWESOME ,I can't wait to see what the producers have in stock for us this year , its been almost 7 years and supernatural still continues to kick ass,Despite it's age this show still continues to be the best show on the CW network, if you compare other teen drama shows (zzzz...) to this you can understand what I mean here, this show's target is all age audience, and now that they've brought in leviathans and we've lost Castiel (aw :( ) I look forward to next weeks episodes and i CAN'T wait to see what happens next!!!
  • Definitelyone of my favorite episodes! Season 7 is shaping up to be fantastic!


    This wasdefinitely one of my favorite episodes, it simply had everything I like about Supernatural (exept Castiel being his Angel self).

    You have Mark Pellegrino as Lucifer, doing a wonderfull job at being awesome and creepy at the same time. Hegave me the same chills as IT gave me when I first saw it.Here's me hoping the writers find a way to keep him in the show for a while!

    Then there is Sam, poor Sammy! Jared portrays the slow mental breakdown very well. And because we have known the characters for so long, most of the time a facial expression is enough to let us know precisely how Sam feels. Btw, I'm a psychologist and I found the portrayal very convincing and believable.

    Dean, allways the brave one, tries his best to stay strong, but everyone has is breaking point. I'm afraid Dean is going to crack a few episodes down the road. Jensen was great. My favorite moment was where he convinced Sam that he was real (on of the best brother-moments) and when he desperately called Bobby.

    What I found clever was how the writers handled the fake Dean situation. When I rewatched the episode, you can see Sam looking confused to the keys in his hand, and when Dean arrives, there is Bobby's truck with the lights on.

    I can't believe this episode is rated so low! I found it so much better than the premiere, which in itself was already fantastic. Maybe it's just the people who don't like the Castiel developments who downgrade the episode :S Come on people, no way he's dead (who else can keep Crowley in line?). And even if he is: I liked Castiel but I find it more sad for the actor Misha. I became to consider him as a core cast member. Whatever the case may be: if you like a plot twist or not, in this case it has nothing to do with the quality of the episode!!

  • R.I.P Castiel?


    Sure, Supernatural has ended episodes with semi-cliffhangers and things left sort of unresolved, but I can't remember a time when the well-being of three of the main characters was left hanging in the balance as the minutes dwindled down. This was a pretty darn good installment of the show, already kicking things off better than Season 6 did.

    Things, for the second episode in a row, pick up exactly where the last one left off: Castiel has been infected and destroyed by the Leviathans. What these things are beats me, but based on what we see in this episode, things aren't great. The Leviathans scatter themselves into the public water supply and begin infecting humans, using them as a vessel to feed. They move in the form of black liquid (anyone else reminded of The X-Files and the Black Oil?) and need human organs to live.

    Meanwhile, Sam is still being mentally tortured by Lucifer, who continues to claim that Sam is still stuck in Hell and that the last year and a half has been an illusion. I've never believed this lie for a second but the tension is born out of the fact that Lucifer sells the fact so well (Mark Pellegrino is on his A-Game here).

    While Sam deals with his demons (literally), Dean and Bobby look into a hopsital where patients are mysteriously dying. They get a tip from Jodie Wells (a character I barely remember) and learn that the Leviathans are impersonating doctors and eating the organs of patients.

    The episode seems to climax in two different places: Sam and Dean are forced to face the truth of whether Sam is really living an illusion or not and later, they face-off against a Leviathan. Both moments are great, in very different ways. Sam and Dean finally have the closest they've had to a heart to heart in a long time while we also get to see how powerful a Leviathan truly is.

    The episode ends with Sam and Dean getting taken to the hospital of Leviathan, Sam having a seizure and Bobby gone missing. It's pretty crazy how fast everything went to hell and it should be equally exciting to see how the Winchester's get out of it.

  • Can the brothers get a break. I mean after 6 years on the air nothing come easy for Sam and Dean. They save the world but always at a cost. If I was them I would start to wonder if saving the world worth it. I would love the writers for once to give Sam


    and Dean a break.Well like I said nothing comes easy for Sam and Dean.Sam is havingVisions of the devil who wants himto kill him self.While they have to deal with the unstoppable Leviathan .To make matters worstBobby is missing and his house it burn to the ground. While Sam and Dean are on there way to the hospital where the Leviathan awaits them. I think this should have been the end of six season. This is a better cliffhanger than last season finale. I can't wait to see how this plays out.

  • Hello, Cruel World


    Hello, Cruel World was another perfect episode of Supernatural and I really enjoyed watching as this episode picked up where the last one ended. It was interesting to see what happened to Castiel and to see a new villian rising who is not yet revealed but we know must have some serious power if they are controlling the Leviathans who have begun to take over people's lives. This episode was a full of horror, both monsters and mental. It was fun watching Sam break down as his hallucination of Lucifer was overwhelming him. There are many questions regarding this and I wonder what exactly happened to Castiel after he went into the resivoir and disappeared unleashing the Leviathans. I certainly look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!

  • SPN continues to prove that it is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    After an awesome premiere supernatural continues to amaze with this awesome episode.This episode proves once again that this is going to be a wild season.So i suggest to anyone who doesnt watch supernatural anymore because of the solid season 6 to start watching it cause this season is shaping to be one of the best seasons of supernatural eva!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • wow another excellent episode what will happen next will sam wake up from his seizure want more already. fantastic job to the cast and crew of the show what will happen next will dean be in a cast for a while and will sam not be alright we shall see!!!!!!


    Wow another fantastic episode well done jared, jensen, jim, and misha take a bow guys you've earned it now the real question how will the rest of the season go will sam be alright by the end of the season will dean get more upset having this whole weight of the world on his shoulders time will tell and then theirs bobby at his age he should be retiring from hunting but as sam says you can never get out of hunting. Go supernatural you rock always wanting more of the show and always entertaining.

  • Awesome roller coaster ride! I love it, I love how they have picked up a brand new ball and are just running with it, tackling everything in their path, bowling everything over and blowing everything away.


    It left me breathless and counting the days until next friday!

    I don't even know where tostart, describing my love for this season so far! I love the Leviathans, I love that they have brought in a brand new foe, that ties in perfectly with the purgatory theme, but is something so completely different the boys have no idea what to even throw at them.

    After six seasons of killing everything under the sun (and everything that never even sees the sun), of defeating Lucifer himself and stopping the apocalypse, of literally going to Hell and back, the boys could easily have been cocky and blasé. Seen it all, done it all, ganked it all.

    So I think it's genius that the writers have thrown them completely off balance--to the point where they don't even know what's real. They're going cuckoo for cocoa puffs, and everything is going to hell around them. No matter what was thrown at them before, they have always been capable, but now they're defenseless. Now Sam has a broken mind and Dean has a broken leg and they're all alone and they have no way to fight the leviathans and they're being dragged straight to the leviathan buffet!

    I am so thrilled and excited and I can't wait until next episode!



    Before der comment I must say that this season has rescued something lost in the first paragraphs seasons: the family relationship, our Dean and Bobby that most beautiful thing I think the real "dady" the dean is our uncle bobby and the message from the dean on the phone gave to see how special this relationship. Not counting the moments around the brother in love was like old times. Returning to the eps to be continue loving this ... I think that helps give a link to more store. sam hallucinations along with the optimal trablho the mark (lucifer) ta tb leaving td crazy world. And they are expensive leviatans million and clearly has a big boss will surely give the guys work. Now what happened to Bobby gave up a cold in estomogo to see his house as well, as they said it's like to see the disasters of rodhouse again, but I hope you rid of Uncle Bobby. One thing that made me depressed is that soon we will see the cas "Dean's best friend" sinf

    Waiting for the continued
    kiss cau

  • It is only the second episode of this season and things are so intense. This is the first time i see supernatural and get scared that the boys and Bobby may not survive.


    This episode was amazing. We saw Dean and Bobby trying to save the world again while Sam still struggled with not knowing what is real and what is fake. I thought Lost was a little confusing itdoesn'tstand a chance to what supernatural season 7 hasevery timei see Lucifer i think he makes sense until he disappeared and i said oh thank god that was all fake but in the last scene when he returned i started to be confused again. The scariest thing till nowThe Leviathans are unstoppable i want to know what kills them. And one thing if Bobby is dead i will never forgive you Sara because you are running the show now, i still dont think Cas is dead i think the writers want us to think that he is dead. Please dont be dead Cas its not the same without you. Cant wait for next weeks episode.

  • Continues to prove that Supernatural is one of the best shows on Television.


    Sammy is still hallucinating from his time in hell and the devil follows him around trying to bait him into doing something stupid.

    Castiel or the leviathans that have now taken over his vessel walk into a dam and explode releasing them all into the water supply infecting anyone that comes into contact. After all that time they are hungry and go on a feeding frenzy in which the brothers and Bobby attempt to stop but they realise their weapons that had been so effective on other Hell Creatures dont work.

    Love the scene where the surgeon / leviathan takes a patient out in the middle of the night for "surgery" then promptly eats them.

    Still one of the best shows on Television.

  • Season 7 is one wild ride! And we're only two episodes in. Fasten your seatbelts!


    They're certainly not pulling any punches. They weren't kidding when they said they would isolate Sam and Dean, strip them of their weapons, their allies, their safe havens--even their sanity. The writers have talked about this season having a Butch and Sundance feel, stranding the brothers in a new world where their old tools no longer work, and they have nothing but each other. I have to admire their willingness to push ever forward, to keep going further to keep things fresh, to break new ground rather than stay in their (and our) comfort zone.

    The tough one here is losing Cas. And those who particularly loved Cas will understandably hate this loss. (And some seem to be expressing their grief through their rating of this episode...) I personally thought Cas was a great addition to the Supernatural world, and I can only hope we haven't seen the last of him. After all, he has been blown up twice before, and twice he came back.

    On the other hand, I understand the writers' dilemma. The apocalypse story line has wrapped, and they kept the angel story going for an extra season. But how long do you keep dragging out an arc just to keep around a great character and actor? Considering that Cas was initially only supposed to appear in a handful of episodes, and that this turned into more than three seasons, I would say they have proven very willing to keep someone around who merits it. I hope they can find a way to bring him back in such a way that it doesn't irk those fans who are tired of the angel story line. I think the writers are in a bit of a damned-if-they-do-damned-if-they-don't dilemma; they're going to anger some fans either way.

    As big a loss as Cas was, it didn't stop there. They've lost Bobby, Singer Salvage, any means of defense, and Sam's marbles.

    Jared is doing an awesome job portraying Sam's insanity, his mental anguish was just so poignant and palpable. And I love how Supernatural will always add a note of humour, even in the direst of circumstances. Sam's hallucinations of Lucifer hanging around in the background reading the paper, cleaning his nails, putting a golf ball, were as funny as they were creepy.

    Jensen of course also hit home with Dean's determination to deal with Sam's insanity while having only a tenuous grasp on his own. And they both delivered powerful performances in the scene in the warehouse, it felt like a big kick right to the gut. (And for a second there, I thought we were going to get the first ever nobody-died-and-came-back hug, right after Dean says: "Believe me! Believe in me, make that your stone number one, and build on it!" But alas! Bobby chose just that moment to call and ruined the mood.)

    Speaking of Bobby, he'd better be okay! I can only deal with so much loss at one time! They have left us on a (evil!) cliffhanger two weeks in a row. I wonder if this is going to be a pattern, if they have decided to write season 7 as a serial. Well, it's new territory, I'm game. I'm along for the ride. And what an amazing, intense ride it is!

    Is it next Friday yet?

  • Sam Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest


    The second episode of the season hit the ground running with the Leviathans tearing Castiel's vessel to shreds by their excursion of power. They hobble to a nearby reservoir and swim to the middle and disperse into the water supply (fitting since in the Book of Revelations they're sea monsters) themselves from what we are led to assume to be Castiel's last appearance on this show. Fond farewell if it is. Sam is still grappling with Lucifer being in his head and is put to the test of sanity again and again with toying with what is real and what is not. When Lucifer tried to get Sam to kill himself I can tell that it's merely an impression of Lucifer in Sam's mind and if he truly kills himself he will go right back down there, although I don't know whether it will be to the cage or not. Bobby's acquaintance Sheriff Mills who we've met before on occasion is in a hospital where some newly posessed and hungry Leviathans who kill patients and take on the form of doctors. Bobby investigates but is discovered and when Sam and Dean look to find him they find the Salvage Yard burned to a crisp and a Leviathan waiting to kill them slowly. They drop a car on him and Sam collapses after dispelling Lucifer's imprint in his mind away temporarily with Dean's reminder of trusting him and their reality. Dean is forced to call an ambulance cuz he has a broken leg. My question is if neither of them moved from that spot wouldn't the paramedics be suspicious of the pile of ooze coming from under the car that they smashed the Leviathan with and ask a question about that or something? Or why the place is suddenly burned down? Oh well, they were in route to the evil hospital in the cliffhanger ending and the pile of ooze that used to be the Leviathan is put back together (surprise). Decent episode, but it didn't have the snap it should've the writing was great, but the tonal shifts from Leviathans reaking havoc to Sam's breakdown weren't handled very efficiently and felt a little uneven. Good setup though, and I hope Bobby's alive it would suck if he spent all this time on the show only to go out now. But Supernatural is alas about Sam and Dean so even Bobby is ultimately expendable.

  • "Hush now baby baby don't you cry..." (Brother), "...should I build a wall?" Pink Floyd


    This ep blew last weeks' out of the reservoir.

    ** spoilers abounding I'm sure **

    There were moments where I actually sat up, with both feet on the floor, leaning toward the tv in anticipation of what was to come with Sam and his increasingly fragmenting psyche.

    Right now the leviathans are interesting but... well I'll reserve judgment on them till next ep.

    Jared did a great job working at portraying a man forced to face delusions and hallucinations on a moment to moment basis (seriously Jared... talk to a few geminis... it'll make it easier to method-it out).

    Jensen likewise brought something more somber to the ep than we're accustomed to from Dean. He's been steadily building more and more depth to Dean and the weight of all his character's been through is starting to really shine through in his acting.

    So, here's the thing, Cas's vessel was about to blow, the leviathans contaminated the city water which enabled them to take new hosts.We learn at little about their hierarchy, as in there IS a hierarchy among the leviathans which means that they're the next phase of 'demon' the boys are going to face (let's hope their rise and fall isn't as badly done as the mother of all monsters was... cause seriously... Dean's way of killing her was clever, but she was obviously a sub-standard evil... I mean come on... a low level demon like YED gets 2 season while the mother of all monsters gets 6 eps? 8? puhleeese... talk about a war on women... pathetic)

    Loved, absolutely loved the accelerating dissolution of Sam's psyche! Dean vs. Lucifer for Sam's attention and using the difference in physical pain vs. psychic (as in psychological)/soul pain suffered in the pit, as a balance point for Sam to begin to see what was real and what wasn't. (Okay so I was also loving the little bit of self-infliction that went on with him gouging the wound from the glass in order to "feel" the difference) ... one thing though... can we please not turn Sam into a cutter? (at least not a full time one). I mean there's been more than a few ficcers who did that back in season 1... 'kay? please. Thanks.

    This ep had something for everyone and I was totally, utterly, and severely stunned and surprised by the last 10 mins.

    ** Spoiler**

    That somehow Bobbys' house got torched?! What the heck! That Dean's leg is actually Broken? What the heck!? Truly? Are we talking rods and screws and he'll be on his feet next ep? or will there be some miraculous healing from a newly revived Cas? I don't know... And Sam... actually getting beaten unconscious with a tire iron? What! As in possibly accurate medical consequences! Bleeding into his brain? O. M. G. ... did they find someone with an actual health care background to help on the show cause seriously... this could be more than awesome for those of us who kinda dig the h/c brother/recovery thing... or maybe that's just me.

    Anyway, I am genuinely excited about next weeks ep! I havent' felt that way for a while and it's great to feel it again!

    To the kast and krew... thanks for all you do.

    For the boys, Jensen and Jared, special love and gratitude to you both, and to you Jim.

    With luck... see you next week.

  • Wow, another decent episode. I'm loving this season so far and loving Supernatural! So many things happening at once, you don't know where to start. Let's start with Sam almost killing his brother, i'm thinking this hillucianation thing will make Sam go


    crazy and into the deep end. I hope not, but I would love it if it was Dean that would be the one that actually saves him from this. Who did the demon go inside??? OMG I have this gut feeling that it's Bobby but i'm hoping i'm wrong on this! Could be Cass as well. Who knows, all these cliff hangers is making me want to keep on watching. Congrats Supernatural for a great Season so far! :)

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