Season 7 Episode 2

Hello, Cruel World

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Sep 30, 2011 on The CW

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  • "Hush now baby baby don't you cry..." (Brother), "...should I build a wall?" Pink Floyd


    This ep blew last weeks' out of the reservoir.

    ** spoilers abounding I'm sure **

    There were moments where I actually sat up, with both feet on the floor, leaning toward the tv in anticipation of what was to come with Sam and his increasingly fragmenting psyche.

    Right now the leviathans are interesting but... well I'll reserve judgment on them till next ep.

    Jared did a great job working at portraying a man forced to face delusions and hallucinations on a moment to moment basis (seriously Jared... talk to a few geminis... it'll make it easier to method-it out).

    Jensen likewise brought something more somber to the ep than we're accustomed to from Dean. He's been steadily building more and more depth to Dean and the weight of all his character's been through is starting to really shine through in his acting.

    So, here's the thing, Cas's vessel was about to blow, the leviathans contaminated the city water which enabled them to take new hosts.We learn at little about their hierarchy, as in there IS a hierarchy among the leviathans which means that they're the next phase of 'demon' the boys are going to face (let's hope their rise and fall isn't as badly done as the mother of all monsters was... cause seriously... Dean's way of killing her was clever, but she was obviously a sub-standard evil... I mean come on... a low level demon like YED gets 2 season while the mother of all monsters gets 6 eps? 8? puhleeese... talk about a war on women... pathetic)

    Loved, absolutely loved the accelerating dissolution of Sam's psyche! Dean vs. Lucifer for Sam's attention and using the difference in physical pain vs. psychic (as in psychological)/soul pain suffered in the pit, as a balance point for Sam to begin to see what was real and what wasn't. (Okay so I was also loving the little bit of self-infliction that went on with him gouging the wound from the glass in order to "feel" the difference) ... one thing though... can we please not turn Sam into a cutter? (at least not a full time one). I mean there's been more than a few ficcers who did that back in season 1... 'kay? please. Thanks.

    This ep had something for everyone and I was totally, utterly, and severely stunned and surprised by the last 10 mins.

    ** Spoiler**

    That somehow Bobbys' house got torched?! What the heck! That Dean's leg is actually Broken? What the heck!? Truly? Are we talking rods and screws and he'll be on his feet next ep? or will there be some miraculous healing from a newly revived Cas? I don't know... And Sam... actually getting beaten unconscious with a tire iron? What! As in possibly accurate medical consequences! Bleeding into his brain? O. M. G. ... did they find someone with an actual health care background to help on the show cause seriously... this could be more than awesome for those of us who kinda dig the h/c brother/recovery thing... or maybe that's just me.

    Anyway, I am genuinely excited about next weeks ep! I havent' felt that way for a while and it's great to feel it again!

    To the kast and krew... thanks for all you do.

    For the boys, Jensen and Jared, special love and gratitude to you both, and to you Jim.

    With luck... see you next week.