Season 7 Episode 2

Hello, Cruel World

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Sep 30, 2011 on The CW

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  • Who Let The Leviathans Out?


    Hello, Cruel World-Dean and Sam both begin to crack as Sam suffers memories of his time in Hell while Dean begins to falter under the combined weight of coping with his brother and Castiel. Meanwhile, Castiel has problems of his own as he tries to cope with his new Godhood.

    Well, it's only episode 2 and the season's Big Bad(s) seem to already be taking form and starting their plans of world domination. After the frightening reveal of the Leviathans taking over Castiel's body. The episode begins with Castiel's body about to explode withblackoozing licking from all over his body as he walks into a near by lake. Even after all the gruesome things we've seen on Supernatural over the years, it's definitely one of the most disturbingsequencesfrom the series. Unfortunately, the brothers and Bobby are unable to stop them and the Leviathans escape through the water pipes in the lake in astunningSFX moment. While a cool looking sequence, it makes you wonder if we've seen the last of Castiel? If this was his final appearance, it's kind of a bittersweet farewell to one of the most beloved characters of the show's last 3 seasons. Hopefully, it wasn't and we'll see Castiel in some form down the line, if not as Misha Collins (God forbid), at least in physical form so we can get some closer between him and the brothers.

    Anyway, the Leviathans spread out and begins possessing other people, like a little girl (what is it with this show and evil little girls?), a mechanic and two high school jocks who end up killing than eating a couple of other jocks. What is interesting about the Leviathans is in one sense, they seem more calculated and welling to form solid plans to survive which makes them different than demons yet in another, they seem moreanimalisticand one track minded on their own than demons are. Taking over the local hospital to use as feeding ground is a pretty sick yet smart plan for them to survive, yet when it comes to dealing with enemies on their own, they're just brainless monsters. Like when Bobby runs into one of the Leviathans impersonating a doctor and they do that strange (and badly CGI-ed)monstrous yell where their jaws get bigger and have multipletongues. But at the same time, the Leviathans seem pretty unstoppable as guns and even at the end, crushing them to death won't kill them. They are definitely setting up the Leviathans to be the most challenging villains for the brothers yet.

    But the Leviathans aren't the only problem at hand for the boys, as Sam's wall continues to break and his hallucinations of Lucifer begin to mess with hisperception of what's real and what's not. I'm glad the writers are finally amping up Sam'smental breakdown with remembering Hell. It seems last season they were stalling with thatstory-lineand even in the finale, we didn't get to really get to see Sam lose it like everyone kept saying he would if he got his soul back. Finally, we get to see Sam holding on to reality for dear life as his world literally crashes before him. Jared Padelacki is truly stunning through this episode as Sam tries todifferentiate between his hallucination and reality.It's great to have also have Mark Pellegrino back as he nearly steals the scenes he's in as Lucifer taunts and mentally tortures Sam. The fake-out with Lucifer as Dean was pretty disturbing, especially when Lucifer manipulating Sam to kill himself soon after. I loved the moment where Dean comes to Sam's rescue, reminding Sam to trust and pushing his wound in to make him feel something real. After all these years, it's great to know that the brotherly bond between Sam and Dean is still solid and strong considering all they've been through. Jared and Jensen were amazing in that seen and it's also heartbreaking to see Dean starting to fall apart too. At the beginning of the episode, Bobby tries to get through to Dean to make him open up about losing Cas and seeing Sam starting to lose his mind, yet Dean as usual says he's fine and toughens up. At the end of the episode, not only is Cas gone and Sam losing it, but Bobby's house has been burned down and he's missing! Dean's phone message to Bobby was truly sad, seeing as how Dean is starting to lose hope with everyone close to him suffering or gone. The episode ends with Sam and Dean being taken to the hospital by the amublance...the same hospital where the Leviathans have taken offer. It's truly one the darkest and depressing endings of the series as the brothers' friends are gone and they are at their most vulnerable. Whatever happens next with probably be the hardest challenge they've ever faced. All and All, "Hello. Cruel World" is a strong second episode that builds on both the Leviathans and Sam'sstory-lines, leaving the brothers at a crosswords.