Season 7 Episode 2

Hello, Cruel World

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Sep 30, 2011 on The CW

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  • This episode is so awesome, its rating should be in the high 9s. The reviews show how much people loved it; they're almost all rated 10.


    I have so much love for this episode, and for season seven so far, I need to make a list of its awesomeness:

    -I love how it is being stripped down to its heart and soul, back to two brothers on the road, like season one. As Jensen said just yesterday "season one is what made us fall in love with this show."

    -I love how they are keeping it fresh not only by bringing in a completely new (and extremely old) Big Bad, but by throwing Sam and Dean completely outside of their comfort zone, defenseless and powerless as they have never been before.

    -I love both Jared's and Jensen's performances, they were so powerful and believable in showing how they are cracking under the pressure.

    -I love the scene in the warehouse, it is one of the best brotherly moments ever. So intense!

    -I love Mark Pelligrino as Hallucifer. He is so chilling, and I love how he is so nonchalant about mentally torturing Sam, sitting around reading the paper and stuff.

    -I love Sheriff Jody Mills! She is awesome. And I loved it when Bobby, who is also awesome, went to rescue her. "Bobby Singer, my hero." "That's the drugs talking."

    -I love how they drove me at breakneck speed right up to the cliff and then left me hanging there, counting every second until next Friday. It is so thrilling!

    -I love that they continue to give us great lines of dialogue, like "Don't let Satan change my presets."

    -I didn't love that Cas "died" but I have faith Misha will be back. I loved his performance as a Leviathan, all maniacal glee, so I'm hoping they will bring him back as the Leviathan boss.

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