Season 2 Episode 18

Hollywood Babylon

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Apr 19, 2007 on The CW

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  • "Tall Tales" should have been this funny!

    Following the grisly death of a propman, on a horror movie set, Internet reports that the soundstage is haunted lure Sam and Dean to Hollywood. When they find out the propman was really a stuntman, perpetrating a hoax for free cyberspace publicity, the brothers almost turn around and head back East. That is; until the producer and the headwriter get killed for genuine ghosts! But, that's not the reason I loved this episode so much. I loved the good-natured fun that the cast and crew (including real-life series producer Eric "McG" Kripke) poked at both themselves and Hollywood. For instance; the cabin scenes are almost a direct lift from the original "Evil Dead." Then, there's the storyboard art, which features a dead ringer of the Marvel Comics Ghost Rider from the 1970's. Plus, all those real-life B-movie titles that starstruck Dean keeps dropping! The funniest scenes of all, however? The fake trailers for "Hell Hazers 2," just before station break. And, the ending bit where Sam and Dean walk off into a backdrop painting of a sunset. Priceless!!!
  • A meta-meta-meta episode, and it's incredibly fun!

    After Tall Tales another filler episode which is both undeniably fun and brilliantly entertaining. Ben Edlund is a genius and his scripts are always clever, witty, bitingly sarcastic and really, really fun. It's a pleasure to watch some good, Monster of the Week, humorous episode from time to time, and relieve the tension and the angst that are our usual fare with Supernatural. I adore that the show is grim and sad and suffering, but once in a while I utterly enjoy just to grab an iced soda and some chips and watch an hilarious episode. And when it's a meta-episode like this one, I'm even more happy!

    Here, we have: a movie in a movie, jokes an film executives and producers, jokes on directors and writers, jokes on actors (and method actors); plus a great insight on how a film is actually produced. And the supernatural storyline, although slightly predictable, is clever and twisted enough to keep my attention high!

    Considering the emotional impact of the last few episode of Season Two ("What is and What Should Never Be" and "All Hell Breaks Loose" in particular), I'm grateful that we also had "Tall Tales" and "Hollywood Babylon" to cheer things up a little.
  • Going behind the scenes.

    This episode excels in an area that Supernatural isn't quite known for; its comedy. Just lots of laugh out loud moments, like that remark of Matt Damon, and the countless references to other horror movies. Does a great job of utilizing the popular culture jokes. Though where this episode is especially funny is the inside jokes it generates, most notably the whole running gag of being a PA; nicely done that kept on building upon itself over and over throughout. And Dean fitting comfortably well with the whole crew and being distracted of doing his job of hunting down the ghost is a nice little treat of character development.

    The other thing it does really well is get us a sneak peak of how hectic it is behind the scenes of a movie in Hollywood. Fleshed out with great detail. The ironic part of this episode is that the one thing it does averagely is what it is most known for; the whole supernatural side of things. Predictable, and the antagonist is pretty uninspiring. Probably would have been better off developing some of the characters and jokes more rather than try to incorporate the horror side for the sake of keeping to its namesake, but that would probably have garnered a lot of complains from fans.
  • McG guest-stars in this ridiculous and humorous episode

    After the previous episode "Heart," this episode seems a little lackluster. Not really much happens in it besides Dean getting to see what it's like to work in Hollywood, and that was slightly entertaining. As for the MotW, it wasn't anything that great. In fact, it was just a screenwriter summoning spirits because hollywood producers screwed around with his original movie script. As I said before, lackluster.

    It was pretty neat to see McG in the show, as he is one of the main producers for it. I enjoyed watching the Hollywood producers get their comeuppance and trying to figure out what was going on. I like twists as much as the next person, and after the fake death at the beginning, I was intrigued as to what was actually going on.

    I keep hoping that one of these episodes will bring the yellow eyed man to the forefront, but no luck so far. I'm not one to complain too much though, and I still find the show to be as compelling as ever. I personally believe Supernatural is underrated and that if it was on any other channel besides the CW, it would have much better ratings and recognition.

    Overall, this was a pretty good episode, but with too much humor and not enough thrills.
  • I'm glad this movie isn't real!

    In this episode Sam and Dean are on a movie set (very crappy acting on that set too) because they heard that the set was haunted by a ghost. They find out that a guy was paid to play the victim of the ghost and that he is alive and well. But then there are real hauntings on the set by famous people. And there is one real bad death when a man gets sucked into a giant fan. Sam and Dean, as always, figure out what is happening and there is an awsome way to watch the ghosts coming to them on a cell phone. They end up on the roof with the man that summoned them (the spirits) and all his effots at sabotaging the movie backfires on him and so do the spirits.

    The movie man that Sam and Dean saved put everything that happened into the movie and Sam wasn''t imperessed.
  • A funny little filler.

    This episode does nothing for the overall plot, but it is a light, hilarious take on a meta-commentary of the show and the interaction between the boys is cute as always. As a major Gilmore Girls fan I enjoyed the reference right at the beginning of the episode (Padalecki starred in GG as the main protagonist's boyfriend), and as it does center around Hollywood, various other references can be found and enjoyed in this episode. While this was much less scary or even disturbing than usual, it fit the overall feel of the episode. All in all, a smooth and well-directed little episode. Watch it while enjoying a philly cheesesteak sandwich and a smoothie ;)
  • Predictable but funny.

    This episode was filmed in Universal Studios. Welcome to Los Angeles. A very funny episode, mostly comedy than scary,. Even the presumed scary parts were funny so overall it was pretty silly. Had a good plot but seemed pretty much a filler & very predictable. I liked the parody of all the scary movies, and the promo in the middle of the movie was just hilarious. It really gave me a new perspective on seeing so-called scary movies. They all suck cause Supernatural is the only program that is real. One of the funny episodes. The end when they walk in to the sunset was hilarious. Good episode.
  • The first of many blatantly comedic episodes by Ben Edlund, not my favorite type of comedy, but it wasn't such a bad SPN "just-for-sun" installment.

    This is the first example of a brand new trend in SPN comedy, during the first season and the first part of season 2 the main theme was drama, humor was integrated into the episodes in a seamless subtle fashion, this setting was first broken by Hell House, in which the side plot (the pranks) was intended for comic relief, but the comedy wasn't that obvious until Nightshifter; an entire episode dedicated to comedy. Still the humor in Nightshifter and then in Tall Tales was subtle, the nature of the plot commanded that the episodes be … well, hilarious. With Hollywood Babylon things were different, the story wasn't innately funny, yet the script was filled with in-jokes and sarcastic stabs at social norms, the characters were also written to interact with the case with a more laid-back attitude. Like I said not my favorite kind of comedy, maybe a different show can capitalize on Edlund's wit, and I'd definitely love it, but as talented as Edlund is, I don't think SPN is the right show for this type of writing. Maybe that's just me.

    Anyhow, it was fairly entertaining, I especially liked Dean's involvement in the movie, he looked like he was having a blast, holding a "normal" job for once, yet he never strayed from the real job. Sam was irritated with Dean's desire to fit in, and rightly so … it was all very amusing.
  • Awesome episode!

    I loved this episode. I loved all of the references to Supernatural. One of my favorite scenes was when they mentioned Gilmore Girls. Because Jared was on that show for 5 years. Something else that I found funny was when they mentioned the weather being Canadian. That was funny because Supernatural is filmed in Canada. This was a funny episode. And I loved every minute of it. I also liked that Dean had a job on the set of a movie. And he kept eating the food. That was great. Another thing that I liked was after Sam and Dean were fighting and trying to protect themselves and the producer or whoever that guy was, that guy had worked in what had happened to him and Sam and Dean, into the movie he was making. That was funny.
  • A really funny and amusing episode.

    This episode was certainly very funny. Seeing Dean as a P.A was really great and I agree he was one "hell of a P.A". This episode did not had a connection with the others but was cleverly plotted and I really enjoyed watching it. It had so much insides and allusions too. I really laughted when the guide of the little tour at the beginning presented the setting of Gilmore Girls and said "If we are lucky we might even catch one of the show stars". The episode in general was really funny because of the horror movie making. The movie looked so laimed. I also liked the idea that they put the moment where Dean and Sam fight the spirits in the horror movie. Also the ending was simply great and funny : Dean coming out of the roulotte, taking a sandwich and finally walking towards a false sunrise with a little music in the back. Like I said it was not my favorite episode but like always I enjoyed it.
  • Dean and Sam go to L.A. and ending working on a movie as P.A.'s after discovering one of the crew members was murdered, presumably by a ghost.

    Dean really just wanted a vacation and something to take Sam's mind off of the tragedy of Madison, the werewolf, from last episode. Sam's way of dealing with things is to investigate a movie set where a man was killed.

    This is a hilarious episode with a ton of in jokes, almost from the get go. First of all, the movie being filmed is more than an homage to "Evil Dead" especially when one of the characters makes reference to "Ashley" during the filming. The set is so similar to the "Evil Dead" cabin as to be indistinguishable. This a great episode for showcasing Dean's horror and B-movie knowledge. It also shows Dean not only doing well as a P.A. but loving it and enjoying being a part of team. His ability to blend in with this set and really get into the filmmaking aspect of things is great to see. It is also poignant as it is another thing that makes you wonder what his life would have been like had his mother lived.

    Overall, this is a great episode. Humorous and light, with fantastic in jokes and references to the show. These lighter episodes are great for making sure that the storyline doesn't get too bogged down by tragedy. While the job they do is great tragedy fodder, the humorous episodes and fun adventures help keep people interested. After a couple of episodes that end in tears, you need at least a couple that end in laughter. Hooray for the fun!
  • Death and corruption in Los Angeles. Well wait, that's just the modus operandi of the town, let's clarify - SUPERNATURAL death and corruption in Los Angeles. There we go.

    There seems to be a point in every Supernatural season's life at which the Powers that Be dip their toes into the waters of death and angst and destruction and then back off. Well, when I say back off I mean – go completely in the opposite way. I enjoyed "Hollywood Babylon," don't get me wrong, but it seems to me that it would be better to have an episode that is more medium in tone following something like "Heart." Obviously, you can't have two of the same flavor right in a row – two episodes full of angst would weigh heavily, and two episodes of light-heartedness and Joe and Jane American don't think the jokes are as funny. Just with "Hell House" from last season, though, I think that this almost-the-apocalyptic-season-finale-but-not-quite dance that happens jumps too much from one extreme from the other, resulting in slightly jarring viewing.

    There were some prayers issuing out of my mouth during the teaser that the scene we were watching was from the horror movie, not going to lie. Luckily it was. However, I'm a little bit divided in my opinion of how tPtB dealt with the industry, just as I was of its mocking of real ghost hunters. The in-jokes and side comments were funny, but at the same time they seemed more self-conscious than anything that should actually come out of the Boys' mouths. As the episode went on, though, it seemed to become more natural. Of course I do agree with the overall theme of Walter's plight, having given almost the same diatribe (although hopefully slightly more loquacious than his) about some movies that make it out of Hollywood. Some movies (such as one that shall not be named about a spirit who rides motorcycles...) seem to be completely out-of-synch with their genre (action movies should have fight scenes longer than three minutes, methinks) while others are just plain...terrible. AND still others do nothing but glorify in stereotypes and cliques that middle school guidance counselors have tried to erase since time immemorial. However, Supernatural neither created nor is contributing to said travesties, so I can thank it for its commentary, agree with the statements therein, and move on. (Oh but before I do and speaking of stereotypes – I may or may not be mad at the sexism implied by the Department of Transportation's new drinking and driving campaign. Apparently only middle-aged white males, apparently of the upper-middle class, are the ones who drive under the influence. Interesting, no?)

    All I knew about "Hollywood Babylon" was that it took place on a movie set...nothing about el que no es humano or anything. I wondered briefly if el que would be something along the lines of Phantom of the Opera, but obviously instead we got something more along the lines of...I can't even think of an appropriate description. Walter. Randomly – I cringed at the sight of a z-rail in one shot of the outside lot. I still don't know if what Dean said was true about the Poltergeist set, but I know that the original The Omen was said to be cursed – you can wikipedia it, very interesting and a little bit spooky. Sadly, the only thing cursed or spooky about The Omen 666 was Julia Styles acting...

    Although I figured out what was causing the ghosts before the boys (I glanced at the time and it was 17.43 into the episode when I realized it was the book, but I didn't check again to see when Sam noticed the same thing) but I didn't have a problem with "the characters being stupid" or anything. There needed to be a high prevalence of the chant because otherwise it would have seemed to have come out of left field, and I'd rather have the former than the latter. Seriously, though, it's not the first rule of horror movie survival but it has to be up there – don't read out of the Necronomicon unless you understand Latin! Well, Necronomicon's in Arabic, but still. Maybe it was a translation. Hehe.

    A random thought I had about a different – not better or worse, just different – way to do "Hollywood Babylon" came right before Tara found the actor's "body," when you knew the first death was going to come. I thought it might be cool to limit the perception of the audience, thinking as I did at first that the director had set up the ploy in order to capture a realistic scream from Tara. I guess in the end it is almost the same way the first death was treated – as a publicity stunt. It'd be a little similar to Roadkill in that we'd be in medias res, but it would be quite challenging to expose how the Boys figured out the case [with their raging clues? Mwahaha] and keep Jane and Joe American in the dark.
  • Sam and Dean go undercover as P.A.'s.

    I didn't particularly LOVE this episode, but I liked it. It had it's funny parts. Like, at the beginning of the episode when they mention "Gilmore Girls". That was funny. Dean's attitude and personality on this episode was very funny and entertaining. Sam definently took the role of "geekboy" ,that the fandom has given him over the seasons, in this episode. He was definently on top of his game. The same with Dean. I think it was well acted and very well done, again, just not something that I LOVED. But, no worries. There are other great episodes :) Good job you guys!
  • Sam and Dean end up in L.A. on vacation and investigate the death and a mysterious haunting on the set of a new horror film Hell Hazers II. Dean gets sucked in to the life of a PA. This episode was filled iwth plenty of inside jokes and humor.

    This wasn't my favorite episode. Mostly because it seemed (dare I say it) a trifle corny. There was a lot of focus on film industry jokes and I found Dean and Sam's involvement a tad implausible. The manner in which they get on the set (for instance), was a little hokey. I did think Dean's crush on the actress was cute, and it was fun to see Sam's distraction at Dean's eating habits (such as when he was eating the meat sandwich). I found the ghosts to be cool and interesting looking. I liked the way the boys jobs were integrated into the film at the end, although I could've done without the rocking trailer. LOL. Quite possibly my least favorite S2 episode.
  • Hollywood Babylon is a wonderful example of this amazing show. And a nice alternative to the angst of "Heart" last week

    This episode was actually scarier and more gory than I was expecting, totally reminiscent of Season 1.

    Loved the 'movie in a movie (or TV show)' set up. This ep had great pace, suspence and scares. A clever twist to the ghosts who were really creepy and Walter’s death at the end was truly gross!

    I also loved the humour, all the 'in' jokes, references to 'Gilmore Girls', 'Boogeyman' scriptwriters and Deans impersonation of Bruce Willis in Die Hard "Come out to the coast, we'll get together have a few laughs" Perfect!

    Poor Sam, still grieving for Maddison, all he wants to do is throw himself into a hunt (in fact he looked so hard for one on the internet that he came up with a bogus one to start with!)

    Dean on the other hand (although totally professional as always) ,as a self confessed pop culture junkie, was having a ball being in Hollywood!

    And after a slightly hesitant start it was great fun to watch him slip so enthusiastically into his P.A. job. I think after all the worry and drama surrounding Sams 'Destiny' and his role in it, Dean is just enjoying a bit of a break in a 'normal' job.
    Especially when he gets to hang out with a hot chick, be a competent member of a team and enjoy delicious free food!
    It is a little sad actually that its only for the duration of the hunt.

    And of course he gets the girl in the end, who could resist that gorgeous smile and boyish charm! Then he and Sam walk off into the 'sunset'. A very enjoyable episode and next weeks looks scary and cool too!

    Love the variety that the writers give us each week. Congrats to everyone involved in making this amazing show.

    Jensen and Jared are totally perfect!
  • I like that they brought in Gary Cole.

    Supernatural is a very entertaining show. Each episode is very fun to watch. This episode is no exception. I like the fact that they bring in guest stars every once in a while. This time they brought in Gary Cole (Sheriff Buck on American Gothic, Mr. Brady in the Brady Bunch Movies, Lundberg the Boss in Office Space). Cool episode in Hollywood.
  • Sam and Dean go to Hollywood to investigate a movie set that's rumored to be haunted. They find out that one of the crew members is summoning spirits to do his bidding.

    This episode didn't really have much of a point. It was pretty run-of-the-mill, and didn't really bring anything new to the table. However, I did love the humor and references. Jensen Ackles was comically brilliant in this episode as Dean. The whole P.A. thing was really funny, as were the references to other TV shows and movies. The storyline itself was OK I guess, but I figured out as soon as Walter popped up randomly for the second time that he was going to be behind everything. The whole summoning-demons thing is cool though, because I think that adds an extra level of horror to the show, since it's a human behind everything. And human grudges are something that we can all relate to more.

    All in all, this episode was definitely a filler, basically bridging the gap until the season finale...but it was enjoyable, nonetheless.
  • Sam and Dean take a vacation to Hollywood, and Dean becomes a P.A on a movie set to find out about a haunting. Not a great story line, but I loved the humour!

    Sam and Dean decide to go on a little vacation to Hollywood. Dean feels that he needs a break. Little did they know, that they would have to investigate a haunting of a horror movie set. With Dean posing as a P.A, he can get all the information that they need. And might I add, the free food? And with Sam going all geekboy, it is pretty much running smoothly. Until they find out what is really haunting the set. They discover that one of the movie writers is getting spirits to get revenge on the people that have stuffed up his movie. In other words, this guy had a script all ready for the movie, and these people just came and tore it up and wrote their own. So he got pissed and started summoning evil spirits from hell using a latin ritual. Pretty scary stuff. I liked this episode mainly because of the humour. The story line was not actually that good. The image of Dean being a P.A just cracked me up!
  • Sam and Dean discover that a group of ghosts are murdering the crew of a horror movie.

    This episode was funny more than scary. Althout there were some parts that were a bit gross for me but not scary or lots of suspence for that matter. Dean killed me with all the food he was eating! lol He looked like a kid that was starving for days. It was also funny to see the crush he had with the actress and how in the end he got to be with her, that lucky dog. I wish that could happened to me if i visit the set of Supernatural. Anyways it was a good episode but there wasn't much of a great hunt it was more like a comedy relief.
  • Hooray For Hollyweird!

    Before I get started, there is something that needs to be discussed. Dean has a problem. We all know it. Dean has a food issue. After seeing this episode, you will find that it's getting out of hand. Dean, please, get some help before it's too late!. Okay, I feel better. Now, onto the episode. It's been a looooooooong time since I have written a review for Supernatural. I am trying to get back into the swing of things. Supernatural has always been one of the harder shows to write about for me. I don't know why. Maybe it's just too good?. Hollywood Babylon could be considered a throwaway episode, but there is no such thing when it comes to Supernatural. Even at it's weakest, which this certainly is not, the show is still lively, entertaining, creative, and better than the majority of most other stuff that is on television. Here, the show does a little 'wink, wink, nudge, nudge' to the audience and just lets loose and has some fun. Some of SN's darker episodes get REALLY dark, so it's fine to lighten up a bit here and there. The same thing went on with The X Files, of which a few regular SN writer and directors have come from. I always enjoyed whenever The X Files went comical. Whenver Chris Carter thought up of something unusual or silly. It always worked. Most of my top favorite episodes of The X Files were the funny, or off kilter ones. SN is trying to do the same and I say more power to them. This season, we got "Tall Tales", and now this one. This ep sort of reminds me of the Duchovny written/directed episode where he and Scully visited the set of a movie being based on them with Garry Shandling and Tea Leoni playing them. Okay, so this is not about The X Files. Let's move on....

    There have been some strange happenings and goings on on a film set at a studio in, ahem, Hollywood(I'll get to that in a minute). Deaths, ghostly apparitions, and whatnot. A classic haunting, really. Sam and Dean come to Hollywood(snicker)to find out what is going on. It turns out that the first scare may not of been what it seemed, thanks to Dean's immense knowledge of film and film actors. But there really is something weird and sinister going on when cast and crew members start to drop like flies one by one. Is it really vengeful spirits?. If so, why?. Is it something else?. That would be telling. You don't want everything spoiled, do you?.

    The one and only gripe I have about this episode?. That the great Gary Cole, who guest stars, has such a relatively small part. Come on, it's Sheriff Lucas Buck!. Mike Brady!. I wonder if his dialogue of making the film brighter and whatnot was a reference to his time as a bright and sunny Brady?. Oh well. The episode is rip roaring fun from start to finish. It is jam packed with jokes, in-jokes, and a wink to the audience. Reading about it may not seem entirely enticing, but it works better once you actually see the episode and how everything is done and fits in. It is overly stuffed with film references and sly jabs at their creator Eric Kriple(whose film script for "Boogeyman" is mocked). Padalecki's previous job on "Gilmore Girls" gets the mention as well. Too bad they weren't really at Warner Bros. studios to see Stars Hollow. In fact, too bad they weren't really in Hollywood!. By now, we all know that the show shoots in Vancouver, Canada. When the boys hit Hollywood, it's obvious they aren't anywhere near it. And yes, there are some jokes about this. Like The X Files, SN is able to balance the comical with the serious and the scary. It's a testament to the writers and to Ackles and Padalecki. The comical bits and the humor, whether it is in a real comical episode like this or not, just seems to come naturally from the two of them and from the proceedings. It never feels forced or tacked on for the sake of it. It comes from them and the surroundings in a natural, organic way.

    Now, the episode isn't 100% perfect or fantastic. It's sheer fun with a healthy dose of humor and so on, but the outcome of everything is sort of...ho, hum. Kind of expected and sort of overused. Like other SN episodes, what originally seems to be something may not be, and a twist happens, but the way it started would of been better. Otherwise, no complaints.

    There is a number of things to like and be satisfied with here. There is always a great deal of material to work with when you are dealing with Hollywood and movies and sets and all that. It actually fits into Supernatural and the boys' world pretty well. Having SN's own producer, McG , appear as a character in the episode was a nice touch too. It would of been even better and more interesting if it were the real McG himself instead of an actor. Dean's seamless transition into being a part of the movie himself as a crew member was hilarious....and the catering, my god!, the catering!. Just for the sake of that alone, let's hope Dean doesn't come too close to another film set again.

    In the end, "Hollywood Babylon" was a perfectly fine, funny, and entertaining hour. It doesn't break the mold or enhance SN's story or mythology, but it doesn't have too. It has to be fun, entertaining, funny, and enjoyable with good work. HB has all that. Every episode has all that. I like my shows like SN to be dark and scary and all that, but there needs to be some light along the way. Let's hope that Kripke and the rest of the writers think so too. Another trip to the cloudy environs of fake California in Vancouver wouldn't be a bad thing.
  • Stupid, with more in-jokes crammed in you would have thought possible in an hour.

    This episode seems like a filler episode-I.E, It seems like they just needed something to fill the chasm between now and the long awaited all hell breaks loose part 1. Very silly and stupid, with nothing that you would expect to happen happening-and not in a good way. Dean sleeping with Tara, guy who isn't seen in the entire episode, suddenly popping up and revealing he is the bad guy. Sorry, but this is simply not usual supernatural material. To point out some of the highlights of the episode, would be some of the looks given by Sam during the tour guides mentions of the Gilmore girls set, plus all the in-jokes towards other shows, and a few movies. for more info,consult the episode guide for supernatural. Until next time See ya!!
  • Pretty good

    Another solid episode. Ok, it wasn't perfect but it was very entertaining. Sam and Dean are investigating deaths on thje set of a horror movie. A pretty lame horror movie.

    Highlights: *Dean being a PA. He gets a taste of having a normal job that doesn't involve salting and burning. It was sweet.
    *All the injokes/ references. I can't remember them all to point them out but they were entertaining to spot. They made me laugh.

    So this may not be the best episode ever but it was a well timed bit of humour and fun. After reading synopses, (is that right? or should it be synopsi? Never mind), of the last few episodes of the season I can see it is going to get pretty dark so a bit of fun is needed.

    All in all, a good episode.
  • In Hollywood, nobody can hear you scream!

    This episode is terrific, not only because it branches out from the regular pattern, but because you don't know where the plot will turn next. The fact that the first fifteen minutes were all a prank is a brilliant twist to begin a great episode with Dean as PA, Sam incredulous at the movie and believing it sucks so much that it causes spirits to be angered, and Mark's strange orders about the direction of the movie such as the creepy scene needs to be brighter and ghosts needing superhearing to know when to appear.

    Other than the humour of the episode, the plot was quite good aswell and keeps you guessing until the end and the camera was a good change in the spirit seeing abilities.

    This episode is an example of what Supernatural is best at, changing the style of the show every now and then and remain entertaining.
  • Hmm meh!

    OK it wasnt that bad but it wasnt that good either. The plot was good but it wasnt in character with the show. The idea is good however it fell flat because there was no intense supernatural hunting stuff. This is the first episode that didnt grab me. It was enjoyable nonetheless and the ghost were great. Sam and Dean discover that a group of ghosts are murdering the crew of a horror movie which was really cheesy, I mean from the start I knew it was fake. I liked the end though, I felt that was when it was more Supernatural.
  • Not a bad episode... but can't be considered a classic either.

    I love SN and my opinion will always be bias because I am going to enjoy virtually any episode they show, but this episode was simply average. It's that it was a bad episode it just simple wasn't a good one. Of course it was well acted and well written but like my classification states it just was not my favorite story line. The writers have a formula that works 9 times out of 10 but every now and again they need a filler episode so they don't resolve the major storylines in half of the season... this episode was one of those times.
  • And you know what's worse? I still want to be a film director!

    Another day, another ep, another funny story! Lately the brothers have been dealing with a lot of ghosts!

    In this all starts in a hollywood teenage stupid horror... you know, like "I Heard you know that she knows what happens last summer - part 4 they're back"!

    And i thought so funny cause i'm studing cinema in film school, and here we get the chance to see how cynical hollywood gang can be!

    That's the reason why the guy make the whole encantation! But let's make clear, that even if my ideas and scripts get changed when get in the hands of David Lynch, i will not call any dead to help me out. Don't worry!

    PS: i would love to have Dean as my P.A.!
  • Dean and Sam go to Hollywood! No, not to act; they're ghost hunting!

    This episode was a lot better than What Is and What Should Never Be (yes, I watched them out of order. Shoot me.) I adored all the humour, and I think it was really evident in this episode that the characters of Dean and Sam are both really strong and that the actors are both really comfortable in their parts. The premise was sooooo funny, and I thought it was pretty original, having all the Hollywood references but with ghosts attached! But as with What Is and What Should Never Be (note: this is my only second episode of Supernatural), the ending was really weak compared to the rest of the episode (or at least, the episode completely changed tone at the end). Obviously the story had to be finished somehow, but it was a pretty boring and usual way of going about it. Too bad the writers couldn't have thought of anything better.
  • Dean gets a job as a PA. Sam stands around and looks bored.

    While I did not love this eppy, I thought that all of the stuff with Dean and his job as a PA was very cute and funny. I also loved Dean's vast pop culture knowledge. I just knew that he had it in him. And, the shot of Dean looking at the front of his jeans was beyond words for me. I know. Tacky on my part. But, that is really all that I can say about this episode. Bring on the angst!
  • This episode was really funny but really unusual. I was pretty good.

    I have got to say first and foremost that this episode shyed quite far away from its normal that it wasn't really as good as all the others. I mean the one-liners from Dean was really really great but the whole feel of them going to Hollywood and investigating a murder on a scary set which look silly, and they do it at a time when there is all this tension with Sam being physic and all... I don't know I just think the episode maybe could have been better at the beginning of this season or somthing. But that being said it was still really funny. It was also intersting to see a normal person actually knowing what really goes on in the real world but he's a complete idiot lol. anyway the story was silly and pretty good but over all it was funny and ok.
  • Sam and Dean head to Hollywood and kill stuff...

    This episode was fantastic and I'm sure appreciated much more to those who have interacted with Hollywood than those who didn't. It had me in stitches from start to finish. It's a perfect example of how Supernatural does shows that aren't full of amazing twists and turns but just very good. It tones it down for a bit and just has fun much like the Tall Tales episode.
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