Season 9 Episode 9

Holy Terror

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Dec 03, 2013 on The CW
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Sam and Dean investigate an angel slaughter and discover that Castiel is already looking into the matter. The individual responsible captures Castiel, while Dean wonders whether ti's time to tell Sam the truth about Ezekiel.

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  • Bored, then a shock death.

    Not a great episode, I was bored throughout the episode, it was only saved by the shock death of Kevin. I'm so tired of the whole angel storylines now, it was so much better with demons, the devil and Crowley.
  • No place for Prophets!

    I hope this isn't considered a bad/boring review! But what a great episode. Great twists and turns and shocking "Oh! My God" (or Supernatural God) moments. What a way to heap the angst on Dean particularly when he has to try and save Sam from his inhabiting angel. So the prophets are way more important than we understood. Why else would Metatron have Kevin killed. Kevin was a great character - RIP Matey! And how will Sam cope when he finally has no angel and remembers killing Kevin with his hands (even if he was not in control). Great to see Cas re-graced. So the hunt on is for a new Prophet because he/she is the one who might help Dean and Sam find God and restore Heaven in a great Season 10 finale???moreless
  • Cant wait Def was a mid season cliff hanger.

    I loved this show. It is too bad about Kevin. He was so cute and really helped and was such a good hearted young guy. I think with all their resources they really dont need another prophet. They have everything at the bunker and it would be sad to replace Kevin. It is dangerous and the show is the show. This deifinately was a favorite show. I love this show above any other show and love the actors who work together with the writers and directors. It is all a collaborative effort and you can tell they all get along and are good friends. I love That Cas has tried to be human and the struggles he had and it helped him understand humans a little more. I love his character and any show with him makes it a little better for me. I am looking forward to when he can actually work with Dean without the angel interfering. This experience has been good for him and I actually liked him human but at least he can help more that he is angel. I am torn about how I like him best. I think Misha as Cas is fantastic. I love the storyline and always have about Dean the older brother always watching after Sam and this season shows he will go anything he has to for the sake of his brother. I have always liked this show and the brothers story and their bond. I love Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki as tthe brothers and think this is one of the best seasons. I will always love this show and very much loved this episode. I cant wait to see the next episodes

    Again I just have to say Jensens emotional performance at the end was fantastic. Jared playing someone else besides his character in the same body was very good toomoreless
  • Well it isn't called a cliffhanger for nothing

    I liked this episode, simple as that. Sure there were angels and more angels and surprisingly no Crowley, but that's okay. So this is pretty typical of Supernatural. Sam gets all the action sub plots and they leave Dean with the angst scenes. Cool. Okay. And of course it wouldn't be much of an episode if they don't kill people off. This time it's Kevin instead of more extras. I'm not even that freaked out, it's like the norm on Supernatural and it's been said hundreds of times, but death never seems final on this show. Although I have a feeling Kevin's might be permanent, I still hold the hope they'll bring him back in some form. Hey it's happened dozens of times so.

    Oh and I do happen to agree with angim with one thing. Cas and his angel mojo. Finally. Angel!Cas is the best kind of Cas out there if you ask me. I mean don't get me wrong, I do like human!Cas just fine but an angel should always remain an angel, unless, you're well Anna. She was good as either human or angel to me.

    I can't wait to find out what Dean will do now that he's pretty much on his own. He's down a brother, a prophet and an angel. Here's to the next episode!moreless
  • Thankyou guys! Thankyou!

    Oh my. Thank God for that! There was me ready to list everything that had been bugging me about season 9 of Supernatural here, and, as always, they pull a superb episode out of the bag. There was a lot going on here; in fact, it was like the writers took most of the things not really working in season 9 and sorted them out. But before we get to the good stuff, let's address the elephant in the room: KEVIN'S DEAD!!

    NOOO! Why, Supernatural? Why, why why??? Why do you always make us love a character, then kill them off? Kevin had been through so much: Leviathan, Crowley, Angels... he'd survived it all. And he dies, suddenly and horribly, killed by a supernatural being possessing his friend. I'd really grown to like Kevin; he'd fast become a pseudo Bobby to the Winchesters: the guy at the end of the phone who they always turn to for assistance. I thought he was going to be around for a while, but nope. It's all the more tragic as Dean promised Kevin they'd always protect him. Kevin even tried to leave at one point, recognising any third wheel to the Winchesters (unless they happen to be called Castiel, and he's died a few times himself) is not long for this world. Dean gave him his usual speech about family, and he stuck around. And it got him killed. While I'm hoping that Cas might be able to bring him back, I doubt they'll go to winter hiatus on this cliffhanger just to undo it come January. Looks like Kevin's gone for good. What's the betting Charlie's next?

    So, now that's out of my system, what about the good stuff? Well, like I said... it really is like the writers agreed with my gripes, and came in to fix them. So, at the top of the list:

    Cas has his mojo back!!! Thank God for that. I'd made no secret that I wasn't feeling a powerless Castiel; as I predicted, the writers just had no clue what to do with him as a human. In the end, they seemed to settle for comedy, because, let's face it, that's pretty much all you could do with a powerless Cas. The problem is, when one of your regulars becomes comic relief, you know you've gone wrong they've realized this. Cas outwitted his torturer and took his grace. This doesn't mean he's back to full power, or that he's even as powerful as he was before. Cas was a bad ass Angel, having been a General himself. Therefore, it's clear he's taken the power of a lessor Angel, which opens up so much story potential. How much power does he now have? Will he not be strong enough to take on Bartholomew? Will absorbing another Angel's grace actually slowly weaken him, leading him to search for his own? Is it only temporary? So much they can do with this. Cas isn't boring human Cas any more, but nor is he the ultra powerful Cas they struggle so much to write for. The good news is he has power now, so it's time to see him kick some ass. He said it himself; he's ready.

    Another thing that was going on the list: the Angel storyline wasn't interesting. They sorted this out too. It's not just Bartholomew we need to worry about; there are many factions of Angels, all looking for power, equally as dangerous. Malaketh clearly thought he was the superior Angel here, yet Barth managed to outsmart him in turn. As the torturer Angel remarked: it's not clear who will win. All that is clear is that each faction will stop at nothing to come out on top. Both sides do, however, want the same thing: to overthrow Metatron. And, if things were not complicated enough, Metatron returned with his own scheme. He wants Angels of his own to help rebuild Heaven with him as God. Or, at least... that's what he says. I wouldn't trust him as far as I could throw him.

    Which leads me to the final thing: advancement in the Sam possession story! So, it turns out Ezekiel wasn't Ezekiel at all, but a notoriously bad Angel called Gadreel. Or, is he bad? There certainly seems to be shades of grey with him; he took the blame for evil descending upon Earth, for Lucifer being able to corrupt early mankind, but it wasn't said that he deliberately allowed this to happen. He even said himself... he's not a killer. However, he has been imprisoned for many years. He's angry, he's alone and he's looking for purpose. Metatron has provided that to him, by giving him a hit list. And, thus, he's killed Kevin.

    While it would have been nice to have Sam possessed by something we know about (I was half hoping for Lucifer!!!), as it would have been a much more powerful twist, I'm very intrigued by this new character, and there's scope more stuff they can do with him. Does Sam know he's possessed, or has Gadreel completely cut him off? Sam has managed to overpower Lucifer before, an extremely powerful archangel. As powerful as Gadreel is, he's nowhere near as powerful as that, so there might be some hope for Sam.

    2013 was a much better year for Supernatural than 2012. I loved season 8's second half; it sorted out the kinks of the first half and delivered right up until the end. Season 9 looks set to do the same. While these past few episodes have been hit and miss, this episode really makes me take a lot of that back. As things stand, Dean has been left gazing at the corpse of Kevin, once again having failed both Sam and his friend. Cas has his powers back, kind of, which opens up plenty of avenues for the character. Gadreel has run off in Sam's body to do the bidding of Metatron. Bartholomew and Malaketh and many other Angels are still at war. And, finally, the boys still have Crowley locked in the bunker, and Abaddon has had plenty of time to build up her forces.

    A very good episode, and a very strong ending to a very good year for the show. I'm so very excited for what's to come now. In one episode, all my doubts were vanquished. Well done, guys. I'll see you next yearmoreless
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