Season 1 Episode 7

Hook Man

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Oct 25, 2005 on The CW
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Sam and Dean help a girl whose date became a victim of the "Hook Man," a famous urban legend that turns out to be real, in a small college town somewhere in Iowa. In order to save her and her father, the local minister, the brothers have to find the ghost's bones so they can destroy them. One tiny problem... they're in an unmarked grave.moreless

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  • Dean and Sam infiltrate a fraternity AND a sorority to investigate a case. This can't end well...

    Beware of drinking and driving. Beware of lying and hypocrisy. Beware of fornication. If you should engage in any of these activities, beware, the Hook Man waits for you! Or at least he will if you have a prudish friend who is also religious and rebellious and secretly thinks you deserve to be punished for your sin. It's the little things in life!

    Yeah, this episode sort of lays it on thick with some of the religious commentary. Not that that's necessarily a bad thing, mind. One of the delightful things about this show is its treatment of the religious elements. It makes fun of the more ridiculous peccadilloes man has dreamed up, satires the stuff that everybody knows about, and then treats the serious issues with the utmost respect. It's funny, sarcastic, and yet manages to still keep the focus where it should be. Some people might be offended by some of the reinterpretation of things, but I choose not to be. For a secular show, they get so many things right and do a darn good job of dealing with the issues that arise from using that mythology. It's the perfect balance of irreverent humour and solemn respect.

    That being said, if you don't like that sort of thing then this episode definitely isn't for you. A girl named Lori is the daughter of a pastor who, due to her confusion and anger about discovering her father having an affair, inadvertently summons the Hook Man, the spirit of a deceased reverend-turned-vigilante who kept up with his 'thinning out the goats' practice even after death. Once called up, the ghost sets about taking out all of the individuals in Lori's life that she subconsciously believes are sinning and need to be punished. He takes out the boyfriend who pushed a bit too hard on a date, the best friend who slept around and pressured Lori to loosen up and do the same, and nearly killed Lori's wayward father before Sam and Dean came in to save the day.

    This episode was okay. Not great, not terrible, just okay. It honestly didn't leave that big of an impact on me (I certainly remember it less than the bugs one) but it wasn't bad either. Sure the religious commentary was a bit heavy in places and there were lots of clichs to the characters that I would swear come straight out of Uncle Walt's world, but overall it had a lot of atmosphere and plenty of fun scenes with Sam and Dean. Those two brothers are like the Merlin and Arthur of this episode can be sub-par, but they'll make their parts work!

  • "Hook Man"

    The one thing I have to say about the Hook Man is that he defiantly makes the creepy and disturbing list. A ghost that can take a shot of salt and still keep fighting? And the way he looks is defiantly not something I would want to run into. Gotta give high marks for this insane episode.
  • 107-"Hook man"

    Sam and Dean investigate the brutal death of a college student, and the victim's girlfriend Lori (Jane McGregor) says that the attacker was invisible. More attacks occur, with the victims seemingly connected to the girl. The brothers believe that the killer is the Hook Man, and research indicates that it is the vengeful spirit of Jacob Karns, a preacher who murdered 13 prostitutes in 1862 with the hook that replaced his lost hand and was later put to death for his crimes. Despite the man being buried in an unmarked grave, Dean manages to locate it and burn his bones, but it has no effect. To stop the spirit, they must destroy the hook, which unfortunately was reforged into an unknown object by the church after Karns' death. In order to be sure, they burn everything silver in the church, but it doesn't stop the Hook Man. Lori and the brothers are confronted by the Hook Man. As they fight him, Sam realizes that Lori's cross necklacegiven to her by her reverend fatheris made of silver, and the spirit vanishes once it is burned.

    Written by: John Shiban

    Directed by: David Jackson

    my thoughts: i thought was the most fun filled creepy-ist 1 so far and was quite entertaining.

    Ep rankings:

    1.)"hook man"


    3.)"Bloody mary"


    5.)"Dead in the water"

    6.)"Phantom traveler"


  • Sam and Dean try to take down the Hook man...with a greek life twist.

    What makes these episodes so fun to watch is how it takes all of these urban legends that we've told each other to our friends at campfires and sleepovers, and turn it into a tangible episode. Here we take the legend of the Hook man and insert it in the Supernatural episodic formula; opens up with a murder, Dean and Sam drive very far away just to get to the scene, another murder happens that brings them closer to the suspect, and then a showdown with the supernatural being. As a bit predictable as Supernatural has been getting, it's all about the supernatural itself that makes it such an intriguing watch. All the stuff about folklore, urban legends, and seeing how the brothers find a way to tackle it down. Here it definitely achieves that, and once again we are given a very good episode watch.moreless
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep sam and dean come arcross a small college that has had some tradgedy due to the hookman legend. thing is a girl goes on a date that is the preature man daughter and the boy she is with goes out side of the truck afte hearing noises and get he killed strung upside down dead. and sam and dean goes and questions her . then her friend that loves to party says she will stay night and she wakes up to find her friend murder in her bead and a words written in blood on the mirror . sam and dean find out its the hookman and they go looking for something that is left behide that has to be part of the hook man to get rid of him. it was a good epmoreless

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (11)

    • Before Sam paints the purple man, he takes the brush with his right hand, then he paints with the right hand. After the camera switches he is painting with his left hand and then it goes back to his right hand.

    • When the Hook Man attacks Sam and Lori in the church... he attacks Sam and Lori in a church. The fact that spirits/demons cannot enter a church (or even pass by one that is burned down) was demonstrated in "Route 666".

    • When Lori goes to bed there is no lamp connected to the headboard of the bed. But when she wakes and discovers her roommate dead, there is now a gray lamp clamped to the headboard, next to the outside door.

    • When Sam and Dean go to nine-mile road to hunt the Hook Man, as the cop is coming out of the woods, he yells for Sam to drop the gun. In the background Sam lowers the gun and puts up his hands. But when the shot is on just the brothers, he has the gun pointed at the cop and drops it again.

    • There is no Eastern Iowa University. There is, however, an Eastern Iowa Community College.

    • Ankeny is not a "college town." Ankeny only has one community college (DMACC).

    • "Hook Man" is set in Iowa. Yet in an overhead view as they pull into town, you see palm trees.

    • Ankeny is in Polk County, Iowa. There is no Calumet County in Iowa; there is a small town in the NW part of the state with the name Calumet, however.

    • The hook was way too big to have been reforged into a necklace as small as Lori's.

    • In the last scene, the closed captions showed that Hammerfall's Man on a Silver Mountain was supposed to play but instead played Boston's Peace of Mind. It was probably what the show's producers originally wanted to play but for some reason, changed it.

    • There is no way that Dean could have dug up the grave alone in that amount of time.

  • QUOTES (9)

    • Sam: If it is a spirit, buckshot won't do much good.
      Dean: Yeah. Rock salt.
      Sam: Huh. Salt being a spirit deterrent.
      Dean: Yeah. It won't kill him, but it'll slow him down.
      Sam: That's pretty good. You and Dad think of this?
      Dean: I told you. You don't have to be a college graduate to be a genius.

    • (preparing to search)
      Dean: All right, take your pick.
      Sam: I'll take the house.
      Dean: Okay. Hey, stay out of her underwear drawer.

    • (at a frat party)
      Dean: Man, you've been holding out on me. This college thing is awesome!
      Sam: This wasn't really my experience.
      Dean: Let me guess--libraries, studying, straight As. (Sam nods) What a geek.

    • Dean: I told him you were a dumbass pledge and that we were hazing you.
      Sam: What about the shotgun?
      Dean: I said that you were hunting ghosts, and spirits were repelled by rock salt. You know, typical Hell Week prank.
      Sam: And he believed you?
      Dean: Well, you look like a dumbass pledge.

    • Dean: So you believe her?
      Sam: I do.
      Dean: Yeah, I think she's hot, too.

    • Dean: (digging up an unmarked grave) That's it. Next time, I get to watch the cute girl's house.

    • Dean: Your, uh, half-caff double vanilla latte's getting cold over here, Francis.
      Sam: Bite me.

    • Dean: So this is how you spent four good years of your life, huh?
      Sam: Welcome to higher education.

    • Lori: So your brother seems very... spiritual.
      Sam: He's full of surprises.

  • NOTES (4)

    • "Hook Man" was originally supposed to air right after "Wendigo," the second episode of the season. However, there were issues with the director, David Jackson, who had trouble directing to scare. To resolve the problems, they brought Kim Manners back to re-shoot some scenes and the episode was re-scheduled to air after "Skin."

    • International Airdates:
      Denmark: February 19, 2006 on TV3
      Portugal: November 20, 2007 on AXN
      France: January 8, 2007 on TF6
      Italy: March 25, 2007 on RaiDue
      Germany: December 3, 2007 on ProSieben
      The Netherlands: August 17, 2008 on NET5

    • Series creator Eric Kripke admitted this was one of his least favorite episodes calling it "Fairly lame and anemic."

    • Music: Higher Mathematics (Split Habit), Bang Your Head (Metal Health) (Quiet Riot), Noise (Low Five), At Rest (APM), U Do 2 Me (Paul Richards), and Peace Of Mind (Boston)


    • Dean: Talked the sheriff down to a fine, dude, I am Matlock!
      Referring to the TV show that ran from 1986-1995, Matlock (played by Andy Griffith) was a courtroom lawyer who always won his cases.

    • Dean: Think we'll see a naked pillow fight?
      This is a reference to the movie Animal House, where John Belushi's character looks in the window of a sorority house and sees topless girls pillow fighting.

    • Dean: Nice job, Dr. Venkman
      Dean is referring to the Bill Murray character from 1984's Ghostbusters