Season 1 Episode 7

Hook Man

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 25, 2005 on The CW

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  • Dean and Sam infiltrate a fraternity AND a sorority to investigate a case. This can't end well...

    Beware of drinking and driving. Beware of lying and hypocrisy. Beware of fornication. If you should engage in any of these activities, beware, the Hook Man waits for you! Or at least he will if you have a prudish friend who is also religious and rebellious and secretly thinks you deserve to be punished for your sin. It's the little things in life!

    Yeah, this episode sort of lays it on thick with some of the religious commentary. Not that that's necessarily a bad thing, mind. One of the delightful things about this show is its treatment of the religious elements. It makes fun of the more ridiculous peccadilloes man has dreamed up, satires the stuff that everybody knows about, and then treats the serious issues with the utmost respect. It's funny, sarcastic, and yet manages to still keep the focus where it should be. Some people might be offended by some of the reinterpretation of things, but I choose not to be. For a secular show, they get so many things right and do a darn good job of dealing with the issues that arise from using that mythology. It's the perfect balance of irreverent humour and solemn respect.

    That being said, if you don't like that sort of thing then this episode definitely isn't for you. A girl named Lori is the daughter of a pastor who, due to her confusion and anger about discovering her father having an affair, inadvertently summons the Hook Man, the spirit of a deceased reverend-turned-vigilante who kept up with his 'thinning out the goats' practice even after death. Once called up, the ghost sets about taking out all of the individuals in Lori's life that she subconsciously believes are sinning and need to be punished. He takes out the boyfriend who pushed a bit too hard on a date, the best friend who slept around and pressured Lori to loosen up and do the same, and nearly killed Lori's wayward father before Sam and Dean came in to save the day.

    This episode was okay. Not great, not terrible, just okay. It honestly didn't leave that big of an impact on me (I certainly remember it less than the bugs one) but it wasn't bad either. Sure the religious commentary was a bit heavy in places and there were lots of clichs to the characters that I would swear come straight out of Uncle Walt's world, but overall it had a lot of atmosphere and plenty of fun scenes with Sam and Dean. Those two brothers are like the Merlin and Arthur of this episode can be sub-par, but they'll make their parts work!

  • "Hook Man"

    The one thing I have to say about the Hook Man is that he defiantly makes the creepy and disturbing list. A ghost that can take a shot of salt and still keep fighting? And the way he looks is defiantly not something I would want to run into. Gotta give high marks for this insane episode.
  • 107-"Hook man"

    Sam and Dean investigate the brutal death of a college student, and the victim's girlfriend Lori (Jane McGregor) says that the attacker was invisible. More attacks occur, with the victims seemingly connected to the girl. The brothers believe that the killer is the Hook Man, and research indicates that it is the vengeful spirit of Jacob Karns, a preacher who murdered 13 prostitutes in 1862 with the hook that replaced his lost hand and was later put to death for his crimes. Despite the man being buried in an unmarked grave, Dean manages to locate it and burn his bones, but it has no effect. To stop the spirit, they must destroy the hook, which unfortunately was reforged into an unknown object by the church after Karns' death. In order to be sure, they burn everything silver in the church, but it doesn't stop the Hook Man. Lori and the brothers are confronted by the Hook Man. As they fight him, Sam realizes that Lori's cross necklacegiven to her by her reverend fatheris made of silver, and the spirit vanishes once it is burned.

    Written by: John Shiban

    Directed by: David Jackson

    my thoughts: i thought was the most fun filled creepy-ist 1 so far and was quite entertaining.

    Ep rankings:

    1.)"hook man"


    3.)"Bloody mary"


    5.)"Dead in the water"

    6.)"Phantom traveler"


  • Sam and Dean try to take down the Hook man...with a greek life twist.

    What makes these episodes so fun to watch is how it takes all of these urban legends that we've told each other to our friends at campfires and sleepovers, and turn it into a tangible episode. Here we take the legend of the Hook man and insert it in the Supernatural episodic formula; opens up with a murder, Dean and Sam drive very far away just to get to the scene, another murder happens that brings them closer to the suspect, and then a showdown with the supernatural being. As a bit predictable as Supernatural has been getting, it's all about the supernatural itself that makes it such an intriguing watch. All the stuff about folklore, urban legends, and seeing how the brothers find a way to tackle it down. Here it definitely achieves that, and once again we are given a very good episode watch.
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep sam and dean come arcross a small college that has had some tradgedy due to the hookman legend. thing is a girl goes on a date that is the preature man daughter and the boy she is with goes out side of the truck afte hearing noises and get he killed strung upside down dead. and sam and dean goes and questions her . then her friend that loves to party says she will stay night and she wakes up to find her friend murder in her bead and a words written in blood on the mirror . sam and dean find out its the hookman and they go looking for something that is left behide that has to be part of the hook man to get rid of him. it was a good ep
  • Review

    Sam and Dean help a girl whose date became a victim of the "Hook Man," a famous urban legend that turns out to be real, in a small college town somewhere in Iowa. In order to save her and her father, the local minister, the brothers have to find the ghost's bones so they can destroy them. One tiny problem... they're in an unmarked grave.

    Another very good episode I thought. The cases seem to be very "safe". By "safe" I mean that it's hard to go bad when your storyline is about a "hook man". It didn't get too supernatural until the end of the episode, which is always good. We once again (common theme) see the inclusion of a female character to aid the fact that we don't have one. Not as deep as the episodes before it (hence the lower score) but still a very good episode on the whole.
  • More salting of the bones and virtually nothing here that moves the arc forward - yawwwn.

    Far be it from me to take the high road and pass up such an easy pun, but this episode simply didn't hook me in to an admittedly all too familiar tale. The problem this show faces begins at the start of every episode. No, not the pre-title teaser. It's the 'previously on' segment which reiterates time and time again that the brothers are in search of their father and their mother's killer. So it's understandably irritating when the boys become distracted with meaningless monsters like in this episode, there's nothing propelling the season forward, in fact this episode takes a few steps backwards in terms of pacing. The weakest and most straight-forward episode so far. The script even lacked Dean's sharp tongue. Disappointing.
  • When Lori Sorenson's boyfriend is murdered in the manner that bears the unmistakable signs of the Hook-man, Sam and Dean visit a small college town in eastern Iowa. While Dean tries to get on the good side of the girl's father, Sam bonds with her.

    Lori's pains and fears are taken to extremes when her roommate is murdered while she is sleeping. The words written in blood on the wall: "aren't you glad you didn't turn on the lights?" I loved that part. Convinced they are facing a Hookman, they research and discover that he's in an unmarked grave. Okay they destroy the Hookman eventually. I do love how since Jess' death, Sam is connecting with Lori. Okay, so I love how Dean digs up people's graves (I know, there's something wrong with me). All and all, this episode could have been better with the urban legend. I love that screeeeeeeching noise. Love, love, love.
  • A very Supernatural episode...

    This episode isn't one of Supernatural's best, but it is still a very good one. All I can say is that I'm very glad that Hook Man didn't go after me… It really crept me out , but then in the totally good way. When we found out that he was buried in an unmarked grave, I thought that they boys would have a very though time on this one. They certainly did, but like we are used of our boys, they managed to solve it all in a very creative way. I absolutely loved the ending, and even though I kind of hoped Sam could/would stay it just isn't possible for our boys.
  • Rather stereotypical and surely misplaced.

    "Hook Man" main fault, at least for me, is that the episode, which was scheduled to air right after "Wendigo" and then moved due to directing problems, feels utterly misplaced.

    Even if the premise and the main theme - the perils of bigoted puritanism - are interesting, the direction by David Jackson was really faulted: not only, it never built any real tension, thus hampering my enjoyment of the story, but it also felt rather simplistic and uninspired, very conventional and flat. The script, furthermore, had its share of problems, particularly near the end, when it starts to seem a bit rushed: the final confrontation with the titular spirit, in fact, was slightly anticlimatic and suffered from a bit of a hurry. There a few thing that I really liked about the episode, particularly the genial gimmick concerning rock salt shotgun and the very final shot between a silent Sam and a frowning Dean. Anyway, as I stated in the opening paragraph, even these moments were overshadowed by the misplacing of the episode: the opening scene, with Sam searching the FBI archives for their missing dad, and the closing one, with Sam and Dean "talking" (or rather not talking) about Jessica's death, belong obviously to the originally planned spot for this episode, which should have been the third one, and not the seventh. Given that we already had "Bloody Mary", which explored the same themes, "Hook Man" felt to me, in its new position, rather unnecessary and surely misplaced.

    All in all, a watchable episode, a filler which would have without a doubt been better if it'd have been the third episode. As the seventh one, it's just average.
  • Such a huge disappointment!

    Hey, here's what you shouldn't do when making a series like Supernatural. Don't take a concept that's been done, and done again a couple o times. The Hoook Man is way overdone, which means that if you make an episode based on it, you're sure to visit a lot of cliches. And really, this episode is full of it. Sorority, innocent girl on date, horny boy (who is the first victim), a slutty chick, and our two saviours. Also, religion.

    You see, the innocent girl I mentioned is the one controlling The Hook, without her knowing. The Hook kills whoever she's angry with. Her father is also a priest. The reason that the hookman does what she wants is that she wears a silver cross, melted from the silver hook of the original hook man. Burning the body isn't enough, they have to burn the silver as well. Also, the brothers don't act like themselves. I really can't see how this episode can be anything other than a filler episode or something like that. They make it look like Dean had no idea that there were parties at college. Really, Dean? Really? I can only remember one smart quote from Dean in this episode, being one of the last lines. When an officer is about to lecture them, Dean says "Don't worry, we're leaving town". I'd like to appologize for a short review, but I just didn't find this episode fun, and it's not fun to review a boring episode. I'll finish off with saying that this is an episode you can drop, as you're not missing any storyline. Here's to hoping the next episodes are better.
  • Such a huge disappointment!

    Hey, here's what you shouldn't do when making a series like Supernatural. Don't take a concept that's been done, and done again a couple o times. The Hoook Man is way overdone, which means that if you make an episode based on it, you're sure to visit a lot of cliches. And really, this episode is full of it. Sorority, innocent girl on date, horny boy (who is the first victim), a slutty chick, and our two saviours. Also, religion.

    You see, the innocent girl I mentioned is the one controlling The Hook, without her knowing. The Hook kills whoever she's angry with. Her father is also a priest. The reason that the hookman does what she wants is that she wears a silver cross, melted from the silver hook of the original hook man. Burning the body isn't enough, they have to burn the silver as well. Also, the brothers don't act like themselves. I really can't see how this episode can be anything other than a filler episode or something like that. They make it look like Dean had no idea that there were parties at college. Really, Dean? Really? I can only remember one smart quote from Dean in this episode, being one of the last lines. When an officer is about to lecture them, Dean says "Don't worry, we're leaving town". I'd like to appologize for a short review, but I just didn't find this episode fun, and it's not fun to review a boring episode. I'll finish off with saying that this is an episode you can drop, as you're not missing any storyline. Here's to hoping the next episodes are better.
  • Surprising.

    Another episode that just seemed like a vengeful spirit but at the end it turns out to be something like a guardian angel to a girl with a cross. Good intentions, wrong motives. I think that's how you say it , but anyways this episode blew me away. It is one of my favorite episodes. I get excited just talking about it. It was a surprising ending. I loved the character who played the girl I didn't want to see her go. But Sam had to unfortunately. SO far the season is completely flawless. I am loving every second of it!
  • Another one of the worse SPN installments.

    And we're back to horror movie reproduction, it's nice that our MotW was inspired by an existing urban legend but it's too gruesome for my taste. The "body painting" scene was hilarious, as was the "dumbass pledge" dialogue, it's always amusing to see Sam so irritated :D Then the cheese factor came in, with the whole "I saw someone get hurt" speech, Lori's argument with her dad, the inevitable mention of naked pillow fights, Sam kissing Lori out of the blue, you know, typical horror film clichés. And the casting … sorry but the guy who played the reverend will always be that annoying Bulldog character from Frasier!

    However, the episode did give us some interesting tidbits, we got our first introduction to rock salt and what it can do to a spirit, and we witnessed our first salt 'n' burn process (it was mentioned before a few times).

    A dreary, boring episode, unfortunately one of the worst.
  • Not my favorite, but still worth watching.

    As I said, this isn't my favorite episode. I don't know why, I guess it just was lacking something for me.

    But there were some things I liked. The legend is an old one and I'm glad they covered it. The girl, I forget her name, was interesting. A good girl thrown into would suck. Hopefully that wasn't her first date. She'd be scarred!

    I think they could have done more though. I'm not sure what, but maybe it would have made it better. Oh, and I thought it was funny when Sam had to pain that pledges' back! Okay, here are some good quotes:

    Dean: Man, you've been holding out on me, this college thing is awesome!
    Sam: This wasn't really my experience.
    Dean: Let me guess - libraries, studying, straight A's.
    (Sam nods)
    Dean: What a geek.

    Dean: So you believe her?
    Sam: I do.
    Dean: Yeah, I think she's hot, too.

    Dean: Your, uh, half-caff double vanilla latte's getting cold over here, Francis.
    Sam: Bite me.
  • The boys face an urban legend.

    The boys take on the urban legend, and the very real manifestation of the Hookman. Not only did they have to burn the remains, but they had to burn all the silver. It took a lot to get rid of this killer.
    I guess it would have been too easy if they got rid of him in the first try. The girl's anger controlled the hookman. She shouldn't have gotten mad at herself. I guess the underlined message is that holding onto your anger will eventually kill you. The manifestation of her anger was the hookman.

    It seems like this episode has a moral to it. I wonder how many other episodes would follow the same pattern.
  • We could stay!

    Wow, I didn't think I could enjoy watching a scary thing! I was so nervous while watching! So Sam and Dean go after the Hookman. He had killed 13 prostitutes years ago and now he came to punish immorality. Vicar's daughter has a date with a guy who ends up dead. Cut, hanging with head down by the car. Then her rommie is found dead by Lori in the morning when she wakes up. On the floor there is a pool of blood and on the wall an inscriptoin: Aren't you glad you didn't turn on the light? They figure it out- Lori has a cross arounf her neck that used to be Hookman's hook. They fight the ghost and 'kill' him. Sam likes Lori but they go on, on their road trip in search of their father.
  • Arent you glad you didnt turn on the light?

    In Iowa, while dating in a car parked nearby a river, the Theta Sorority pledge Lori Sorenson (Jane McGregor) and her boyfriend hear a sharp noise on the body and top of the car. When the boy leaves the car to see what is happening, he is attacked by an invisible being and killed. Dean and Sam decide to investigate the phenomenon in their hunting trip and arrive in the University of Iowa. When Lori's roommate is also attacked and murdered, the brothers realize that they have to face the evil and moralist Hook Man.

    In spite of having some scaring moments, like for example when Lori reads on the wall "Aren't you glad you didn't turn on the light?", I found this episode one of the weakest of "Supernatural"
  • The infamous "Hook Man," a vengeful spirit who kills his victims with a shiny hook that serves as his hand, terrorizes a small college town in Iowa.

    Theta Sorority, Eastern Iowa University- We see two girls discussing clothes in their room. One, a girl named Lori tries on a dress and then goes to meet her boyfriend.

    9 Mile Road, Under A Bridge, Night Time- A 4x4 pulls up and we see it's Lori and her guy Rich. They start to kiss but Lori's phone rings. It's her dad, so she doesn't pick up and continues to kiss. We see a figure in the shadows, watching. He has a hook, and scratches it along two nearby road signs before vanishing. Rich and Lori hear the noise and Rich goes to investigate. Something invisible attacks the car and we see the tires burst and an elongated scratch along the bodywork. Lori locks herself in and screams. After awhile, when there is no more noise Lori gets out of the car and finds Rich's body hanging upside down from the bridge, blood pooling under him. Outside A Cafe, Daytime- Dean and Sam are still making enquiries about their dad. Sam comes off a public phone and Dean shows him a newspaper clipping about an invisible attack on a car in Iowa. They decide to investigate. Eastern Iowa University- Dean and Sam arrive and pose as frat brothers from out of state. They ask for a room and are put in with a guy named Murph. They ask him about the killing and he tells them Rich was with his girlfriend Lori Sorenson the night he died. He also says Lori is the local Reverend's daughter. Church- Reverend Sorenson is giving Rich's service when Dean and Sam walk in. They wait and talk with Lori afterwards. They ask questions and Sam tells her he knows how she feels so see someone hurt. Lori introduces them to her dad. Dean distracts the Reverend while Sam asks Lori more about what happened. She says she must have been seeing things and that no one believes her. Library- Sam and Dean talk about a 'Hookman' legend and look at arrest records all the way back to 1851. Sam finds a case where a preacher named Jacob Carns murdered 13 prostitutes in 1862 with a silver hook (he lost his hand in an accident) It all happened on 9 Mile Road where Rich was killed! Outside University- Lori argues with her dad in the car. He wants her to live at home but she tells him no, she's old enough to make her own choices, and goes back to her dorm. She goes in and her room mate is already asleep. 9 Mile Road, Under The Bridge- Sam and dean check the crime scene and are prepared with a shotgun full of rock salt. It won't kill the spirit of Carns, but it will deter him. They hear a rustle in the bushes, but it's not the 'Hookman', it's the cops, and the brothers get arrested. Next Morning, Lori's Room- Lori awakens to find her room mate dead in bed in a pool of blood. There's a message on the wall in blood that says 'Aren't you glad you didn't turn on the light?' Police Station- Dean has told the sheriff Sam was a 'dumbass pledge' and that they were hazing him. The sheriff believes the story and let's them go. Suddenly, cops come running from the station and speed off in their cars. Sam and dean follow and find a new crime scene. Lori is there and the cops think she is somehow involved. They reluctantly let her dad take her home, though. Meanwhile, Sam and Dean climb through a window and check the crime scene. From the smell and the stuff painted on the wall they say it's a spirit, and 'classic Hookman.' The pair go back outside and are convinced it's the ghost of Jacob Carns they're dealing with. They now need to find the body, salt and burn it. Sam says Carns is somewhere in Old North Cemetery in an unmarked grave. University Party- Sam shows Dean articles from both 1932 and 1967 about priests who were blamed for murders involving a sharp weapon. The boys think either Lori's dad is summoning the 'Hookman' or the Hookman has latched onto the reverend's repressed emotions and is feeding off them. Dean goes to find the 'Hookman's' unmarked grave while Sam goes to keep an eye on Lori. Cemetery, Night- Dean is searching and feels like he's being watched. He finds a grave marked with the 'Hookman's symbol' and begins digging, making the quip, 'Next time, I get to watch the cute girl's house.' His spade hits a coffin…

    Lori's House- Sam is watching Lori from outside. He sees her arguing with her dad through the window, then the light goes out and Lori joins Sam. He tells her he's watching because he's worried about her. Cemetery- Dean salts and burns Jacob Carns bones and says, 'Goodbye, Preacher.'

    Lori's House- Lori tells Sam she just found out her dad is having an affair with a married woman and she's obviously upset. She hugs Sam and then goes to kiss him. After a moment, Sam pulls away and says he can't. Lori's dad comes out and calls her in when suddenly the Hookman appears and attacks him from behind, dragging him in the house. Sam gives chase with shotgun and stops Hookman killing Lori's dad by shooting him with rock salt. The Hookman vanishes. Hospital- Lori's dad is being tended. Sam tells the sheriff about the Hookman, leaving out that he's a ghost. Dean arrives and they talk. Sam wants to know why Dean didn't burn the bones, because the bad guy is still around. Dean says he did and they realize they need to find and destroy the original 'hook.' They also realize the Hookman has latched onto Lori, not her dad. Dean makes the funny comment, 'Remind me not to piss this girl off!'

    Library- The brothers research prison records and find the hook was sent back to the church when Carns was executed for murder in 1862 – Lori's dad's church! Sam finds the hook was then re-forged by the church. Church- Sam and Dean arrive and search for anything silver. They toss everything that is into the church furnace. There's a noise upstairs and when they check they find it's Lori. Sam stays with her while Dean goes back to finish the 'melting' of the silver. Lori blames herself for the Hookman's appearance and is crying. Sam tries to console her, but the Hookman appears again and attacks them. They run, and Sam tries to protect Lori, but gets hooked through the arm. Dean arrives on-scene and shoots the bad guy with salt again. He vanishes, and they realize the silver from the hook has yet to be melted. It's a cross on Lori's neck!!! Dean takes the cross to melt and gives Sam the shotgun. Sam tries to fight off the Hookman, even though he's hurt, but the ghost takes the gun away and is about to kill them when the cross melts and he vanishes in a shower of sparks! Outside- Sam is getting his arm tended by paramedics while Dean spins a yarn to the sheriff. Lori is there and thanks Sam. Dean gets in the Impala and watches. He knows Sam liked Lori. Sam gets in the car and Dean offers for them to stay there, but Sam shakes his head and they ride off once again into the sun…
  • The brothers find themselves on the hunt for one of the most popular and best known urban legends, the Hook Man.

    At the beginning of the episode the writers do a great job at sticking very close to aspects of the legend. Such as the scratches on the side of the car and having the boyfriend being hung up above the car with him rubbing the top of it, to scare the girlfriend. Usually depending on who tells it, he is hung right side up with his shoes scraping the roof of the car, or like how they had him in the episode. And then they take the legend in a new direction. Because in their version he is the spirit of a crazy peachier, when in the original legend he is an escaped mental patient. I like the Supernatural twist much better than the original.

    So the brothers roll into town to investigate the death of the young man, and they scam their way into free board at one of the local college houses. The scene with Sam painting the frat boy added some nice humor. They find out who the guy's girlfriend was and they track her down at the local church. Sam makes fast friends with her. Later that night her roommate is killed, and the message about being happy you didn't turn on the light is left at the scene. The brothers get into research mode and discover who the preacher was and how many people he killed. And after Sam sees the Hook Man go after her father they figure that he has to be some how connected to the church, or the something there.

    Well one thing leads to another and they finally find the one small silver cross that he is linked to and they torch it, and several other things. Sam struggles with his feelings for Lori, with the death of Jess still on his mind. And in the end the brothers are told to get out of town.

    Now throughout the episode Sam and Dean go back and forth making references to what kind of college life Sam had, was it all party or all work, that sort of stuff, and Sam has to admit he was more of a geek than a party guy. It was nice to see them just talking like that. The story was strong and it moved along at a good pace, but I have to say that I didn't really like the Lori character all that much, she needed some work to make her better.
  • Sam y Dean investigan la muerte de un joven que quedó colgado boca abajo y de acuerdo a su novia fue asesinado por un ser invisible. Los hermanos Winchester descubren que se están enfrentando al HookMan, un espíritu que mata con un garfio. Muy interesante

    Sam y Dean se hacen pasar por miembros de una fraternidad para averiguar sobre la muerte de un joven que fue asesinado con un garfio y quedó colgando boca abajo. Él salía con la hija del ministro (Lori), Sam se siente identificado con ella por la muerte de Jessica.
    Ambos descubren que se enfrentan con el HookMan. Un predicador que perdió una mano y usaba un garfio y que una noche enloqueció y mató 13 prostitutas con el garfio y dejándolas colgadas boca abajo.
    HookMan ataca de nuevo, matando a la mejor amiga de Lori.
    Dean encuentra la tumba del hombre y quema los restos con sal pero aún así HookMan sigue atacando, esta vez al ministro.
    Los chicos deducen que quizá es el garfio el que debe ser destruido, y descubren que éste fue donado a la iglesia y como era de plata fue fundida así que los hermanos tienen que ir a la iglesia y la casa del ministro a destruir todo lo que sea de plata.
    En el proceso, el HookMan ataca a Lori y Sam, logran detenerlo al fundir el collar de plata que Lori tenía y que resultó haber sido hecho con la plata del garfio original.
    Un episodio muy interesante y con algunos momentos graciosos, como siempre.
  • The brothers go to a college town where they try to stop the Hookman. Fighting urban legends is the theme of the episode.

    "Hook Man" has a lot to live up to as the Hook man myth is retold everywhere and known by all. This episode does a great job of making this legend a "Supernatural" storyline, although it is a bit odd to have two urban legend stories in row, as the previous episode was about Bloody Mary.

    Sam gets a little romantic action this episode, and by little, I mean very little. The girl in the episode was very sweet but fairly bland in all of her tragedy. Dean's quit wit and ability to understand his surroundings and use them to his advantage are in evidence here as he keeps Sam out of jail by saying he was a "dumbass pledge" out hunting ghosts. Dean also scores them a room at the local fraternity house by pretending to be from another school's same fraternity. Dean as a successful con man is always a treat to see.

    The Hookman mythology is well done and I like that they have to explore options other than simply burning the bones. I love that "Supernatural" has them digging up, salting, and burning the bones of the people who are now ghosts. I think that is such a great aspect of the show visually, especially as the containers they keep salt in are usually not salt containers but something else a little rustier and bigger.
  • Sam & Dean investigate a scarily familiar source of evil in a small college town. A pretty freshman is the main suspect after a series of murders and attacks are mysteriously tied to her - or are they?

    The legend of the Hook Man is one of the most famous urban legends of all time and unlike many of these urban tales, the Hook Man story rarely changes. Sam and Dean take the Metallicar to investigate the death of a teenage boy, who was brutally murdered and then hung upside down above the boy's car; his shy, pretty girlfriend inside the car at the time. The freshman, Lori Sorenson is the daughter of the campus reverend and is present, also, at the time of the second murder, where Sam and Dean find the clue "Aren't You Glad You Didn't Turn On The Light?" Classic Hookman. Sam befriends Lori, illustrating his kind, warm nature while Dean gets on with the heavy lifting. This is an enormous breakthrough for Sam since the death of Jessica. Although nothing really happens between the two of them, we kind of get the impression that he has decided not to close the door on love, but he still isn't ready - which he realises in an intimate with her. Dean gets down and dirty in a grave - always a bonus - and the final climax of the episode is thrilling and nail-biting. One of the Season One greats, a story that everyone will know!
  • What a wonderful episode... A 10 one! They know how to do it! :D And we saw sun light at last! A great episode just see it... Perfect filming, story, photography and acting...

    Whoa! This was such great episode! The story, the camera, the photography and 33.3...period per cent of great acting! The story was so a great story! The idea of the hook man was original and the way in what they introduced the man was very clever (as a man that punish bad actions and all that) The story was so classic and apropiate for Supernatural: A lot of fear scenes, a lot of action, a lot of funny moments... the balance is perfect! It was hilarious when Dean said the... you know, pervet thing to Sam. Despite, a lot of scenes were very funny! In the other hand the fear scenes were so well done... The one in the room was just perfect filmed, we see the blood falling and then the thing in the wall. And the action was...COOL! At least we have 5 min of action in there, Sam flying, the hook man breaking doors, the shots... and it is not the final scene, there is more scenes in there that have action. I really liked when they are junmping into the house, it is very adventorous.

    In the other hand we have a great off-screen job. I loved the photography in this episode. At last I am being able to see some light... I mean sun light! We usually don't see the sun anyway :D It is always dark and scary, but it is great see that they can make dark and light scenes. But the whole photography don't finish there: There was two scenes that really catched my atention. The first one, when they go out of the church, if you see after them you will see the awesome effect that makes the sun light between the trees and the second one is when they are near to the lake and we see the white light reflected in there. All that was the result of a great photography job.

    What about the 33.3 period per cent great acting? It was a bad joke! If you divide 100 between 3 you got 33.3 you know what i mean! Jesen and Jared great but, what about the girl? She did it so badly! The first scene when she run, stop, turn and scream was horrible (I mean how she did it!) And in the other scenes she was better...but not so good!

    Before I finish! I absolutely loved the way how the hook man died! It was great, the visual effects were good and the camera was moving around him... So that is all! It is a 10 episode!
  • Ah.. the classic Hook Man legend.

    Great! Another urban legend episode! Just my kind...
    Anyway, I thought this episode had a lot of good qualities to it. Like the humour and the scariness. But with good, comes bad. I didn't exactly like Lori. I thought she wasn't the right person to be a 'damsel in distress'. She didn't really have it in her. But that is pretty much all that I didn't like. The rest was awesome! I think they did really well telling the story of the Hook Man legend; they made it look very real. I also liked the visual effects that they did with the Hook Man, like shooting an invisible spirit and so on. It looked really fantastic! So overall, not too crazy about Lori, but I fell in love with the storyline.
  • Sam and Dean hunt the Hookman, the ghost who embodies one of America's most famous urban legends.

    While this isn't one of my favourite episodes, every time I watch it I end up enjoying the hell out of it, so I don't know. There are a couple of niggles - some of the brothers' actions seem vaguely out of character (or at least the characters established thus far) and I didn't find Lori all that sympathetic. That said, though, this episode is FUN. The banter is funny and, okay, adorable, and Dean is a horndog and Sam is a geek and you can't not love them.

    Excellent use of old horror movie cliches, with an awareness on the part of the writer/directors that that is exactly what they're doing, and Sam and Dean are such brothers, it's brilliant; I still can't get over what a casting coup it was, putting those two actors together onscreen. The chemistry, man. It's incredible.
  • Supernatural does Lord of the Rings: the One Hook has a will of its own...No? Yeah, I thought it was pretty weak myself, sorry.

    Don't worry, I don't go off on a rant about urban legends like Hook Man being products of repression of sexuality in American Youth. I mean...that's all I'd end up saying about it, anyway, so no need to go on. I also enjoyed this episode far too much to be bothered by that idea - I'm still jamming to Boston's "Peace of Mind," which probably is at least a contributing factor to why I love this episode.

    There were also multiple positive connotations that could have had something to do with it. Well, this first isn't so much a connotation as just a quirk that made me love Supernatural's Powers that Be: in the church finale, there's a bulletin board talking about the Lord harvesting that says in lovely bubble letters "Reaping with joy." Awesome. This is what I'm talking about when I say that Supernatural is a smart show – the production staff knows how to make fun of itself without making the show on a whole become campy or otherwise anything like something from the 70s. Speaking of the 70s and of connotations, the hospital scene between the Boys reminded me of Star Wars. Very much so, in fact. "It is...too late for me." The idea of Lori sending the Hook Man against herself is also obviously not an innovation, but it did remind me of the last time I saw it, which was in the Russian movie "Nochnoi Dozor" (Night Watch). I've already said too much, but I'll stop there and say instead – go watch it.

    Lori's roommate's name is Taylor, but for some reason I have this notion that it's Cassandra. I have no idea where that came from, but we'll move on. After her line, "Damn, girl!" I was going to write a note that combined asking why the Powers that Be at Supernatural had to make such a stereotypical line, and maybe say something about how I thought it was delivered without a hint of emotion, but that kind of flew out the window with her later line, "It's true." I was just rendered speechless by that because it made the "Damn, girl" line not only believable, but completely in character. I can think of at least four girls right now, and could probably think of more if I gave myself a second, who would say that exact same line, in the exact same tone, with the exact same expression. That may or may not be the scariest part of tonight's episode. Something scarier that could have come about would be if we had to see any part of "Reality Bites" playing in the background. I had to watch that movie many years ago for a high school gym class, I can't even remember the reason why, and it was the worst thing I had ever seen in the entire world. DON'T go watch it.

    In the first death scene of the trailer, Lori and Rich are on 9 Mile Road in a truck. I just have to give them – both the actors and the characters – for making a make out scene in a truck look not completely awkward. Again talking about high school, I used to drive a Chevy Silverado and let me tell you, there *is* such a thing as too spacious a front seat. There's close to eighteen feet between you and the passenger and you're like so uh...and yeah, we're going to let those memories go back to being repressed and just move on. ;)

    In a complete change of pace and tone, the one thing that irked me about this episode was the whole idea that some self-righteous jerk could control a serial killer. Read Vonnegut's "Hocus Pocus." (Then again, maybe not – some sections of it made me so angry I had to put the book down and just walk way, telling myself that the people speaking were just fictional characters. Sometimes fiction comes too close to being truth, you know?) Anyway, as I said before I can let myself gloss over things like that since a) it's not like Supernatural was espousing such beliefs and b) the episode overall was quite enjoyable.

    Cassandra was wearing a White Nightgown of DOOM™ when she died. 7 episodes, 5 gowns.
  • Scary moments, humor and the Impala.

    This is not one of my favorite episodes. Can’t really put my finger on why, but maybe it’s just the fact that this legend has been used in too many bad movies. But despite that they give it a SN-twist and the result is scary, funny and entertaining.
    I have to admit that I was surprised when it became clear that Lori was summoning the spirit. The pretty little good girl was behind it all. I didn’t see that one coming. But one thing that bugged me was the amount of silver in the hook and the size of the necklace. Where’s the rest of the silver? But then again maybe the brothers had already tossed the other objects that were created from the melted hook into the fire. This has to be the case; otherwise the spirit wouldn’t have vanished. Sam and Dean are still looking for their father and it’s apparent that the brothers are dealing with his disappearance in different ways. Sam is impatient but Dean at least appears calm and stays focused on the job at hand. Maybe Sam’s reaction can be linked to the guilt he feels for not having spoken to his father for such a long time. Now he realizes that he might never see him again and that scares him. He’s still grieving Jessica and maybe that’s why he wants to find his father so bad, because he thinks John will have the answer to what happened to her. One of the best quotes from "Hook Man":
    Dean: "Your, uh, half-caff, double vanilla latte is getting cold over here, Francis."
    Sam: "Bite me."

    Loved Dean's Ghostbusters joke; "Nice job, Dr. Venkman."
    Another episode with all the elements that make "Supernatural" my favorite show.
  • Hookman, Hookman, Hookman. What a classic! redone to add what it is that makes supernatural as amazing as it is!

    Dean, Sam and a Dead guy with a hook instead of a hand. Does it work for them... or against them. Really? I don't care because I didn't notice. This episode was too busy having me sitting on the edge of my seat waiting to see what was going to happen next.

    The whole church being haunted theory is great. It’s a place of holiness yet everything seems to be going very very wrong. I liked the fact that Lori was considered hot for being a preacher's daughter. But it would seem to me that people would be afraid to date her because of her father's persistent holiness. The only thing that confused me is why is it that Sam always has to fall in love with people after only a few glances or exchanged phrases. But, was he really in love with her? or the case? I do like how we never really saw the hook man's face because that's was gives supernatural its amazing flare and it's classy style. It shows that they're not going to show too much of some cheesy makeup job. Instead, they're going to make you think about what you’re seeing, and more importantly, what your not.

    it always amazes me how supernatural can take a very well known legend and make it they're own, such as they did in bloody mary and dead man's blood.
  • Good episode

    Wow, I found that this episode when out in a bang!!!

    I don’t think that Dean save Sam, well that is my opinion, even though he sorta got this arm hurt. I’m not sure whether it’s just me or what, but Sam doesn’t want to get into a relationship, because of Jessica still I think, not sure. I was wondering who the hook man was link too, wow to realize it was that person. Cool!!!

    OMG, next week episode look yucky!!! Bugs…. Hmmmm… can’t handle them.
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