Season 7 Episode 9

How To Win Friends And Influence Monsters

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 18, 2011 on The CW

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  • Dude he's Stoned

    I enjoyed stoned Dean. He was so chill and I must say it was an intresting change from intense, the entire world should go a head and blow up, Dean. I enjoyed the entire episode, except the very end of the episode but who could enjoy Bobby being hurt? However it did lead to amazing suspense and I can't wait for the next one.
  • This episode was by far the worst episode this season, although the bar hasn't been set all that high for this season... The story line was weak, boring and lacking major creativity on every level. This is the final season shouldn't it go out with a bang?


    The idea to have a sandwich make Dean and the rest of the town go insane was so incredibly lame. Supernatural was never meant to be a cheesy horror flick, and yet that's what its been reduced to. Lame jokes, uninteresting plots, absolutely no suspense, and a complete lack in mystery. There's no episode that makes you have to think. I have never felt like i had to worry about the characters. The jokes couldn't be more corny, and finally the new big enemy is the most unscary half a**ed SGI designed monster i have ever seen. This is supposedly the final season and yet its leaving us with nothing to really remember the show by. I'm a huge Supernatural fan and this is the only season that has disappointed me. I don't think there is a way for this show to make up for the losses. If you like cheap laughs, stoner jokes, corny monster drawings, a complete lack in the ability to come up with and original plot or a episode geared towards progression, then this is the season for you. Oh Bobby got shot that's the big kicker after 5 weeks of embarrassing episodes? They are not going to kill him off and if they do that's even more stupid then anything else they have done this season. Bobby's life is always in danger... new idea please!! I just hope this season goes by quick or gets substantially better from here on out.

  • Awesome!


    Some of the things I thought were awesome:

    -Actual hunting! Sam and Dean refusing to shoot Bambi. "You don't kill Bambi. You kill Bambi's mother."

    -Human burrito! The sleeping back stuffing falling out, then the iPod, then the bloody ear with the iPod still in it. Supernatural sure knows how to have fun with blood and body parts.

    -Biggerson's! I love that it keeps reappearing, a consistent bit of color in the Supernatural world.

    -Turducken sandwiches!

    -And speaking of duck, the blue rubber one on the beer tap. That's a shout-out to the fans. Because Jared keeps hitting his head on stuff on set, being so ginormously tall, they hang rubber ducks from things to remind him to duck. But they didn't have enough so their bodyguard sent out a twitter saying "we need more ducks." And fans started sending them in, and got creative with costumes and painting them. It became a thing, and I think they ended up with 6,000 ducks. Anyway, that's why they put a duck in the episode.

    -Stoned Dean!

    -The looks on Sam and Bobby's face when dealing with stoned Dean!

    -Stoned Dean! (Because it was too good to only mention once.)

    -The mutant who jumped up off the table when they thought it was dead. Cool and scary move.

    -All the stuff they pulled out of the mutant's stomach, Jaws-style. Pine cone, cat's head, chewing gum with the wrapper still on. What, no license plate?

    -The Rise of Dick!!!

    -"Dick is coming." (Lol, I don't know how he delivered that with a straight face.)

    -Dick really is a dick. He's just one of those bad guys you love to hate.

    -"Are you bibbing me?" They gave him a lobster bib and made him eat himself! Leviathans are nasty!

    -"You always were one deep son of a bitch."

    -Sam and Bobby working on Dean. "If you die before me, I'll kill ya."

    And now I'm really scared for Bobby.

  • How To Win Friends And Influence Monsters


    How To Win Friends And Influence Monsters was a superb and very entertaining episode and I really enjoyed watching because there was a lot of character and plot development especially for the Leviathans. It was cool watching Sam, Dean and Bobby in action as they figure out what is going on. The Leviathans seem to be playing a bigger game than originally thought and I am really liking their story lines and the implications about what they are up to. The end of this episode is a crazy cliffhanger. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!

  • poor booby


    I think so I cried and I was shocked when Ellen and Jo died, to see that cry of despair of the dean and the image of darkness reminded that only supernatural choose their victims, the victims and of course the fans love the most (do not forget the CAS). But if we are positive and very positive principals of supernatural daraim not a shot in the foot by killing our bobby now, but I feel that the next eps will be washed down with strong emotions and many tears. Returning to see eps dean "drugged" is priceless, he should do drugs' cause the more Jesen if anyone knows how funny. The dialogue with booby and Dean is to see father and son, I feel that Dean is going to suffer the most from the state of bobby. Sam is enjoying his hallucinations that's good or bad. The leviatans are up to something big, but to see the boss dick face to face with the boys so reminds us of the promise of the new villain of the season.

    Now we are hoping to one week to prepare with many tissues .....

    kiss cau

  • Another blah episode in a series of blah episodes.


    It was entertaining (kinda) but generally didn't add anything to the plot or the quality of the show... too bad, I loved seasons 1-5 of this show. Also, anyone know when[if] Misha Collins is scheduled to make a re-appearance? I miss Castiel...



    ***DON'T READ THIS***

    I was freaking out about Bobby (Really? Can this show get any more evil about killing off the good characters?!) and then I looked at the description of next week's episode... way to spoil the cliffhanger, interwebs haha. It's all about Bobby hiring an old friend to do something... therefor no death. Score one for not blowing through another box of Kleenex! :)

  • Things are looking up in season seven...


    I've been watching Supernatural since the pilot- way back when John Winchester was the AWOL paternal figure only glimpsed in the introductary flashback, when Jessica's tragic death was the driving force behind Sam's behaviour and when Dean still truly enjoyed the hunt and life on the road.

    For me, personally, seasons five and six were disappointing. Strings of episodes that reached for a complexity and intrigue that they could never fully live up to. Plots were picked up, toyed with for a moment and then cast aside without any development or real explanation. Two such striking examples being Eve and Godstiel. The plot lineage of Eve to Godstiel to Leviathans was tenuous, leaving the viewer with the feeling that each event was introduced without much thought into where it would lead, and when it didn't work out.... well something bigger and badder was introduced in its place.

    With all that in mind- I have been delighted for three weeks in a row now. The show seems to be digging back into it's roots and coming up with some great material. I dislike the term "monster of the week", but with lack of a better term, that is exactly what Supernatural does best. Back to basics. Strip away all the tiresome evil-psychotic-self-pitying-Sam lines, all the over-reaching-far-stretching-end-of-the-world plots and distraught-knackered and self-loathing Dean, and we have a show that mixes humour, gore, mythology and a hint of urban cowboy with great success.

    The Leviathan plot is an interesting one, and is being handled better every week that it continues. The show is still missing something though, and that is a real purpose. Season 1 - Find Dad. Season 2 - Find and kill Yellow eyes. Season 3 - Save Dean and find Lilith. Season 4 - Stop Lilith. Season 5 - well it all gets a bit iffy here on out... The boys need a united purpose. An end goal of sorts. If they don't care anymore then why on earth should the viewers?

    Oh, but on another note- I find it difficult to believe that Bobby is dead. Mostly because the spoiler for the next episode specifically mentions him.... I'm just sayin'

  • Before the Jersey Devil Knows You're Dead


    Dean, Sam, and Bobby set up shop in a shabby rundown house to work on their next case with the whole world seemingly after them. This week they take on what appears to be the Jersey Devil from folklore, whatever it is having killed a camper and hanging him upside down from a tree and eating him. Their investigation leads to a stoned Ranger Rick and a restaurant (previously seen on the show) called Biggerson's which has a delicious three bird burger that makes Dean start acting funny. When they go out and find the remains of another Ranger and kill whatever it was with a single bullet, and then later with an onslaught of (I knew he wasn't dead from one shot) surprise barrages of lead casings. They investigate the addiction of the burger itself and Biggerson's seems to have drugged numerous amounts of people. It's revealed to be a Leviathan experiment to control humans through food, Dean quickly sobering up from his burger high. When Edgar shows up, the Leviathan they smashed with the car, their seeming leader and the doctor from the first of the season running the experiment Edgar tells him that their boss is coming. The guy from three episodes ago and who Crowley was talking about last episode when he said that "hated Dick." Dick decides to shut down the experiment since he doesn't want to break the golden rule which is: that monsters don't exist. While doing surveillance Bobby gets captured and gets a stern talking to by Dick and Dean and Sam have to assault the Leviathans with cleaning supplies to save him. Bobby manages to grab some plans from Dick's desk and get out in time and jump in the van while Sam and Dean hold off the remaining baddies. Just as Bobby jumps into the van Dick fires a few bullets at them. The real shocker here being that Bobby got shot in the head by him and the reveal through the hole in the hat was a great way of having the revelation be presented especially since camera wise they never shot Bobby shot. Great ending a surprisingly touching and charming outing of Supernatural. Dick has the typical over the top feel of all Supernatural's big baddies and his sleazy investment banker-isms make him that much more despicable. I loved how Ben Edlund's script went from what would've been a passable monster of the week episode into a season story arc that was more solid than many of the previous ones have been. The cursed hamburgers were a great touch, and were also treated to some interesting (never seen that before) kills. The big question is of course if Bobby will indeed survive, Bobby has been in trouble before like in Season 5 in the wheelchair and if the Winchesters should lose him then they will have lost everyone and be truly on their own. I'm not sure as we're had scares before, but it's the midseason finale and Bobby's textual clues in talking about death make this a time when it's really up in the air whether he'll live or not next week.

  • A multilayered episode, in which the layers are made up of red gore, grey snot and black goo.



    Ahem. Just thought I'd get that out of the way.

    For some reason, I was thrilled to see Bobby and Dean and Sam tracking through the woods carrying rifles. They looked really badass. I also loved that this brought up some backstory about how Bobby used to take them hunting when they were young.

    I kind of wanted to see them go up against the Jersey Devil, but of course that would've been too predictable, and Supernatural will cross the street to avoid predictable. It's amazing though that seven seasons in they still have so much untapped material they can throw away creatures to use them as red herrings.

    What we got under the red herring surface, was a level of creepy superadrenalized cannibals, and underneath that a layer of disgusting drug sandwiches, and underneath that the filling of a chilling Leviathan experiment to make people fat and complacent.

    Leviathans are like supervillains. I mean, we've encountered monsters that like to snack on humans before, but none that are breeding us like cattle. They're evil masterminds, and seeing the maps and papers in Dick's briefcase, they apparently have a Big Evil Mastermind Plan. I'm very curious to find out what the BEMP is.

    I love that their boss is called Dick, and that he is extremely dickish. And that the Leviathans have their own culture in which punishment for failure is "bibbing." They put a bib on him and force him to eat himself. This is extremely messed up but with a humourous twist. This has Ben Edlund written all over it. And I love him for it. I wouldn't want to live in his mind, but I quite like what comes out of it. I prefer his comedic episodes, but even the serious ones have his touch of dark, twisted, crazy humour. Like the Turducken. Anyone else would've made it a straight up turkey sandwich.

    I also liked the serious aspects of this episode. I have always said it would be out of character for Dean to grieve openly: he always shoves it down and pours whiskey over it. But the dam starts to crack and later--usually about half a season later--it bursts open.

    Those cracks are gradually widening. And in this episode, his grief for Cas is showing through more and more. First when he's stoned (that was great, we should see Dean stoned more often) and talking more openly, then Sam talks about how he knows it's eating at Dean, and later when Bobby confronts him.

    Bobby is one to talk, telling Sam they worry about each other too much, when he worries about both of them. "I swear if you die before I do, I'll kill you." That was such a great line, and delivered perfectly.

    I've accepted that characters I love will die on this show (because the writers are bloodthirsty serial killers, but I love them for it). I guess no one but Sam and Dean are guaranteed resurrections whenever they die. I wouldn't have been too worried about Bobby, but now that they've killed Cas (for a while anyway) and they're stripping Sam and Dean of everything that offers them aid and comfort, and there's a BULLET HOLE in Bobby's cap, now I'm a little worried. And I have to wait two weeks to find out if Bobby's as thickskulled as I hope he is.

    Evil cliffhanger!

  • Our intrepid trio hunts what might very well be The famed "Jersey Devil" ... but isn't.


    This ep hit all the right notes! (Which if you know me, you know I just don't get Ben Edlund or his humor... today I did! Wow! Great job Ben!)

    Sam, Dean and Bobby find yet another house to squat in, this one worse than many we've seen over the years, (isn't the impala preferable boys?) when they head to Jersey to investigate the human burrito-ing of a 'glamper' (I like that!).

    The only relief from the sewer quality of their current lifestyle is a stop at Biggerson's where they encounter not only a seriously attitudinous butt-head of a waiter, and a really happily stoned Ranger, (truly guys after that waiter's attitude I wouldn't eat the food, never know what he'd do to it... I kept waiting for Dean to find a loogie in there or something...eew!) But... it's Dean so he eats it... and kinda falls in love with Turducken... uhm again... eeew.

    Nice thing is there are a lot of layers to everything in this eps writing. Ben you out-did yourself.

    From a sociopolitical statement about the corporate sponsored fattening and dumbing down of society in general, to the apathy they promote in order to keep people from rising up and taking back their liberties... to the "genetic" effery and agricultural monoculturization we're being subject to without our knowledge (do y'all know that a certain corporation's genetically modified salmon contains eel dna to make them grow bigger faster? Well now you do).

    All the way down to how all the horrors in the world are effecting the individual person. Quality of life for many are suffering, depression is rampant and the world seems to be careening straight toward a cliff a la Thelma and Louise.

    We're given a microcosmic glimpse of how all this is effecting our boys through Dean and his (he's just so darned snuggly when he's stoned!) "I don't care, and I don't care that I don't care" (been feeling the same way about a lot of stuff lately too Dean, you're not alone).

    Sam plays the polyanna here, making lemonade out of lemon rinds, and apparently managing to get along with Lucifer in his head (I'm hoping that little tracing the scar-tic is kind of a giveaway that maybe old Lou's getting some kind of foothold in Sam's head which could make for some interesting stuff later on! (please please please?).

    While Bobby's role is to keep them both from imploding before HE dies so he doesn't have to attend any more hunter's funerals. Bobby: "If you die b'fore me, I'll kill ya!" Classic Bobby.

    The story progresses naturally to the factory where the tainted meat comes from, and we learn that our favorite sludge-blooded baddies are trying something new, and that Dick is gonna visit so they'd better destroy the previous mistakes.

    Well, I won't spoil it entirely, but from the head scientist literally forced to 'eat himself' to set an example for his mistakes, to Bobby's capture, (he did run out with those plans didn't he?), I was hooked.

    It was awesome to see the boys burst in there and 'clean' house, gotta love that! And saving the cranky old beloved hunter in the process, but the cliffie that we're left with begs many more questions.

    Sadly, Supernatural's show runners, while listening to and homaging the fans, don't really like to give us actual satisfaction. So they drop lots of tasty nuggets that leave us wondering about the boys and what's going to happen to them in their 'upstairs' brains and hearts while never giving us any real emotional satisfaction.Maybe this time will be different...

    If the writing keeps up like this for the rest of the season, it's gonna be banner! Here's to hoping.

    Kast and krew, thanks for your hard work!

    Jensen, Jared, Jim, special love, as always to you gentlemen.