Season 7 Episode 9

How To Win Friends And Influence Monsters

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 18, 2011 on The CW

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  • Our intrepid trio hunts what might very well be The famed "Jersey Devil" ... but isn't.


    This ep hit all the right notes! (Which if you know me, you know I just don't get Ben Edlund or his humor... today I did! Wow! Great job Ben!)

    Sam, Dean and Bobby find yet another house to squat in, this one worse than many we've seen over the years, (isn't the impala preferable boys?) when they head to Jersey to investigate the human burrito-ing of a 'glamper' (I like that!).

    The only relief from the sewer quality of their current lifestyle is a stop at Biggerson's where they encounter not only a seriously attitudinous butt-head of a waiter, and a really happily stoned Ranger, (truly guys after that waiter's attitude I wouldn't eat the food, never know what he'd do to it... I kept waiting for Dean to find a loogie in there or something...eew!) But... it's Dean so he eats it... and kinda falls in love with Turducken... uhm again... eeew.

    Nice thing is there are a lot of layers to everything in this eps writing. Ben you out-did yourself.

    From a sociopolitical statement about the corporate sponsored fattening and dumbing down of society in general, to the apathy they promote in order to keep people from rising up and taking back their liberties... to the "genetic" effery and agricultural monoculturization we're being subject to without our knowledge (do y'all know that a certain corporation's genetically modified salmon contains eel dna to make them grow bigger faster? Well now you do).

    All the way down to how all the horrors in the world are effecting the individual person. Quality of life for many are suffering, depression is rampant and the world seems to be careening straight toward a cliff a la Thelma and Louise.

    We're given a microcosmic glimpse of how all this is effecting our boys through Dean and his (he's just so darned snuggly when he's stoned!) "I don't care, and I don't care that I don't care" (been feeling the same way about a lot of stuff lately too Dean, you're not alone).

    Sam plays the polyanna here, making lemonade out of lemon rinds, and apparently managing to get along with Lucifer in his head (I'm hoping that little tracing the scar-tic is kind of a giveaway that maybe old Lou's getting some kind of foothold in Sam's head which could make for some interesting stuff later on! (please please please?).

    While Bobby's role is to keep them both from imploding before HE dies so he doesn't have to attend any more hunter's funerals. Bobby: "If you die b'fore me, I'll kill ya!" Classic Bobby.

    The story progresses naturally to the factory where the tainted meat comes from, and we learn that our favorite sludge-blooded baddies are trying something new, and that Dick is gonna visit so they'd better destroy the previous mistakes.

    Well, I won't spoil it entirely, but from the head scientist literally forced to 'eat himself' to set an example for his mistakes, to Bobby's capture, (he did run out with those plans didn't he?), I was hooked.

    It was awesome to see the boys burst in there and 'clean' house, gotta love that! And saving the cranky old beloved hunter in the process, but the cliffie that we're left with begs many more questions.

    Sadly, Supernatural's show runners, while listening to and homaging the fans, don't really like to give us actual satisfaction. So they drop lots of tasty nuggets that leave us wondering about the boys and what's going to happen to them in their 'upstairs' brains and hearts while never giving us any real emotional satisfaction.Maybe this time will be different...

    If the writing keeps up like this for the rest of the season, it's gonna be banner! Here's to hoping.

    Kast and krew, thanks for your hard work!

    Jensen, Jared, Jim, special love, as always to you gentlemen.