Season 7 Episode 9

How To Win Friends And Influence Monsters

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 18, 2011 on The CW

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  • Before the Jersey Devil Knows You're Dead


    Dean, Sam, and Bobby set up shop in a shabby rundown house to work on their next case with the whole world seemingly after them. This week they take on what appears to be the Jersey Devil from folklore, whatever it is having killed a camper and hanging him upside down from a tree and eating him. Their investigation leads to a stoned Ranger Rick and a restaurant (previously seen on the show) called Biggerson's which has a delicious three bird burger that makes Dean start acting funny. When they go out and find the remains of another Ranger and kill whatever it was with a single bullet, and then later with an onslaught of (I knew he wasn't dead from one shot) surprise barrages of lead casings. They investigate the addiction of the burger itself and Biggerson's seems to have drugged numerous amounts of people. It's revealed to be a Leviathan experiment to control humans through food, Dean quickly sobering up from his burger high. When Edgar shows up, the Leviathan they smashed with the car, their seeming leader and the doctor from the first of the season running the experiment Edgar tells him that their boss is coming. The guy from three episodes ago and who Crowley was talking about last episode when he said that "hated Dick." Dick decides to shut down the experiment since he doesn't want to break the golden rule which is: that monsters don't exist. While doing surveillance Bobby gets captured and gets a stern talking to by Dick and Dean and Sam have to assault the Leviathans with cleaning supplies to save him. Bobby manages to grab some plans from Dick's desk and get out in time and jump in the van while Sam and Dean hold off the remaining baddies. Just as Bobby jumps into the van Dick fires a few bullets at them. The real shocker here being that Bobby got shot in the head by him and the reveal through the hole in the hat was a great way of having the revelation be presented especially since camera wise they never shot Bobby shot. Great ending a surprisingly touching and charming outing of Supernatural. Dick has the typical over the top feel of all Supernatural's big baddies and his sleazy investment banker-isms make him that much more despicable. I loved how Ben Edlund's script went from what would've been a passable monster of the week episode into a season story arc that was more solid than many of the previous ones have been. The cursed hamburgers were a great touch, and were also treated to some interesting (never seen that before) kills. The big question is of course if Bobby will indeed survive, Bobby has been in trouble before like in Season 5 in the wheelchair and if the Winchesters should lose him then they will have lost everyone and be truly on their own. I'm not sure as we're had scares before, but it's the midseason finale and Bobby's textual clues in talking about death make this a time when it's really up in the air whether he'll live or not next week.

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