Season 7 Episode 9

How To Win Friends And Influence Monsters

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 18, 2011 on The CW

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  • poor booby


    I think so I cried and I was shocked when Ellen and Jo died, to see that cry of despair of the dean and the image of darkness reminded that only supernatural choose their victims, the victims and of course the fans love the most (do not forget the CAS). But if we are positive and very positive principals of supernatural daraim not a shot in the foot by killing our bobby now, but I feel that the next eps will be washed down with strong emotions and many tears. Returning to see eps dean "drugged" is priceless, he should do drugs' cause the more Jesen if anyone knows how funny. The dialogue with booby and Dean is to see father and son, I feel that Dean is going to suffer the most from the state of bobby. Sam is enjoying his hallucinations that's good or bad. The leviatans are up to something big, but to see the boss dick face to face with the boys so reminds us of the promise of the new villain of the season.

    Now we are hoping to one week to prepare with many tissues .....

    kiss cau

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