Season 7 Episode 9

How To Win Friends And Influence Monsters

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 18, 2011 on The CW

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  • Things are looking up in season seven...


    I've been watching Supernatural since the pilot- way back when John Winchester was the AWOL paternal figure only glimpsed in the introductary flashback, when Jessica's tragic death was the driving force behind Sam's behaviour and when Dean still truly enjoyed the hunt and life on the road.

    For me, personally, seasons five and six were disappointing. Strings of episodes that reached for a complexity and intrigue that they could never fully live up to. Plots were picked up, toyed with for a moment and then cast aside without any development or real explanation. Two such striking examples being Eve and Godstiel. The plot lineage of Eve to Godstiel to Leviathans was tenuous, leaving the viewer with the feeling that each event was introduced without much thought into where it would lead, and when it didn't work out.... well something bigger and badder was introduced in its place.

    With all that in mind- I have been delighted for three weeks in a row now. The show seems to be digging back into it's roots and coming up with some great material. I dislike the term "monster of the week", but with lack of a better term, that is exactly what Supernatural does best. Back to basics. Strip away all the tiresome evil-psychotic-self-pitying-Sam lines, all the over-reaching-far-stretching-end-of-the-world plots and distraught-knackered and self-loathing Dean, and we have a show that mixes humour, gore, mythology and a hint of urban cowboy with great success.

    The Leviathan plot is an interesting one, and is being handled better every week that it continues. The show is still missing something though, and that is a real purpose. Season 1 - Find Dad. Season 2 - Find and kill Yellow eyes. Season 3 - Save Dean and find Lilith. Season 4 - Stop Lilith. Season 5 - well it all gets a bit iffy here on out... The boys need a united purpose. An end goal of sorts. If they don't care anymore then why on earth should the viewers?

    Oh, but on another note- I find it difficult to believe that Bobby is dead. Mostly because the spoiler for the next episode specifically mentions him.... I'm just sayin'