Season 2 Episode 10


Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jan 11, 2007 on The CW
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Sam meets a woman who shares his ability to have visions, and she warns him that she has seen the future... where he dies in an explosion.

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  • Interesting episode.

    In this episode we see other people like Sam that have "special abilities". The first one kills himself. Sam meets Ava who tells him that she has seen how he is going to die and it is in an explosion.

    Dean goes missing and it turns out that Gordon is hiding him in the hopes that he can kill Sam when he turns up to rescue his brother. Gordon's plan backfires on him but he thinks its successful because he can see Sam's shoe. Sam and Dean get away again and tie Gordon up to the chair.

    Sam and Dean go to find Ava but when they get to her place she isn't there, her fiance is dead and there is sulfer on the windowsil.

    I liked this episode but I am getting really sick of Gordon.moreless
  • Really cool

    Supernatural Season 2 Episode 10 Hunted

    After Dean tells Sam what his father told him beofre dying, Sam leaves him in search for answers. He meets Ava, a psyquic who sees a vision of Sam's death. Dean discovers Gordon is after Sam and other special children.

    This episode was amazing. So great. Great plot, great acting (no offense, but Ava doesnt count here), great suspense. This episode was awesome, season 2 is great. It was amzing, Gordon after Sam and the other special children, Ava having a vision of Sam's death. I dont know how people thought about the episode, but I loved it.moreless
  • Oh my!

    9.5! The whole funny business with the demon just escalated to greater proportions. Though it's funny because the real antagonist here is Gordon, and that's not a disappointment at all; in fact how the story ties all the plot points throughout the episode all at the end was really intriguing. Though even after the clashing of fists with Gordon, the episode STILL gives us even more meat to chew with Sam's accomplice and psychic mate Ava seemingly murdering her fiancee. It makes you wonder about the story of the episode; whether these chosen children really are going to end up being soldiers for the demon in the upcoming war.moreless
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show supernatural sam and dean come accos this women that has and abilty like sam she has visions and can see the future like him and she tells him that he is going to die in a explosion and that gets them thinking if its true or not and that is why i found this ep very intersting and intense and very suspenceful and that is why i think season 2 is going somewhere and there will be a season 3 and even more and that is why i gave it a 9 instead of anyting lowermoreless
  • Along with Croatoan, this episode just lays on the suspense until you can't take it.

    Man, I sure did love the last two episodes. Not only did it contain the mythology of the yellow eyed man and the abilities of the children, it had some awesome plots (and the return of Gordon). These two just seemed to flow together into one long episode, and, unlike Lost (which, don't get me wrong, is an incredible show) actually reveals things. They do raise some small questions, but I'm finding myself excited that I'm actually learning a little bit about Sam's ability. Makes me want to see what will happen next just as much as Lost, who leaves almost everything openended until the end.

    Gordon's return was pretty cool. I had a gut feeling he'd be back, even if most of the minor characters don't ever make a return appearence (besides Ellen and Jo of course). His character never fails to annoy me, but he's still an interesting balance to Sam and Dean. They believe there's an exception to certain rules when hunting, but Gordon still sees things in black and white. And I'll admit, I love watching Dean beat the crap out of Gordon whenever they meet up. I just about stood up and cheered when Sam left the anonymous tip about Gordon.

    Lately, Supernatural has done a good job of ending the episodes with a cliffhanger.. not anything intense like 24, but with little things that they'll pick up on a few episodes later. The only thing I didn't like about the episode was Ava. God, was she annoying.. Every time she talked, it was sarcasm. Never a serious moment with her.

    The last two episodes easily could've been one. It was just such a great line-up.moreless
Katharine Isabelle

Katharine Isabelle

Ava Wilson

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Bill Mondy

Bill Mondy

Dr. George Waxler

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Richard DeKlerk

Richard DeKlerk

Scott Carey

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Chad Lindberg

Chad Lindberg


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Samantha Ferris

Samantha Ferris

Ellen Harvelle

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (10)

    • Ava's fiancé is unnamed here, but she refers to him as Brody in her next appearance, in "All Hell Breaks Loose (1)".

    • In the teaser, when Scott Carey says "He says he has plans for me," the therapist replies "What kind of plans?" But when Ava and Sam listen to the recording of the interview, Scott says "He says he has plans for me. He says there's a war coming," and the therapist's line is not heard.

    • At 33:13 Sam's right shoe is smoking on the floor, as a decoy to draw Gordon out. Yet seconds later when they fight, the shoe is back on Sam's foot.

    • Sam's injuries are apparent before the last commercial break. However, on the ride to Ava's house and when they arrive, they disappear entirely.

    • When Gordon is getting arrested he drops both handguns at his side and gets on his knees with his hands up. The incoming police officer walks in front of him and then behind him and handcuffs him. A real police officer would have kicked the guns away first.

    • When Sam steals confidential material, among the material is the tape recorder that the psychiatrist used a month before on Scotty. One would think that the doctor would use a separate tape for each patient instead of a separate tape AND separate tape recorder.

    • The slip of Blue Rose Motel stationery, containing the address where Dean is being held captive, that is shown to us in Ava's vision and then again near the end of the episode when Sam arrives to rescue Dean, are written in the same handwriting. However, the slip of stationery Sam writes on, as Dean is giving the address to him over the phone, shows us Sam's real penmanship, which is very different than the two other glimpses we were given of the stationery.

    • The police department in Lafayette, Indiana is not the Lafayette Metro Police Department (LMPD) as portrayed in the show. Though Lafayette is technically a metropolitan area, the department is called the Lafayette Police Department (LPD).

    • When Sam unties Dean towards the end of the episode, the rope on his left hand doesn't even look tied and just slips off. The right-hand rope and those on his feet come off really easily as well. And yet Dean had been struggling hard against his bonds just moments before.

    • When Sam finishes his beer at the roadhouse, the glass is about 1" full. But when Ash picks up the same glass to drink, the beer level is about 2" full.

  • QUOTES (26)

    • Sam: Look, Dean, I've tried running before. I mean I ran all the way to California, and look what happened. You can't run from this. And you can't protect me.
      Dean: I can try.
      Sam: Thanks for that.

    • Dean: (chuckles) This is a whole new level of moronic, even for you.

    • Gordon: I'm not a killer, Dean. I'm a hunter. And your brother's fair game.

    • Ellen: (to Sam, about to leave) Sam, I gotta call Dean. Gotta let him know where you are.
      Sam: Ellen, I gotta find answers. I want to know who I am. Dean means well, but I have to do this myself. Please.

    • Dean: Well, you're a son of a bitch.
      Gordon: (slaps him) That's my momma you're talking about.

    • Sam: These are .223 caliber, subsonic rounds, the guy must've put a suppressor on the rifle.
      Ava: Dude, who are you?
      Sam: I ah...I just I...I just watch a lot of TJ Hooker.

    • Ava: Okay, look I know how all this sounds. But I am not insane, and I am not on drugs! This is way, way off the map for me.

    • Ava: (to Sam) Okay, you know what? Screw you buddy, okay, cos I'm a secretary from Peoria and I'm not part of anything, okay? D'you see this? I am getting married in eight weeks. I am supposed to be at home, addressing invitations, which I am way behind on by the way, but instead I drove out here to save your weirdo ass, but if you just wanna stay here and die, fine. Me? I'm due back on planet Earth.

    • Sam: Are you okay?
      Ava: Am I okay?
      Sam: Yeah.
      Ava: I just helped you steal some dead guy's confidential psych files. I'm awesome!

    • Dean: (Dad) said that he wanted me to watch out for you, take care of you.
      Sam: He told you that a million times.
      Dean: This time was different. He said that I had to save you.

    • Ellen: After (Jo) worked that job with you boys she decided she wanted to keep on hunting. I said not under my roof. And she said fine.

    • Ash: And one other name, Scott Carey.
      Sam: What, you got an address?
      Ash: Sort of. The Arbor Hills Cemetery in Lafayette, Indiana. Plot 486.

    • Ava: (to Sam) Why can't you just leave town, please? Before you blow up!

    • Ava: (to a psychiatrist) I just remembered, when I was a kid I swallowed, like, 8 things of pop rocks and then drank a whole can of Coke. You don't think that that counts as a suicide attempt, do you?

    • Dean: (seeing Sam through motel window) Thank God you're okay. (sees Ava with Sam) Oh, you're better than okay. Sam, you sly dog!

    • Sam: I want you out of harm's way, Ava.
      Ava: What about you?
      Sam: Harm's way doesn't really bother me.

    • Sam: All right, so where to next, then?
      Dean: One word: Amsterdam.
      Sam: Dean...
      Dean: Come on, man. I hear the coffee shops don't even serve coffee.
      Sam: I'm not gonna just ditch the job.
      Dean: Screw the job. Screw it, man. I'm sick of the job anyway. I mean, we don't get paid, we don't get thanked. Only thing we get's bad luck.

    • Ellen: Now, Dean, they say you can't protect your loved ones forever. Well, I say screw that-- what else is family for?

    • Gordon: What, you think this is revenge?
      Dean: Well, we did leave you tied up in your own mess for three days. (snickers) Which was awesome. Sorry, I shouldn't laugh.

    • Dean: Come on, man, I know Sam, okay, better than anyone. He's got more of a conscience than I do. The guy feels guilty surfing the Internet for porn.

    • Gordon: Do it. Do it! Show your brother the killer you really are, Sammy.
      (Sam slugs him)
      Sam: It's Sam.

    • Dean: Well, Gordon should be reaching for the soap for the next few years at least.

    • Sam: So if you really want to watch my back, I guess you're going to have to stick around.
      Dean: Bitch.
      Sam: Jerk.

    • Dean: What's the point of saving the world if you can't get a little nookie once in a while, huh?

    • Dean: Dude, you ever take off like that again...
      Sam: What? You'd kill me?
      Dean: That is so not funny.

    • Sam: Gordon's taken care of. (get shot at by Gordon)
      Dean: You call this taken care of?! (cops pull up and arrest Gordon)
      Sam: Anonymous tip.
      Dean: You're a fine, upstanding citizen, Sam.

  • NOTES (3)