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Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Jan 11, 2007 on The CW

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  • Interesting episode.

    In this episode we see other people like Sam that have "special abilities". The first one kills himself. Sam meets Ava who tells him that she has seen how he is going to die and it is in an explosion.

    Dean goes missing and it turns out that Gordon is hiding him in the hopes that he can kill Sam when he turns up to rescue his brother. Gordon's plan backfires on him but he thinks its successful because he can see Sam's shoe. Sam and Dean get away again and tie Gordon up to the chair.

    Sam and Dean go to find Ava but when they get to her place she isn't there, her fiance is dead and there is sulfer on the windowsil.

    I liked this episode but I am getting really sick of Gordon.
  • Really cool

    Supernatural Season 2 Episode 10 Hunted
    After Dean tells Sam what his father told him beofre dying, Sam leaves him in search for answers. He meets Ava, a psyquic who sees a vision of Sam's death. Dean discovers Gordon is after Sam and other special children.

    This episode was amazing. So great. Great plot, great acting (no offense, but Ava doesnt count here), great suspense. This episode was awesome, season 2 is great. It was amzing, Gordon after Sam and the other special children, Ava having a vision of Sam's death. I dont know how people thought about the episode, but I loved it.
  • Oh my!

    9.5! The whole funny business with the demon just escalated to greater proportions. Though it's funny because the real antagonist here is Gordon, and that's not a disappointment at all; in fact how the story ties all the plot points throughout the episode all at the end was really intriguing. Though even after the clashing of fists with Gordon, the episode STILL gives us even more meat to chew with Sam's accomplice and psychic mate Ava seemingly murdering her fiancee. It makes you wonder about the story of the episode; whether these chosen children really are going to end up being soldiers for the demon in the upcoming war.
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show supernatural sam and dean come accos this women that has and abilty like sam she has visions and can see the future like him and she tells him that he is going to die in a explosion and that gets them thinking if its true or not and that is why i found this ep very intersting and intense and very suspenceful and that is why i think season 2 is going somewhere and there will be a season 3 and even more and that is why i gave it a 9 instead of anyting lower
  • Along with Croatoan, this episode just lays on the suspense until you can't take it.

    Man, I sure did love the last two episodes. Not only did it contain the mythology of the yellow eyed man and the abilities of the children, it had some awesome plots (and the return of Gordon). These two just seemed to flow together into one long episode, and, unlike Lost (which, don't get me wrong, is an incredible show) actually reveals things. They do raise some small questions, but I'm finding myself excited that I'm actually learning a little bit about Sam's ability. Makes me want to see what will happen next just as much as Lost, who leaves almost everything openended until the end.

    Gordon's return was pretty cool. I had a gut feeling he'd be back, even if most of the minor characters don't ever make a return appearence (besides Ellen and Jo of course). His character never fails to annoy me, but he's still an interesting balance to Sam and Dean. They believe there's an exception to certain rules when hunting, but Gordon still sees things in black and white. And I'll admit, I love watching Dean beat the crap out of Gordon whenever they meet up. I just about stood up and cheered when Sam left the anonymous tip about Gordon.

    Lately, Supernatural has done a good job of ending the episodes with a cliffhanger.. not anything intense like 24, but with little things that they'll pick up on a few episodes later. The only thing I didn't like about the episode was Ava. God, was she annoying.. Every time she talked, it was sarcasm. Never a serious moment with her.

    The last two episodes easily could've been one. It was just such a great line-up.
  • A diptych with "Croatoan" (2x09)

    I consider this episode, "Hunted", and the previous one, "HCroatoan", to be a diptych closing the first half of Season Two: we have seen the boys cope with the loss of their fathers and now - with these two episodes - we are delving into the very heart of Season Two's myth-arc, that's saying the Psy-Kids and the Yellow-Eyed Demon's plan for them.

    In this episode, Dean finally reveals to Sammy what their father told him before dying (in "In My Time of Dying", 2x01), that is he has to save Sam, or - if he can't - to kill him. The bigger question, the one that will permeate the whole Season, is: why John Winchester said so? What plans has the Yellow-Eyed Demon for Sammy and the kids like him? Is Sam bound to go dark-side (as he himself says in this episode)? I know that Mr. Kripke wasn't entirely happy of this particular myth-arc (at least, he stated that he would have done some things differently), but I love it, because it has the moral ambiguity and the epic and the struggling that really set Supernatural apart from every other show.

    In "Hunted" we meet again an old friend (ahem... foe), Gordon Walker, who is an unpleasing character, but in a good way. He is well-written and rounded, believable and convincing. Furthermore, he's portrayed by the extremely talented Sterling K. Brown, who brings a great deal of suffering and angst to the character. We also meet another Psy-Kid, Ava Wilson (played by Katherine Isabelle, of "Ginger Snaps" fame), and she is a really nice addition to the show mythology: sarcastic and funny, endearing in her own frailty, Ava is a great character - the most accomplished Special Child, I would say.

    What matters the most, though, is that the episode is wonderfully written, full of twists and packed with suspense. A superb episode.
  • ...In continuation with the last episode.

    This is a perfect part two from the continuation of the last episode when Sam figures out the secret, he runs away to find more people like him. Ellen Sam meets Ava who said that she had visions just like him and he was going to die, I love the Ava character, I really hope she returns. Fingers crossed. Too bad her husband got killed. The vampire hunter returns and wants to kill Sam but of course they out smart him once again, will he ever come back? Let's hope not. i really thought Sam was dead when the explosion went off, that was truly chilling.
  • "B***h" … "Jerk" … I really missed that. Good plot, bad pacing, ok overall.

    Never really enjoyed this episode for some reason, although it has a good plot, great acting as usual, and great guest stars. Gordon brings back the creep factor, Ellen said he was bad news and she was right on the money, and Ava is such a sweet girl, I really liked the character (who would've known she'd become the queen b***h?). I think the one thing lacking was decent pacing of the episode, it was slow, not much was happening, and some events seemed forced. As much as I value the addition of Gordon this is his second "off" episode, I don't know if it's about the character itself or that the concept didn't work well, it just wasn't brilliant.

    We got great emotional turmoil for Sammy, God knows how many thoughts are racing through his brain after that huge revelation. And you can finally see what it was that took such a toll on Dean for the past 9 episodes, keeping such a secret and being given such a mission …

    Overall, the best thing about this episode is that it revealed the big secret john whispered in Dean's ear right before he died, a secret that manager to torment Dean for so long until life became utterly unbearable. Now it's Sam turn to fight his own demons … so to speak.
  • A great plot

    What I find perfect about this episode would be the exact timing of everything; not only each scene kept in perfect balance between funny, sad, creepy, and interesting, but the timing of the airing and the fact that it was carried on from the last episode. Although the very thing I found most riviting was how the begning was directed with a certain intensity as we were learning more about the yellow eyed demon. One of the most important things was the background music. The song "White Rabbit" supportes the insanity given off from the whole moment which had made it wonderful timing with each word right up until the psycic's death.
  • The only episode I have seen in season two...

    Dean reveals the secret John told him at the beginning of the season, causing a distraught Sam to leave Dean in search of answers. Sam meets Ava, a psychic who has had a vision of Sam's death. Dean discovers Gordon is after Sam and races to find his brother in time to save him. Well this was the only episode I have seen in season two, but what an episode it was very entertaining and a fast paced episode I loved it, there were some great twists in this episode, like the vision of Sam's death, it was such a shock, great episode.
  • Sammy boy isn't the only one having visions about people on the worst day of their lives, and he's about to find out about it. Unfortunately, it's not a simple, happy meeting. He's attracted the attention of a hunter.

    Okay, maybe you were expecting this whole, "I'd have to kill you" thing, but I most defiantly was not...feeling a little blown away right about

    Next comment, Ava is the bomb! I love her! And the best part is, she reminds me of one of my best friends, so I keep picturing my friend being her...some fun mental images there.

    Next, didn't expect Gordon to pop up

    Okay that was a Fan-freaking-tastic episode. I really enjoyed it. But i gotta say that the thing that really made it for me was the huge amount of funny stuff (and I always love it when new dynamic characters are introduced). It ended with another cliff hanger, as usual, but I felt like it had a little bit more of a resolution then the last episode, which I was happy for. Overall really great episode.

    Man there was a plethora of funny stuff in this episode, so here we go onto one of my favorite parts of my reviews the Funny Moment/Quote section:
    Sam: These are .223 Caliber, subsonic rounds, the guy must've put a suppressor on the rifle.
    Ava: Dude, who are you?

    Sam: Are you okay?
    Ava: Am I okay?
    Sam: Yeah.
    Ava: I just helped you steal some dead guy's confidential psych files. I'm awesome!

    Ava: I just remembered, when I was a kid I swallowed, like, 8 things of pop rocks and then drank a whole can of coke. You don't think that that counts as a suicide attempt, do you?

    Ellen: Now, Dean, they say you can't protect your loved ones forever. Well, I say screw that-- what else is family for?

    Gordon: What,.you think this is revenge?
    Dean: Well we did leave you tied up in your own mess for three days. (snickers) Which was awesome. Sorry, I shouldn't laugh. Sam: I want you out of harm's way, Ava.
    Ava: What about you?
    Sam: Harm's way doesn't really bother me.

    Sam: trust me, Gordon's taken care of
    Five minutes later Gordon's shooting at them
    Dean: You call this taken care of?!

    Sam get's Gordon arrested (and tips the police off to his hidden arsenal in his car)
    Sam: Anonymous tip
    Dean: You're a fine upstanding citizen Sam
  • Love Ash. Love Ava, love Gordon... perfect ep!

    So! I seriously love this episode. I mean, what a great story. Raelle Tucker, she never lets us down. She wrote my favorite episode! So sad she is not in season 3. Anyway, as I said, i love Gordon! He is just so awesome! In my opinion we should have seen more of him in this season. I dont know why, but I especially love the teaser at the start with Scott Carey and the psychiatrist. Probably because it is playing White Rabbit, and I just think that song was like perfect for that scenario. I felt so sad when he got stabbed by Gordon though... aw.
    Well Ava was definitely one of my favorites. She was such a great character and teh actress Katharine Isabelle did a really great job.
    Hunted would definitely be in my top ten favorite episodes!
  • We finally find out what John whispered to Dean before he died. Sammy handles it with his usual aplomb.

    Sam really angered me in the beginning of this episode. He has been after Dean to spill his guts all season, then, as soon as Dean trusts him with it Sam takes off. I find this especially difficult to forgive given that Dean was suicidal and just wanting to take a break from everything in the last episode, Croatoan. Dean finally needs something, is scared, so Sam takes off. After Dean BEGS him for some time to think. Selfish jerk. Luckily, Sam makes up for it later on in the episode by acting like an adult again instead of a petulant kid. It was awesome to see how capable he is on his own, even though I think he was a jerk for going off on his own.

    Ellen also makes an appearance and she really redeems herself after being such a psycho the last time we saw her. Gordon also makes a reappearance here, and really, they should not let the man live because he is just going to keep on hunting them. But, you know, they are "good guys" so they can't really kill him. The episode is well written, but it just isn't my favorite storyline. I guess I prefer Sam and Dean to be working together. The ending with Sam coming for Dean makes up for a lot of the different things I didn't like in this episode. Sam handling of Gordon was just brilliant.
  • This episode is amazing...

    This episode was amazing on so many levels, that I even can't begin to express my joy. I think this episode is definitely series classic...

    First of all lets start with actors performance. Sam's fighting with himself, carefully watching every step so no one could call him evil. Dean is first looking for Sam, then the hostage situation... amazing acting. But, Katharine Isabelle stole my breath... One unbelievable good actress, with so good lines I was dying of laughing. Her Ava is definitely the best guest star role till now.

    Second thing is story. We have one old character back - well, not so old, but already seen - and he's hunting Sam. This episode is so full of hilarious lines and tension that I was seriously impressed. Ava's "Dude, who are you?" - priceless.

    And last thing I liked about this episode is it's connection to the story. Some questions have been answered (like what John said to Dean before he died), but there are many more new questions after this episode.
  • The Boys split up and Sam becomes The Most Dangerous Game.

    Since writing about 209, “Croatoan,” I’ve discovered what it means to “jump the shark,” and I retract it as my classification (I put “above average” instead). I think I’ve even seen the episode of Happy Days when the proverbial shark is jumped, but I didn’t know about that term. Learn something new every day, right kids?

    I’ve been putting off and putting off writing about “Hunted” primarily because there wasn’t anything in it that struck me as something to talk about. I suppose that’s ok. I loved the performance of the actress who played Ava – I really liked the way she took her character, and the fun you could tell she was having with the role. (And in hindsight, as soon as she said “I’m going to get married in eight weeks!” the warning bells SHOULD have gone off in my head, but they didn’t.)

    I was also happy to see Gordon return, although here’s the thing. Last time I thought Gordon was thought provoking in that he really had a good philosophy, he was just over-the-top about it...trying to get rid of an ant colony with a nuclear bomb, or something. There was no finesse about his rage and revenge in “Bloodlust.” In “Hunted,” however, I could hear with trepidation the comment about Hitler even before it came.

    I’m trying to think of something intelligent to say about the subject (but why try, when nothing I say ever is, eh? Hehehe.) I guess what it comes down to is that I’ve heard that debate too many times to really be interested in it. I think a more important argument is, rather than worry about theoretical feats that aren’t possible at least in this point of time (namely, going back and rewriting history), we should spend more time thinking about how to break out of the mob mentality and anonymity that allows us to sit by and watch as social and moral catastrophes happen.

    In terms of Sam and whether he is destined to become a Thing that Goes Bump, as Ava apparently has – here’s Harry Potter poisoning my thoughts again – I really want to see a return of Missouri. She seemed to know what’s up, and I’m sure someone with that type of psychic power and hoodoo know-how has some type of knowledge she could share that helps block external control. I remember reading somewhere about a psychic who described external influence in someone’s psychic energy like a big tangle of weeds...visit Missouri, get some weedkiller, then keep moving.

    In response to the big secret that made Sam run away in the first place...I don’t really feel let down by it, but I also don’t feel particularly surprised, either. The theme for the season had already seemed to be evolving into whether or not The Boys should hunt Things that Don’t Bump, as discussed in “Bloodlust” and “Simon Said,” among others. I still don’t think Dean will be able to do it, but I’ve already watched “Playthings” and these comments are getting more in line with what should go there. Bottom line – “Hunted” was a great and enjoyable episode, I just don’t really have that much to say in response to it.
  • Sam runs off and gets into trouble.

    I love the acting in this episode like all episodes. Jared and Jensen did especially good in this one. Jensen did the best I think. He did act very well while he was being held hostage and dangled as bait so Sam would fall into Gordon's trap. I loved how the writers made it so that Sam out thunk that creep Gordon. Jared did good this episode when he was being shot at. I liked it. At the beginning of this episode was great acting from the both of them. They did a phenomenal job with the secret Dean was holding that his father told him. Great job you guys!
  • This episode had tons of suspense and great plot twists!I loved it! And clever play writers! So well written!

    Wow, great episode. I loved it. For starters, it had a lot of great suspense, such as waiting to hear the two explosions of hearing Sam blow up. Dean getting captured, whoah! Anyways, it was a little boring in the begining, Sam was hanging out with this silly girl. I wanted to see him with Dean fighting some bad guys or something! It did really heat at towards the end, and that was so good that it made up for the previous concerns. It has to be a really special episode for me to like it and there's not a really good antagonist. Yup, so besides that the plot twists were amazing! Like, when you think that Sam has blown up and Sam meeting another person that shares his abilities. Great. Just absoulutely why I watch this series. Action!!! Action!!! Suspense! Hot Brothers! More Action!!! Yay!
  • Hunted, great episode!

    I really liked "Hunted." I believe this episode was essential in the line of Supernatural episodes. It really brought out the boundries the brothers were willing to cross for one another. Dean's love for Sam was further magnified when Gordon attempts to murder his brother. Amidst all the teasing, joking, and bickering between Sam and Dean, there is no doubt a brotherly bond stronger than anyone can imagine. Without each other, the boys would never have gone as far as they have in the hunting world. They are all each other have, and they know that. In Hunting, they are threatened by Gordon's determination to kill Sam because of his 'destiny.' Sam shows his true self, a sensitive guy with all the care in the world for his brother and the innocent. And Dean shows his determination to change his brother's destiny. Great episode!
  • Another great episode

    So,now, I am completely addicted to Supernatural. It's part of my must watch programmes (the others are bones and doctor who if you're desperate to know).

    This episode picks up from the end of the last episode where Dean tells Sam what John told him before he died. That if he can't save Sam then he would have to kill him. That was a good scene. It really made me feel for them both. Sam because he might turn evil and Dean because he might have to kill his brother even though he doesn't want to.

    Anyway, Sam nicks off to try and find some answers. He comes across this woman called Ava who had a vision and saw him get blowed up (yes that is a word. I've been using it for years). And Dean gets captured by Gordon the hunter who wants to kill Sam because he's going to turn evil.

    A very good episode. I liked the end when Gordon got arrested and the police found all his weapons. Lol, that was funny.

    And the ending... what's happened to Ava?
  • Sam gose from being the hunter to the hunted when an old face shows up bring news about sam and the demons plans a great episode.

    The secret is finally out about what jhon told dean befor he died and its not at all what i thought that it was. Jhon had told dean that he may have to kill sam if he could not help or protect him any more i was shocked that jhon would ever think about killing his son. Sam wants to investigate what his dad was so scared of and what is happening by tracking down other psycics like himselfs but dean dose not agree and he things to protect sam they must take some time of the job. Sam disagrees and dichs dean and gose and investigates the death of one of the psycics and he is contacted by a women who says that she saw him die in an explosion.

    Dean tracks down sam but is captued by the man who is hunting sam, Gorden. And saving him could cost sam his life but i think we all no that sam and dean will escape in the end and that neather will die but even knowing that i was a little nervous. or and i love all the infomation we got on the war an d the demons plans.i think the ending was great but a little confusing i could nt work out if ava had been taken by demons or that she had just killed her fianse and left but i thought it was a great way to end.

    i loved this episode i think it has been one of the bestof the season so far.
  • This was a great episode, and we learn more about the deamon...

    This was a great episode because i think that finally the writers are giving this show some important plots and backstories. Now we are learning more about this deamon and how is trying to train an army to fight in the war aginst humans.

    I liked how they put a spin on the situation, at Sam is going to be fighting on the wrong side of this war against Dean... We are also reintroduced to an old foe in this episode and Sam makes a new friend who has eather been killed by the deamon or is captured by him. I am really intrested in this show, i really want to find out more about the deamons plans with Sam. Whatever the story this show doesn't disapoint.
  • No matter how many times it happens, I never predict the demon's involvement

    This episode is yet another brilliant episode of Supernatural, starting and ending the episode with a big twist in the series.

    The revelation of John's secret and the upcoming war is a gigantic step that may change the show forever, in either a good or bad way, and now that Sam's being hunted as a pre-emptive strike, it'll certainly be an interesting season, hunting turned humans instead of demons.

    This episode is great in confirming that Supernatural is better than ever as the conspirsacy is almost unraveled and with the combination of a great plot, subplot and mystery, this is one of the best installments yet.
  • sam meets another psychic after learning that he may be some kind of monster. dean looks for him and instead finds Gordon, who is out to assassinate Sam. [spoilers for end]

    this was a fantastic episode, definately one of the best in the series. it was suspensful, the dialogue was sharp, the pace was perfect and the return of Gordon along with the roadhouse gang made it feel more like an ensemble cast, which was a nice change.

    the end-rescue was awesome. sam setting off the trip-wires, freeing dean and letting gordon walk right into a police trap; hilarious and kick-ass all at the same time. i was worried for a moment that he had actually killed gordon, but the good-hearted sam we know and love shone through.

    i particlarly liked the character developement, and ava was a really interesting character who i hope we get to see again. but most of all, i loved dean's codeword for danger:

  • Sam meets a woman who shares his ability to have visions, and she warns him that she has seen the future... where he dies in an explosion.

    Sam meets a woman who shares his ability to have visions, and she warns him that she has seen the future... where he dies in an explosion. Dean: (seeing Sam through motel window) Thank God you’re okay. (sees Ava with Sam) Oh, you’re better than okay. Sam, you sly dog! Sam: All right, so where to next, man?
    Dean: One word, Amsterdam. Sam: Dean!
    Dean: Come on, man. I hear the coffee shops don’t even serve coffee Sam: Gordon's taken care of. (get shot at by Gordon).
    Dean: You call this taken care of?! (cops pull up and arrest Gordon)
    Sam: Anonymous tip.
    Dean: You're a fine, upstanding citizen, Sam Dean: Come on, man, I know Sam, okay, better than anyone. He’s got more of a conscience than I do. The guy feels guilty surfing the Internet for porn. how great are these guys huh?
  • Fantastic episode!

    This was a fantastic episode. Sam learns John’s final words. And what Dean may have to do if Dean can’t save him. Sam goes looking for people with powers like him. But, someone ends up finding him and warning him. I love how Dean is always looking out for Sammy and how protective he is of Sammy. I really liked Ava’s character. I never liked Gordon. I loved the scene where Gordon gets arrested. That was funny. Then the cops found Gordon’s weapon stash in his car. One thing I found funny was Sam and Dean’s code word for when something is wrong. Funkytown. I wonder what happened to Ava. Usually when Sam and Dean meet another person with abilities like Sam’s something happens to them. I hope we get to see more of her.
  • good episode well written and directed

    once again this series has done it for me. Each episode they get better and better. In this one the broter are split up and one of them is capture by the fellow hunter, he wants to kill the other bother. They also involved a similar catarter that has the same powers as sam to hel him in finding his bother. Very well directer and written.
  • Sam meets another psychic but soon discovers an old enemy has come back trying to kill him.

    I really liked Ava's character in this episode. It was good to see Sam work with her. Gordon's back...and I hate him! I can't believe he took Dean hostage! but I loved it how their code word was "Funkytown"...too funny! Sam is smart and I love it! I was hoping for a hug at the end but Dean was so concerned with getting Gordon back for almost killing Sam...brotherly love...close enough. I hope Gordon stays in jail but bringing him back for another episode would make a good storyline. Maybe then they'll get to kill him for sure this time.
  • OMG This eppy was soooo good. So much was finally revealed and more of the story is revealed. Awesome

    OMG I really really loved this episode. But all the episodes are greatlol so why shouldn't this one be. Anyway I loved the fact that we were left in suspense at some times like when we didn't know how Sam would avoid getting killed even though we knew he would. And also like when we didn't know how Sam and Dean would get away from Gordon and then the cops come in which means Sam is still using his head even through the secret. Though ya know I dont think Sam realizes that Dean is going though alot with the secret and the resposibility and the decisions that he has to make. And then Sam just takes of and leaves Dean there to completely worry about him, not knowing if he was ok, but they did get back together and though things are rough I dont think that will ever happen again. I really loved this episode and cant wait for more to come.
  • Makes me think of..... The truth is out there...

    Sam ‘grows’ up.

    This season has been leading up to the moment where Sam comes into his own. “The Secret” has actually been liberating, not only to Dean in the sharing of it, but to Sam in the hearing of it. He now knows a war is coming. His brother may have to kill him and he will, in the future, face situations that test him on a moral level. This has brought a new reality in focus for the younger Winchester.

    In the episode Sam proved he is more than capable of holding his own in a life threatening circumstance. He can and does save his brother, while using his own special brand of justice to 'take care' of Gordon.

    Sam has taken that step toward whatever future faces him without flinching. He has let Dean know ,in no uncertain terms, he can’t stop him, but he can join him.

    I loved to see this character development in Sam. He hasn’t lost his sweetness, nor innocence in his how he views evil vs. good. What he has done, is come to a peace about what is happening and made a conscious decision to face it and not back down or hide behind anyone, including his brother.

    It will be interesting to watch the development of the brother’s relationship from this point on. While Dean will always try to protect Sam, I have a suspicion; we will see Sam showing a new strength that will compliment Dean.

    Supernatural has continued to grow in depth and allow itself to become ‘more’ than perhaps first envisioned.
  • great episode hunted, but I'm curioses about if sam make into a monster, How?

    I think that gordon'll be back soon, sam must be careful.

    who's tell Gordon about where are sam and dean? In my opinion it' not Ellen, or Jo, or Ashll, they are a good pepole.

    I hope jo go back soon, I like her, and dean and she are good couple(in my opinion). And I don't like that ava, I prefer Sara, but she is funny, and she is same like sam.

    Well, tha's my first commentary in this forum, I hope write more, meet new pepole, because I'm from in Brasil there many fams supernatural, kiss, cau!
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