Season 8 Episode 8

Hunteri Heroici

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 28, 2012 on The CW

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  • Sooo close to being a good episode

    Castiel decides he wants to hunt with Sam and Dean. They take on a case involving strange (literally) cartoonish deaths, and find out that a bank robber is using an old psychic with the power to dstort reality to help him rob banks. The concept is funny, and despite it being mostly filler, it does somewhat expand Cas's story arc in him wanting redemption (as well as crank up Naomi's creepiness factor) but there are two flaws that make this episode good. The first being that the villain was a human criminal with no real power. He took control of a demented psychic, but after Sam and Cas snapped the psychic back to his senses, he killed the criminal. It's a bit of a nitpick, but usually Sam and Dean don't kill humans unless they have to. Once the psychic regained his mind, the criminal's plan was done. Over. They didn't have to kill him.

    The second flaw, the flaw of every episode so far besides the werewolf ep, was the G#D-D#MN FLASHBACKS! Yes, we know that Sam had a life with a woman the past year. Please stop beating us over the head with it. Dean's flashbacks only lasted 4 episodes. Sam's took a grand total of SEVEN!I just wish that they could've done like they did in season 4 and give Sam an entire episode to flash back to his life without Dean instead of stopping an otherwise decent episode in it's tracks.
  • Cas and the cat

    Smelling dead bodies,a talking to cat and all the loonies? Wow.
  • Cas - hunter ... LOL

    Funniest ep. in S08 so far :D
  • Castiel : the funniest hunter

    Wonderful episode.

    Since the beginning of this season, I found myself skipping parts of episodes that were not interesting for me (like Sam's flashbacks), but I watch this episode from beginning to end.

    In some revewie, I read someone saying that the writers had understood that Supernatural had suffered from Castiel's absence during season 7 and I agree on that. I think he's a real added value to the team and the show so please, bring him back, not just a recurring role !

    Because this episode was just FANTASTIC!
  • Hunter Heroi

    A different view on Castiel. What he might as a hunter. Interesting!
  • All a Little Loony

    This was by far season 8's funny episode as Castiel decides that he wants to be a hunter and do something good with his life now that he's out of purgatory and reunited with the brothers. They investigate a case of small areas following the rules of cartoons and the trail of a robber who uses this to steal things for example getting into a bank vault through a black circle on the wall. It turns out that it all leads back to a guy, Dave, Sam and Dean knew growing up who was a friend of their father who was psychokinetic and super powerful. Turns out he's somewhat comatose, watching cartoons all day, and responsible for causing the reality around him to bend to the rules of cartoons. Castiel's investigative techniques were hilarious as we see him ask a woman why she killed her husband in a Jack Bauer yelling sort of way and then is sidelined by Dean and says that he's simply being the bad cop. Misha Collin's deadpan delivery is at its finest here, even in small moments where Dean is referencing "Wabbit Season" and Cass telling him that he thinks that he mispronounced that. But the cake taker is him "interrogating" the cat. The doctor who runs the retirement home was actually taking Dave at night to area's where he would bend reality and make it possible for him to break into places. After the murder of a bank guard with an anvil thought things go south and the doctor tries to kill his accomplice but Cass heals him and the brothers hear the whole story. While Dean goes after the doctor who is trying to pull off one last big score, Sam and Cass try to snap Dave out his comatose state. Cass putting them inside his brain was a nice backdrop and was believable in how Sam talks Dave into coming back to the real world even if he doesn't want to face something that he wants to run from. Not quite sure how Sam meeting Amelia's dad had anything to offer this week but it would've been nice to have a through-line to connect the two. Dave comes back to his present state and out of comatoseness and Dean plants the best one liner holding the doctor at gunpoint and saying, "What's up Doc?" Then they have a cartoon fight where his gun pops out a bang flag and in walks Dave and manipulates the Doctor to kill himself with his own gun. He tells the brothers that the only thing worse than having a mind like his was losing it. Castiel says that he can get rid of Dave's powers if he never wants to hurt anyone again but he's not sure how much of Dave will be left after the painful process. Dave agrees and Castiel says that he is listening to classical music while they sit and keep him company and they effectively left Dave happy knowing that he would never hurt anyone again which was presumably why he locked himself into his head for so long. One of the best parts about the episode was Castiel's character story of not wanting to go to Heaven for fear of him finding out how things are and him telling Dean how he slaughtered thousands of Angels who were loyal to Raphael during the war in Season 6 and him not potentially being able to not kill himself if he ever saw it was rather effective since Cass is clearly going for redemption this season as his overall arc. Then when he is transported up to "the office" where the head angel is awaiting to get his update he inquires about what's going on in Heaven but he is told to stay clear of there except for when he is called by her. Thus, Cass doesn't want to betray the Winchesters and so opts to stay with Dave for the time being. Having Castiel as a ride along for the episode was nice but we all know that the monster of the week formula has to be that much stronger when he is present with the Winchesters since he can heal people with his powers and put himself inside someone's head so having him on the sidelines for a few episodes is an understandable move from a writing perspective. Only one more and then no more for a whole month (boo hoo) but this season is looking better with this chapter under its belt, nobody knows how to make fun of itself quite like Supernatural does.
  • MASH mixup

    I'm a big MASH and Supernatural fan, So anyone else notice BJ (Mike Farrell) cast in this eppisode?
  • Great episode

    This was like the Supernatural of old - I've always loved the funny ones. Also loved the recycled guest

    cast members - the guy who played Amelia's dad also played the plane company guy in Season 1's Phantom Traveler, and the old woman in the Retirement Home who lost the diamond bracelet was the woman who attacked the hikers in Season 3's Bedtime Stories. Fabulous.
  • A clever title goes here!

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  • Hunter Heroici

    A Fantastic episode of Supernatural although it would have been better if there was no Sam flashbacks i hate those flashbacks so much that i do anything while they are on and don't count it in the episode and that is why i gave the episode a 10. The episode was hilarious the take on cartoons was interesting and something new to Supernatural and when they were talking about a Cat and Mouse it reminded me of Tom and Jerry and i loved that show when i was a child hell i even watch it now sometimes. Jeremy Carver is a much better show-runner than Sarah and he is bringing Supernatural back to it's glory.
  • Doodle loodle lip!

    Pulling the rabbit out of the hat Supernatural made a very difficult concept work! Mixing animation, especially cartoons, with real life is so likely to go off the rails that it is rarely done well. In this case the writers and director should get a pat on the back for lifting their game.

    Only downside was the "grumoy Dad" in the flashbacks, he was a bit forced and just plain annoying, less of him (and those flashbacks in general) would have suited me just fne.
  • Wrabbit Season... Duck Season... Wrabbit Season... Duck Season...

    That's the vibe I got while watching this episode.

    This episode was hilarious! Cas being a hunter was the best. He was hilarious, he hid nothing, he spoke it like he saw it.

    OK... I have to say it... that first guy gave his heart to her... literally. LOL

    The guy that committed suicide by walking off the roof... what a way to go... I bet he was waiting for God to show him a miracle, so that he could change his mind from committing suicide, but got nothing. Then just as he made up his mind to give up on life and cowardly walk off that roof, God showed him that miracle just for a second; he was standing in mid-air... then down he went.

    I laughed like hell when Dean's gun went "Yosemite Sam".

    I swear... Supernatural did a superb job and pulled off a cartoon themed episode.

    Th-th-th-that's all folks!
  • Hunter Heroici

    Hunter Heroici was a perfect and very entertaining episode of Supernatural. I really enjoyed watching because the story was awesome and had lots of character development. There were a few mysterious deaths that had cartoon like elements to them. I liked watching Sam's flashbacks and learning more about that time. It was also fun to see Castiel try to be politically correct towards Dean's sayings. I liked how the story played out and the guest cast along with the stars and regulars were all awesome. It was awesome to see Naomi again. I look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!
  • Probably the funniest Supernatural episode

    Two great episodes in a row! I wasn't laughing so hard in a long time - especially in the scenes with Castiel. All the cartoon deaths were interestingly written - although I was waiting for the man on the roof to "stretch" while falling - it would have been perfect. Another appearance by Amanda Tapping was also great. I also liked the solution of the episode's problem - it wasn't too cliched or too complicated. The only thing I didn't like were Sam's flashbacks - all except the last one were somehow really out of place and I couldn't have cared less about them. But overall - a great, funny episode.
  • Amazing Choice of theme

    Ive never seen a drama take such a clever twist on a cartoon theme it is truly a risky choice but Supernatural pulls it out to be great episode. Funny theme with a serious undertone, this season has managed to completely revamp the series as a whole. The season long story is interesting and I hope to see more episodes and see where the Winchesters head in their saga
  • A clever title goes here!

    Hilarious Episode!!! THis season is heating up!! I'm curious to see where it goes.
  • Supernatural takes a step back

    Ahhh Supernatural. A show that has always been pretty unique. It can do drama. It can do dark. It can even raise the devil. But something else it's always been able to do... is comedy. The French Mistake, every episode featuring the Trickster... I don't think I've ever watched a show that's prepared to take such risks, and for those risks to, every time, really work.

    This episode was another shining example. A guy making the area around him like a cartoon? Sounds ridiculous, yet as usual Supernatural pulls it off. And does it shiningly.

    Of course, the best thing about this episode was Cas. It's a tad ironic how the first half of season 8 has found much more to do with him than the first half of season 6 (a season in which he was still a star biller). This week, it focused on the comedy side of the character, which is one of Castiel's brilliant traits. This episode showed why having Cas as a full time Impala companion would just not work. He's always worked better as a powerful ally the boys call on from time to time, and whilst that means he doesn't feature as much as I'd like, it's the only way they can include him without continuously neutering him. And while this episode took a week off from the arc, it still dropped some more things to be interested in. Just who is Naomi? Just how powerful is she, and how can she stop Castiel from returning to heaven? Cas says he has no idea what has happened up in heaven since he vaporized all of Raphael's followers. Has Metatron taken over, replacing Michael and Raphael as some sort of dictator?

    Another ongoing story was of course.... Sam. Obviously, this episode was supposed to be hitting us in the face with the, "don't live in an imaginary world theme," and here we saw that Sam was doing just that. You could tell Sam didn't really feel like her belonged there, and Amelia's dad saw it straight away. However, it takes a shock like a husband coming back from the dead to jolt Sam back into reality. So what happens now? Did Amelia choose her husband over Sam? If so, what was Sam doing in her house right at the start of the season?

    So, in all a very enjoyable light episode, as always. Castiel continues to shine, even though I knew all the way through the episode that they would find a way to get him away from the boys by the end. Season 8 of Supernatural continues to impress and I'm very excited for next week, and a return of Benny!!!!
  • Very funny episode

    Wow what can I say supernatural never let's me dow tonight's episode was a classic my favorite was CAS interrogating a cat love this show