Season 8 Episode 8

Hunteri Heroici

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 28, 2012 on The CW

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  • All a Little Loony

    This was by far season 8's funny episode as Castiel decides that he wants to be a hunter and do something good with his life now that he's out of purgatory and reunited with the brothers. They investigate a case of small areas following the rules of cartoons and the trail of a robber who uses this to steal things for example getting into a bank vault through a black circle on the wall. It turns out that it all leads back to a guy, Dave, Sam and Dean knew growing up who was a friend of their father who was psychokinetic and super powerful. Turns out he's somewhat comatose, watching cartoons all day, and responsible for causing the reality around him to bend to the rules of cartoons. Castiel's investigative techniques were hilarious as we see him ask a woman why she killed her husband in a Jack Bauer yelling sort of way and then is sidelined by Dean and says that he's simply being the bad cop. Misha Collin's deadpan delivery is at its finest here, even in small moments where Dean is referencing "Wabbit Season" and Cass telling him that he thinks that he mispronounced that. But the cake taker is him "interrogating" the cat. The doctor who runs the retirement home was actually taking Dave at night to area's where he would bend reality and make it possible for him to break into places. After the murder of a bank guard with an anvil thought things go south and the doctor tries to kill his accomplice but Cass heals him and the brothers hear the whole story. While Dean goes after the doctor who is trying to pull off one last big score, Sam and Cass try to snap Dave out his comatose state. Cass putting them inside his brain was a nice backdrop and was believable in how Sam talks Dave into coming back to the real world even if he doesn't want to face something that he wants to run from. Not quite sure how Sam meeting Amelia's dad had anything to offer this week but it would've been nice to have a through-line to connect the two. Dave comes back to his present state and out of comatoseness and Dean plants the best one liner holding the doctor at gunpoint and saying, "What's up Doc?" Then they have a cartoon fight where his gun pops out a bang flag and in walks Dave and manipulates the Doctor to kill himself with his own gun. He tells the brothers that the only thing worse than having a mind like his was losing it. Castiel says that he can get rid of Dave's powers if he never wants to hurt anyone again but he's not sure how much of Dave will be left after the painful process. Dave agrees and Castiel says that he is listening to classical music while they sit and keep him company and they effectively left Dave happy knowing that he would never hurt anyone again which was presumably why he locked himself into his head for so long. One of the best parts about the episode was Castiel's character story of not wanting to go to Heaven for fear of him finding out how things are and him telling Dean how he slaughtered thousands of Angels who were loyal to Raphael during the war in Season 6 and him not potentially being able to not kill himself if he ever saw it was rather effective since Cass is clearly going for redemption this season as his overall arc. Then when he is transported up to "the office" where the head angel is awaiting to get his update he inquires about what's going on in Heaven but he is told to stay clear of there except for when he is called by her. Thus, Cass doesn't want to betray the Winchesters and so opts to stay with Dave for the time being. Having Castiel as a ride along for the episode was nice but we all know that the monster of the week formula has to be that much stronger when he is present with the Winchesters since he can heal people with his powers and put himself inside someone's head so having him on the sidelines for a few episodes is an understandable move from a writing perspective. Only one more and then no more for a whole month (boo hoo) but this season is looking better with this chapter under its belt, nobody knows how to make fun of itself quite like Supernatural does.
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