Season 4 Episode 9

I Know What You Did Last Summer

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 13, 2008 on The CW

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  • The first part of the mid-season finale. A great episode which only suffer from only being the first part of a bigger picture.

    It's really hard for me to review 'I know what you did last summer' without taking consideration of 'Heaven and Hell', since the two of them are so closely intertwined that it is almost impossible to discern them. The only possible difference I can make is that 'I know what you did last summer' is like the theoretical preparation for the factual execution that will be fulfilled in 'Heaven and Hell'. And, of course, 'I know what you did last summer' is all about the necessary background - mythological both in concern to the show and the over-arching lore of Demons and Angels - that viewers needed half-way through Season Four.

    As such, in this episode we discover what happened to Sam while Dean was in Hell. And as we see him destroying himself in a downward spiral of guilt and desperation, coupled with too much alcohol and a reckless attitude bordering perilously on suicide attempt, we get a chance to see how Ruby cleverly sneaked inside his sorrow and anger, making him believe that, if not reparation, he could at least have revenge over Lilith. On a side note, I must add that - already knowing what happens in 'Lucifer Rising' - makes this episode even more interesting to re-watch, because this way we can satisfyingly see how well every piece falls right into place.

    'I know what you did last summer' introduces also Anna Milton, which was clearly intended to be Ruby's counter-party, but turned out a lot more fascinating than her. Julie Niven is quite good in portraying her, but it was the revelations Anna had that made the whole storyline all the more interesting: Anna knows about Lilith and the Seals, she can hear the Angels talking and knows how Dean was saved from perdition. It's obvious that the Demons want her, but when the episode finish with the Angels revealing that they want Anna dead, 'Supernatural' - thanks, and it should come to no surprise, Sera Gamble and one other of her wonderful scripts - shows once again that its strength comes from the moral ambiguity that lavishes every character, making them not only more believable and consistent, but also more compelling and riveting, not to mention that this ambiguity adds another layer to what was already a surprisingly complex, flourished mythology.
  • What about that cliffhanger, eh? Jaw, say hi to the floor for me.

    I really, really, really want to stop gushing about this show. It's becoming embarrassing; really, it is. I mean, how many times can you heap reams of hyperbolic praise on a television serial's scripting, production and casting before it starts getting a little tiresome? Before it starts looking like you're secretly blowing the production designer? Which I'm not. Honest. I just can't criticise it though. I can't bring myself to lie. The truth, you see, is that Supernatural is the most consistently well made and entertaining series on TV right now and 'I Know What You Did Last Summer' is the perfect example of why. We've got significant character development, a fresh narratalogical approach, acres of action, violence and sex, damn fine performances from all involved and, crucially, a plot so hot and juicy it'll make you do a special dance in your pants. Sera Gamble's script is densely packed, taking the explanation of Sam's current status as its central aim but weaving a whole host of other exciting revelations around it (Dean knows a lovely bloke called Allister, played to eerie perfection by the brilliant Mark Rolston), while also predicating the whole thing on the uncovering of the importance of a fantastic new character - Julie McNiven's beautifully fragile Anna, who hears angels and demons talking in her sweet little head. This episode feels exactly as it should: like a forebodingly important piece of a gargantuanly terrifying whole. And what about that cliffhanger, eh? Jaw, say hi to the floor for me.
  • Dean, Sam and Ruby search for and protect Anna, who believes she can hear Angels. Sam reveals to Dean what happened while Dean was in Hell and why Ruby is important to him.

    One of the most pivotal and revealing episodes so far in season 4. We see the appearance of Angels, Ruby and Alastair. Sam also reveals what happened to him while Dean was in Hell. Hint hint---cool demon powers. One of the episodes that is making S4 the best of Supernatural.

    Anna is a patient in the psychiatric ward of a hospital. She's there because she is hearing voices in her head. Voices of angels talking, there talking about the Apocalypse, Lillith and the seals. Meanwhile, at a bar, Sam notices Ruby and goes to talk to her, despite Dean's objections. Ruby tell Sam and Dean about how Anna escaped from the hospital and that the demons have orders to kill her. Sam convinces Dean to take the job and Dean wonders why Sam would trust anything Ruby has to say. Sam refuses to say and reminds Dean that he still hasn't revealed anything about his time in Hell.

    During the drive to the hospital, Sam flashes back to when he attempted to summon the crossroads demon and make a deal. At the hospital, they find out that Anna was a completely young woman who out of the blue started to ramble on about demons and such. Sam and Dean find among Anna'a papers references to past seals, the "Raising of the Witnesses" and Samhain.

    The boys want to question Anna's parents but find them dead. They do find a clue to her whereabouts. They find Anna in the church and she says that she knows exactly who they are. She hears the Angels talk about the Winchesters and what their purposes are. Ruby arrives and warns that a powerful demon is on his way. Alastair arrives and Sam tries to use his powers to ward him off but is thrown. Dean attacks Alastair and he asks if Dean remembers him, they were close when Dean was in Hell. Ruby escapes with Anna as Dean recognizes who Alastair is. The boys are forced to retreat.

    Dean insists Ruby can't be trusted. Sam says she can and she saved his so he owes her and explains-----flashback to the summer when Dean was in Hell-----A drunken Sam is attacked in his hotel room by Ruby and another demon. Ruby says Lillith released her from Hell in exchange for killing Sam. Instead, Ruby kills the other demon. They hit the road and Ruby says that now she's on the run from Lillith because she saved Sam and he wants to know if she can get Dean out of the pit. Sam kicks Ruby out of the car and orders her to get another host or he'll send her back himself. Ruby goes back to Sam in a new, dead, body, with proof of the host's death. She tells Sam that he can kill Lillith and she can help him do it. They need to get it right this time, Sam needs to sober up and Ruby will teach him everything she knows. Sam fails the first time he tries to pull a demon out, he's disappointed and Ruby assures him he will get better and that he will get over losing Dean. She tries to console him, Ruby kisses Sam, he resists at first but gives in. Dean of course is disgusted by the very thought of Sam and Ruby together and Sam continues on with his first attempt to kill Lillith-----Ruby warns Sam he's not ready but he insists he needs to do it now. Sam goes to the house where he believes Lillith will be, however, instead of Lillith, there are two other demons. Ruby arrives and joins the fight. She kills one of the demons. Sam forces the second demon out the host body and sends it back to Hell. Sam continues on by saying that Ruby helped him survive without Dean and he would be dead without her.

    Ruby arrives in a temporary body, gives Sam and Dean an address and leaves. The boys meet up with her and Anna. Anna finds out what happened to her parents. Castiel and Uriel arrive and announce that they are there for Anna and she is to die. To be continued...Argh!! Be sure to tune in the next episode.
  • review

    Sam, Dean, and Ruby look for Anna who hears the voices of angels. When Ruby seemingly betrays the brothers and leaves with Anna, Sam enlightens Dean on how Ruby saved Sam's life while Dean was in Hell.
    This was a very revealing episode about what had happened to Sam during the months we missed. You see Sam and Ruby do it ad I found it really really funny when Dean said "Wow too much information or detial I dont remember" but it was funny, there was some nice little action at the end and the episode was very enjoyable.9 out of 10.
  • More loose ends tied up; Ruby's role in Sam's life since he lost Dean; Dean's uneasy acceptance of this turn of events etc.

    First off, the second part to this story arc gets a higher rating than this one. However, the scenes from this episode which reflect Sam's desperation and pain at losing his brother help us understand his obsession with finding Lilith - whatever it takes & why he is using his demonic powers.

    The actor portraying Alastair was good; he certainly left an impression. Dean's ghosts from hell are coming back to haunt him even more, as if he doesn't have enough nightmares already. As for Ruby - I never did like the OTT know-it-all way in which she was portrayed by Katie Cassidy in Season 3. Yes, she had been a witch before and was now a demon, but neither Sam/Dean had asked for her help in the first place. Genevieve Cortese's version of Ruby is a little over-compensating as a result. She comes across a bit too compassionate for a demon, but as she duly reminds us, she remembers what it feels like to lose I don't know what kind of demon she is. The story in itself gets more interesting, with an insight into what's hot in the Angel grapevine. Apparently there are some Angels who dislike Sam....and others that don't. Dean's identified as the hope the Angels have in defeating Lucifer. Dean also starts to appreciate what Ruby has done in helping Sam stay alive after losing Dean, but I'm sure he still has doubts about her actual goals. He's only accepting of her since he doesn't want to lose Sam.

    What I have a problem with is the nagging contradiction this episode throws up, especially in how demons locate their targets.. First off, when the brothers find Anna in the church, Ruby comes in and tells them that they have led Alastair to Anna, since he followed them. Secondly, Ruby takes Anna away to a hideout, and informs the brothers where they are, by possessing a maid & handing them a note since there are demons all around the motel. They sneak off, without the car and all. Yet in the flashbacks, after Ruby jumps into the body of a comatose girl whose life support has been discontinued, she magically turns up at whichever hideout Sam was at - how did she find him so easily?

    Point is - if Alastair is a higher grade of demon than Ruby is, why would he need to wait for the guys to lead him to Anna whilst Ruby always seems to easily know where they are?

    The other bugging thing is when Sam tried to make the deal with the Crossroads Demon, he was told that Lilith didn't want his soul, and they were pleased that Dean was in Hell, where they wanted him to be.

    Yet, Lilith gives Ruby the chance to redeem herself if she could find Sam and kill him, which of course she doesn't. Season 3 pointed to the fact that Lilith wanted Sam dead, and we all know what happened when she tried to kill him herself. So what this all means to me is that Lilith can't harm Sam with her powers, but apparently a lesser demon like Ruby would be able to, with a knife. If Lilith could possess little girls and wield her power....why couldn't she possess anybody else and kill Sam herself, say with a knife or a gun or whatever? She must know that Ruby hasn't followed through…she possessed Ruby's host body once before and sent Ruby into damnation…she sure as hell (no pun intended) could do it again. So does she really want Sam dead or not? I'm confused...

    Maybe she has discovered that she needs Sam to completely unleash his powers ....the final "broken seal" to setting Lucifer free. Maybe that's the redemption that Ruby is earning for Lilith letting her go...set Sam on the path to getting Lucifer free.
  • Sam's Been A Bad Boy!

    I Know What You Did Last Summer-Sam, Dean, and Ruby look for Anna who hears the voices of angels. When Ruby seemingly betrays the brothers and leaves with Anna, Sam enlightens Dean on how Ruby saved Sam's life while Dean was in Hell.

    After Dean's death, I've been wondering just what exactly caused Sam to join forces with Ruby and become the ultimate exorcist. "I Know What You Did Last Summer" (running out of original titles I see?) finally reveals the why Sam started using his demonic powers again. Now I've seen that Sam's transformation in this episode has put some fans off, but I find it completely in his character. I mean finding Ruby, her teaching him how to use his powers, Sam going on a one man mission to stop demons, even Sam sleeping with Ruby while all seem extreme, it's all convincing thanks to Jared Padalecki's performance. Also, I've always seen both Dean and Sam as support systems for each other. It's always been developed throughout the series so far that without each other, both brothers are lost without each other. Sam giving in to the dark side so to speak is an easy choice for the character knowing his lost his family for good. It's also great to see Dean become more understanding of Sam's recent decisions. While Dean doesn't completely agree with what Sam was doing, it's nice to see him finally starting to trust his brother again. Also, he apologizing to Ruby was a huge step for his character which is a nice touch.

    This episode introduces 2 very intriguing new characters. One is Alastair, a powerful demon who seems to know Dean and about what happened while he was done in hell. It's a great development as we know Dean is frightened by the truth of what happened, as it seems he too has done come unthinkable crimes. Then there's the introduction of Anna. Julie McNiven seems to fit the role of a young woman who has escaped from an insane asylum and can hear angels speak. It seems this character will play a pivotal role in the coming apocalypse and it's nice to know that Sam and Dean have another ally since the odds are obviously not in their favor. The episode ends with a tension filled cliffhangers as the brothers and Sam not only has to protect Anna from the demons that are after her, but Castiel and Uriel arrive to capture her as well! "I Know What You Did Last Summer" is a good episode that some interesting developments and revelations that keep making this storyline a must watch!
  • This episode introduces a new character as well as some information about what happened when Dean was gone.

    This episode introduces a new character as well as some information about what happened when Dean was gone. Spoilers ahead, don't read unless you have seen the episode! So Anna is a new character introduced who seems to know a lot about what is going on because of her ability to hear angels. It was nice to see a new character in the mix and an episode more about the main story as well. This was more a flashback episode then anything, but it had a lot of non-flashback information as well. As messed up as Sam's flashbacks to what happened while Dean was gone were, there was also a freaky new demon introduced who knew Dean from hell. The episode was an awesome one, not as action packed as some episodes, but full of information goodies. More of a tease on information than anything, but still an awesome episode.
  • Wow, Wow, Wow!!

    IMO this episode is the best SN-epi so far!! I was on the edge of my seat for the entire 40-or-so minutes, and I was loving it!! :D The Sam-flash-backs was amazing, it was about time that we got to hear what really happened to him and between him and Ruby while Dean was dead. It's understandable that he trusts her so, with her saving his life in more than one way... Even though it seemed Dean is warming up to her, I can't help but feel they should be a bit wary of her. She is still a demon and could still have an alteriour motive...
    This episode was all about the apocalypse, the story took a giant leep forward, with new bad-a$$ demons that are immune to the knife and Sam's abilities... And who would have thought that it was the angels in the end who would turn out to be the biggest threat to Anna's life.?? I can't wait to see what happens next... :)
  • Angels and Demons, Winchester Style

    After a string of episodes with comedic overtones and a slight departure from the season arc, the main story swings back into action with this installment. While the episode itself has a simple premise, and there are only a handful of surprises along the way, it serves as a gratifying and satisfying setup for the events to come.

    In essence, this episode sums up everything that has been hinted since the beginning of the season, reinforcing several plot points while expounding on a few others. Reaction to the episode will vary depending on interpretation of information already available. For example, if the clues regarding the relationship between Sam and Ruby were overlooked amidst the mystery of Dean's restoration, then the confirmation of their physical acrobatics. (To be honest, I was a little disappointed by the fact that Ruby wasn't still played by Katie Cassidy in those moments. But I digress.)

    Earlier in the season, the erosion of Sam's morality was apparent, if relatively well-covered by his subsequent choices. His decision to train under Ruby and ultimately sleep with her represents a brand of personal darkness similar to that seen in "Mystery Spot". One might argue that Sam would justify his decision to hone his psychic powers because of the immediate benefits; the hosts are saved and the demons are sent back to Hell. But Sam's reasons were not that noble.

    He's also willing to sleep with Ruby, despite the fact that Ruby is essentially controlling someone else's body. He's treading a pretty fine line, since he did not do so when the host was still "present" and question of consent would definitely apply. Ruby inhabits a body no longer "in use" at this point, and that seems to overcome Sam's natural objections. Even so, does it mitigate the question of consent? It appeared to be on Sam's mind, but Ruby was rather convincing. The disturbing connotations serves to underscore the fact that Ruby is, in the end, still a demon.

    Is it enough reason for the Brothers Winchester to trust Ruby? Probably not. Ruby has always wanted Sam in this position (or why bother inhabiting a hot young woman in the first place?) Ruby represents a quickly diminishing minority among the demons who still look to Sam as the Antichrist Superstar. As noted several times in the third season, the easiest and most effective way to control such a figure is through emotional persuasion. The fact that Ruby saved Sam's life on more than one occasion doesn't erase the possibility of an ulterior motive.

    The other side to this episode was the more immediate problem of Anna Milton. Besides the nice literary touch of the name, Anna has the intriguing ability to listen in on angelic communications. I said "intriguing"; a better word might be "unfortunate".

    Early in the episode, Anna is used for some necessary exposition. Anna reveals that Lilith's gambit is a lot harder to counter than originally thought. In fact, it clarifies the reason for Castiel's worry over the progress of the war. If Lilith had a specific list of 66 seals to open to release Lucifer, the tactics would be very simple (if incredibly harsh). Set up the best angels to protect a handful of seals, and Lilith could open the rest without achieving her goal. Thousands of people might die, but one could still consider the mission a success.

    But the true situation, thanks to a clever interpretation of the Revelation, is far more complex. There are about 600 potential seals, and only 66 need to be opened for Lilith to win the day. (See what they did there? Six hundred, and sixty-six.) Which means the angels have to fight to prevent the opening of each and every one, and then resources must be set aside to defend each one that's not opened. Unless there is an artificial timeline waiting in the wings, Lilith can bide her time and wear down the opposition.

    That's an important consideration, because it gives a definitive reason for why Castiel and Uriel would come calling for Anna. Sam and Dean recognize the problem right away, even if they don't think through the implications to the logical and lethal end. The demons would want Anna because she is the perfect means of gaining more advantage over the angels. In Old Testament fashion, there's one way to ensure that such a liability is prevented: Anna must die, and who better to deliver that fate than the angels of the Lord?

    I think some fans might be balking at the depiction of the angels, but I find it refreshing. Popular culture depicts angels as uniformly compassionate, nurturing, and, ultimately, rather impotent. They only seem to intervene in positive ways. The earliest depictions are more dispassionate; they perform their duties and deliver judgments as God sees fit. Angels in open war to prevent an apocalyptic maelstrom would no doubt be more like the imposing and implacable figures of old.

    It actually brings up an interesting matter of debate. It's a routine assumption by many religious people that an untimely and even gruesome death is all part of "God's plan" (in quotes because it is a catch-all term). In other words, for reasons we can't understand or fathom with our limited perspectives, someone with no apparent guilt had to die. One might imagine that God would send angels to ensure certain horrific deeds are done in the name of this unknowable plan.

    So what about this case? It's not known why Anna has the ability to tune into angel radio, but she can. That ability stands as a threat to the world. So, in this case, Anna must die. I don't see this as a further bastardization of the depiction of angels, because this could simply be a case where we get a glimpse of what normally is unseen. The real question is how the Brothers Winchester will react to that directive. Something tells me they're not going to accept the whole "because God said so" explanation. (Especially since Dean is clearly attracted to Anna.)

    Whatever the case, this is a serious situation, because we now know that there are demons out there beyond Sam's ability to exorcise and immune to the Magic Knife. Logically, that had to be the case, since Sam is still learning the ropes, but it does mean that this is not a situation where Sam and Dean can resolve the issue easily. Something is going to have to give, and it's not going to be pretty.
  • A good episode with top notch Supernatural action and a hidden gem of moral "faceoff" (you know the Travolta / Cage movie)!

    This is a good episode with alot of action and angelic/demonic drama and the usual Supernatural top notch quality. There is a hidden gem in this episode, which makes it good television indeed. The writers have successfully put a interesting moral dilemma, if you read between the lines a bit. The dilemma deals with a very interesting and complicated subject, what do you do when good suddenly is evil?

    A girl that can "hear" what angels communicate is discovered by Dean and Sam. It turns out that she is wanted by both demons and angels alike. Now, the interesting twist of moral is that the demons want to have her, presumably to spy on angels, thus keeping her alive. The angels, on the other hand, wants to get rid of her to prevent her from being used as a spy tool.

    The writers have in what I precieve as a beautifull and simple manner turned good and bad intentions (over a long time span) into a condensed standoff where good is evil and vice versa. Good intentions becomes evil actions (get rid of the girl quickly to prevent the apocalypse and the raising of Lucifer) and evil intentions turns to good actions (keeping her alive to use her to aid the raising of Lucifer and the apocalypse).

    I love this show and cant wait for the season to progress further. It keeps me grilled for the next episode at a painfull level of anticipation and suspense!
  • this episode show what sam did while dean was in hell and how far he went of the rails, but they also get so info about a girl who is wanted but they demons. Along the way you here why sam trust ruby so much, and the girl they look for she can hear angels

    i think this episode was very revealing showing what happend to sam while dean was in hell. also i like were the demon that dean knew is going to sounds very interesting, i kinda angry that they made it a two parter but also very exsited to keep you guessing i like the whole thing with anna and the angel gives they show a turn in the tide and im liking were its going. i dont like the thing with sam and ruby i think it to much. cant wait for the next episode should be really exsiting cant wait
  • Favorite episode of Supernatural by far.

    Season 4 is amazig so far, I love how Ruby is getting a lot of air tim, I love that character. In this epsiode, what I have been waiting to find out, what did Sam do while Dean was in hell, I love the whole plotline and i also like how there is a present plot as well, turns out the angels are "bad". Sam & Ruby doing it. Sam having sex with a demon? Woah! I love this episode so much! I also love the fact taht it is a to be continued, what is going to happen next! I can't wait to find out.
  • When Dean asks about Sam's connection to Ruby he finds out more than he bargained for, and the Winchester bros search for a girl who can hear angels.

    Wow. I've said that several times this season about this show, and I'll say it again - Wow. This time around, the guys search for a girl that has recently escaped from an asylum off a tip from Ruby. Of course listening to a demon is the last thing that Dean wants to do and he seems rather irritated that Sam is so willing to follow a lead handed to them by Ruby. Sam is as hesitant to explain his relationship with her as Dean is determined to find out why Sam and Ruby seem so close. They find that the tip that Ruby gave them about the girl that some big bad demons want to get at is good, and they track her down at a local church. When they find her, she acts like they're celebrities, having heard the angels conversations about them. It was a pretty funny scene, with hints at Dean being a savior of some sort and Sam not being very well liked by those on high. Unfortunately, a surprise visitor interrupts the moment and Dean and Sam find out some very surprising and disturbing things about their new foe. Ruby manages to run off with the girl, and Dean still doubts Ruby's intentions while Sam constantly defends her. When Dean demands to know what happened between Sam and Ruby, Sam finally tells him. Everything. More than Dean wanted to know in a scene that probably had many female fans glued to the screen and drooling. Not that I did anything like that. Ok, maybe a little saliva leaked out but nothing more than that.
    Moving on.....Sam recounted how Ruby helped him when he was still reeling from losing Dean and gave him purpose. Just then Ruby comes up with an interesting way to get information to Sam and Dean. They meet up with her and Anna, and get ready to fight the new Mr. Scary for Anna, only to find some unexpected guests at the door bringing a WTF request to them.
    Not only did this episode further the story arc by outright declaring Dean as the chosen champion for the side of good in the upcoming apocalypse, it was also the first Sam centric episode this season. We got to see how bad it got for him while Dean was in the pit and my heart went out to him. We get a glimpse of how Ruby was good for him and how she did help him in many ways (not a pun of the demon love scene) When he said that she saved his life, it wasn't just that she stepped in when he was in physical danger, she helped give him a purpose and direction. Can't help but wonder what Dean's newfound appreciation for Ruby will do with his relationship with the angels though. On top of that, the bit of a twist at the end was a WTF moment, but when you think logically about it, it makes sense though this will end up being another step away from the light for Sam. I mean, he's gotta start wondering which is the good side if he works with a demon who helps him save lives with his powers while Cas and Uri show up when there are innocent lives to be taken supposedly for the greater good. And Dean knew instinctively that if an angel plucked him from the pit that the man upstairs had to have a plan for him, but to be the one that saves mankind? That's a lot of pressure. Makes me think that the whole thing with Sam being killed and brought back by Dean's deal Lilith's plan all along. If she really wanted Sam's head on a platter like Ruby said, wouldn't the crossroads demon have taken Sam up on his offer? Maybe she knew that there was something special about Dean and wanted him out of the way more than she wanted Sam gone. Of course, she probably didn't plan on Dean's resurrection....
    Just things to ponder while I chew my nails down to nubs waiting for the next supernatural.
  • "Sam? That is *way* too much detail"

    "Sam? That is *way* too much detail"

    Yes Dean decried the whole share and hug thing, but Sammy finally spills the beans on what went on after Dean was dragged "down under". Dean has yet to return the favour, but one hopes it is around the corner.

    Suby? – A Sam-Ruby combo is delicious beyond measure. Please, please, please don't kill off another strong female character who can hold her own just because the girl fans get all possessive. They make an interesting pair, and how she has helped him so far was Dean-esque. Dean attempting to apologise ("don't strain yourself") spoke volumes.

    Alastair – Hello. A wonderful glimpse into his "past life" in the oven. Who is he and why did he not look even remotely like killing Dean? Good to see that Dean now has a lot of explaining to do himself. And what on earth has he done to make him famous with the Angels?

    The girl – A wonderful conundrum. I hope they save her, but she was not developed enough to matter too much. Am much more concerned about Ruby (who I still have doubts over).

    Awesome episode. Answered some questions but raised so many more. Cannot wait for the next one!!!
  • dean and sam go to find anna who is hearing angels talk 2 each other and the demons want her alive so they can hear there plans and we look back at sam`s past when dean was in hell and he hooked up with ruby so u know what happened between them

    dean and sam go to find anna who is hearing angels talk 2 each other and the demons want her alive so they can hear there plans and we look back at sam`s past when dean was in hell and he hooked up with ruby so u know what happened between them this just gets better and better cant wait 4 the next episode i love this show best bye a mileeeee cant wait till next week my fav show of all time love supernatural cant wait haha woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo
  • Angel speak, and Sam tells tales of demon love.

    I found this episode a little disjointed. It was flowing right along, we were heading towards finding Anna and keeping her safe, and boom we are given a whole bunch of Sam/Ruby flash backs. I did want to see what happened to Sam when Dean was in hell, but perhaps not in the middle of one episode. The whole Ruby saved my live and we had sex didn't really need that much screen time. It could have summed up in a few lines of dialogue or a short flash back.

    It was nice to find out that Ruby wasn't holding someone hostage in the body, but does the coma girls family think she is still a live? Ruby woke up from the coma so they could think she was alive.

    We got to the end of the show before we got far with Anna's story, and what the angel plan on doing to her. I guess I'll have to wait to see what is going on next week.
  • The Winchesters save a girl who can hear angels.

    I knew that's why I loved this episode! Sera Gamble wrote it!!!!

    AMAZING EPISODE! I loved that it shone some light on the dark spots. For example, what Sam was doing when Dean died. And we sorta found out what Dean was up to in Hell. Hence the demon saying "You remember me, don't you?"

    I knew Sam and Ruby hooked up! I don't care what people think about the new actress who plays Ruby. I think she's so much better than last season's Ruby. I love Dean's reaction in this when Anna goes "The Dean!?" and I like Sam's too. She makes it out to be like they're Gods are something. (Hint hint there Kripke)

    This is one of my favorite episodes! Big thanks to Sera Gamble for being brilliant and of course Jared and Jensen's phenomenal acting talent!
  • Here go agan!

    Hi supernatural fans! great time! the show more and more interesting!

    1°- Oh may how can I explan the ruby and sam hot scene: the completely " camasutra" ! Don't get me wrong but deimonds could be in love? or ruby has another feelings make your bet!
    2° Anna's girl there's something about anna do me suspect! defenetly! she's not hot for dean, come on! in the next scen hot with dean by the next episode something wrong, I think kripke make a pranks with the fans!

    3° the fat black woman ruby it's hialirus, oh my! and finnaly the new ruby play god!, but I'm still like cassidy!

    4° the revelaciosn by sam it's awsome!

    I can't wait for the next ! kiss cau!
  • The Ep of Revelations, Chapter I

    While I was prepared to label this ep as "A Very Special Episode", I went with "Revealing" because, well, it was...and on an epic scale of proportions. In the first of a major 2-parter, we get loads of interesting 411 regarding Sam and our resident demon goody Ruby, all decked out in a series of flashbacks to when Sam was going solo while Dean was in Hell.

    First things first, however. We are also introduced to a couple new characters this week. One, a new girl named Anna who surprisingly can hear angels talking, along with an apparent telekinetic ability to boot. Talk about a gift...and an asset to our bros. But twist....Castiel and Uriel want her dead. And this was our cliffhanger to end the ep. So now the question is: why do the angels want her dead? Guess we'll find out next week. The second newbie to the fold is a new nasty named Alastair. And not only is this demon seemingly acquainted with Dean from his visit to Hell, but it seems Sam isn't immune to his powers as he was to Lilith's, thereby making Alastair a wee bit more powerful than Lilith. And worse, he's now got the knife. We didn't get a lot from his brief scene in this ep, but we got more than enough to really make us want to learn more about him. I mean, we have Lilith walking around out there trying to break 66 seals to release Lucifer himself, and now this Alastair guy who (for the time being, at least) seems impervious to Sam's powers and even Ruby's knife. This is gonna get scary! (Isn't it awesome?) I've learned that on this show that any episode with flashbacks is always a wonderful treat. It always provides more intriguing character study for the boys. A great deal of this ep focused on Sam and how he got to this point now from the time of Dean's death, with the aid of Ruby, who was also a big focus in the ep as well. So...Ruby was sent to Hell by Lilith. Not really all that surprising, but still interesting as it is learned here that Ruby was evidently put through the ringer pretty hard while down there. This is proof that she is indeed a betrayer of her fellow demons, making her loyalties to the brothers Winchester just. Especially to Sam, whom she admits she escaped Hell for. Even more, it is revealed just how much she really feels for Sam. And out that hot, steamy sex scene. What a bod on Sam! Heaven help me, but I really didn't mind this one bit. I'm actually starting to root for Sam and Ruby (would that be Suby or Ram?) And why not? The character has def become a part of the mythos of the show now, and since we kinda needed female characters, I'll take her over just about anyone else. I know she's a demon, but she was once human and she remembers that, so to me that's...okay. All that aside, however, the juiciest bits have got to be the Sam ones. Dean had every right to ask Sam why he trusted Ruby; he does deserve to know. Well, Sam lays it out on the line once and for all...and about time, at that. Via the flashbacks, we learn that Sam has been a wreck since Dean died. He even went so far as to try to play the ultimate martyr by making yet another deal with the crossroad demon: for Sam to trade places with Dean. Thank goodness that failed, as it would've just been too redundant, yet we get a very important cue in this scene. The c-road demon lets it slip that Dean is right where they (the demons) wanted him, and that everything that's happening isn't about Sam's soul. From everything that's happened so far, I can only take one of my wild guesses and state that I believe the c-road demon was referring to the fact that Dean is important in God's mission and that's why the Bad Side wants him in Hell, to incapacitate him, while the demons don't want Sam's soul because he seemingly offers something more valuable to the Dark Side than anyone cares to share with us right now, although we know he has his powers, which alone are a very strong component. That plan soured, Ruby shows up, and Sam is no longer reluctant. He is more than eager and willing to learn to strengthen his powers. And while his usual reckless tendencies often cause more trouble than help, I'm wondering if the demons are after him so they can use him as an instrument of sorts: use his powers to take down other powerful demons in some twisted power struggle. Again, that's just a wild guess. Regardless, it was nice to see how Ruby and Sam saved each others lives, effectively earning each others' trust again, which is something especially Sam will need in order to not only accept his proper role in the coming apocalypse, but also to help keep him from going completely Dark Side. Hopefully. Most important, though, was Sam earning Dean's trust. I consider this ep pretty much Sam-themed, but Dean was actually the one that took the impact. After all, he was the one who asked Sam for the truth, and he got it, baby. The biggest thing he really got out of it all was the fact that he can now trust Ruby also. This was a moment in the making, and thank goodness it finally came. But I gotta say that I think what really drove it home for him was what Sam told him: the things Ruby said about Sam's suicide mission to kill Lilith were things that Dean would've told him, and Sam was right. Knowing that someone else had Sam's back while Dean was gone should've been a tremendous comfort to Dean, and I believe his gratitude to Ruby - albeit an awkward apology moment - shown through. And by absolutely no means whatsoever to discount Bobby here - I love the man way too much to do such a thing - but Ruby makes a little more sense to watch out for Sam this time. She knows the magnitude of his powers and she can maneuver around the demon world and gather important info for them (telling them about Anna, for example). In addition to trusting Ruby, I'm hoping all this Sam reveal stuff helps Dean to understand a little more about his brother and what he's been through - and still going through - without getting ill at ease about his powers. In fact, I'm hoping that somewhere along the way, the goodness of the importance of Dean to the Good Side is influential to Sam for the better and not a hindrance. This would seriously mess up the demons' plans for Sam, whatever they may be. But again, just more speculation on my part here. But one thing's for sure: Dean said he really wants to understand. Maybe now he can. And I think he does. Now, as for Dean's "friendship" with Alastair, this is where it'll be interesting. Whoever this demon is, it ain't gonna be pretty. Because for the most part, it means that sometime sooner or later Dean's gonna either break down and give in and tell Sam by himself or be forced by other means to reveal his time in Hell, because that's where he knows Alastair from. I really hope he's not forced to tell because it wouldn't really be fair to Sam since Sam was finally willing to tell Dean the truth. On the other hand, Sam's experiences couldn't possibly compare to Dean's in this case, hence Dean's reluctance to tell Sam about it last week. So in a way this is still understandable. But in either case, Dean, honey, it's your turn to tell.

    Bits and Pieces:
    - When it comes to weapons, poor Ruby just can't win: first, the Colt gets stolen from the bros last year, and now they lost the knife to Alastair. Her reactions to each are just too funny.
    - Ruby inhabiting that maid's body for a hot minute" was also a hoot.
    - Well, I got one of my wishes: Castiel and Ruby in the same ep, face to face. Okay, yeah, it was only for a split second at the end, but I hope to see how interesting their encounter will be next week.
    - Just a stupid, pointless observation here, but the $500 Sam bet on at the pool game - perhaps that was some left over from the 10 grand Bela paid them last year for saving her? Just a meaningless, curious thought.

    Perfect 10, yo. This ep was more drama than action this week, which can be a good thing since I bet we'll see more action next week for the conclusion. And according to the preview, it'll be Dean's turn in the hot seat. And another hot sexy scene, this one involving Dean and Anna. Oh, come on next Thursday!!
  • Sam and Dean set off to save Anna (who can listen to angels ' conversation) based on Ruby 's tip...Sam also recounts the events that unfolded when he died.

    This season is just getting better and better!..the writers are doing a really good job.
    A few light hearted episodes here and there..with revealing episodes inbetween keeps us hooked.
    This episode was especially terrific cos it lets us know how Sam coped with Dean's death,and how Ruby helped him through it.
    Although seeing Sam and Ruby getting it on was creepy!Dean trying to apologise to Ruby was funny..."Dont strain yourself"..(this is what bella said in season 3)
    This episode keeps is on the the edge of our seats...Just when we think that the angels came to help them out,they say that "Anna must die". It will be interesting to see the brothers' reaction to this and whether they are going to let an innnocent girl die! Also Ruby must be scared that the angel Uriel might "smite first and ask questions later"...can't wait till next week!!!so exiciting!
  • In this episode we learm that Sam has really touched the dark side. And I mean that literally!!

    Well, after a few light yet entertaining episodes, Supernatural has gotten back on the creepy road. For those who have felt that Season has been too focused on Dean, fans should rejoice because Sam/Jared really hit it out of the park with this one. In this episode, we are introduced to Anna, who can hear the holy voices of Angels. With the help of Ruby, the brothers track her down and go up against a powerful new Demon. Not only do we learn of a creepy connection between Dean and new deomon Alister, but we also learn what happened between Sam and Ruby while Dean was in Hell. The new character development with Ruby is just amazing. From her few brief appearances throughout Season 4, new Ruby became very unlikeable but with one single episode, Genevive Cortes managed to get her act together and pull off a great performance. Rubys relationship with Sam and what she was willing to do to get back on his good side was really touching though I have to say Sam getting it on with a demon possessed comatose girl was just creepy. Though I'm still a little curious about Rubys motives, I'm really starting to like Ruby. Plus Cas and Uriel make a brief appearance which will prove exciting next episode. This week we learned about Sams Dean free period and next week hopefully we will finally learn about Deans time in Hell. See you all next week!!
  • Sam and Dean meet Anna, a girl with a unique ability- the ability to hear the voices of angels. The brothers are tasked with protecting this girl from the hordes of hell. Sam finally reveals what happened to him while Dean was in hell.

    Sam and Dean meet Ruby in a bar, and she gives them a tip that demons are trying to capture a girl named Anna. Despite Dean's protests, the brothers take the case. Sam and Dean track Anna to her father's church, where they are attacked by Alastair, another demon. In the midst of the fight, Ruby escapes with Anna, and the brothers are forced to make a high-flying escape. Afterwards, Sam tells Dean why he trusts Ruby; she saved his life, helped him to harness his abilities, became his lover…and saved his life again. Ruby leads Sam and Dean to Anna, and then Castiel and Uriel appear and tell Sam and Dean that Anna has to die.
    To Be Continued… This episode definitely lands in my top 10 episodes of Supernatural. It was very special episode in terms of character and story development. I liked the fact that we finally get to find out what happened to Sam while Dean was in hell, and it is a verrry interesting story. Now that I know the depth of the Sam/Ruby relationship, I still see that battle between good and evil coming. I especially thought it was interesting that Sam thought that Ruby reminded him of Dean. Now that Dean knows the Sam/Ruby relationship, where will his loyalties lie? I wonder what the significance of Anna is? Oh well, all I can do is wait until next week.
  • I cant wait to watch the second part of this episode.

    I am glad that they filled everyone in on what happened while dean was in hell. I cant wait to watch the next part of this episode. They had done a good job of setting up the story line and I am glad that they are adding new people into the mix. I the new girl seems like she with be interesting to watch. I hope in the next part they show what happened to dean in hell or at least what cool demons the he meet while he was dead. Overall this was a great episode in the current season.
  • a dark, revealing episode

    In Lazerus Rising, Castiel told Dean a few human beings could understand angel speak. Well, there is now someone who has the talent. She's Anna, a religious college student who has recently developed the gift. Not to mention she has a few psychic powers. Maybe she's a demon kid? Unfortunately, her gift has attracted too many demons, who want to use her gift to spy in on the angels. Ruby shows up to inform the brothers, Dean still not trusting her over his demonic prejudice. Sam convinces him Ruby can be trusted and pushes Dean to tell him about Hell. Not yet. A secret from Hell arises who wants Anna and catches Sam and Dean off guard. It's a superdemon named Alastair and apparently, he knows Dean from Hell. Uh-oh. He's so powerful, Sam's power barely did anything. Luckily, Ruby gets Anna before Alastair does and they flee while Sam and Dean barely escape. Dean questions Ruby's reliability and the rest of the episode has Sam explaining just what happened while Dean was in Hell. Several things happened. Sam did try to sell his soul but the demon refused, saying they got everything they wanted. Ruby's present form wasn't her first, she used to possess another blonde. She still wanted to help Sam and lied to a few demons, even Lilith to get back and help Sam. Why, because now it is obvious: she has a thing for Sam. Sam was disgusted that Ruby was possessing live people, so to solve the problem, Ruby possessed a girl who died, hence, her present form. Dean's death changed Sam. He's definitely no longer the innocent kid from the first episode. He was willing to sell his soul and was willing to die. That time when Dean and Sam saw Ruby with Sam in the hotel room. . . They started a relationship before that. Extremely disturbing. Ruby helped him discoverhis psychic powers and Sam eventually got better at it. At the end of the story, Dean is finally willing to give Ruby a chance. In a hilarious turn of events, Ruby possesses a maid and informs the two to meet her in a cabin. They meet up with her and Anna, and Anna senses the angels. Castiel and Uriel show up and meet Ruby for the first time. They tell the brothers that they're there to kill Anna. Probably because they believe she's too dangerous to be kept alive. Definitely not the cute and fluffy angels. This episode is definitely a nice turn of events, upping the suspense and revelations. Next week, it will be revealed why Uriel and Castiel want Anna dead and finally, Dean reveals to Sam about his Hell experience. The war is going to get worse.
  • This may be a difficult episode to review because it is the first of a two parter.

    This may be a difficult episode to review because it is the first of a two parter. It was still a very good episode was great moments, I guess I'll talk about those.

    My favorite scene was definitely when Sam and Dean meet Anna, played by guest star Julie McNiven at the church. I don't know why, but that was a very powerful scene to me. When she talked about what she has over heard the Angels say about Sam and Dean was a very well written scene.

    Mostly this episode served to reveal what was going on with Sam while Dean was in hell. We could have done without some of those scenes because they had already insinuated or talked about most of what happened. The only thing we didn't already know was that Ruby had saved Sam's life. That was important, but everything else we knew already.

    Anyway, if Supernatural keeps this caliber of episode quality up, this season will be legend. Seriously, because of how good this season has been, word of mouth for this show has doubled. It's ratings are up and it's funny because other popular show's ratings are slipping and everybody wonders why? Take a leaf out of Supernatural's book and MAKE BETTER EPISODES!
  • A review with a lot of "is it just me", for a fantastic episode.

    This episode left me screaming more, more, more from the very beginning. For me it was a tad bit predictable that Sam & Ruby 2.0 (played by Genevieve Cortese) have a relationship, but still great to see that this prediction was verified. Also, is it just me with guilty satisfaction of wanting these two to be together ever since the first appearance of Ruby 1.0 (played by Katie Cassidy)?

    However, I'm a bit worried – while I'm truly happy that Sam & Ruby hooked up, she did mention during a flashback "You don't know what I've had to do, to PROVE my loyalty to Lilith". This left me somewhat concerned of a backdoor that she may still be a double agent for Lilith. But, for the time being I'm really enjoying the chemistry that her and Sam have together.

    It appears as if the writers are taking Dean in the direction of being a new "super" soldier for good, while Sam is perfecting his abilities as a "super" soldier through evil, two amped up Winchester's to really strike fear in the blackhearts of demons – WOW! We're somewhat introduced to this theory by Anna (played by Julie McNiven), when she exclaimed "You're, THE Dean Winchester - the Angels talk about you constantly", almost as if he's the saving grace for humankind. It almost felt to me, as if Dean fought a bit harder against this new uber-demon that attacked them in attic, it just felt as if he's stepping his game up for an unforeseen reason. This really leads me to think that he is starting to really accept his salvation and fight harder than usual. Now on to the Angels, I can completely understand why they would want to take Anna out, she is a breach of security with her abilities of hearing them. However, it was bit weird and conflicting of the storyline because in the very beginning we see he use her telekinesis powers to easily defeat a demon, granted he may have not been an uber-villian but still a demon nonetheless. Instead of wanting to kill her, why not protect her and train her as another soldier against the demons?

    Overall, Supernatural is bumping it's game up with each installment this season, dare I say the best running Series (not just season) this year...
  • Demons want her, Angels want to kill her. The saving of a prophet brings about confessions for our boys.

    Excellent Ep, I don't know what to say, I'm still stunned by it and everything that was revealed. I'm totally stunned that Sammy DiD knock knees with Ruby! Holy Crap! I never thought he'd do it! But seriously though she Did seduce him... manipulate him... and Dean sweetie if it's T.M.I... step out the room I like me some dirty details... Go ahead Sam, I'm listening. :D I'm not surprised that the angels want Anna dead, tactically it makes sense. As long as she's alive she's a detriment to Heaven's plans, what they're going through tonight being chased by demons is just the beginning. Krip you DawG! I can't believe you let Sera (Great job tonight Sera! As always!) have Sammy banging a Demon! Freakin' awesome! That took balls dude. It was great to see the boys tending wounds again, Sammy stitching Dean's dislocated shoulder and the beginnings of a couple of intensely big reveals! Thank you! And again I thank you for not keeping us dangling over our own little pits of torment for the thanksgiving hiatus! At least not with the reveals here... pure bliss! I wish I had more to say at this point but I'm still reeling and just completely... stunned and stymied... But also curious as to why you'd use a generic demon like Alastor instead of say ... well you're probably saving the heavy hitters like Asmodeus and Astaroth for later. But then again considering he is the avenging demon of familial bloodshed and he was having a party with Dean down in the pit... it really makes me wonder what Dean's hiding. (yes, I mean The Dean). What's he hiding? Why did his eyes bleed? and Why did he really get the ghost sickness? Thank you for making me crazy for yet another week Krip and Krew... if it weren't for you all, I might actually be sane. Sam's story about how he came to trust Ruby as much as he does is very interesting, I'm still curious about whether she has any further layers or machinations or is just a deep level spy for Lilith when it all comes down. ... so many possibilities.. are you gonna shoot straight from the hip Krip or do you have some kind of "Patriot Arrow" in your quiver? Well, either way it doesn't matter, in for a penny in for a pound... and I got a helluva lot more pounds than I do pennies so. I'm in. Great job Kast and Krew... thanks for all your wonderful work! and of course boys, Special love to you both Jensen and Jared. I hope you have a great time here in Schaumburg those of us who can't be with you, will send you love anyway for a great time and safe travels. Every blessing boys.
  • We get a glimpse into what really happened between Sam and Ruby while Dean was in hell.

    I almost didn't watch this episode. I am impatient, and I knew this was going to be part one of a two part episode. I prefer to see the whole thing at one once, because I hate the agony of waiting for a week while the next episode comes out. The next episode will certainly be a doozy - this one led up to something huge. But most of the episode was lead-up, with a couple of questions answered.

    This episode centers around Anna, a woman who can hear what the angels are saying. She can also see demons true faces. She is pretty likable, although not used too much in this episode.


    This episode answers a lot of questions. We find out for a fact that Sam tried to make a deal to get Dean out of hell, we find out that he and Ruby were having sex, and we discover why he trusts Ruby.

    The sex issue is handled really well, because while I suspected it all along, I would have found it akin to rape for Sam to have had sex with Ruby while she possessed someone else. By making her leave the woman she was first possessing, Ruby then possessed a woman who was in a coma where "the spirit" was already gone form the body. She even brought the paperwork to prove it to him.

    Nicely done, and well written. I would have considered it to be character assassination for Sam to have sex with a possessed woman. It also makes me likely to trust and like Ruby.

    Anna's knowledge expands what we know. With there being 600 seals, it is going to be next to impossible for them to stop Lilith. Also, Dean is a big deal. He is the one the angels have been talking about - the one that they think can save them from the coming apocalypse. I hope we find out more in the next episode, because that is pretty huge. I suspected as much, as did everyone else, I'm sure, but it is nice to get confirmation.

    Dean recognizing the demon Alastair as someone he "spent a lot of time with" in hell is another new item to perk the curiosity. I know that we are supposed to be hearing more about Dean's time in hell next episode, and my current guess is that while in hell, he probably had to particiapte in some of the torturing going on, which would be something that would weigh more heavily on him than any suffering he would have been subjected to.

    I really, really don't like that the current scenario, much like the Halloween episode, pits the Winchesters against the angels. The angels want to kill Anna, and we know that Sam and Dean aren't going to let that happen. Let's hope that they are able to do so amicably without it being the Winchesters against the angels and the demons. I get that we are going with the theme of the angels being dicks, and I like that theme, but it would be nice if they had more than a couple reliable allies. It would be nice if by the end of the following episodes, there was some cooperation going on between Dean and the angels, or preferably, the Winchester, Ruby, Anna, and the angels. With this being a war, shouldn't they start working together in a less hostile manner a bit more?

    However, that said, so far everything that has been written this season that has caused me to worry, "I hope they don't mess this up," the writers have resolved in a splendid fashion. I will continue to put my faith in the writers since so far this season, they have not made any egregious errors.

    While I did enjoy finding out the answers to some troubling questions this episode, I was sort of annoyed with the it being a cliffhanger ending. Like I said, I don't do suspense well and waiting another week to see the next episode, which previews make look *really* intense, made this episode feel like a filler episode even though it wasn't. It was all necessary storytelling. It just felt like a really long lead in to the next episode.
  • Intense!

    I'm still not sure how to react to Ruby 2.0 but she wasn't all that bad in this episode. I don't know if I like Sam and her together at all! Anna is really cool. Alastair, sweat-ass demon! Can't wait to hear more from him. I'm wondering where Lilith is in present times, though. Lovin' the story line. Though, for me, I'm not really sure what it was, but there was something I didn't like about the episode. Probably something about Ruby 2.0 but I don't know. Still a really great episode, and I can't wait to watch Part 2. I need to know what's going on!!!
  • Well in this episode we find out more about what happened to Sam while Dean was in Hell. Sam tells Dean about Ruby. There is this girl who can over hear Angels talk and at the end of the episode the angels wants her dead with Sam and Dead protecting her.

    This was a awesome episode. Dean finally starts to respect Ruby after finding out that she saved Sam while he was in hell. Then there is this girl who can hear the angels and they want her dead.. I wonder if Sam,Dean and Ruby are going to be on opposite ends.. I'm telling you guys, I don't think these are the real angels.. Something isn't right. I wonder if they are posessed!!!! Anyways it's a awesome episode and next week's episode is a must watch. I can't wait. It looks really good.. I love this show!!!! It is totally awesome!!!
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