Season 9 Episode 1

I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 08, 2013 on The CW

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  • Probably one of the best

    This was like old school Supernatural. Jensen really brought it and owned this episode. Jared was amazing in what he had to do. It was the boys fighting for each other, fighting when the other couldn't. It was a great start and I loved 'Ezekiel'. Atlast a cool angel.
  • Typical Start Of A Season For Sam & Dean...

    With Sam dying in a hospital, Castiel MIA, and Dean helpless to save Sam or find Cas. After the Angels fall to Earth last season, Sam falls into a coma and the Doctors say it doesn't look good. Desperate, and angry, Dean heads to the hospitals chapel to pray to Cas, but when it doesn't work, Dean prays to any Angel who'll listen. Unfortunately for Dean, there are a lot of angry Angels out there who want to get their hands on Castiel. Dean heads to the Impala, where Crowley is supposedly in the trunk, to try and get Crowley to help, but is attacked by an Angel looking for Cas. Another Angel, saves Dean but is hurt in the process and passes out. Dean puts him in a ring of holy fire to keep him contained. The Angel, Ezekiel, agrees to help Dean, saying that not all Angels have forgotten their purpose nor the good Castiel did. Dean takes Ezekiel to see Sam.

    Castiel, after nearly getting hit by a truck, get a ride with the man whom nearly killed him to a gas station and meets one of the fallen Angels, a woman who has no idea what to do. Cas helps her figure out what she wants to do: last time she was on Earth she created the Grand Canyon and wishes to visit it. Cas agrees to help her visit the Grand Canyon. He first gets in touch with Dean and learns of Ezekiel, whom he knows is a good and trustworthy Angel. He tells Dean about the Angel he's met and Dean tells him to ditch her and high tail it to the bunker for safety, and that the Angels are after him. Cas says that he wishes to help, he needs to help. Dean talks him into looking out for himself first for once and Cas tells the Angel that he can't help her got there, but she can do it by herself. As he's leaving her, she hits him in the head with a length of wood, knocking him out. She puts him in her car and starts driving.

    Back at the hospital, Dean wards Sam's hospital room from Angels, which weakens the already weak Ezekiel, but the Angel says he's fine. More Angels show up and Dean decides he's to fight while Ezekiel tries to help Sam. Dean gets a little banged up, but sends the Angels away, only to get back into the room to find that Ezekiel says he's to weak to heal Sam the way he is. Dean wont take no for an answer though. Ezekiel offers a solution, that if he posses Sam, he can heal both Sam from the inside, and himself in the process, that he'll leave once Sam and him are healed. However, the catch is that Sam must willingly allow Ezekiel to posses him, which he can't do while unconscious.

    Cas wakes up in the woman's car, head bleeding, and the woman holding an Angel blade in her lap as she drives. She talks about them joining together, because Metatron took Castiel's Grace, Castiel is now human and she could posses him and they could work together; however, Castiel wants nothing to do with it. Seeing that he wasn't going to get away from the Angel without a fight, Castiel notices she's not wearing her seatbelt. He puts his on and grabs the steering wheel, careening the car into road dividers that are piled up on the side of the road. Cas comes to to find that the Angel was thrown though the windshield and he goes to her: her body is severely wounded, both legs broken violently, glass embedded in her face, arms, legs, and abdomen. She threatens to go on Angel Radio and tell every Angel where they are if he leaves and doesn't allow her to posses him. Castiel is forced to kill her before leaving.

    Dean isn't sure what to do, knowing that Sam would not agree to being possessed by an Angel after everything that's happened to him. But there's no other way to save him, so Ezekiel comes up with a plan to trick Sam into saying yes, which is okayed by Dean.

    During this whole thing, Sam is in his coma, facing the fact that he's dying. He wakes up in the Impala with Dean driving, who also tells Sam he's dying and that they're in Sam's head. Dean representing the side of Sam that wants to fight and try to survive. Dream Dean tells Sam that he'll think of something. Bobby shows up in the back seat, representing the part of Sam that doesn't want to fight and just die. Both sides of Sam argue their sides and Sam isn't sure what he wants to do, though he's inching towards dying. Dream Bobby transports himself and Sam to a forest, while they talk about what Sam wants to do. Dream Bobby explains that it's Sam's time, that everyone has a time and things like that. They come to a cabin in the forest and Dream Bobby tells Sam that everything he needs to pass on is inside. But then Dream Bobby is stabbed in the back by Dream Dean and disappears. Dream Dean tries to talk Sam into trying to survive, but Sam essentially tells him it's his time and Dream Dean disappears. Inside the cabin Death is waiting. The talk, Death saying that it's an honor to be delivering Sam Winchester from Earth. Sam tells Death that he'll only go on one condition: he stays dead forever, no one can bring him back, ever. Death agrees, but then Dean shows up, not a Dream Dean either. Dean makes a quip about not brining Death a snack, and Death gives them some time. Dean talks Sam into not wanting to die, but Sam is confused as to what Dean could do to save him. Dean asks if that's a 'yes,' and Sam says Before Sam knows what's happening, Dean puts his hand on Sam's head, a bright Angel white light shining from both of them, and Dean's face momentarily turns into Ezekiel before the screen whites out. The body Ezekiel was possessing before wakes up in the hospital, not knowing what happened. Outside the hospital Dean and Sam are walking, only Sam isn't Sam, he's Ezekiel. Dean worries about his brother, and Ezekiel tells Dean that he must not tell Sam about him, because Sam can cast him out at any moment, and if Sam casts him out before he's healed, Sam will Die.

    Some of the scenes are a bit out of order, but this is basically what happened during the episode. XD
  • They killed (almost killed) Sam again...

    But (Spoiler) he still lives. But in all seriousness I really did like this episode.

    But on another note, I really need to hand it to Jared Padalecki. First he had to handle being normal Sam, then 'Lucifer-possessed' Sam, then soulless Sam, then having-a-mental-breakdown Sam and now he is being both Sam and Ezekiel. And I think he is a brilliant actor for being able to pull of so many faces for one character.
  • A good but standard episode for Supernatural.

    A good but standard episode for Supernatural. Although it was good, it didn't have the feel of a new season opener, it was more like a continuation of the last season. Disappointed with no Crowley :(
  • Cas is back but...

    he is in big trouble with most of the fallen angels. They are out to get him because of his part in the angels fall from heaven. This was a major subplot in the overall episode. The episode mainly dealt with Dean figuring out what to do about Sam's impending death. This was a big moral issue for Dean and without Cas to help he was having big problems figuring out what to do. He therefor summons angels, not knowing initially that they are really pissed at him, Sam, and of course Cas. But a good angel does come to help and there lies Dean's conundrum. Now the one thing I wasn't too crazy about was all the dream sequences. I have generally found in many shows I don't enjoy dream sequences too much. This wasn't too bad but hardly was the best part of the episode. Finally, there was lots of action to keep it moving along nicely.
  • Angels Fall First

    Supernatural's ninth (holy crap) season started strong on Tuesday with Sam in mortal peril (of course one of the Winchesters have to be in mortal peril it's the bread and butter of the conflict on this show) but we interestingly saw Dean pull out all the stops to get Sam, who is fading away in a hospital room, healed by any means necessary. We also saw into Sam's head in regard to him coming face to face with Death and a return of Bobby but Death made a much more profound entrance. Meanwhile, Cass learned what it was to be human by experiencing pain, thirst, and betrayal at the hands of a new angel he had wanted to help save. Of course the angels are going to blame Cass, who was the last person besides Metatron to be in Heaven before the Fall, for being cast out. The interesting question is that if Metatron is still in the now locked Heaven, does that make him active God? Or did he fall just like he had so long ago? He would be an interesting villain for the show to have recur much like Abaddon has been from last season. Cass's stuff was some of the strongest of the episode. And how nice was that guy that picked him up in the road? Any normal person would've left him there with the supposed crazy talk but he gave him money and everything so it shows that there is a kindness of strangers aspect to his newfound humanity. I can tell that Cass wants to still make amends with the angels and he has since Season 7 but he just keeps slipping up even though this time he was duped into hurting Heaven unlike his God-stint back in Season 7. But seeing the angels converge, especially the awesomely generous Ezekiel (Battlestar's Tahmoh Penikett) try to help Sam was great material as the hospital almost gets blown to bits. Ezekiel eventually taking over Sam's body and Dean agreeing to lie to him is classic Supernatural and who knows how long it will take for both of them to heal back to full strength. Sam's scene with Death was also great seeing him ask to not be able to be brought back or revived in any way, knowing that Dean would probably want to find a way to bring him back if he did for some reason die again (man have they died a lot). I only hope that we see Tahmoh Penikett as Ezekiel's vessel again before this season is over but it will make for some good material. But you'd think Dean would've learned his lesson by now to not keep this a secret from Sam even when his life is on the line but that's a minor quibble. I'm psyched to see where this goes, but enough with Bobby let him stay dead otherwise it keeps killing the impact of his death and now that he's in Heaven there is no more reason to bring him back into the picture. But that's just my opinion that it feels much more real if characters don't reappear beyond flashbacks or nightmare/dream sequences and even though this one fell under the latter it still felt a tad bit sloppy. No sign of if Metatron will be the Big Bad for this season but they still got Crowley in the trunk (his only nod this week was knocking confirmations from the trunk) but he might still be of use in some way for the Winchesters even though they have now chosen to do away with the Trials once and for all.
  • Yeah! It is Supernatural!!

    I thought this was a great episode despite the decision that Dean made for Sam. I thought that Sam should know what is going on with his own body. Dean should have told him because Sam will eventually find out. He still cares for Sam that is something I like. I also liked Cas and him being in his boxers. He should have more shirtless moments. I liked to see Death and Bobby again. I loved the fighting in Sam's head because I was able to see more of Sam pov. I am very sorry if you strongly oppose this. I am excited for this season.

  • Never Say Die

    The one thing that can always be counted on in supernatural is that death is rarely final. The brothers have literally gone through hell to save each other and stood up to angels, demons, and Death himself, and now Dean has the king of Hell locked in the trunk. Sam is world weary and wants the wandering to end. Dean has had only two things to keep his life going, hunting and taking care of his brother Sam. Sam has been more successful with finding love and Dean tried too, but in the end chose to leave the ones he loved because it was the only way to protect them and the only way he knew how to survive was to keep on fighting evil with his brother Sam. Castiel now has to deal with the fact that he has lost his grace and has to deal with the mundane things of being human like feeling hunger and needing to take care of laundry, all the while continuing to fight the good fight even though all the angels in heaven that have been cast out are really mad at him right now. And where is God while all this turmoil is going on, well HE's MIA of course. Maybe someday God will show up and say Thanks.
  • damn missed supernatural!!

    the scary... the comedy.. lol.. no other show does it like these guys :)

    Castiel - I can fly i have no wings :P

    Dean - i`v got the king of hell in my trunk :P

    It was also awesome to see death again... love that guy.

    and its good.. they got sam out of his coma in one episode... now we can see some action soon enough for sure :)
  • Color me scared and intrigued.

    It may not be a popular opinion but I don't particularly enjoy the relationship Sam and Dean keep on having for several seasons now. Or rather what that relationship makes them do. Especilaly Dean's unwillingness to listen to anyone's wishes but his own. His insistence seemed rather selfish at points.

    I do get where he is coming from and from character point of view his need of Sam is both touching and tragic. And as a lot of things I blame it on John. But it's a characrter trait I like on him the least.

    Though I do appriciate that at least partially the show aknowledged that while their bond is incredibly strong it's also very very fragile. I hope this season finally it will be dealt with instead of them sweeping it all under the rug. Again.

    Dean's desperation to save Sam, to keep Cas safe, was heartbreaking. Jenses really sold the scene in the chappell and his call with Cas so very well.

    And Misha was equally brilliant. When Cas was talking to Hale he seemed content in having a purpose. But the last shot of him just about killed me.

    And Jared? When Sam asked Death if this time it will be for good I wanted to weep. I don't blame him for wanting to let go and stay gone.

    I don't particullary look forward to the shit hitting the fan but I want to see Kevin again. And I hope Cas gets to the bunker soon. As a set up the season was solid.
  • The Angels Have Fallen.

    Even though Dean has had character development throughout the show's run, you cannot expect him to get over it and not protect his brother. Some habits never die. I thought the premiere was very good and gave us new info on the angels characteristics and mythology. I was slightly disappointed to see Jensen not getting anything to play other than Dean while Jared gets a new character to play with yet again. That has never bothered me in the least before now. But, if that's the price we have to pay for a good season, then so be it. I was very entertained by this episode.
  • Better (and Worse) Angels

    To say that the eighth season finale for Supernatural threw out a few curve balls would be an understatement. I don't think anyone was really sure what to expect as the second season of Jeremy Carver's tenure as showrunner began. "I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here" is a bit slow and methodical, but it has a lot of ground to cover, not the least of which is Sam's latest escape from certain doom and the fallout of the angelic downpour.

    Living up to the notion of the "Winchester Gospels" has always been a bit of a challenge to the writing staff. How do they deliver major universal changes to the cosmic order on a relatively small budget? Keeping it grounded has been the order of the day, and Carver seems to understand how to make that work. Even as the mass fall from heaven begins to play out, with angels of all different stripes introduced, the focus is squarely on the Winchesters.

    Meanwhile, Castiel encounters a fallen angel as well, and learns that a number of his former brothers and sisters blame him for their current situation. And they are not happy about it. Given that Castiel is human now, and already learning about moral relativity, it seems fitting that he would shed his old clothes as a metaphoric shedding of his old identity. Should he be restored, after all, it wouldn't exactly be hard for him to find or fashion his old look again. (Not unlike how the Winchesters had to earn back the Impala, from a certain point of

    The result is a confident, purposeful season premiere that doesn't try to do too much. It kicks off the season by resolving the majority of the open items from the finale, setting the brothers off on their next adventure in the process. There's still the situation with Crowley and Abaddon to explore, as well as the anticipated reunion with Cas, but there's plenty of time for that. All that matters is that the season is starting off strong.
  • A fantastic premiere

    Wow supernatural is back incredible episode loved it wanting more.
  • Sam cheats Death... again

    Well, the wait is finally over. Supernatural's back, kicking off it's NINTH season. That alone deserves praise. And although it's probably never going reach its incredible 2010 peak again (to be fair, I wouldn't expect that) and it had 1 or 2 questionable seasons (that on rewatch, still hold up in many of their episodes) , I'm still here, and still loving it. I've watched this show for nearly 10 years, and associate it with quite a few memories, being as it is my favourite show (up with Doctor Who).

    So, after a mostly brilliant season 8, as always Supernatural deliveries an action packed season premier. Kicking off exactly where 8 left off, Sam is in a very bad way following the Tablet trials. Angels are falling, Cas is human, and all, urm, heaven is breaking loose. Once again, Dean refuses to let Sam die. Once again, he's looking for something, anything, to help him. In desperation, he calls on every Angel that's fallen to Earth for help. Bare in mind that not only did Dean avert their apocalypse, he now also found Metatron, and is therefore indirectly responsible for the Fall. So, naturally, quite a few Angels are just a tad... annoyed.

    Meanwhile, Sam is stuck in a mystical coma, once again, seeing visions of Dean, Bobby and Death. Poor, poor Sam. He's been brought back so many times, been unable to simply die... it was sad knowing he was, finally, truly ready to move on now. He wanted to make sure Death would not let anything bring him back. He's tired. He's had enough. And Dean has, yet again, found a way. I tell you. Nothing can kill these guys.

    As an opening episode, this was very strong, setting up several plot points that have great promise. Ezekiel is a very intriguing new character, and I look forward to him sharing Sam's vessel. It opens up a lot of doors for Sam to suddenly start using Angel power when in tight situations, as well as the eventual fall out when he does discover he's being possessed. After what happened when he let Lucifer in, Dean knows Sam would never say yes to an Angel again. Gonna be trouble there, guys. Plus, once again well intentioned Cas makes the wrong choices. Poor, poor Cas. All he ever tries to do is the right thing, both by Sam and Dean and by his fellow Angels. But no matter what he does; stopping Lucifer and Michael, absorbing Purgatory souls to kill Raphael, trying to keep the Angels in heaven or simply helping those who need it, he always gets it wrong. He's easy pickings for an army of Angels now, and in a lot of trouble. Seeing him abandon his clothes was symbolic of him abandoning the old and powerful Cas. He's human now, and vulnerable. If this is the only way we get to keep Cas as a series regular, I'm for it, I guess, especially when it promises a new and exciting arc for the character. However, I do feel that it won't be long before I start to miss the old, powerful Cas. I guess the writers have kind of given up with that.

    If there was anything I didn't like, it was the slight retcon with Angel mythology. Jeremey Carver did it a lot last year; the Man of Letters arc was one big retcon, but most of the time you could ignore it as it benefited the plot. However, while I can see why they did it, I'm not sure if the whole Angels can possess anyone who says yes plot twist doesn't just cheapen seasons 4 and 5. 5 especially was adamant that only Sam and Dean could contain Lucifer and Michael. That there were certain people who could be possessed by Angels for the certain Angels; the Winchester bloodline for the big wigs, and Jimmy for Castiel. So the idea that Angels can actually jump into anyone who says Yes now does kind of throw up problems with that storyline. I guess you could argue that Sam is an extremely powerful vessel that no Angel would have dared to touch before, but with Lucifer in the cage, he's now free for all. Plus, maybe some rules have gone out of the window now the Angels have fallen.

    And while it's always good to see Bobby again, bringing him back here did seem a little pointless, like the writers were desperately trying to include him in some way. His reappearance in season 8 made sense at the time and actually was a nice epilogue to his story. The fact is, you get the impression they know they seriously screwed up killing off Bobby, and continuously bringing him back is rather cheapening his original admittedly very well done death. Still, that's more a criticism of season 7 than now (get the impression I'm not season 7's biggest fan?) and like I said above, it is always good to see Bobby. And for that matter, Death, who was speaking to Sam with a level of respect. To be fair, he deserves it.

    But on the whole, a very enjoyable season opener setting up things nicely for the season ahead. If this season is as good as its last one, I think we may well have quite a few years of Supernatural left. While some aspects of it did seem a little old here, they really still can pull off great episodes. This will, in future, become a cult classic. For now, it's one of the best shows on TV. Roll on season 9 and 2014.
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