Season 9 Episode 1

I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 08, 2013 on The CW



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    • Sam's Doctor: I'm afraid that's in God's hands now.
      Dean: You're a doctor. You're a--a medical professional. You're trying to tell me that my brother's life is in God's hands? What, is that supposed to be a comfort?
      Sam's Doctor: I'm sorry.
      Dean: God has nothing to do with this equation at all.
      Sam's Doctor: I didn't mean...
      Dean: That's not good enough!

    • Dean: Cas, are you there? Sammy's hurt. He's hurt, uh, he's hurt pretty bad. And, um... I know you think that I'm pissed at you. Okay, but I don't care that the angels fell. So whatever you did or didn't do, it doesn't matter. Okay, we'll work it out. Please, man, I need you here.

    • Dean: I might have something better. I've got the King Of Hell in my trunk.
      Grief Counsellor: Uh. Is--is that, uh, sorry, is that a metaphor?

    • Bobby: You gotta let go of fightin' and scratchin', and lookin' for loopholes. Because that ain't happenin'.
      Sam: So... so what, I just die?
      Bobby: Just die? All the good you've done, all the people you've saved, all the sacrifices you've made. You saved the world, son. How many people can say that? How many people can say that they have left this godforsaken hunk of dirt that much a better place? What you call dyin', I call leavin' a legacy.

    • Dean: Anybody ever tell you you hit like an angel?

    • Sam: You've been driving around with me passed out in the passenger's seat for a day?
      Dean: Oh, I mean, I stopped, you know, let a few Japanese tourists take some pictures. Nobody got too handsy.

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