Season 9 Episode 3

I'm No Angel

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 22, 2013 on The CW

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  • Samdean

  • Only the Winchesters

    Only the Winchesters were good, Deans concern for his brother. Castiels story is as boring as Kripke thought it would be which is why he didn't attempt to explore anything about Castiel especially him being a depowered angel in a meatsuit. If there was a story about Castiel what I would like to see would be him explaining why he's still occupying a human meatsuit. Where is Jimmy and if he's dead why did he lie and tell him he'll stay alive. Other than that he's boring. Bring me more Winchester story, its too compelling to be interupted all the time.
  • Poor Cas

    It was sad to see poor Cas struggling to adapt to being human, what makes it worse is the fact that he's a homeless and penniless human. Some great quips though!
  • It takes me a while..

    *spoiler alert*

    to realize that the scene where Castiel talked bout having sex with April is definitely gonna be in many of gags reel/misha funny moments/supernatural funny moments from now onwards!! lol 1 of the best scene ever!
  • Time to see the human side of Cas

    I really loved this episode. not only because of that line near the end (Angel blade) but also because for the first time we get to see Cas struggling to survive as a human. The acting was brilliant (as usual) but I couldn't help but hate Ezekiel at the end.
  • Someone expalin this

    I thought you couldn't see the reapers. and that they were invisible?
  • Protection? Nah!

    That line near the end of the episode was epic. Showing Castiel experiencing more human activities is always funny.

    The new baddie certainly feels powerful and ruthless, which reflects how Angels are warriors, not loving cupids depicted in cartoons.
  • awesome as always:)

    Castiel - I had sex with April

    Dean - Did u use protection?

    Castiel - I had my angel blade

    Haha... these guys are just awesome :P

    And Barthlomew looks like robbie williams lol :P
  • How to break two hearts with one line.


    Misha, Jensen and Jared were really amazing in this episode. Such subtle yet telling acting.

    I like teh new baddie. He is interestingly determind and ruthless and also resourcefull.

    As for April, that naked interlude was unnecessary for the plot but it was interesting in terms of Castiel experiencing humanity in a lot of different shades. And it lead to the pretty hilarious reveal at the end of the episode.

    That scene with Cas dead though was hard. At first I expecred a bit more of an reaction from dean but after the innitial shocka dn disbelief he just started to shut down. And that said more about how much it hurt and how much Cas matters more than any ammount of tears ever could.

    It was an interesting episode that raised a couple of questions and set up the season nicely. I'm just really curious what will happen to Cas after this and what is really Ezekiel's play.
  • I'm no virgin

    The boys are traveling all over trying to track Cas down, and he is not making it any easy. I wonder how they heck Reapers can easily find the boys and the angels cannot. Meanwhile, Cas finally gets LUCKY! What what! For the very first time Cas gets the whole human experience. Eating, sleeping, passing gas lol. This episode was a more down to earth episode that did not rely completely on the supernatural side of the show, and it was kind of a relief. Dean really need to learn how to lie just a little bit better, sooner or later Sam will catch on. Oh I can't wait to see how the rest of Cas's journey will play out.